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Chapter 15: J stands for joy, among other things

Jamie came home after another day of boring work and hoped that the house wasn't going to be empty. On days like this, he really needed his spirit friend.

Maybe he would ask Jack to doze him with some fun magic. He wasn't opposed to any activity his friend might suggest, even a snowball fight. You're never too old for fun and at this point, he would do anything to forget about his work troubles.

Once inside, he heard two voices coming from the kitchen. One voice was Jack's but he didn't know whom the female voice could belong to.

He stopped in the door frame and stared. The most beautiful girl he's ever seen was leaning on the counter next to Jack. What stunned him though was that she was wearing a sexy pale-blue silk nightgown which accentuated her gentle curves and barely covered her at all. Jamie couldn't believe his eyes and was too floored to say anything.

"Hi, Jamie. I'm making pancakes," Jack said cheerfully but Jamie's face must have revealed his shock as Jack added, "Wait. You can see her?"

"Uh, yeah," Jamie managed to mutter out.

Jack looked nervously from Jamie to the girl. "I'll be right back."

Jack ran out of the kitchen and came back just seconds after. When passing by Jamie he growled, "You can stop staring now."

The aggressive tone snapped Jamie out of the trance and he realized that Jack was right, he was staring at what had to be Wind.

Jack went over to the girl holding a garment which was of the same color as her hot nightgown and started pleading, "Please, put it on, Jay."

"You and your pointless clothes. I don't want to wear it anymore, Jack!" the girl protested.

"Please, you can't walk around like this. Jamie can see you."

"So what? What is it with you always trying to cover me up? I thought you like my body."

Jack looked flustered and Jamie tried to not laugh at his expression. Considering that he'd seen that look on Jack before, he wondered how many of those arguments they'd had in his presence.

"Please, for me?"

Wind stood her ground and crossed her arms under her chest, lifting up her bosom. "Do you or do you not like my body?"

Jack gulped and glanced at Jamie, blush spreading on his cheeks, then back at Wind. "Yes, I do but that's not what this is about. You're too exposed. I don't want… I don't want Jamie or anyone else looking at you when you're dressed like that."

Oh, man. Jack was seriously jealous. Jamie kicked himself for staring at her like that before.

'Some friend I am,' he thought.

"Oh," it seemed that she finally understood. "My body is for your eyes only?"

Jack blushed even further. "Yes. Will you please put it on?"

She finally obliged and gracefully put her arms through the robe and he helped her tie it up at the waist. With his girl somewhat dressed, Jack sighed, ran his hand through his hair nervously and looked sideways at Jamie.

"So, you see her now?"

Jamie nodded silently, unsure if Jack was going to be aggressive again.


He shrugged. He couldn't see her before, now he could. He didn't know what changed.

"It's because we've mated," Wind explained.

Jamie snorted. He just couldn't take it. This girl used the boldest language in such an innocent manner. He covered his mouth, trying to not laugh at the look on Jack's face.

She continued, "Our magic intertwined when we mated, so now, anyone who can see you will see me too."

"I guess you should've mated sooner, Jack," Jamie joked and couldn't hold the giggles in anymore.

Jack looked at his feet innocently. "That's not what she means, Jamie."

"Stop it with the shyness again. I already know you've 'mated' last night."

Jack bit his lip and looked at Jamie nervously, "You heard that… Ah, sorry."

Jamie waved his hand in dismissal. "Nah. Don't say you're sorry because I know well you are not. I turned on the radio to drown it out. Ah. To have the stamina of a spirit," he said, chuckling and shaking his head in disbelief.

Jack gave him a shy smile and looked at the ground again. This innocent awkwardness was adorable.

"I'm happy for you." Then, he looked at the girl who was smiling at them. "It's nice to officially meet you, Wind."

"My name is Jay now," the girl beamed at him.


"Jack gave me a name," she said joyfully and wrapped both arms around Jack's waist.

Jack smiled warmly at her and put his arm around her. "Well, you couldn't be Wind, the Spirit of Wind, now. It's really confusing. Besides, you deserve your own name."

Jamie couldn't stand how cute this young couple was so he spread his arms wide and gave them both a hug. "You two are adorable."

Jack looked so happy, Jamie couldn't help but be infected by it.

"Actually, I was serious before," Jack said, still holding his girl close to him. "We're mated now. It's sort of a big deal."

"Care to explain?"

"Well," Jack said, still gazing at her, "it's forever."

Jamie sat down at the table and watched the two spirits prepare their food. Well, mostly only Jack was cooking and Jay just hung on to him, not at all shy to show her affection publicly.

"So, all of our names start with a 'J' now," Jamie said, grabbing a pancake for a taste test.

