Candles in Daylight

By Le Chat Noir

- Part 2

A few months later, a rather nervous Maedhros stood on Fingolfin's doorstep, a basket in his hands, direly wishing that his young friend's mother was not at home. He had chosen his day carefully, being sure that Indis' eldest son would be away from his House to some important meeting, and could only hope that Anairë had gone with her husband. He didn't exactly feel like a heated explanation at the moment.

A small child of less than ten years –who looked no more than three, but Maedhros had learnt to take his precautions in judging the members of the Nolofinwean family– opened the door, and took a quick peek outside; than promptly backed away, seeming extremely surprised.

"Findo, it's not Ada… " Then the door was shut in his perplexed face.

"Turukano," he heard a faint scold coming from the inside, getting closer as the one to whom the voice belonged neared the doorway, "what did I tell you about not opening the door to…" then the door was ajar again, and another head, seemingly the same with a few decades in tow, appeared in the opening. "… Hey."

"Strangers?" Maedhros offered.

"Of course not!" Fingon's face was simply beaming. "And I thought you had forgotten me!" "Come in," he said, opening the door wide, "as you can see, I'm babysitting again, which means that no one else is home."

Fingolfin's House was in fact not very much different from the House of Fire, only in a more austere mood, maybe. Or it could only be because Fëanaro's place, often devoid of parental supervision, had always been swarming with several dirty children and a variety of more or less tame animals.

"Meet my brother, Turukano." The small child stared at him with huge eyes full of questions. "Turukano, this is Maitimo, a friend of mine. One of our cousins, you know?"

Apparently, the child did, and thereby his attention was turned no more to Maedhros' recently discovered person, but to the basket he was carrying. Having noticed this, "What, on your way to the market, my friend?" Fingon teased.

"Ah, well," the latter said with a sigh, "I may be no Vala, but I figured that my cherry tree owed you one after that last time…"



Nolofinwë = Fingolfin

Turukano = Turgon

Findo = Findekano = Fingon

Maitimo = Maedhros