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Chapter 4: Man In The Moon has been naughty

Lucifer grabbed the young lad again and they locked eyes. This trick he could perform only in Hell, where his power was the strongest and he only used it when necessary. He didn't particularly enjoy diving into people's heads, especially the vile heads of sinners who ended up in his realm, but this soul was proving to be difficult so he had to take drastic measures.

He looked deep into the boy's eyes and willed himself to enter his memories. He found himself in a haze of blurry images as seen through the young soul's perspective. The memories were very poor quality flashes of childhood playtimes and happy moments. Most of them were filled with echoes of laughter and hordes of children tackling the boy to the ground. Lucifer looked for evidence of sinning but found that the teen was guilty only of playing tricks and pranks and was overall a good-natured fun-loving person.

'What happened to land you in Hell?' Lucifer thought. 'What did you do?'

A sharp memory came into focus and Lucifer paid special attention to it. It had to be important. The same girl that he saw in the guilt room who had to be the boy's sister was pulling him along outside.

"Let's go, Jack!" she said enthusiastically.

'Ah, Jack,' Lucifer thought. 'We have a name.'

They went through a maze of snow-covered trees until they came to a frozen pond. They put their skates on and started gliding along. The girl's happiness was all that mattered.

After a wobbly pirouette, the girl stopped and laughed joyfully but the blissful moment was interrupted by a loud crack. Jack looked under the girl's feet and saw that the ice underneath her was breaking.

She looked down and then back at him and her lips trembled. "Jack, I'm scared."

Lucifer witnessed in horror the events unfold as Jack tried to calm her down and attempted to turn his instructions into a game to prevent her from panicking when he himself was terrified. He found a long stick which was curved at the end and used it to pull her to safety. The move though, made him slide to the thin part of the ice. Just as his sister smiled, knowing that she was out of harm's way, he fell through the ice. Freezing water engulfed him and the shock of it made his limbs numb. He struggled to move them and tried to swim up but found himself trapped under the ice. He banged on it but was too weak to break it. His lungs burned and the realization hit him that this was the end, he wasn't going to survive.

'At least she's safe,' was his last thought as darkness took him over.

Lucifer expected the memories to end from this point, the boy obviously having drowned, but was surprised to find that they didn't. Seeing it from Jack's point of view, he opened his eyes and found himself still underwater. A bright orb illuminated the darkness and pulled him up through the ice. Once out, he recognized that the orb was the moon. Just as he was gently put down on the ice, Lucifer felt himself be filled with the light of the moon, its power pushing at him, forcing him out. This part of the boy's life was no longer his domain and he had to pull himself out of Jack's mind.

Lucifer stood there, glaring at the teen, breathing heavily and trying to process everything he saw. He was still gripping the sweater and the boy held his gaze defiantly.

"Good show?" Jack asked with a smirk.

"What in the bloody hell was that?"

"That's all I remember of my human life," Jack said with a shrug.

Lucifer took a few breaths to steady himself and released the hold on the sweater. He was beginning to get angry. These memories were nothing like what he expected in more ways than one.

"You were brought back from the dead?" he demanded, wondering what type of creature was standing before him. A zombie?

"I was reborn as the Spirit of Winter." Then, he outstretched his hand hesitantly. "Jack Frost."

Lucifer felt a shock go through him at the answer but shook the hand offered.

"What? Who would dare? Who brought you back?"

"Man In The Moon," Jack answered, no longer trying to hide the truth.

Lucifer exhaled a puff of air in frustration and started pacing around the room. Man In The Moon. Yes, Man In The Moon would have the power to do that but that he would dare? He had a hard time believing it, but unmistakably, the boy standing before him was proof of it. He shook his head and looked back at the young lad who was leaning against the wall, his eyes on the ground in resignation.

"A winter spirit?"

Jack nodded, and to prove it, he touched the wall which started developing frost patterns under his fingers. He briefly looked Lucifer in the eye but then switched back to look at the ground.

"He had no right to do that," he finally said, gaining himself a curious look from the teen. "He's meddling in matters that are out of his domain."

Lucifer put his hands on his hips and stared at the boy who was now eyeing him in a query.

"The sacrifice you made would have ensured your passage into Heaven. Instead, Man In The Moon trapped your soul in a nature spirit's body for eternity. You've been cursed, Jack, robbed of your reward. He has no right to take human souls."

Jack frowned at that, considered it, but then said with a shrug, "I don't mind. My second life has a purpose. I'm the Guardian of Fun now. I like what I am and what I do.

Lucifer sized up the spirit before him appraisingly. The young lad was surely full of surprises.

"So," he finally said, straightening out his jacket and fixing his cuff links, "what shall I do with you now?"