"You're right," Jack said, flipping another one. "I haven't thought of that."

"It's like a house full of J's," Jamie added, appreciating the tasty food. "So, why Jay and not Susan or Mary or something?"

"None of the common names would do her justice." She held Jack's gaze while chewing her pancake and he continued, "When I saw that blue jay in her hand, I recognized how much more there was to her than what I first assumed and I think that's when I fell in love."

Jay smiled back at him and added her own confession, "For me, it was when I was watching you play with children. I thought I loved you before but seeing you there with them… From that moment on, it felt different."

They were beaming at each other and Jamie sighed. "You two are giving me a cuteness overdose."

A doorbell rang, surprising everyone in the kitchen.

Jamie ran to the door, wondering who it could be and his eyes bulged. It was the vampire again but this time, she came with a friend.

"Hi, Jamie," Claire said quickly. "I was worried about Jack and wanted to check on him. Is he here?"

"He's cooking."

He frowned at the woman, not wanting to let her take Jack out of his house. Last time she did, he was gone for a few days. It was his turn!

The guy next to her smelled the air.

"Oh, man. That smells heavenly. I'm Adam, by the way," he said, offering his hand.

Jamie shook it and was pleasantly surprised that it was warm. This guy was human? He exhaled in relief, only now realizing that he was tense.

Claire seemed to understand. "Yeah. Adam is not a vampire. He's a warlock."

"They can come in if you're okay with that," Jack called behind him, peeking from the kitchen.

Jamie hesitated but then decided that he didn't mind a full house. Oh, why not? The house of J's might as well become a house full of supernaturals.

"Come in, then."

When they came into the kitchen, a sudden tension filled the air. Jay and Claire stared at each other and Jack froze, looking between them. Oh, man. Maybe inviting her in wasn't such a good idea.

Adam was the first to break the stressful silence. "Pancakes? Do you have enough for one more person? I'm starving."

Jack put the plate of pancakes on the table and the guy dug in. Jamie decided that he didn't want to be involved in whatever was coming so he sat back in his previous seat without a word.

"Hi, Claire," Jack said and ran a hand through his hair nervously.

Jay walked up to him and put her hand in his in a very possessive manner. As much tense as this scene was, Jamie had to admit, he wanted to see what would happen next. He was on the edge of his seat.

Claire cleared her throat. "Hi," she shifted on her legs. "I must say, I'm surprised to see Wind here."

"Jay," Jack corrected. "I gave her a name."

Claire kicked the floor absentmindedly. "Can we speak in private?"

"No!" Jay answered for him. "He's not going anywhere private with you."

Adam nearly choked on his food and exchanged a look with Jamie. This was getting good. Jamie wished he had popcorn on his lap right now.

Jack put his other hand on hers.

"Don't worry, Jay," but then seeing her intensity, he seemed to realize that she wasn't going to back down so he sighed and looked back at Claire. "Oh, Claire. Just say what you need."

The vampire released a puff of air in frustration but finally said what was on her mind. "I'm just surprised that you would go back to her after what she did."

Jamie frowned. What did Jay do? He was missing something.

"She didn't do anything," Jack insisted. "She was upset when she saw us together. Can you blame her for that? Wind reacted to her pain and dropped me. That's all that happened. I don't blame her for it and neither should you."

"You nearly died!" Claire cried out.

"Wait," Jamie interrupted. "Did you really nearly die?"

Jack addressed Claire, "No. I didn't. Did you really think you can kill the Spirit of Winter that easily? You could chop me up into pieces and Winter would still regenerate me. I will only fade when I decide to and I am not ready yet. Especially now. My life was never on the line, Claire." He took a long breath and continued, "My only problem was whether I could trust Wind to fly - and I mean Wind, not Jay. But now, everything's changed. We're mated now, Jay and I, forever, and…" he struggled to find the right words. "Wind is a part of me." He put a hand on his chest and inhaled deeply. "I can feel her. I can rely on Wind now as much as I can rely on Winter."

Claire sulked but finally nodded in acknowledgment. Or maybe in defeat.

"Jack has always liked you," Jay cut into the conversation, surprising the vampire. "I don't want him to lose a friend. I hope we can get along."

Jack kissed her on the forehead, appreciating her gesture.

Claire sighed but then smiled at the girl. "Of course. I want that too. Come here, Jay. I want to talk to you."

Jack gestured at her to go ahead and the two girls left the kitchen to sit in the living room.

Jack snuck glances after them. "What do you think they're talking about?"

"Girl-talk," Adam said while chewing, "whatever that may be."

Jamie followed Jack's gaze to the girl on his couch, noticing how the silky robe accentuated her femininity. Jack was so lucky to end up with such a beautiful spirit.

