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Kagome will grow old.

I don't know if she realizes I won't. If, when this is over, I'm able to be with her, she will grow old, while I remain young. Can she live with that? Can I?

Assuming this much, I may as well assume we have the Shikon no Tama as well. I mean, if we don't, we haven't really won yet. I suppose I could use it to become human. I would have done the same for Kikyo; it was to be my gift to her. But I hate being human. Maybe it's easier when you're born that way, but when I turn human, all my strength and all my senses go away. I can't hear, can't see, can't feel, and most especially can't smell. It feels like being wrapped in wet silk. And even when I turn human, I'm not entirely human. Everything that goes on in my head is the same.

Or maybe humans and hanyou think and feel alike?

I just don't know that I could bring myself to turn human. And the thing is, I know Kagome would never ask me to. I know that. Whatever she feels for me, she feels it for me like this, or as a human, of even as a demon.

I must have done something spectacularly good in my last life to work up the karma for that one.

Or may not. We still have so much in the way.

I guess she could use the jewel to become immortal, but even if she wanted to, I don't think I could allow it. She would never expect me to change, how could I not offer her the same? And beyond that, my father told me that humans were not meant to live forever. Their spirits burn too brightly; they simply don't have the stamina for it. That's one of my only memories of my father.

It's not fair. If I can love her, and she can love me, why isn't that enough? Why does so much have to stand between us. The era she was born in is not mine, as mine is not hers, and I'm not sure either of us could live in the other's time happily. Oh, I would be willing to try (if fate is kind enough to give me that choice), but I wouldn't have any means to support her in her time. And the city she lives in. . . It's very different from what I know to say the least. Then there's our blood. Longevity is not the only problem there. And Kikyo. . .

It's not fair! I'm not saying I expect a happy ending. I'd never imply I deserve such a thing. But don't we at least get a chance at happiness? Just a chance?

Or. . .

Or maybe we did get our chance when she fell through the well.

My head hurts.


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