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"Bye Mordecai" said Rigby as he was dressed in a simple hood, jeans and sneakers, nothing on his appearance gave the impression that he was rich.

That was what he was going for.

He had called a Taxi to take him to the school and he was going to make some genuine friends who wouldn't be after his money.

Rigby left the apartment and not long after that, Mordecai got a text from Margret.

'Hi, Mordecai. Just going to Work. Can I come over afterwards? Perhaps, we can go do something together, your treat?'

When Mordecai read the text, something in him just cringed.

He had been dodging her for a couple of days now, and what should have been a text that sent him in a frenzy to reply yes had him staring at the phone empty.

He had already spent a ton on her and yet, she was telling him to treat her again?

This couldn't go on, she might end up eating his bank account at this rate.

He summoned courage and wrote back.

'Actually. Margaret. I'm super busy today. I've got a meeting all day. Ill be back home super late"

He hoped she brought it.

She soon texted back.

'...oh, okay. Than I'm sure Rigby can let me in after work and then both of us can chill until you come back"

And Mordecai was tempted to say that Rigby was going to be at a school club or that he was hit by a bus.

Instead he said.

'Rigby, is doing Hokey after school and after that he's going to a study group which would be until midnight'

A long pause followed after he sent that before Margaret typed out .

'...oh, than I won't come over today. When can I come over? Let's have some fun'

Never. Was Mordecai immediately thought.

It was than he realised, he needed to cut Margaret off and be honest with her.

In the kindest way possible.

'Margret. It's not you. It's me. I think we should remain strictly friends. I can't allow you into my apartment all the time. I need space'


Stone cold silence followed as soon as he sent that text making him sweat.

Finally, Margaret replied back.

'...Are you sure that you need some space? I heard your hours are flexible and that you went on that expensive trip to England not too long ago with Rigby. You both were spending left and right. You even went to London and got pictures in front of the Royal palace.'

Royal Palace?

Now it was Mordecai turn to be silent as he read her words over and over again just to make sure he was reading correctly.

He told Margaret about the trip but he never said anything about where he and Right visited in England.

'How do you know that? The pictures were never uploaded from the camera.'

Now it was time for Margaret to realise she had slipped.

Rigby and Mordecai never showed her the images, so the only way she would know was if she took the camera and look through it, herself.

Finally she replied back.

'You told me about the photos remember. And what does it matter? Your avoiding me for some reason'

However, Mordecai couldn't let it go and wrote back.

'It matters hugely if you can't respect my own private space. If you can't wait to be told about the trip than why should I let you into my home or anywhere near me?. Margaret, how can I trust you?'

However, Margaret was quick to reply.

'You looked at my phone and tried to erase a message and were cool'


Mordecai was starting to get mad and texted back.

'That was completely different and you know it. I did it to delete an embrassing voice massenge. If you left that sort of thing on your crush phone, you would do the same thing. Margaret, never come over to my house again. Im telling the desk to keep you out.'

It took a really long time for Margaret to reply mostly from shock.

She wrote.

'Fine. It's not like your place is so great anyway. I got my own house'

He wrote back.

'Are you 4? Margaret you are the most spoiled brat I have ever met. No wonder you either date good looking guys or rich guys. I hope you find a guy who you can last more than a few weeks with because you not getting this guy.'

Than he blocked her.

He felt a wave of pressure lift from his shoulders before he started to get countless messages from Margaret through Facebook.

He blocked her immediately on the site.

He heard the landline phone ring and ignored it.

He instead walked out of the room and walked to the reception area where he told the desk woman.

"Can you make sure that a girl who looks like this" Mordecai said showing her one of his many pictures of Margaret. "Doesn't get up to my apartment, which is on the top floor? If she insists on coming up, you have my permission to call the Police"

The woman looked stunned before engraving the image into her mind.

"Give me the desk email." Mordecai said. "There is a chance she may come in, in disguise. I want to give you a photo and a recording of her voice"

The woman rose an eyebrow before giving him the email.

Who knew his obsession with her would come in handy today?

He then went back to his apartment and decided to visit his company for a surprised visit.

He wasn't foolish enough to not care about his company as long as it made money, he went on social media once in a while to read feedback and players experiences.

Lately, he was seeing something about the grinding system that was implemented that had gotten much time consuming for some reason, sucking the fun out of the game.

He wanted to know what was going on.

He put on a business suit and then walked out of the building before getting, into the limosuine.

The door was closed behind him and the driver said.

"Where to, Master Mordecai?" Said, the driver.

"Take me to the corner, before the street my Game Company is on" He said, he wanted to surprise the people.

The vechile drove away.

