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Chapter One

The Morning After

Rose awoke, her neck and knees hurting from where she had spent the night in the armchair. She hadn't meant to fall asleep but after Bella had drifted off, she had gone to get her some water and painkillers before she flopped herself down in the chair and thought about everything that had happened.

She was pissed at Edward for not telling them the truth, but she could only imagine how Bella was feeling. Her poor cousin. She was heartbroken.

Rose stood up from the armchair and headed upstairs to wake Bella. She wouldn't let her sleep in bed all day and mope over Edward.

When Rose got into the bedroom, she opened the door, ready to wake Bella but was shocked when she didn't see her in the bed. Even though the bathroom door was open Rose checked in there. Nothing.

Frantically Rose began to search the house, calling out for her cousin. When she couldn't find her, she checked to make sure that Bella's car was still out the front – it was.

Wondering if she was outside, Rose checked the porch and then the garden, still nothing. Her heart began to pound in her chest as she realised she didn't know where she was. Desperately, Rose entered the house and grabbed her phone from the living room and dialled Bella's number, praying that wherever she was she had taken her phone. To Rose's horror, she heard the familiar ringtone cascading down the stairs. Not thinking clearly, Rose headed back upstairs and into Bella's room where she saw her phone laying on the bedside table, ringing loudly and vibrating violently.

Realising that she had no clue where Bella was she turned back and headed downstairs, dialling Jake's number as she went. Her whole body began to shake as she waited for him to answer.

"'Ello?" his sleepy voice asked over the line.

"Jake – I need you to come over here right now. Bella's missing! I can't find her and I don't know what to do."

"Calm down Rosalie," Jake mumbled before Rose heard a smash followed by a curse. "She's probably gone to see Edward or something."

Rose shook her head, not realising that Jake couldn't see her. "Jake, she wouldn't have gone there... Edward... he's not who we thought he was."

Rose paced nervously as she waited for Jake to come. She was on tenterhooks, not quite sure what to do – did she go and look for Bella; wait for her to come back; call the police?

"Rose?" Jake called as he bounded up the porch steps. "What's going on?" he asked, opening the front door and walking into the living room to a distraught Rose.

"Oh, Jake!" She cried, running towards him as she let her fears out. Before she knew it, she was telling him about last night; how Heidi had revealed Edward's true purpose for coming to Forks, how broken Bella had been and how she herself had felt upset. Jake listened, growing angrier by the minute that his oldest friend had been treated like this, but he kept his anger under control, for Rose.

When she had finished, and her eyes had filled with tears, Jake took Rose into his arms and held her, gently rubbing her back and whispering words of comfort. "It's going to be alright, Rose," he began. "I'll find a scent and then we'll find Bella."

Rose nodded into his chest before she pulled away and gently wiped her eyes. Jake watched to make sure she was alright before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He picked up on Bella's fresh scent straight away and followed his nose.

It led him outside where it ended.

"Rose..." Jake wasn't sure how to tell her what he could smell, or rather what he couldn't smell. "The scent stops."

"What do mean?" Rose asked with a furrowed brow.

"It just stops, there's nothing – it just stops."

Rose was quiet as she scanned the porch, almost as if she was looking for something. "So what does that mean?"

The shifter remained quiet as he went through all the possibilities in his head. "I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?" Rose asked, her voice getting louder as her panic grew.

"Bella's scent stops Rose – it just stops, it doesn't go back into the house or out into the woods. It just stops – like she disappeared from this spot. I don't even know if that is possible, but I can't track her if I don't have a scent." Fresh tears welled up in Rosalie's eyes at Jake's confession.

"How are we meant to find her?" Rose asked Jake's heart breaking.

"I don't know Rose," he pulled her close again. "But we'll figure something out."

The 'figure something out' was to go to Edward's house and see if Bella was there.

As Jake and Rose approached the house, Jake breathed deeply, looking for Bella's scent – nothing, just vampire. This wasn't looking hopeful.

Not waiting for Jake, Rose headed straight up to the house and tried the front door, walking straight in when it opened. She turned to Jake.

"Anything?" he shook his head.

Rose closed her eyes tightly before opening them and hugging herself.

"Is everything alright?" Carlisle asked as he came out of the guest room, his eyes questioning as he looked between them.

"No," Rose choked out as she fought back tears.

"What's going on?" a sleepy Nessie asked as she stood at the top of the stairs, stretching and distracting Jacob with the small sliver of skin that her tank top revealed.

"Bella's missing," Jake told her, watching as her eyes widened and she rushed down the stairs, eager to help in any way she could.

After explaining the story to Nessie and Carlisle, they had sat down in the living room, the blonde vampire rubbing his chin as he tried to work out what to do next. Nessie hadn't said anything. She wasn't sure what to say.

"Did you know about this?" Jake asked them both. "Did you know why Edward returned?"

Nessie shook her head, "He never told me anything. He just said he wanted to come back to Forks."

Carlisle too shook his head, "He mentioned wanting to move back a few months before he actually did. He never said anything about Heidi."

"Where is he now?" Rose asked, her eyes sad.

