Harry planned on taking a world tour due to boredom and told his parents of his plans who were for some reason far too Joyous and when Harry asked them about his observations, his dad was hiding his face behind his right hand not meeting his eyes while his mom was blushing a deep crimson red which answered Harry's question ,who was all too happy to give his parents a intimate quality time.

Harry disapparated to a travel agency.

"Good morning" said harry to the receptionist "I am planning to take a world tour. What would you recommend me, my lady?" asked Harry in an elegant yet royal voice, with an eyebrow raised high fully intentional on making her stutter and blush. This brought the girl in next seat, an older but curvaceous lady, nearby college girls and some female teenagers a deep crimson to their cheeks and a full blown blushes to their faces at his obvious attempt at flirting. But he failed spectacularly as the receptionist caught on the game of make you blush quite quickly. She didn't even bat an eyelash.

"The most expensive one is the one in which you get everything first class to flights to hotels, your journey will be smooth, enjoyable, comfortable and will extend as long as you want it to, Good sir. And to Good sir's we give good discount. What do you say.." on and on it went several hours in which harry was taking notes on "how to" from the receptionist while she was making him blush, embarrass, laugh, tease, asking his sex preferences seriously?. While this was happening all the female participants who were blushing before were now clutching their stomachs to still their laughter, seeing harry blush so hard was making them make a move on him but he still had his eyes on his notepad and the receptionist.

She went on a date with him as a payment for her mercilessly teasing him, although harry was enjoying making them laugh through his antiques, but who was he to say no for a one night quickie or not so quickie.

After booking his flight tickets. He got visas of all countries by doing some discrete hacking to show he was far too innocent with his puppy dog eyes. Within three days harry got his visas due to him hacking and showing the embassy that they were far late in their work.

After transferring several millions dollars to some international banks, he started packing all of his clothing, accessories, a digital camera, an emergency vial of elixir of life, his Glock 26s, his shadow cat who he had named "WiFi" had decided to travel with him while both his occamy (Cuddles) and niffler (Goldie) decided to explore the island one for meat and other for gold and shiny objects.

He then went and bought seven best models of race cars and motorcycles and kept them in his enlarged trunk.

During these travels harry knew he was being followed at every occasion. Harry had very discreetly killed every members of some terrorist agencies which were associated cells of the Ten rings. Harry was not aware that these different cells were in short a group of cells whose main aim was to destabilise world peace. The FBI, CIA, NSA, SIS, KGB, MI5, GCHQ, DHS, DARPA, RAW and U.S Secret Service had made him a target, but they think it's a secret agency which had done this or possibly a new terrorist budding group trying to show others that there is a new strong competitor. Due to these reason he started making himself invisible and directly apparating to his destinations where he enjoyed his tours.

Harry went to many tourist destination like Paris, Yellowstone, Rome, Tahiti, South Islands of New Zealand, Phuket, Grand Canyon, Dubai, Argentine Patagonia, Barcelona, etc. just to name a few.

Harry was in Russia and was searching for his childhood girlfriend. He had visited Russia with his grandparents for some war negotiations in his childhood, since his parents were busy in another country also regarding war. It was like searching a needle in a junkyard. There was not a single girl named Natalia Romanova in the period in which he had visited the country. He went to her town and made enquires, but still no avail. He hacked the governance computers, but there was rarely any data of anything related war in their databanks. Harry was completely heartbroken, because this meant either she was dead due to the war or left the country. Harry at least hoped for later.

