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Chapter 48: The First Time

Draco saw a change in the look in Hermione's eyes before she shifted towards him.

"I want you," she said

"I want you too," he answered back again. He knew it was something he could say forever. He couldn't imagine ever not wanting her.

"I want to touch you," said Hermione.

Draco felt her words burn through him as if she were already touching his skin. He felt his blood heat and his already hard cock strain against his clothing.

Touching Hermione was heaven, he loved the way she responded. He loved that she was letting him touch her-especially since he knew this was all new for her, but her offer the genuine desire he heard in her voice and saw in her eyes as she told him that she wanted to touch him was...beyond words.

Draco was used to women wanting him.

He was used to women wanting him for his looks, for his attitude, for his family name and some just because he had been seeker on his Quidditch team.

Hermione wanting him...was something so much more. She wanted him, knowing who he was. Despite who he had been and because of who he was now. His body was responding to her words like an aphrodisiac. His skin hummed with the desire to feel her fingertips.

"You can," said Draco. He was hers, she didn't need to ask him to be able to touch, and yet he knew she needed him to give his permission. He could see her waiting for it.

"Do you want me to?"

What the hell kind of a question was that?

Draco balked at the question.

Of course I want her to touch me.

Draco saw uncertainty cross her face suddenly and he hit himself mentally for clearly letting his surprise show on his face.

"I mean I might not do it right..." she looked away-the confidence and desire that had been holding the reins took a backseat to that virginal nervousness.

Dammit Malfoy, he scolded himself and he took a breath.

"Hermione," Draco took her hand and put it on his chest. He searched for the right words and then simply went with the truth, which was easier since the vow he had made meant the truth was his only option. "I know it's cliché as fuck, but I swear there is no way you can do it wrong. Even you saying you want to has me turned on beyond belief."

"Really?" she looked up at him blinking. Draco felt a wash of relief that she had taken his comment well. At the same time, it was clear to him that she wanted to believe him and yet despite everything was struggling to. He followed his instincts praying that they would help convince her and not hinder the situation.

He took her hand and moved it slowly down his body giving her plenty of time to pull back if she wanted to. He knew the movement was somewhat crude and yet Draco had the distinct feeling that it was what she needed to be convinced.

He placed her hand lightly against his pajama-pants over his straining cock.

Showing her the physical evidence of the effect her words...her presence had on him.

"Oh..." he watched her pupils dilate in an aroused response and he felt his dick jerk in response.

Hermione blinked.

"It moved," she said with a little surprise.

Draco bit back a smile.

No one ever really talks about that, he thought to himself.

"It does that," said Draco out loud.

"Oh," Hermione squeezed him through his pants gently and Draco's dick twitched gain swelling as the blood rushed to respond to her touch.

Draco closed his eyes.

He wanted to rock into her hands.

He wanted to take over turn her over and just plunge strait into that tight hot center that was waiting for him.

Thrust deep into her over and over until he was utterly spent.

Fuck, Draco get a hold of yourself.

Draco opened his eyes and his gaze met Hermione's. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips parted.

He kissed her.

With that look on her face he couldn't help but kiss her.

She tasted like sunshine and the strawberry jam from the dinner they had just finished.

He wanted to take control.

He wanted to just touch and kiss her and hear that sound she made when she came...

She said she wants to touch you, Draco reminded himself, let her.

Draco purposefully slowed down taking in a deep breath.

You can do this, just relax, he ordered himself.

Truth be told he was nervous.

He knew he shouldn't technically be nervous. He knew he looked okay or rather he knew how women looked at him, and he knew his way around a woman's body, but this was different.

Its because she's different.

What if I fuck this up? the thought came back to him, he tried to shoo it away, and failed.

So instead of letting himself get any more nervous he lay back on the bed pulling Hermione down on top of him and focused on the woman above him.

His eyes darted downwards taking in her body finally.

He had known she was nervous before and so had kept his eyes from raking over her.

He had never seen something more beautiful in his whole life.

Hermione felt Draco's eyes run over her body and she felt the immediate urge to cover herself. Her hands went to her breasts and to cover her center.

"Please don't," he said his voice rough with emotion.

He reached out and took hold of her hands gently and moved them outwards.

Hermione felt like her whole body must be pink from blushing. Draco held her eyes as he held her hands. Slowly he pulled her forward so that she was laying naked on top of him with only his pajamas in between them. She could feel that hardness behind her straining against her backside. It made her want to squirm. He was so close and so hot. As she shifted his length lined up with her core and they both froze for a moment.