He decided to take the opportunity to ask a question that was on his mind.

"So, Jack, did you dress her like that on purpose?"

"I took her shopping but she refused to wear anything else." He scratched his head. "She likes silk. Maybe I can find her a proper silk dress?"

"Wait, first things first, because now I'm curious why she needed a change of clothes. What was she wearing before she chose the nightgown?"

"My hoodie."

"Okay," Jamie was getting suspicious because Jack was looking everywhere but at him. "What did she wear before that when you found her?"

Jack was picking at some invisible lint on his hoodie, staring intently at it. Adam was listening in on their conversation and leaned closer now, awaiting an answer as well. Jack finally looked at them each and exhaled.


The two of them stared at him and then at the pretty girl talking to Claire.

"Shit. What an introduction," the warlock said.

Jamie said. "Oh, man. You were screwed from the start."

Jack smiled shyly. "Yeah. She knew what she wanted. I barely had any say in the matter."

All three of them chuckled at that while digging into the pancake tower.

Jay and Claire came back and Claire asked, "What's so funny, guys?"

"Nothing," Jack said and the three of them looked at each other and howled with laughter again, leaving the girls confused.

Claire shrugged, frustrated to be left out of the joke and Jay wrapped her arms around Jack's shoulders. He kissed her on the cheek while still laughing with the guys.

"Anyway," Jamie said, trying to compose himself. "I just wanted to let you know that my invitation extends to both of you. You can both stay in the attic room whenever you want."

"You're the best, Jamie," Jack said and was about to say something else but Jay yanked him a step back with a stunned expression on her face.

"Jack? Jack!" she said in a tone somewhere between question and wonder.

She put his hand about an inch away from her abdomen and said excitedly, "Do you feel it?"

He stared at her and at his hand, confused about what he was supposed to feel but then his expression changed, his eyes going wide.

"What is that? What am I feeling, Jay?"

"We're going to have a child," she beamed at him.

His face became a mask of shock. He looked frantically back and forth from her eyes down to her abdomen.

"What? How is that possible? How can you know this so soon, Jay?"

"You can feel it, can't you?"

His hand hovered over her belly and he scrunched up his brows.

Jamie felt his mouth hanging open and looked at Adam and Claire who were watching the two spirits in just as much shock as he was in. Did he hear this right?

Jack cupped Jay's face in both of his hands.

"I feel it," he said in a shaky voice. "Is this true? We're really going to have a child?"

She confirmed with multiple nods.

He looked around until he found Jamie and pulled him out of the chair into a tight hug.

"I'm going to be a father, Jamie. I'm going to be a father!"

"I... can't… breathe," Jamie muttered, crushed in a bone-breaking embrace.

"Sorry. Sorry, Jamie," Jack said quietly in a voice that was higher pitch than normal and Jamie was beginning to worry. Was Jack going to lose it?

Jack went back to Jay and held her shoulders gently and his face looked like he was going to have a mental breakdown. Oh, no.

"Jay," he said in a cracking voice and wrapped his arms around her, effectively collapsing on her. "I never thought… I thought…" He couldn't say what he wanted and Jay was becoming worried too.

"Jack. I can't tell if you're pleased or not," she asked, concerned about his strange behavior.

"If I'm pleased?" Jack asked with a demented-sounding chuckle. "Jay, I thought I could never be a father."

She grew even more concerned.

"Are you crying? You're upset? You're not happy?"

Jack laughed, then broke away to look at her. "Jay. They're happy tears. Are you kidding me? I love children! I always have. I've always wanted my own but when I died, I thought I lost my chance, that I would never get to be a father."

"You're silly. I told you spirits can have children."

Jack took her face in his hands. "I guess, I forgot that it includes me."

"So, you're happy?"

"It's the happiest day of my life."

And he kissed her right in front of all of them.

The three of them stared at first, the big news not completely having sunk in, but after a while, it felt like they were intruding on a very intimate moment.

Jamie rubbed the back of his neck, wondering if he should do something to remind the two spirits that they weren't alone but there was something so innocent and pure about how they became oblivious to their surroundings that he didn't dare to break them up.

"Wow," Claire exclaimed, blinking rapidly and sneaking glances at the couple. "Can you believe this? Pregnant already?"

"I know, right?" Adam chuckled, getting up from his chair but not at all embarrassed to watch the two spirits.

Saying that Jamie was stunned was a gross understatement. This day was full of surprises. He shook his head and chuckled, realizing that he was going to have a third spirit to house in his attic. But most of all, he was extremely happy for Jack. He was going to be an uncle!

"Hey guys, do you see that?" Adam said, alarmed.

"Yeah, they're still going at it," Claire joked.

"No!" Adam exclaimed. "The wave. There's a wave of magic coming off of Jack."