She was five years older than him but still quite beautiful. Her honey brown chocolate eyes along with long eyelashes with aristocratic eyebrows, slightly tapered button nose, full pouty narrow jaws and small lips with tomboyish blonde hair much like his. He was enthralled by her attitude, she was the sweetest fruit he had ever tasted, her laughs made him smile silly, meeting her gaze felt like drowning in comfort, her hugs were full of love, her voice melodious than his flute, her soul had an innocence to it which made harry want her, crave her, protect her, hold her, comfort her, he called her Lil Dove, Angel Eyes, Wifey, Princes ,Precious, Sunshine, Beautiful, Angel Wing, Angel Baby, Gorgeous, Bright Eye, Brown eyes, Sunflower, Cloudy Eyes, My Lady, Gorgeous Girl, Rosebud, Sweetheart, dimple ,cutey. But still her love made him feel like eternity could be helpful if this girl is with him. She always kissed him on his forehead on scar which created a feeling of pure exhilaration but unknowingly they were creating a bond between themselves. While she preferred kissing, harry had opted to place a small lick of his tongue on her left earlobe. It's wetness making her insides fuzzy and warmer than the sun. It was their way sharing intimacy at that age. Only because of war their relationship didn't flourish. Harry just hoped she was safe, sound and probably searching for him like he was to her.

After two years of travelling, exploring on his vehicles and researching ,harry bought several buildings in capitals as a base for his hospitals and medicines distribution where he was planning on producing, selling medicines and acquiring doctors who were not acquired to other hospitals. He started a foundation on his mother's name to help those in need of it for all the fields.

The progress of acquiring permission to start his hospitals was slow in some backward countries, while some did not want his hospitals in their country and some did not even allowed him to enter their countries due to war problems. But countries like Wakanda, Latveria ,etc. thought to keep it to themselves and more developed to interact with others.

Latveria was ruled by some king who did not answered to his request so harry left to Wakanda. Wakanda messengers told him to not enter their country by showing off their technology ,treatments, weapons and theoretically threatening him with their suits of vibranium which were practically useless in front of his bullets made from a metal which created a chain reaction from the access of sound waves, hence breaking the weakest bond in metal practically making it fell like house of cards to a punch. All it did is a scattering effect, it scatters the particles of the bullet to the relative area and starts a corroding process with the help of sound by spreading it in all directions of that certain area metal. But if these bullets were to hit anyone without any protection it would be like a knife to butter, it will pass straight through the person leaving a homely hole in its wake. A country whose citizens were proud of their arrogance are not worthy to develop with others was Harry's answer to them.

Harry had arranged meetings with companies of Stryker ,Cardinal Health, Siemens Healthineers, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Fresenius, frost, DePuy Synthes (Johnson Johnson) and Medtronic who sold best medical equipments in the branch of WHO (World Health Organisation)London .He arrived half an hour earlier to prepare for his arguments to present for the media and company holders.

The hall was holding several computers, a place to speak, a projector, a old classic wooden table with comfortable cushion chairs to sit around, for fifty. Harry welcomed all the guests in their native languages and greetings, which showed the level of his seriousness to his clients and brought respect.

Harry took the podium and stood in a calm manner with his hands folded, looking handsome in his black jeans, white shirt, blue blazer, tri knotted tie , an expensive Rolex on his left wrist, white sneakers and hairs slightly trimmed in front while still tying the portion of his posterior hairs on the back of his head in a ponytail giving him a fresh look instead of the traditional, oozing confidence.

"Good morning," said Harry without any hint of nervousness and full of confidence in a sharp tone which made other table members to sit straight in respect for him. There was something in his voice which spoke of liberal, experience, like he has in it to complete the task, he was like a beacon in darkness, pride of their nation, Yeah, finally these was the guy, he was going to make rivers red for his, he was going to change tide, he was the game changer, their Captain, loyal to hope, fear for wrongness, excluding calmness and resentment with extreme levels, he will part seas just for his curiosity, there was something in him which reflects happiness, that everything was alright, yes you can share your problems, it was like "Be Calm Harry Potter Is Still Awesome", his voice encouraged hope, he was the possibility of every impossibility, his presence commanded silence, respected him, bringing courage, it spoke of great feats, it unnerved everyone with wrong hearts.