Draco inhaled and she could see the restraint on his face.

"Draco..."she breathed his name and then she kissed the skin just below his collar bone.

She felt him shudder and a small flicker of female satisfaction fluttered inside her.

He was so handsome and had experience and yet here he was shivering at her touch and hard against her.

Hermione gently extracted her hands from his and placed them on his shoulders pushing herself up slightly. His hands went to her sides holding her waist gently. She shifted up for a moment and kissed his lips with a sweet and chaste kiss completely at odds with their position.

What do I do? she found herself thinking.

She had told him she wanted to touch him, and she did.

But she didn't know how...she didn't know what was right.

Then she shifted remembering what he had done to her that had felt so good.

He gave you the answer, she told herself, just follow his example.

She let her lips trail down his neck, kissing his skin softly. When she reached the halfway point between his neck and shoulder she hesitated and then she locked her mouth over his skin and sucked.

Draco groaned and she felt his fingers press into her sides and his hips jerk upwards.

She pulled back and kissed the place bellow it then she began kissing down his torso until she neared his nipple. It was flat and darker than the rest of his skin. She liked the colour and the look of it. She brushed her fingers across it and watched as the flesh tightened pulling up into a peak.

Her core clenched watching it, watching him.

"Are you sensitive here too?" she asked and her voice had a throaty quality to it that she had never heard from herself before.

She saw Draco swallow.

"Yeah," he admitted. "Not all guys are...not all guys like it...but...I...yeah."

He sounded sweet, hesitant...almost nervous to admit it to her.

It was endearing and calming at the same time.

If perfect, experienced Draco got to be slightly flustered then it was okay if she was too.

"Good," said Hermione and she latched on to his nipple giving him the same treatment he had given her. She flicked her tongue across him.

At first his reactions were subtle. She could feel the flexing of his stomach muscles beneath her. Then he started to shift and his hands dropped from her sides and down the bed sheets and she watched as his fingers fisted in the sheets.

She felt the pulse between her legs start up in time with her heart from his response.

She loved seeing him like this, open to her, and straining.

She loved seeing his perfect control and at the same time she wanted to break it.

He's been trying to be perfectly in control for so long.

She wanted to make him loose it, she wanted to make him tremble in the same way he had made her.

Hermione shifted down his body and she felt Draco still.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I want you to finish," she said.

Saying the words out loud sent a little tremor through her because she meant it.

She wanted Draco to cum.

She wanted to be the one to make Draco cum.

She wanted to be the reason why he finally lost control in the best of ways.

"You don't have to," he said stilling her hand at the waist band of his pajamas.

Hermione looked up into Draco's eyes and saw him carrying all the weight of the world in them. He was so focused on making sure everything was okay for her that he hadn't asked or encouraged her to return the favor.

Well I am not going to sit back and just let him rock my world without returning the favor, she thought to herself.

And then she blinked up at Draco.

"I want to," she said as if it were obvious, and kissed the smooth flesh just inside his hip bone.

"Fuck," Draco's head went back.

"Sensitive there too?" she asked.

He hissed a breath through his teeth.

She kissed him there again.

"You're going to kill me Granger," he managed looking back down at her.

"I'll take that at as yes," she said smiling and she licked that spot enjoying the soft flavor of his skin. He tasted good.

I wonder if he tastes good...there...she found herself thinking and a renewed flush of arousal hit her. She opened her mouth over the flesh just by his hip and sucked it like she had sucked the place on his neck and Draco's hips came up off of the bed. She held on to him, her hands bracing on his hips. His hips dropped back to the bed and she let go.

She reached for the band of his pajamas and this time he didn't stop her. He lifted his hips when she pulled on the fabric and helped to side them out of the way.

Hermione's eyes widened.

That is never going to fit, was the first thought that she had.

The second was that the rumors around the school had been true.

Hermione hadn't seen many men naked in her life-even on television or on the internet so she didn't have much of a reference for comparison...but she knew that Draco had been modest early when he had said 'I'm not exactly small.'

He was NOT small...THIS was NOT small.

Fuck, she thought the exploitative inside her head as she took a moment to panic internally.

He was... if she reached out to touch him she was sure the tips of her fingers would not touch her thumb wrapped around his base.

He was more than the length of her hand from wrist to fingertips.

A small flicker of fear wormed its way into her.

