"Come back to bed, Alex," Ty said as the cold air crept under the sheets with her departure.

"Hang on, baby, I need a drink," Alex said as she headed for the kitchen.

The hallway was dark and quiet. She crept along the wall, searching for the light switch with her hand, but walked straight into another body instead.

She screamed.

Another scream echoed back.

"You okay, Alex?" Ty called from the bedroom.

He flipped on a tiny bedside light. Just enough of its glow filtered into the hallway for Alex to see the figure before her.

"Kim!" Alex exclaimed in shock, taking in her partner's mused hair and relative state undress.


"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Um." Kim stammered, pulling the oversized paramedic uniform shirt she wore lower on her legs.

"Kim, baby, you coming back to bed?" Carlos called.

"Oh God," Alex grimaced. "I hope you've had your rabies shots!"