"You are all the leading suppliers of medical equipments, you all are probably thinking of what is this meeting for? So let's be clear I have travelled many countries, where the medical field is not developed, causing disease relating virally, infectious, incurable, direct death sentences, etc. But there are no solutions to solve it, My hospitals will have a branch in almost all countries, we will be mostly containing researchers, engineers and doctors who will develop new techniques, technology, products and advance medicines to help human kind. Benefits are your companies will receive numerous orders from me, general employment, every new patented device from me will be produced by your companies, general development in regional health, increase in income making specific country in a developing country, Your business will increase at least twenty percent and much more. Hence, I want you all to lend me a start-up thirty-five percent off."

Suddenly all the members started protesting while reporters were asking questions and it was total pandemonium. Harry quickly raised his hand and sent a calm wave to make everyone still, but not strong enough to notice anything unusual.

"Please listen," continued harry, "In return, I will be charging half the amount for any illness of your employees for first five years. Treatments for individuals will be charged per their incomes. And with the new medicines which are made from my research will make us a huge profit in terms of citizenship and military–"

Harry wanted to continue but suddenly a reporter decided to raise a common question.

"Mr. Potter, what can your medicines do that you are risking almost all of your wealth?"

"Your name miss?" asked Harry.

" Christine Everhart" said the female, fair complexion , blond hair, average height reporter.

"Miss Everhart, what would you do if I tell you that there won't be any requirement for blood transfusion, mending broken bones within a day without the plaster procedure, producing skin on a wind in an instant, a single antidote for every poison, repairing nerve damage of spinal cord. Ataxia, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Genetic disease, HIV/AIDS, Norovirus, Polio, Rabies, etc. Are some of the diseases that don't have any cure, what if I tell you my medicines and serums can cure these diseases completely without any side-effects."

" Yes," Continued Harry " Ladies and gentlemen we are here to create a Revolution in the Field of medicines today. The proof will be provided on Wednesday, which is also World Cancer Day. So what do you say?"

"Your claims are quite unpredictable and huge, but if, As you claim your medicines can do these said miracles then, the partnership between our company will have a deal thirty-five percent Off in all the capitals where we supply the equipments." Said the owner of DePuy.

Another chairman raised his hand and seconded the motion while others were following in suite.

This led to some questions from the reporters.

"Mr. Potter how much money does this project involves?"

" Let's see, building renovation, interior, exterior, its components, workers salary , equipments, production, collection, permission charges, foundation, donation, transportation, material gathering ,tax, etc. All in all it is somewhat around 40-45 Trillions."

Which caused all the onlookers and listeners to gape at him. After several questions someone asked.

"Mr. Potter won't this put you on somewhere middle class citizen?"

"No, it will make my income drop temporarily, but by this time next year I will be The Richest man on earth, making Tony Stark the second richest."

"What are your opinions regarding, Mr. Starks company?"

"Well an invention of him finally gave me sleep, thanks for that Mr. Stark, so it will be wrong to say that his weapons are a source of destruction and violence. We all need weapons to protect ourselves, I myself have modified Glocks. Human nature will always fight for something or everything, hence we need weapons to not get these but to defend these. He once offered me a job when I was thrown out of my university and wallowing in depression , when his invention helped me finally give sleep, along with eidetic memory and some others which I won't disclose. I would have accepted the job if not for weapons, I don't want dreams which involved people dying through weapons which I had a hand in developing, I want dreams of my medicines helping humanity. There is no wrongness in using weapons , just using it to conquer is wrong. Who knows what would have Hitler done without weapons and who knows what would have our nations done without weapons? Hence, I don't believe in not using weapons, just how one uses it."

This had brought an awkward silence. While some were already thinking of replicating this feat which gave him his advantages. While others were thinking about his comment.

"Mr. Potter what is this disease you speak of?"

"I never thought about naming it, but I had problem sleeping and let's just say that the side effects of it were unique and hence required another ailment, which I will also not disclose."

Harry was done answering and was walking towards party when someone asked him another question.

"Just this last one. Mr. Potter the ailment which you say, was it Super Soldier Serum? Is it true that you taken Super Soldier Serum to cure your own disease?"