I don't know how I'm going to handle him.

"Hermione?" She heard the concern in Draco's voice and looked up at him and realized he would have been watching her this whole time and seen her face.

I don't want him to worry, she thought to herself.

I don't know what to do...she found herself thinking.

Do what you were going to do before you discovered he was hung like a goddamned horse, she ordered herself.

She reached out and wrapped her delicate hand around him.

Draco groaned.

The skin was softer than she had imagined, and harder.

She stroked her hand loosely up and down and watched for his reactions. When her hand came up towards the tip she saw him flex and so she started paying more attention there. When his fingers went back to the bed sheets and fisted she knew she was doing something right.

She saw a glisten at the tip and leaned her head forward to taste.

The moan that echoed from Draco curled Hermione's toes. Until now the sounds that he had been making had been subdued. Little moans, little groans. This one was a raw sound and she loved it. Felt in on a primal level. Opening her mouth she took him inside and sucked gently. She felt his hips jerk and pulled back so as not to gag on him.

"Sorry, Merlin, I wasn't expecting..." he started to apologize and she took him into her mouth again and Draco lost words. She worked at him, her movements unpracticed and rough. As she worked she began to feel what he liked, and she used it to give him what he wanted as best as she could.

"Hermione you gotta stop or I'm going to cum," said Draco putting a hand in her hair.

She could feel him thickening inside her, swelling.

She knew he was close.

He didn't say "No" and he didn't say "Stop" on its own: he had said "Stop or I'm going to cum" and she wanted him to cum for her.

She wanted to taste him.

"Hermione I'm gunna cum, please" Draco's voice was pleading and she felt his fingers flex in her hair. He wasn't pulling her back and away, so she didn't stop.

She wanted all of it; all of him.

She felt a sudden jerk and then there was a pulse beneath her fingers as he came into her mouth. She swallowed what she could, nearly choking on it.

It was hot and silky and like nothing else she had known.

When he was finished she pulled up and wiped her mouth.

He tasted...good, it wasn't what she expected. A strange combination of salty and sweet and yet she wanted to do it again, to taste him again if only to experience that beautiful thrill of making him lose control.

"Come here," he ordered and she came forward pulling her in for a kiss.

"But..." she protested, thinking what she had just finished doing.

"I don't care," he said and took her mouth. She felt the force of his kiss down to her soul.

Draco felt shaky inside and out.

He had had his fair share of blowjobs.

Some from people who really knew what they were doing.

This was different.

She was different, and it had fucking rocked his world.

She had been sweet and tentative and yet that inquisitive mind had analyzed each of his little reactions and responses and she had used those indicators like a master.

She's going to be fucking awesome in bed hen she learns the ropes, a part of him thought.

She already is, the other part countered.

She's everything I want.

Her mouth had been so hot and so sweet and there was something incredibly erotic about looking down and seeing the one woman he wanted bent over him doing everything she could to bring him pleasure.

It was the looking down at her that had done it-that had pushed him over the edge.

When she had swallowed he had nearly come undone again.

She's so fucking incredible.

She looked up at him expectantly and Draco flipped their positions and began kissing his way down her body, eager to taste her and return the favor but Hermione stiffened and grabbed hold of him stopping his progress.

"What?" he asked looking up at her.

Why is she stopping me?

"I was searching for you for a while and walking around and..."

Draco got the hint. He didn't care and she had literally nothing to worry about. She smelled amazing and he was more than ready to go down on her, but he wasn't about to do it while she was feeling self-conscious.

He wanted her to enjoy it.

"Alright," he said and lifted her out of bed. He wasn't about to let that get in the way. He wanted her and he wanted to taste her. So badly. He wanted to lick and kiss and suck at her until she cried out in sweet, sweet ecstacy, and he wanted to taste the honey of that release on his tongue.

She let out a small yelp as he began to carry her towards the bathroom.

"What are you doing. Where are we going?" she asked.

"We are going to have a very sexy shower," said Draco with a wry smile. "We are going to spend plenty of time washing each other off.." he let the words linger. "And then I am going to put my mouth on you and tease you until you cum so hard you see stars."

Draco set her down on the stool by the vanity and turned on the shower testing it for water.

See stars?

Wasn't that something that only happened in romance novels?

Hermione watched Draco move gracefully around the small bathroom. She was caught between the modesty of wanting to avert her eyes and the chance to see him like this.

How many times had she seen him shirtless while at the manor and thought about how beautiful that toned body looked and how it felt while he was on top of her.

