Emily was finally going to do this. Call up her mom and tell her she was dating Beca Mitchell.

"Hi mom!" Emily exclaimed.

"Emily! How has your day been?" Her mom, on the other side of the phone asked.

"Good." Emily replied.

"That's great! How's Benji?" Her mom said.

"Actually Mom, we broke up." Emily sighed.

"I'm so sorry, honey! Why would he do that?" Her mom was furious.

"Actually, I broke up with him." Emily stuttered.

"Oh." Her mom was shocked. "Why?"

"I realized I loved someone else."

"Ok." Katherine Junk was frozen.

After a few moments of silence, Emily spoke up.

"Remember Beca, mom?" Emily was shaking.

"Of course, she was very nice. But also very shy. And short. Unlike you. Except for the nice part, you're so sweet. You two are very different."

"You know that phrase that opposites attract?" Emily asked. "Well in this case opposites attract. I'm dating Beca, mom. I love her."

Katherine Junk was dumbstruck. Emily was dating a woman? And Beca Mitchell, of all?

"Mom?" She snapped back to reality once Emily asked her that.


"Is that okay?" Emily worried.

"Yes, honey, whatever makes you happy. I'm just surprised. Why haven't you told me that you leant that way?"

"I didn't really fully realize until I met Beca. She's amazing, Mom. She's beautiful, she acts tough when she's really a big softie, and she's the most compassionate and caring person I've ever met. I've never felt this way with anyone else." Emily replied.

"That's so sweet." Katherine cried. "I have to go, but talk to you later?"

"Of course mom." Emily smiled.


"Bye." Emily replied. She hung up and sighed.

"How'd it go, babe?" Beca walks into the room and asks.

Emily kisses her on the cheek.