The corner before the building was an ordinary side walk and the company was an ordinary building, the arrival of a Limosuine would have surely rose attention if it was parked in front of the building.

He got out and told the driver to give him two hours before picking him up.

The vechile drove away and he walked along the street.

Seeing a businessman walking the street was nothing special in a place like this, he could be mistaken as one of the work force.

And that's what he counted on.

He went into the building, shades protecting his eyes and he headed straight for the elevator, it would take several seconds before somebody realised who he was.

He went down the hall and entered the coding room.

He stopped in front of the blue door when he heard voices.

"Hey, dude. Haven't you made the Grind a bit too difficult? Newcomers are finding it hard to even get to level 2 with that grind"

"Well the object is to push people to spend money. We get a bonus, every month based on our performance. This will really boost the company's earnings."

At this point Mordecai entered the room and heard the voice speaking. "I won't be surprised if I'm made employee of the month. And besides all the massive company's do it"

"Just because their doing it doesn't mean you should" Said a voice right behind the two.

They were both stunned to find their boss behind them.

"S-Sir." Said, the man who was so arrogant a moment ago.

"Put the grind back to how it was" Said, Mordecai. "When your done. You don't have to come in tomorrow"

The man turned pale, forget Employee of the month.

He was fired.

Than Mordecai told his whole room of coders.

"This company number one Goal is to provide good player experience." Said, Mordecai. "If you think money is more important then the people making sure you get a Salary, than find another job."

There was silence after he said that.

The problem was, even good natured people who wanted to make games can get greedy when they see money.

They just did not factor in that their boss was nuts when it came to playing games and wanted to make sure he was not eventually sued down the line for his games.

Then Mordecai said. "After today, I will open a Quality department. They will have the power to push back the deadline if they think the game isn't meeting standard. They will also inform me if somebody is holding the game back from being the best it came be"

The room paled.

This department had the power to fire them.

Of course he would have to look at video evidence, there should be no accusing without proof.

Than Mordecai walked out having successfully told them all that he wasn't somebody to be blinded by money.

Than Mordecai walked out of the building and walked back to the limousine.

The door was opened for him.

"Where to next Master Mordecai?" Said, the driver.

"Take me to the game shop." Mordecai said, it would be good research for his next game since he planned to make it an online game that can be downloaded for a console.

"Right away" said the man.

The vehicle drove off and unfortunately Mordecai realised that it was on the same street as the Coffee shop, seconds before.

He made sure nobody could see him through the glass as the vehicle drove past.


It passed and the vehicle stopped in front of it.

The vehicle gained attention especially when he got out and walked to the store.

He opened the door.

The counter person saw him instantly, because he had such presentation, it was hard not to pay attention.

Mordecai began to look around.

"Excuse me, sir" Said, a person beside him.

He turned to find his favourite person beside Rigby beside him.

"Is there anything your looking for?" Said, the guy.

Of course he didn't recognise Mordecai, the last time he was in here, he was struggling at the park.

"Todd, give me the best games of every genre" Mordecai said.

The guy eyes widened.

"Holy, Mordecai!?" Said, the guy before remembering his order and his eyes widened a second time. "The best games of every genre!?"

"Yes, every Genre." Mordecai said seriously and getting his wallet and showing the guy his gold card.

The guy almost fainted before he said. "Bring the trolley! We have a huge costumer!"


Mordecai answer was answered instantly by The appearance of a gold trolly that was pushed by two employees.

"We bring this out when somebody is about to spend some major money" said, Todd before saying. "Shall we begin?"

"We shall" Mordecai said.

They went from genre to genre, the staff got a chance to really show their knowledge of the game, now that the old game manager was dead.

Not before long, the trolly was full to the brim and heading for the cashier.

"Can you do me a solid and help load the bags into my vechile" Mordecai said.

"No problem, Mordecai" said, Todd.

The one bag became 8 and Mordecai paid with ease, Todd and another Staff member carried the bags into the limousine.

That's when Mordecai heard.

"Mordecai?" From none other than Margaret.

He turned and saw her outside the cafe.


"Thanks Todd and unknown guy" said, Mordecai quickly, before getting in.

"Step on it. Step on it!" Mordecai told his driver with urgency.

Releasing he was leaving, Mordecai began to run.

It was the scariest thing Mordecai had ever seen.

And he had seen Death.

The driver stepped on it and drove off, Mordecai ignored Margaret shouts and as the limousine sped away.

Mordecai sighed when he saw he was home free.

"Take me to the Supermarket. I'm going to cook tonight" said, Mordecai, all the fast food was getting to him.

However, his troubles with Margaret were only just beginning.

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