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Tony had been able to see the strings that tied people together, ever since he was little.

All strings were various shades of red, love. Lighter red was platonic love, Medium to blood red was romantic love.

His parents had always had two strings tied tightly together, a crimson shade. A regular couple really.

Then there were the couples with dark, black strings that looked more like rough ropes. He had especially noticed this with Rookery and his assistant. These were the toxic couples, the ones who never should've been together in any way, yet fate fucked one(or both)of them over with those black ropes.

And then, him and Rudolph. They had strings, red and bright. They looked more like ribbons than strings. This was something he'd never seen, ribbons instead of strings.

He was a little surprised at having such a red string attached to Rudolph. Rudolph, was just his friend!

But Tony thought about it more. He did save Rudy and his clan. And Rudy was his best friend. He was also charming and playful, a total dork.

He sure wouldn't mind having him for a boyfriend really. He was really cute, and hand holding would never be awkward cause they already did that a lot.