Her memories went to the night when she had been drunk and a flush of shame had her grabbing a towel and covering herself. Draco turned back to her and he smiled wryly and she found herself blushing.

"I think its kinda cute how you cover up," he said grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around his hips.

Hermione wanted to protest. She had been enjoying the view and then she realized that it was a bit of a double standard. Her being able to see him without him being able to see her.

Draco turned on the shower and then came and knelt down beside her on the bathmat and looked up at her. She looked down at his lean contoured torso and then her eyes came back to his face where she found him looking up at her intently waiting.

"You like what you see?" he asked, quirking a brow slightly cocky.

"I'd have to be blind not to," she said rolling her eyes.

Draco took hold of her hand and stroked a thumb across her knuckles.

"I'm glad," said Draco, his voice turning from playful to serious. "You know…I've had a lot of people who look at me hungry. Sometimes it's a turn on…" he said and kissed a spot on the inside of her knee. "And sometimes it makes me feel slimy…" he kissed the other. "But when you look at me like that…" he looked up at her. "It makes me feel…" He straightened so that he was eye level with her sitting and him on his knees. "More." He kissed her. "I like seeing you hungry for me," he said between kisses. "It lets me know I'm not alone."

"You're not alone Draco," she said and wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed her.

Draco lifted her up suddenly and she wrapped her legs instinctively around him only this time there was no covering between them. She felt the heated flesh of his sides against the inside of her thighs and the hard contour of his stomach against her open core. She felt like she should pull back, like she should be ashamed and yet all she wanted to do was rub herself shamelessly against those washboard abs.

Draco pulled away her towel, tossing it unceremoniously assize before removing his own towel and carrying her into the shower.

He pressed her up against the wall as the water sprayed down on them.

She looked at him them and saw the vulnerability in his eyes even as he held her captive between himself and the wall.

"I love you, you know that," he said as if he hadn't said it before several times today.

She didn't know why he seemed to need to say it again. Maybe it was the fact that he had believed her to be dead for so long. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't been able to say it to her when they were in the manor except towards the end when he thought he was dying.

The reason didn't matter, she only cared that he seemed to need her reassurance that she knew.

And Hermione did know, down to her very bones.

There was nothing the man in front of her wouldn't do for her because of his love. He had given up everything, risked everything for her and when he had thought she was dead and gone he didn't revert back to who he was before. He had let his love of her be his sustaining power driving him down a path where he was trying to be good-trying to be the hero she had called him.

"I know," she said, knowing that was what he needed to hear most in that moment. Then because she wanted to she kissed him and added. "I love you too."

Draco closed his eyes and when he opened them he let her slowly slide down the wall. Hermione stood flat footed while Draco picked up the soap. She wanted to run away and to hide from his view, but they were in a shower and there was nowhere to really go. She did turn towards the wall though, feeling vulnerable.

She loved Draco, that didn't change the fact that she still wasn't used to being naked with a man. Let alone naked in a shower. She felt Draco's hands touch her hip.

"You okay?" he asked kissing her shoulder.

"Yeah," she nodded and looked back at him, her arms covered in an x across her chest.

Draco reached outside the shower door and grabbed a fresh loofah from the basket nearby which was filled to the brim with supplies. He squirted some bodywash onto it and lathered it gently all the while looking at her. He reached up and placed it against her back and began gently washing.

Hermione felt the tension slowly drain as he rubbed in soft circles across her skin. Then he went lower and she felt it sweep over her as and resisted the urge to twist away. She felt him drop down and then he was washing her legs gently. Hermione let out a sigh. It felt oddly nice to be cared for this way.

"Turn around?" he asked gently.

Hermione only hesitated for a moment before turning so that she was looking down at him. He looked up straight into her eyes.

"You're so beautiful," he said softly and began running the loofah up her body. He bypassed her mound and washed her stomach. When he came up to her already sensitive breasts he lightened the pressure so as not to irritate her skin. Then he held her gaze as he dropped his hand between them and stroked the soapy material between her legs.

Hermione reached out and held onto his shoulders. He was careful and gentle and his touch made her feel both vulnerable and cherished at the same time. He replaced the puff with his hand and stroked her cupping her mound gently.

She heard him inhale and opened her eyes blinking up at him.

"Okay," said Draco and then he offered her the loofah.