This quickly had him on edge, because he knew not many knew about it except the queen and it's connections. Many were completely silent and waiting for response. Harry turned towards the voice of a young female, she had warm brown hair, fair pale skin and an athletic build convinced him off her not being a reporter, and was here as a ruse. Harry took a look in her honey and did a quick legilimency scan which told him of some secret spy agency which was made of a group of country's government agency. She was an agent whose name was Sharon Carter and had some level 9 clearance, whatever it was harry didn't care. He further found that a bald, one-eyed, black man named Nick Fury wanted something with him but the agent was not informed what.

"Ah, Miss Carter I presume. So to answer your question it wasn't Super Soldier Serum and please no more questions. And by the way how is the bald, one-eyed, monkey. I mean chimpanzee, I pray he isn't in fury of these." Said Harry in an amused voice which told he knew about something. This remark brought a round of laughter, who didn't knew about the inside joke, but thought appropriate to laugh.

'Morons' thought harry.

Sharon Carter had a quick flicker of panic as he recognised her name without her informing of anyone in the party as she was using an alias. She quickly went to her gun in her purse, when he insulted what was obviously the Director.

When harry saw her going towards her gun, he discreetly pointed with his eyes towards the reporters, security cameras and his own gun which was hidden in his holster of his right sleeve , which showed just a hole of the barrel from its opening.

This made her put it back in her purse. A nervous edge in her walk as she exited quickly. Harry would have approached her if not for the party.

It was understatement answer which many didn't caught, harry answered that it wasn't the SSS, but he also implied of something similar.

As Harry toasted the bottle of firewhisky literally producing fire from the notch, many were quick to back off from it.

As harry poured everyone a glass, and after a toast presented them, many returned the toast and took a sip and started coughing as liquid fire travelled their lungs, but after a moment they were enjoying the drinks.

"Mr. Potter quite a collection you have, I at least would like to have a bottle as gift" said the representative of Frost industries.

"Do not worry Miss Frost I will be gifting everyone two bottles of Firewhisky and Butterbeer each" Said Harry which brightened many jealous faces regarding the drink.

After tasting Butterbeer many were practically beaming for the presents which put a happy smile on his face which had practically every female drooling while some had blushes. Which caused him to laugh even more and them to intensifying their smiles.

The party concluded after many balls with harry dancing with almost every girl and lady with incredible and adventurous moves which had many of his dance partners breaming with happiness. The last dance harry danced with his mother who had joined the party halfway with simple waltzing.

The next day harry prepared for the tests which were passed without a hitch. After signing the deal harry started preparing his other projects.

The next day there was a big bold headline in the Daily Times which had printed an article regarding the events of the meeting.

Hadrian Potter: The Merchant of Life.

Harry Potter as he prefers calling himself age 25, has achieved many things in his life in very short of time, such as degrees in M.B.B.S, astronomy, astrophysics, I.T, Software, Hardware , Mechanical, Chemical and Robotic Engineering, etc. along with several PhDs. These young charming and handsome man has opened many doors for the patients who have lost the confidence to live their lives.

In a shocking turn of events, yesterday there was a revolutionary step towards future. Hadrian Potter had claimed that in his quest for his illness he came very far in finding cure for many of the known non-curable diseases. In the board meeting of WHO it was proven that these claims were true and has authentication from WHO to provide these medicines to general medicals. The test subjects who were severally on the verge of death were rescued by Mr. Potter's medicines. A rumour about Mr. Potter signing a deal with 30 countries for his medicines as a distributor to these country's militaries. It is being said that just the start-up income of a single deal is somewhere around 2-3 Trillions.

Will Mr. Potter be able to produce and transport the medicines to its destination is yet to be known?

Harry Potter denies the claim of using super soldier serum on himself!

Mr. Potter seen lifting a thousand ton container.

Mr. Potter medicines cannot be replicated.

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross asks Mr. Potter to surrender himself and the serum to the American Military.