"Not here," Carlisle informed her. "He hasn't been back since last night."

"Is Bella here?" she whispered, knowing how ridiculous she sounded, but needing to ask the question anyway.

"If she were here, Rose, I would tell you," Carlisle told her honestly. He couldn't believe that his youngest son had done something like this, had been so reckless and not even asked for his help. Heidi wasn't innocent, in fact, she had been known to breach a lot of the rules the Volturi had set. If Carlisle had known what she had asked Edward to do, he could have sent him in the right direction and prevented this whole mess.

"You say there was no scent other than Bella's, and it just disappeared?" Carlisle asked, wanting to make sure he fully understood what Jacob was telling him.

Jake nodded. Carlisle was silent once more.

"Do you think I could come over this evening and see if I can pick up a scent – I know I probably won't be able to, but I just want to make sure?" Carlisle didn't want Jake to think he was trying to undermine him.

Jake shook his head, "I'd prefer it if you did, make sure I'm not missing anything." A part of Jake hoped that Carlisle would pick up something and that they would be able to find Bella, but another part of Jake didn't want Carlisle to find anything in case it was worse than the situation they were already in.

"Where is Edward?" Rose asked quietly from her place on the couch.

"We don't know," Nessie said sadly. She liked Bella, she was good for Edward and she couldn't believe that Edward had lied to her, had seduced her. It was awful. But she also knew that Edward did genuinely care for her. Whenever Nessie would mention her, Edward's face would light up, and when he looked at her, Nessie felt like she was intruding on a private moment. She could only hope that Bella was alright... wherever she was.

"I think you should call the police, Rose," Carlisle began. "She's been missing for just under twelve hours, but in her state, she could be classed as a vulnerable person." Rose agreed, taking in a shaky breath. Slowly she stood up from the couch and walked into the hallway, pulling out her phone as she went.

Carlisle, Jacob and Nessie remained in the living room, listening to Rose as she quietly spoke on the phone.

"Keep me updated?" Carlisle asked Jake as Rose finished up the phone call.

"Of course," Jake reassured him. "We'll see you tonight?" he stood up from the chair as Rose entered the room, Carlisle and Nessie standing too.

"I'll be there," Carlisle assured them both, following them to the front door. He stopped just short of it so as not to get hit by the rays.

"We'll find Bella, Rosalie," Carlisle told her, determination in his eyes. Rose gave him a sad smile before Nessie embraced her and then she left with Jake.

Carlisle and Nessie watched them both leave.

"Do you think Edward hurt Bella?" Nessie asked Carlisle nervously.

"No," Carlisle responded without hesitation. "He wouldn't hurt her on purpose... but I am intrigued to know where he is."

Edward... The Previous Night

Edward ran through the woods, the trees a blur as he pushed his legs as fast as they would go. He was angry and hurt, but mostly angry. He couldn't believe that Heidi had told Bella about her little request. But what else did he expect? Edward knew he should have tried to find some way to say no, but she was the Queen of Washington; she didn't take refusals lightly.

Seeing a boulder in front of him, Edward threw his weight into it, letting out a roar as it cracked beneath him and chunks splintered off in different directions.

"Fuck!" he screamed, taking out his anger on the smaller pieces of rock around him. Edward threw everything he had into the punches and kicks, anger building in his veins. His fangs pierced through his gum as he continued to lay siege to the boulder.

Then he began to run again. He knew exactly where he was going.

Edward ran and he ran and he ran, anger simmering through him as he replayed Bella's face and her words over and over in his mind. Her anger and her pain were his and he felt it to his core.

When he got outside of his destination, his breath was coming out in rapid pants – not because he was out of breath, but because he was just so angry. He walked straight through the large gates that protected the modern house and continued up to the large door, not pausing to knock as he pushed it open with ease and let himself in. Once he was inside, Edward listened; two voices, one heartbeat. He inhaled; two distinct scents, one human, one vampire. Perfect.

Following the noise, Edward climbed up the spiral staircase and followed it until he got to a room. Not even bothering to knock, Edward opened the door. He was greeted by the sight of a naked Heidi laid on her back, with an equally naked red haired human in between her legs.

"What the hell?" Heidi asked angrily as she sat up and the red-haired turned, her heartbeat increasing as she saw Edward.

"Get out," he told the human. When she didn't move he growled. "Get out!" he shouted. With that, she turned, grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around her body as she darted past him and into the hallway.

"Do you want to tell me why you are interrupting my evening?" Heidi asked, standing to retrieve her robe from her closet, not at all bothered by her nakedness.

"You interrupted mine," Edward bit out. He walked towards her. He was feeling particularly violent.

"Because I told your little pet who you really were?" The Queen scoffed. "I'm sure you can find another hole to get your dick wet, Edward." He growled.

"She was more to me than just a quick fuck! I loved her!" Edward flew across the room, body slamming Heidi before they both collided into the wall, Heidi releasing her own string of growls as she tried to fight back.

"Don't be such a pussy!" she ground out, her fangs scrapping her lip as she brought her hands up and pushed against Edward's chest, separating them. "If you loved her then you would have told her the truth."