Hermione took it and rinsed it off before applying more body wash. She started up a lather and Draco turned around. She ran her fingers and the soapy puff over his shoulders. She noted new scars; ones she hadn't seen before decorating his skin. There were only a handful of them and yet it changed the way he looked.

No longer did Draco look like a pretty little polished boy. He now looked like a hard-living man.

She washed him the same way that he had washed her, in the same order. Only when she came to his dick he took the Loofah away and she used her hands to stroke and wash him. Draco kissed her shoulders and neck as she worked and she watched as he hardened for her to the point where his flesh was straining.

Draco stepped back and rinsed off and then he shifted her so that she was leaning back against the wall.

"Brace your hands against either wall, he ordered her gently and Hermione obeyed.

Draco dropped to his knees and Hermione's stomach dropped to her toes.

His hands came up to her thighs and he gently encouraged them apart. He stroked her with one finger watching her, holding her gaze until she had to look away. She turned her cheek into the wall and let the cool of the tile sooth her flushed skin.

She felt a flicker of breath and she looked down at him again. He was kneeling there waiting for her eyes to connect with his. He looked up at her from his knees and Hermione felt her heart squeeze. His eyes were so beautiful and so completely focused looking up at her. He dipped his head forward and kissed the place inside her hip mirroring where she had kissed him. Hermione shivered.

His hands slipped upwards to her center and he parted her then leaned forward and placed his mouth on her.

The heat was overwhelming.

If she had thought she liked the feel of his fingers…. This was more.

He sucked at her and she bowed.

"That's good," said Draco. "Tilt your hips forward."

Hermione obeyed and he slipped a finger inside her as he began to lick and flick his tongue across her clit.

"Draco!" she called out his name. Her body was almost there and he slowed. Then he began to stretch her with his fingers. She felt them curl inside her and brush a spot that made her knees buckle and give for a moment.

Draco clearly noticed and stroked there several times until Hermione was squirming against the wall. Then he slowed down again and inserted a third finger for the first time, pushing it only to the first knuckle.

She wanted to call out. She wanted to tell him it was too much, but he was being so gentle. Each time she felt as if it were going to break or tear her he would ease off gently. After a few minutes he switched back to just the two fingers and put his mouth back on her flicking his tongue across her clit.

One of Hermione's hands came down from the wall for a moment to touch his hair as her body began to tighten, then she reached back against the wall as he knees threatened to buckle again with a particularly artful twist of his fingers within her.

She could feel it building, that beautiful feeling inside like she was racing towards some kind of an ending.

"Please," she found herself calling out to him.

Draco listened and she found his mouth on her sucking at her clit while he flicked his tongue back and forth and thrust his fingers inside her hitting that spot inside each time.

Hermione let out a cry as all the tension that had been building released in a blast that had her toes curling and her legs locking.

She saw black stars on the edge of her vision as the world tilted.

He was right, she thought as her world shifted and she felt like floating. He did make me see stars.

Hermione felt Draco catch her before he legs turned completely to jelly.

He held on to her as he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around her body, then he swept her up into his arms bridal-style and carried her back to Bed.

She loved when he carried her this way.

Hermione felt like she wanted to sing and sleeping at the same time.

A part of her mind and body was completely alert and awake to what was going on and the other part was ready to just cuddle up in a ball and sleep next to Draco knowing she was safe and the nightmare was over.

They were here…safe…hidden…together.

She felt a sudden yearning for the oasis.

Draco lay her down on the bed and tucked a towel behind her wet hair.

Hermione thought about drying it off, but then she felt Draco's hands on her once more testing the heat between her legs before shifting his body so that he was positioned over her.

"You're sure?" he asked looking at her.

Any part of her that had thought about sleep snapped awake and to attention.

All of her fears came racing back.

Was she sure?

Yes, her mind answered.

She was sure she loved him.

She was sure she wanted him.

She was sure she wanted to do this.

She was not sure what she was supposed to do or how she was going to handle Draco.

"You've gone white again," said Draco and he started to back off.

"No!" she protested and grabbed a hold of him yanking him close and kissing him. "I'm sure, I'm sure," she said squeezing her arms around his neck.

"Okay, okay," said Draco. "Ease off," he said gently.

Hermione released her arms realizing just how tightly she had been gripping him. Draco didn't seem mad though and after rubbing his neck for a quick second he came back and started kissing her, not giving her time to be embarrassed about holding him so tightly.

Then she felt one of his hands go down to her core and part her.

She tensed.

"Relax," crooned Draco.

