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A Fox's Kiss: Love From Afar

Chapter 1: Watching

I can't help but love him
As I watch him from afar
My heart strikes an endless hymn
And if he'd love me I'd never ask for more
* * * *

I got up early today. Like I always do. Like any ordinary day. But there is something that I can't place. Some alien feeling that has invaded the sweet morning air. Some premonition of a danger that is growing slowly inside my heart.

What could it be?

I shrugged off the intruder and took a cold shower. Just the right kind to get you ready for a long day at school; the kind that wakes you up just right. Like I always do. Like any ordinary day. But there is something that isn't right. Some strange idea that enters your mind when you least expect it to. Some fearful precaution that won't leave you alone no matter how hard you try to ignore it.

Why can't I figure it out?

I walked cautiously down the stairs; my rucksack full of schoolbooks slung over one shoulder. As I tiptoed across the living room towards the kitchen, I paused and looked at my father who lies asleep on the couch under a small, stained blanket. Beer cans surround him on the couch and the floor. The television ran blue from a finished movie watched the night before. Like it always is. Like any ordinary day. But the sense returns. Like a violation of the law that was never tried in court. Like a stalker that follows you wherever you go.

It scares me.

I enter the kitchen and open the smallest drawer: on the left of the sink, but away from the blender. I pull out a small box, a First-Aid Kit, mind. I roll up the sleeve of my sweater and dress the bruise that seems like a sign in the middle of my pale forearm. A sign that reads, "I am an outcast. I am different from you, and I lead a different life. I am worthless. I am weak."

Just like always. Just like any ordinary day. That is my life.

I exit my house and trudge down the sidewalk towards my school. As I snack on an apple, I glance around at the familiar surroundings. The large houses, the blooming gardens, the happy, rich families. And my rich, unhappy family. My blooming garden and my father's neglected one. The streets blooming families and my neglected one.

School is the same. I go through my classes easily enough, always the only one to work alone. No one ever bothers me; no one cares. No one wonders why I always wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt on warm days. No one wonders why I never talk. No one wonders why I always eat alone at lunch. No one cares.

But there is one who I wish would.

I can see him now. He's leading a discussion with a group of friends and admirers. Most of them are girls. Girls who are much more beautiful than I am. Gossipy girls who aren't shy and aren't afraid to talk to him. Girls who are all in his fan club. Girls who flirt and laugh with him. Girls who love him. Girls who know nothing about the charming Shuiichi Minamino.

I don't know how I can tell that he is different; I just know. I just know that he isn't normal; isn't human. I can see his energy. It is far too strong to be human. No, not human. He can't be a spirit because they posses no physical shape or form that mortal eyes can see. He must be a demon.

School ends after history. He's in my history class, that Shuiichi. He sits one seat in front of me and to the right; diagonal, if you prefer. He's so close that I could touch him. I could reach out and feel his skin against mine. He might be able to warm up my cold flesh.

But the president of his fan club sits next to him. I dare not even mutter a simple, "Hello," with her around. She displeases him. She never shuts up and constantly tries to pry into his life. But she knows noting. She doesn't even know his real name.

It comes to me bow as I stroll down the deserted hallway. Kurama. Yohko Kurama. That's what they call him. That's what they call the dashing Kitsune whose cold heart was melted when he was reborn onto Earth in a human form. I don't know why I know this. I couldn't ell you if you asked me. The information just falls into my mind as easily and plainly as the intruder did.

Wait. I see him! He is there, in the science room, talking to someone. The door is only cracked, but it is enough. I can see him conversing with a short, dark haired person. And yet, he is not human either, but another demon. Hiei, they call him.

I disguise my energy somehow to make my presence seem invisible and then I put my eye to the crack. It sounds like they are arguing. Kurama's hands are flailing and Hiei glares daggers.

"...they aren't ready," says Hiei coolly.

"But they are!" insists Kurama. "They have had excessive periods of training: Yuusuke with Master Genkai and Kuwabara with us."

Hiei sneered. "So what. Just because they train doesn't mean that they are ready to battle those demons who are to compete in the Dark Tournament. They are only human."

"They beat you."

Hiei turned his head towards the fox with slanted eyes. His lip curled and he clenched his fists.

"Besides," Kurama said, "they have little choice. If they don't enter, this Togouro is bound to kill them without even giving them a chance."

"Hn," Hiei nodded, calmer than he had been. He crossed the room and bounded out of the open window. He was so fast that none of the students who remained chattering on the grounds saw him.

Kurama shook his head slightly and sighed, "Hiei."

It was at that exact moment that my bag dropped from my sweaty palms and onto the floor with a loud CLUNK!
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