Summary: An idea of how Lois decides to leave Peter.

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Lois Griffin walked into the Therapist room and sat down.

In front of her, was a dark-skinned woman, dressed like a doctor and had a wedding ring on her finger.

"Thanks for seeing me, again. Judy" Lois said.

"I'm always happy to help my most frequent client." The woman said before she gestured for her to sit down and both of them sat opposite each other on soft brown chairs.

"So, what is it this time Lois?" said, Judy.

"Well, it's Peter, again," Lois said, and Judy wasn't surprised, in fact, she expected as much. "He's recently been a complete nightmare in the house and to everybody around him because we couldn't afford the cereal that he saw on the T.V. the night before. I told him that if he showed up to work like a decent human being than we would have easily been able to afford the cereal."

"Uh, huh." Said, Judy, writing it down on her clipboard.

"Now I have to ask for more money from daddy or Peter will questionably go get the money," Lois said, before saying in frustration. "I don't know what to do, Judy. I'm just so tired of getting Peter everything he has ever wanted. He shows no respect for anybody in the house and the only one he treats decently is Chris, and he's practically on his way to becoming Peter 2.0."

"Uh, huh," Said, Judy, continuing to write.

"So, what is your advice, Judy?" Lois said, "Do you want me and the kids to get out of the house for a bit and then be forced to come back?"

It was understandable that Lois thought that her Therapist, that she had been seeing for the past eight years would give her a short-term solution that would make her feel happy before she had to drag herself back in.

However, there was a long silence between them before Judy said.

"Lois... I have helped you for eight years" Said, Judy, dropping her blue ball-point pen and saying. "Now today I'm going to give you the best advice that I have ever given you"

And Lois got excited, what could it be?

But then Judy dropped a bombshell.

"Divorce, Peter. Lois" the woman said.


"WHAT?" Yelled Lois, before she realised the woman was serious and said, quieter. "How can you say that when in the advertisement, you promised that you would never say the word 'Divorce' when a desperate wife comes to you?"

"Yes, it does say that. But you are an exception to this rule" Judy said, stunning the woman.

Judy continued.

"In our very first session together, you told me how you and Peter fell in love," said, the woman, "You told me that he was kind and thoughtful. You told me that he was a completely different man back then. You told me how he would show up and give you flowers. You described to me how he would be the perfect gentleman and sweep you off your feet."

And Lois was blasted to the good old days, before Meg.

"And then when you got pregnant something in him just changed," said, Judy. "It was a slow process, but there was little thing's that showed you that the man you fell in love with was beginning to disappear which you ignored. Now 20 years down the line, you are living with a man who treats you and his whole family like garbage. He treats everybody around you like garbage." here she paused before giving an example and saying. "When he thought the world was going to end, he revealed his hatred for his own kid's at the last second and later brought their love with an X-Box which he broke two weeks later. What decent father does that?"

Now reminding Lois of that time, Channel 5 News played a cruel prank on the town which allowed the family to find out that he wanted nothing to do with his kid's.

And what was worse was that Lois was sure he learned nothing from that experience.

"Now let's talk about your oldest child, Meg," Said, Judy making Lois stare at her.

"The abuse your husband delivers to your oldest child is horrific. Peter thinks it's the funniest thing in the world for doing what he does to his own daughter and he receives encouragement for it. When in reality, if a cop showed up who wasn't his friend, he would be sent to prison for child abuse." said Judy, stunning Lois. "And from what I've heard from you. Your oldest child now has some serious mental health problems with her self-image and has an unhealthy habit of obsessing over anybody who shows her a little bit of love. Kidnapping a dog who treated her special that one time, is not normal for a girl her age."

Lois stared.

"Your second child, Chris. Is growing up to be Peter 2.0 just like you said." Said, Judy. "Have you ever asked yourself why your son has grown up the way he did? He doesn't even know how to use deodorant which is a crucial thing for a boy his age. If he has any homework, he receives no help from anybody because you always dodge it and Peter is too stupid to give a reasonable answer. He was voted Prom King because hundreds of students thought he was a special needs kid. It wasn't just the popular kids who are infamous for their cruelty but a whole school. Don't you think there is something wrong there?"

And Lois continued to stare.

"Then there is your baby, Stewie. Do you even know where he is most of the time?" Said, Judy. "You asked Peter to bond with Stewie once, and you almost died several times. I've seen infants while I walk down the street and they are the most affectionate towards their mothers. And yet you almost died, and your baby just laughed at you alongside your husband. When you came back from almost drowning in a boot of a car, you found both Peter and your baby on the couch watching television as if nothing happened. That alone should have sent serious red flags in your mind."


"And then there is your dog, Brian," Said, Judy. "It wasn't even your decision to give the dog the family last name and let him use the family bank account. You told me you tolerated him because at the beginning he was the voice of reason for Peter. Somebody to make sure he rarely crosses the line and yet, several years down the line, he's practically the man of the house. Your kids can't see Peter as a father, so they have no choice but to look at Brian. And what they learn from Brian is not good. They think that it's okay to drink. They think that it's okay to be so self-centred to the point you become a nightmare to everybody around you. They will think that it's okay to do whatever it takes if it means getting a hot girl into your bed. They will think that's it's okay to use your Child or ignore him until he gets famous. And finally, they will think that it's okay to act superior even when you're the only adult in the house who never finished school, even Peter, who is the idiot in the house has finished school"

More silence.