"F@k Off" was the reply given by Mr. Potter who still claims it was not SSS.

"Tony Stark congratulates and supports Mr. Potter and agrees an assessment that once Harry potter had hacked in his mainframe.

Thunderbolt passes seize order for Mr. Potter.

Senator Stern seconds motion for seizing Mr. Potter.

"I am not even from the states, just because I have citizenship does not mean I will be their lapdog" was a comment passed by Mr. Potter.

These were the headlines of the month, basically now harry was as popular as James Bond.

There was a rush of job offers for him from all over the world, whenever he exited his house there was a huge following of fan girls waiting, chasing him.

He had started the cultivation of crops on his islands while fixing a time-turner on his fields on his island. The crop had a huge growth spurt to it due to the ley lines which he had planted with a lot of help from his niffler and his occamy Blue.

Harry started on working his other projects. These projects included completing rune circuit to make a Anti-Gravitational Field, Creating ROR in his Island, modifying his Glocks to give it more options, searching more of current happenings in Asgard and the location of his godson who he had adopted during his space travel.

He started building his magical core to its original size, which was currently at just 5 percent. He started running in mornings and made a gym in his house and started working on his body to make it capable of holding that amount of magic. There were daily five hundred push-ups, four hundred crunches. Fifty miles jogs, etc. He Started to exhaust himself till all he could see were dark spots, worked on his martial arts. Magically, Harry started on making his version of ROR, where he was planning on working on his core.

While Harry was in his room writing for his blog, someone was asking him permission to contact him through VPNs. Harry quickly hacked into the requesters server and located the user. Someone from Rocinha Favela-Brazil was trying to get contacted to him. The user was using antenna network instead of internet. Well, let's see him, thought Harry and granted him his permission. As he pressed the enter key on the keyboard ,a caller appeared on his transparent screen of his desk of some alias named Mr. Green.

"Hello Mr. Green! What can I do for you?" Asked a curious harry.

"Hello Sir."

"Just Mr. Potter or Harry, which ever you prefer"

"Okay then Mr. Potter it is. First of all, let's keep this call brief, we don't need government agencies on us. I just read about your works in the newspapers and came to ask some help. You see, some experimentation gone wrong makes me into this mindless beast which I don't have any control over." Said Mr. Green hushed in a nervous tone which can be heard through cell phone.

"First of all, Mr. Green don't worry about them tapping us, my mainframe cannot be tapped. And second of all, which experiments and what mindless beast are you speaking of?"

"I worked for Human Enhancement Development branch in the U.S military. They were trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum with using gamma rays instead of beta rays for more enhancement and strength. I was the lead operator, in the final stages of the serum tested on rats was proven successful and I was more confident in its possibility so I tested it on myself–"


"So I tested it on myself I don't know what went wrong but suddenly My length, muscles, energy started expanding I was somewhere 15-18 feet. I transformed into a huge, humanoid, green-skinned monstrous being which I have absolutely no control over. The more he gets angry the more I lose my control over myself and angrier he gets, the powerful he gets. A contact of mine Mr. Blue advised me to use the Lotus Apple Blossom flower–"

"Not potent enough to cure gamma in blood, and tissues not in the least, in small dose it will be useless and if taken more its like adding fuel to fire"

"Yeah, it wasn't potent, true hence I contacted you"

"I think you should start doing meditation to control your anger, emotions and heartbeats."

"I am working on it."

"Good, Now send me your data regarding your gamma radiation problem, I'll starting working on it."

"I don't have any data?" replied an uncertain Mr. Green.

"You're kidding, right?"


"What do mean you don't have any data, where do you think I will start working, experimenting if I don't know on what I am working, its like telling a kid which flavour ice cream he wants when you don't have any Ice-cream to offer him, trying to make building without any concrete in it."

"Why would I need an ice cream?"

"I was giving an example and you seriously thought that a best way to make someone silent is to feed them Ice-cream, seriously?"