"I don't know if I can," she answered, hearing her own voice tremble.

"It's okay," he said kissing her. "I've got you."

"Draco, please just do it," she grabbed hold of his face in her hands. "I want you. I want all of you and I want you inside of me."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"I know," she answered and kissed him. "But I need you in me. Please, you've done enough, just be in me."

She felt Draco shift.

Felt as he aligned himself with her entrance.

The heat was scorching.

"Wait," Draco said and paused reaching over to the nightstand. He picked up his wand and cast a quick contraceptive spell.

Hermione felt herself blush.

She hadn't remembered that part, she had been too busy thinking about her own nerves and the stars he had made her see before and if it was going to hurt as much as some girls said.

Setting aside the wand Draco returned to her and kissed her.

Then he pushed forward so that the tip was inside her. Hermione felt stretched by that small portion of him alone and was suddenly so very thankful he had taken so much time stretching her with his fingers.

Hermione looked up to see an intense look of concentration on Draco's face, as if he were holding back a tidal wave.

"It's okay," she said. "Just do it."

Draco looked down at her.

"I love you," he said and then he thrust forward.

Draco left Hermione's whole body stiffen as he thrust forward and into her breaking her hymen.

Her finger tips dug into his shoulders hard enough he was sure a few of them had drawn blood.

Draco closed his eyes and counted in his head.

He held on for dear life.

She was so hot and so tight around him he wanted to just finish right then and there and sink into her beautiful body straight to the hilt.

But he didn't want to hurt her more. She wasn't ready to take all of him.

He had enjoyed the blowjob she had given him early but was especially thankful for it now because that earlier release was the only thing keeping him from coming just from the sensation of being inside her.

Draco opened his eyes and saw that Hermione's eyes were glistening without brimming over.

"Are..." he managed. "you okay?"

She nodded, biting her bottom lip.

"Its not that bad," she answered and he heard the truth in her tone. "It only hurt for a second," she sounded almost surprised.

"Good," he said feeling a wash of relief at her words.

He really hadn't wanted to hurt her.

"Draco..." she said his name.

"Yes," he answered feeling the strain, the desire to move warring with his desire to give her time to adjust.

"Are you going to move?"

His body pulsed at her words.

He wanted to move, but if he moved now he was going to finish.

"In a minute," he answered and kissed her. "I need a second," he answered honestly. "And I want to give your body some time to relax and accept mine."

"I want you to move," she said closing her eyes and letting her head lean back against the pillow. "I feel like I'm going to die if you don't."

Her words went straight to Draco's dick and he groaned leaning down to kiss by her collar bone.

"You have no idea how fucking sexy you are," he half complained half complimented against her skin.

Hermione stroked her hands gently down his back and Draco shivered and then pulled out of her a little. He lifted his head and saw a flicker of discomfort in her face. Then he sank back in slowly and he watched her eyes widen as he pushed a little deeper this time.

"Oh," she said and he felt the muscles inside her flutter against him.

Draco's eyes wanted to roll into the back of his head from the pleasure of it.

Fuck, he groaned inwardly

Get a hold of yourself Draco, slow and steady. You can do this.

He pulled out again. This time her hands went to his shoulders bracing against as he thrust forward.

She let out a small sound in the back of her throat and he worried for a second until he saw the hint of a smile at the corner of her lips.

He was beyond thankful to see that smile.

Focus on what will make her feel better.

"Wrap your legs around me Hermione," he ordered gently and Hermione obeyed wincing slightly at the movement.

He withdrew and pushed forward until he was buried deep inside her as far as her virginal channel would allow.

"It feels good," Hermione said into his shoulder.

"Yeah," Draco answered, his mind to fried to give her a longer answer.

"I didn't know if it would."

Draco withdrew and thrust forward, this time a little harder, unable to keep the flex from his hips.

Hermione let out a gasp and her nails dug in again. Her thighs flex against him and her cunt tightened around his dick so that his eyes crossed for a second with the pleasure of it.

"Fuck, Hermione," he said her name and paused. If he moved now he would cum, he was sure of it. That tight hot heat gripping him so fiercely.

Hermione shifted.

"Don't move," he almost barked.


"You didn't do anything wrong," Draco managed squeezing his eyes shut. "I'm just really close."

"Oh," he looked up to see her smiling.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Because I'm glad you can want me enough to override your prowess."

"Merlin Granger," Draco dropped his head to her shoulder feeling some of his control return.