"And then there is Peter and how he treats you, which is god awful." Said, Judy. "Peter doesn't seem to understand what being married means and thinks of you as his second mom. If he gets into trouble with the law, you have connections to a rich family to bail him out. He barely shows up for work forcing you to ask your parents for allowance every month so that he could do nothing all day. He is constantly making huge expensive decisions without you and making you feel like garbage. Would you say a man loves a woman if she gains a little weight and he tells a whole restaurant that they should make way because his wife was coming through? Would you say a man loves a woman if he forces her to eat more because he wanted to have fat sex in the bedroom instead of caring for her health? Peter almost crush's you every night due to his weight. You should know how that feels. How many times did you have to see a Doctor because Peter never bothered to get on a treadmill? Would you say a man loves a woman if he insults the one thing that makes her feel sexy in front of your family and friends on the day you are feeling old? You tried boxing, and you were only good at it because you kept envisioning that it was Peter face that you were hitting."

Here Lois started to tear up.

"You carry a flask full of alcohol with you everywhere you go now because you want to escape from reality." Said, Judy. "Why do you keep making excuses for him when he's eating you and your family alive? Do you hope that joining in with Peter stupidity, that he would magically turn into the man you once fall in love with? Your encouragement is only making it worse, and you know that. You wouldn't be coming to me if things were getting better. He has told you time and time again that he hates the whole family. He dodges you and the kid's as if they are a plague to him. The only time he genuinely sits with his family is if he's watching television or eating dinner. He yelled at you and the whole family over a burger, after he made such a scene at a restaurant, people pitied you just for sitting next to him. And he is money hungry. He almost married your son because your dad was going to give Chris all his money. Your father had a change of heart and wanted to be there for you in your adulthood, and he treated you like you were the devil because he wasn't getting money since your father gave it to Charity. Any woman would have left years ago. Why are you doing this to yourself, Lois?"

Deafening Silence.

Yes, why?

And Lois finally broke down, Judy gave her time to compose herself and a lot of tissues. The whole floor was soon littered, with used tissues.

"I-I don't know," Lois said, sneezing into one. "At first, I didn't want to admit to my parents that I was wrong in marrying him because they never approved of him. I thought in 20 years; Peter was going to be this fantastic and successful person that would shut them up, just like in the movies *sniff*."

And Judy gave her another tissue which she took.

"But each year, it just keeps getting worse and worse," She said, "Peter is a child who only does thing's he wants to do, instead of being a grown adult. What kind of a man, cry's and gets a balloon in the middle of the store because he couldn't find his wife? We go to parents evening, and I am ashamed to bring Peter along. When other's look at Peter and me, they don't see a husband and wife. They see a care nurse who has to take care of a manbaby." before she said. "And by manbaby, I mean a genuine one and not what a certain group on twitter calls anybody who disagrees with them."

And Judy handed her another tissue.

"Lois, you don't have to live like this," said Judy, surprising her. "You forget that you still look fantastic for your age and your rich as well. You have two parents who would give you money to leave Peter. There are plenty of guys out there who would be happy to go out with you in a heartbeat if you have a lovely personality. By this age, a lot more men are ready to settle down and have a family of their own. They will be happy to step up to the plate of fatherhood. Peter has hammered into your kid's that they will never get anywhere worth-while in life. You can change that with a simple phone call and sign some papers. Don't let Peter destroy all your lives further than he already has."


Now it was her decision.

Would Lois slide back into that joke of a marriage or would she be a woman for her family and show her kid's that Peter behaviour towards them was not okay and should never be replicated.

"...You know, what?" Lois said, suddenly determination shone in her eyes. "Your right."

Judy looked at her.

"I don't have to be with Peter." Lois said, "I can still get back into the dating game. I have money to make sure my kid's get the best education possible. I can be happy."

"You can be happy, Lois," Judy said, "Don't let Peter control your life. You can easily change your fate with a phone call and sign some papers."

"And that's what I'll do," Lois said, getting up. "I'll ask Daddy to ring a lawyer up for Divorce papers. Peter has spent 20 years not realising that if I go. His sheltered life goes with me"

And for the first time, Lois felt like she had power over her husband and not the other way around.

"Go for it, Lois. You've spent 20 years taking care of him" Said, Judy. "It's time to show Peter that you still have that spark in you and he hasn't beaten you down."

Lois felt empowered by the words.

"Oh, thank you. Judy" Lois said, thanking the woman. "I feel like my situation isn't hopeless after all and Peter can go rot in hell" then she ran out of the room.

She ran past the receptionist and through the doors.

Doctor Judy appeared at the doorway.

"Amazing...How did you do that?" Said, the receptionist who was a dark-skinned woman in a blue polo shirt and black pants.

She had seen Lois came in, three times a week for eight years straight.

"It's a gift," Said, Judy before saying.

"And a Curse"

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