"No, not seriously at all, sorry for the confusion, and secondly I mean I don't have any data, its in the databanks of US military , which I don't think I have any access."

"Say so than Mr. Green, Don't worry about the data ,I'll get it from the databanks. So where can we meet?. Huh, you know, to discuss your problem and to study and run some tests on you."

"I can't come to USA they are searching me like rabid dogs"

"I'll come to Brazil then." says harry in a casual tone while having a huge scoop of ice cream.

"How do you know I am in Brazil?" Said Mr. Green already on edge by the sound of his tone.

"You contacted to someone who's hobby is to hack for fun in his pastime Mr. Green"

"You are a hacker?"

"Since thirteen. How do you think I am going to get the data on you?. Used to collect a lot of blackmail material from bullies and many who thought they can take advantage of me my friends while in school." said harry in a very proud tone in his achievement.


"Yeah" replied harry exasperated. "Make sure to pick me up from airport on Saturday, today is Tuesday so you'll have ample time to do so. Okay and Green call me Shadow. "


"Well if you have an alias I also should have one since it's only fair and since I don't have any colour contrast, So I think I should go by Shadow and it's cool as well which doesn't hurt either."

"Then Saturday it is!"

"It is."

Harry booked his online flight tickets for Brazil on Saturday. Packed all of his clothes, accessories, requirements, made staying arrangements in a top class lodge and continued on making his dinner.

After having dinner with his parents, they were all watching a last minute television on the sofa. While both of his parents were sitting side by side, harry had opted to lay his head on his mother's lap where she was running her nimble fingers through his smooth hairs massaging him, making a single tear to escape its imprisonment in his eyes and to land on her hand, which made her gaze at him questioningly.

"Just thinking." Said Harry.

"About?" questioned his beautiful mother's voice which always had the tendency to bring a smile to his face.

"Just thinking about my previous life, my previous self, how I was cold, ruthless before Daphne arrived, first I thought she was just egotistical due her family reputation, but then I understood her how much we were alike, she was also cold and ruthless because of her family using her as a tool just to increase the family fortune and me.

I–uh, my soul, it was all but lost due to the hatred of dursley's I used to think of what ending my life would feel, finishing the pain, embracing silence, being a nothing in the vast of something, I never wanted recognition just accepting that I am, but all I got was just rejection.

Then came Hogwarts and it's share of lies and treacheries in the form of Dumbeldore and the Weasley's, it made me a soldier at the age of thirteen I was alert in sleep as well constantly fearing of being gifted more pain but also always in anticipation to finally put an end to it. Then came the chamber fiasco it was a kind of unwanted boon but still it was a boon where Daphne and I first met. Tom had kidnapped her also for his own entertainment, but we hid that piece of knowledge from everyone till the end. I had lost my innocence far earlier but after murdering quirrel it was implanted in my consciousness, every face had an image of quirrel, I remember seeing the desperation, the same which I knew my eyes held ten times more. It was impossible to save him when there was barely anything left of him to save. Salazar I used to call him Sally was like a glimmer of soft hope in the crude sea of hopelessness. He once pitied me, that's the reason he took me as his apprentice. I still fear of what would my life would have been if she didn't caught me that day when I exited the chamber. She practically threatened me by her signature "Scraping bits" hex if I didn't let her in. We feel in love with each other within four months of our training in the chamber. You know the math formula "Two negatives make a positive" well it certainly did make Two hateful souls bind in a single pleasurable love. When we first made love, we did it in our fourth year after my name came out of the goblet, we were crap at it, we never climaxed each other but the whole night was drowned in our laughter at the absurdity of the situation.