"It makes me happy to know that I can turn you on that much Draco," he heard the admission in her voice as if she felt guilty about saying it out loud. "I want you to cum. I don't care if I do again. You've given me more than enough. I want to feel you lose yourself inside of me. Please," she kissed his neck and then kissed the shell of his ear trailing her tongue across the smooth outside. "Please," she asked again and shifted her hips squeezing him.

"Fuck," he groaned and began moving.

Her permission was all he had really needed.

He started fucking her for real. Letting instinct and lust drive his hips into her.

He closed his eyes and felt.

He was going to loose it any second.

And then he felt her walls flutter around him.

She's close.

Fresh determination raced through him. If she was close he could hold out for her.

He could hold out long enough to watch her cum with him.

Blood rushed in Draco's ears and he felt his body tightening.

Draco reached down between them changing the angle and he rubbed at her clit as he moved.

"Draco!" she said his name and curled into him, her body hampering his movements. He didn't care. He wanted that climax he wanted her to ride it with him.

"Cum for me Hermione," he ordered. "Let go."

Her head flew backwards against the pillow and her back arched off of the bed.

She screamed, clawing at his arms as the climax ripped through her.

Her body clenched and spasmed around him milking him and Draco moved his hand from her core and grabbed hold of her hips ramming into her. He finally let go and gave into the tidal wave of pleasure he had been holding back.

He thrust into her as she clung to him and when she collapsed and fell back on the bed he fell down with her.

Hermione was going to need a minute.

No she was going to need an hour.

Possibly days.

What the hell was that?

She kept her eyes closed trying to regain some semblance on control over her breathing

Draco lay on top of her, half of his weight still on her while the other half was being somewhat supported by one arm. She kind of liked the weight of him above her. It was a little uncomfortable while being entirely comforting.

"That was incredible," she heard him muffle into the pillow next to her head.

"That's my line," said Hermione. "I didn't do much."

"You did more than enough," said Draco and he lifted himself up. She felt his limbs tremble with the motion as he looked down at her. "You are the most incredible woman I have ever met and will ever know."

"Draco..." she said his name blushing.

Draco gave a half-smile and kissed her, then he gently withdrew from her body.

Hermione winced.

"You okay?" he asked immediately concerned.

"I'm fine," she answered. "A little sore, but I'm good Draco." And then because she felt like he needed to hear it she added. "You did a good job making sure I was ready for you."

"I tried."

"I know," she kissed him.

Draco reached for his wand and cleaned them both up with a quick spell, then he shifted up on the bed.

Hermione came over and curled into his side letting her head rest against his chest.

"So what now?" she asked.

"I'm thinking a few hours of sleep and recovery for you before we try that again."

Hermione slapped his shoulder gently.

"I meant for life, not in bed," she said shaking her head and shifting to look at him.

"I'd happily spend my life in bed with you," said Draco kissing her and pinning her hand gently on the matress before she could smack him again. His face and tone grew serious. "Now we go and try and save the world, and those friends of yours, so I can earn the chance of a happily ever after."

"A happily ever after?" she asked, his words making her feel both hot and cold at the same time.

"I'm going to love you forever Hermione," said Draco. "It's up to you what you want to do with your life." He shifted getting more comfortable. She could tell he was getting times and yet as he pulled her against his naked body, Hermione felt her skin flush.

"You promise?" she asked a moment later from her place tucked beneath his chin.

"Hmmm?" he asked looking down clearly not getting her question.

"Do you promise to love me forever?" she asked making her question clear. She had promised herself no more miscommunications between them and she wasn't about to let one happen now, in bed after something as perfect and incredible as what they had just shared.

"And ever," he answered shifting back a little so that he could kiss her properly. "I'll give you anything and everything I can Hermione. Whatever the life you want I'll support and stand by you. All I ask is that you let me love you."

"And love you back?" she said clarifying.

"That would be my preference," he answered kissing the top of her head and settling back down.


"Yes?" he answered yawning.

"Be my forever," she said seriously. "Promise me that no matter what you'll be mine."

There was a pause and Draco pulled back from her again this time so that he could look her in the eye.

"I promise," he said looking at her seriously. "Whatever comes."

"No matter what they say? no matter what we have to go up against?" she asked needing to hear him say it.

"No matter what" said Draco. "We'll face it together."

"Together," agreed Hermione.

Draco smiled and closed his eyes knowing in his heart that everything would be okay, so long as they were:



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