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Together Too Soon

Somewhere in Seattle, Washington

Present Day

Whispers were all he could hear.  Footsteps, clanks, a soft whirring.  He couldn't see anything, which was an understatement. He hadn't seen anything in nearly thirteen years.  Nothing except the visions.

Where am I? he thought.

He'd been with two men. One had called himself John Doe and had seemed familiar somehow.  All he'd been able to see was a symbol. He thought he'd known what it meant, but the answer was elusive.

The sounds.  Clearer now.  He was in a warehouse of some kind.  A factory.

These people.  He couldn't see them.  They made no sound.  He felt trapped, more so than he had at the Institute.  He missed Jay.  He'd liked Jay.

Footsteps again.  He could hear someone being forced up, a woman's breathing.  It sounded familiar.  Hands soon reached out and forced him up as well.  They placed something on his head.

Michael? a voice whispered inside his head.

Theresa?  Fear surged through him.

Michael, it is you. Theresa continued.  I'd hoped they hadn't found you.  It's not our time.  It's too soon.

Too soon for what?  Michael asked.

They've put a pad and paper in front of us.  They want us to find it, Michael.  The staff.  But we can't.  He's not ready yet.


If the other gets the staff, then we're all doomed.

Who, Theresa? Who?

He heard a door open, more footsteps.  He could see this person; see their face.  Fear surged through him once more.

Fight it, Michael.  Don't let them find it.  I know you can.  You have before.

Before?  When had there been a before?  He struggled to remember.  But now he could see.  He could see what Theresa saw.  An image.  A man.

"Tommy," he whispered aloud.

Beside Theresa, Threnchcoat smiled.  All was going to plan.  Soon the staff would be found and his destiny fulfilled.

Patience, my friend his leader signed.  We must await the arrival of Mr. Doe

Yes, everything was going to plan.