That night while holding each other in our bed, it felt content, Complete beyond life, the warmth in her eyes made me want more, her naked body reflecting our love, her dark hair with a twinge of emerald was softer than acromantula silk, her angelic face with pale, creamy white skin along with those damn pouty lips, which can be very helpful in her puppy dog eyes which can make anyone do anything and everything for her and I was no exception to that cute face either. Her hugs, kisses, her melodious voice and those puppy eyes of sapphire blue, I never wanted to lose her. She was the river of love. And I never wanted to share that River. That night was our first real sleep in which we both dreamt instead of nightmares. Our real smile was smiled only in the presence of each other We made chamber our bedroom from that day onwards, now we cannot sleep without each other. We were like magnets once inside the chamber, she was always on my lap hugging me like a bear, me holding her tight in a very comforting and protecting manner, her small delicate fingers in my hair aimlessly running an intricate pattern, me massaging her back, her neck in my crook, mine in hers, she had these habit of purring and petting me like a cat while rubbing her head on my chin, it was quite an experience within itself. Whenever I tried to get up, she used to hold herself tight in my embrace, her legs wrapped around my waist and my hands on her pert bum supporting her which always made her giggle and lick my ears making me groan. She was the most beautiful women of the century and I was very lucky to have her as mine. I never thought this would happen to me but I was madly, actually we were madly in love. Life had given me a reason to have something and that something was more than everything I had ever had. She was my encouragement to the discouragement of the world.

You know that me ,he always craved for his parents love despite living forever, darkness and him were best friends, pain and hunger were brother and sister respectively. You know the one who killed me, I don't remember how I died but I think it was in the battlefield with dark elves. I don't understand should I thank him or not, the one who killed me. If I died fairly than I'll be sure to thank him, because everything I craved in that lifetime is now being bestowed upon me quite easily, you don't know how much I love you both. Many parents don't want a troublesome child, like really who fails in his junior high school.

On the report card day many teachers used to give an example of me for parents of other children's of what consequence would be if they don't pay attention to their children. Everyday in school I was given punishment, my respect was degraded by every child but I was not allowed to open my mouth, my confidence was shredded to bits, teachers had a weird pride in punishing me, every day I used to feel like hiding in hole and counting my breaths till there won't be oxygen to run my blood, I used to feel the anticipation of that. I used to feel such shame at how people treated you because of me and fear that you would finally accept that I am not capable of being a member of Potter and I would have to leave you and find my way myself. I used to cry fearing your reaction. I used to think this was the last day with you both.

But at the end of the day seeing your smiles despite your son degrading your names had ignited small kindle of hope in me, but there was always this vast fear which was expecting that you guys are giving me the news of adopting a child as yours and I was to leave the house, I still smiled knowing that you had another reason to smile despite your son being your biggest shame. I was fearing today was my last day of seeing your smiles, I thought, you know we are going to be thrown out anyway, let's enjoy your last by moments my putting every detail of your faces in my memory, But all you did was press a kiss on my head whispering me I was special instead of "you're a shame" brought the biggest smile on my face and tears of joy in my eyes. When you hugged me it felt like I am the king of the world, Dad telling me cockily that I had broke the failures record of the potter family brought a determination in me. You guys deciding to home-school me was a whisper of your love for me. I banged my head many times on the bed post that night for doubting you, I made a vow to myself on that night, that I will find a cure for myself and today we are successful, I had decided to never upset you for the rest of my life.

I love you Mom, Dad more than the universe has the capability of holding it."

"You were always special beyond humanity Harry, how we knew these we don't know, but remember a potter family never leaves one another in tough times. I was rarely ever upset after your birth, your voice had the power to make every worry run with its tail between its legs, it always filled me with happiness despite your naughtiness. And you were just fifteen when you started to fail and that to due to the nightmares, before though the story was different. I love you too, harry. And now get up, enough about your depressing past, go to sleep, weren't you saying of meeting someone in Brazil on Saturday. And you have yet to appoint workers for the company. Sweet dreams, I love you." Said lily pressing a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Me too." Replied Harry painting his mother's cheek with a sloppy kiss which made her hit him on head fondly.

"Me three." Replied James groggily half asleep, which brought both of them to laughter.

That night sleep was far more comfortable than others.

"A simple comment and like inspires a lot."

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