Jamie looked around. Was Jack losing control of his powers? "I don't see anything frosting over."

"Not frost, something else. It's getting closer." Adam sounded scared and stepped a foot back, pulling Claire with him.

"I don't see anything," she said.

Jamie was about to question whether the warlock's eyesight was okay but then felt as if something slammed into him. For a second, it felt like all oxygen was removed from his lungs and replaced with something else.

He took a few long breaths and blinked, trying to understand what just happened. His brows scrunched up as he was about to worry but then he felt himself instantaneously relax, all worries forgotten, magically lifted away.

He felt an involuntary grin spread across his face and looked at the warlock and vampire next to him who experienced the same sensation.

"It's Jack's fun magic," he told them, recognizing the familiar feeling and sensing he was about to fall victim to a bout of uncontrollable giggles. He hurried his explanation while still able to talk. "But it's…" he started giggling and tried to contain it. "It's…" It was hard to not giggle and that just made him want to giggle even more. "It's magnified," he finally choked up and let himself laugh out loud.

The whole thing was hilarious. Jack accidentally released a super potent magical wave of fun!

Adam laughed and Claire shouted, grabbing his shoulders, "I love fun! Let's do something fun."

"Yeah, let's!" Adam agreed and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

Jamie's eyes widened. Talk about surprises!

He laughed even harder now, realizing that he was the last one in the house not making out. The spirits were still lost in their own little world and the warlock and the vampire took full advantage of the magic, having 'fun' in a very non-family friendly way.

Jack and Jay finally separated and gazed at each other dreamily for a moment but then looked in the direction of the rest, startled by Jamie's laugh.

Jamie's laughing fit resumed even harder, seeing the embarrassed look on Jack's face. Yep. He totally forgot that they weren't alone.

"When did that happen?" Jack asked, looking at Adam and Claire who were still locked in a passionate kiss.

"You dosed us, man," Jamie said, holding his side and feeling out of breath. "You dosed us with your fun magic." Jack winced, realizing that he lost control. "It was so strong. You probably dosed the whole neighborhood," Jamie croaked and started laughing again, imagining his neighbors spontaneously kissing each other.

He tried to hold it in, feeling too tired for a repeat of that lung exercise.

"That strong?" Jack asked with worry. He walked up and rubbed Jamie's back, trying to calm him down. "That's never happened before."

"Your powers are stronger because we're mated, Jack," Jay explained. "You have to be more careful."

"I guess so." He sighed and turned back to her to put a hand on her belly. "I still can't believe it."

Jamie was finally getting the hang of breathing again and asked curiously, "Is it moving already?"

"No, it's too early for that," Jack said and then placed Jamie's hand on her flat tummy, "but you can feel the magic of another nature spirit."

Jamie wanted to feel the magic his friend described but felt only the belly of his girlfriend… Or, would 'wife' be a more appropriate term?

"I don't feel it."

Sometimes, he really wished he could participate in all of those magical revelations. In moments like this, it sucked to be the only human in the room.

"I wonder if they can feel it," he added, sneaking a look at the lip-locked couple.

Jack frowned, "Should we do something?"

"We didn't interrupt you two," Jamie chuckled. "Let them enjoy the last remnants of your magic."

Jack sighed and hugged Jay from behind, burying his face in her hair. In response, she leaned on him and closed her eyes. She put her hands on her belly and he added both of his on top.

"I'm really happy for you two," Jamie said, feeling his heart swell at the sight of the young happy couple before him.

"You'll be Uncle Jamie," Jack said dreamily from her hair. "Does that invitation still stand or is this too much?"

"Of course, it does," Jamie assured him. "Especially now."

Claire and Adam finally finished their makeout session and peered into each other's eyes.

"I had no idea," she said to him and it looked like she was about to kiss him some more.

Jamie cleared his throat and the two jumped in surprise, making him laugh.

"Stop it, guys. I can't take it anymore. I'm in stitches," he complained, holding his side.

Adam blushed and Claire looked around uneasily, unsure of what to do with herself.

Jay broke the tension. "Claire, do you want to feel it?"

The vampire walked up and Jay pulled her hand to put it on her belly.

After a moment, Claire shook her head. "I don't feel anything. Are you sure, Jay? It's awfully soon, isn't it?"

Adam walked up. "Can I try?"

Jay put his hand on her and his eyes widened. "I feel it, Claire. There's magic. Strong magic," he exclaimed and hugged the girl and then Jack who was beaming. "Congratulations!"

"So, a baby already. Not wasting time, huh?" Claire asked and shook her head in disbelief.

"Never wasting time again," Jay responded, looking up at her eternal mate.

"Now, the real fun begins," Jack said.

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