Edward's nostrils flare and red began to tinge the edge of his vision. "I do love her."

Heidi raised an eyebrow before shaking her head and letting out a laugh. "No you don't – you think you do, but you don't. Love is what Tanya and I had – before your stupid human staked her!"

It was Edward's turn to bark out a laugh, but it was devoid of all humour; "Tanya didn't love you, she was still interested in me!"

"No, she wasn't!" Heidi growled.

"Yes, she was!" Edward shouted. "She never loved you – she was still in love with me!"

Heidi flew at Edward, her small body charged with rage. Growls and snarls filled the room as the two vampires battled, both of them driven by anger for one another.

Heidi grabbed a handful of Edward's hair and slammed his head into the wall, plaster cracking and falling before he slammed a fist into her stomach, giving himself some much-needed space. She staggered back as Edward moved forwards once more, grabbing ahold of her shoulders and headbutting her, blood dripping from her nose.

Rage consumed him as he charged at Heidi, all the anger he felt at her bubbling to the surface. He pressed her up against the wall and wrapped his hands around her neck and began to squeeze, growls falling from his mouth.

Heidi desperately tried to claw at his face but her fingers found no purchase. Edward squeezed harder and harder, bearing his teeth as panic appeared in Heidi's eyes.

The world around them disappeared as Edward continued to squeeze until a gurgling sound formed in Heidi's throat and his finger slid through her skin, blood pouring on to them as he decapitated her head from her body. The Queen's body slumped forward before it erupted into a pile of red mush, her head doing the same, leaving Edward's fingers covered in blood. He let out a snarl and clenched his hands into fists.

His surroundings came back to him and Edward stood a step back from what was left of Heidi. Tears fell down his face as the image of Bella came to the forefront of his mind. His sweet Bella. She hated him, and he doubted if she would ever forgive him. He didn't know if he would ever be able to win her back, ever be able to hold her again, talk to her, make love to her.

Edward's knees gave way as he openly sobbed in the mess of Heidi. He was lost.


Rose sighed as she got into her truck and tried to unclench her muscles. She'd just been to report Bella missing to the police. They hadn't wanted to know this afternoon and said to come back if she hadn't returned this evening - Rose had done just that.

They asked her when was the last place they saw her, what she was wearing and what had happened leading up to her disappearance. When Rose had mentioned the 'Heidi situation' she could see the police wanting to dismiss her, tell her that Bella had probably left to get some space. And Rose could have believed that except Bella wouldn't have left without telling her, she wouldn't have left without her phone and there would have been some trace of her. The police told her she had done everything she could, and now all she could do was wait… but Rose had other plans, there was one other place she had yet to try.

Putting the car into drive, Rose left the police station and headed towards Port Angeles. The more she thought about, the more positive she was that she would find Bella there.

The drive passed in a blur and Rose couldn't tell you exactly how she got there, but once she was there, she stopped the car and jumped out, marching up to the club.

Jessica was on the door, her eyebrows raising when she saw the blonde walking towards her.

'Well, what can we do for you?" Jessica asked, her eyes running over Rosalie. Emmett had divulged what had happened during their time at Aro and Sulpicia's mansion, and Jessica had been intrigued, to say the least. She had never seen Emmett act like he did when he was with Rosalie, and his progeny wanted to know what Rose thought of her maker. There was clearly an attraction there, but she was unable to determine if it was just physical, or just something more.

"Move," Rose demanded, pushing past the vampire and into the busy club. Fantasia was crawling with bodies, vampire and human alike as they ground and brushed up against one another.

Without hesitation, Rose headed towards the back of the club.

Emmett didn't need Jessica to tell him that Rose was in the club. He had felt her approaching, heard her old truck stop, and smelled her when she walked in the door. He did, however, need someone to tell him why she was there. As much as he hoped it was because she wanted to have her wicked way with him, he felt it was something else.

Calmly, the large man rose from his throne and followed Rose. He followed her to the back of the club and then downstairs into the basement.

"If you wanted to do naughty things with me Rose, I have a perfectly comfortable bed in my home." Emmett leant against the wall and watched as Rose looked around the darkened basement space.

"Where is she?" Rose demanded, whirling around to face Emmett.

"Where's who?"

"Bella - where is she?" Rose stood in front of Emmett, hands on her hips as anger flared in her eyes, her nostrils flaring.

"Why would I know where Bella is, she's your cousin."

Rose was silent. "She's missing - where is she?"

"Rose - I don't know. I have no idea what you're talking about." through the bond, Emmett could feel Rose's confusion, anger and sadness. "If I knew where Bella was, I would tell you."

Rose's violet eyes met his, and she felt the tears form. "Bella's missing," she whispered, mostly to herself. Rose was sure that she would find Bella here; in her mind, she would come into the basement and see her.

"Is she with Edward?" Rose shook her head. Emmett took a step closer.

"Bella's missing," Rose said again, tears wetting her cheek as she let her emotions take over, fear seeping through her body.

Emmett's strong arms came around her and held her tight. "We'll find her."

More tears fell and Rose grasped at Emmett's jacket.

Above them, Jessica watched silently from the stairs.

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