"What part of 'Bob wait' don't you understand?"

The omnic stayed silent, not that it had much of a choice. It just stared straight as it drove. "Bob? Are you listening?" Upon being asked again, the omnic looked at the woman talking to him, which was enough for her to see his acknowledgement. She was about to say something else when the screen on the center console came to life, and another butler appeared on it.

"Miss Elizabeth, your mother was inquiring about your current whereabouts."

"They actually noticed I was gone. Or do they just want the car back?"

"Miss Elizabeth, please just answer the question."

"I'm on my way Reginald, I just had to, uh, stop for something." Ashe said, thankful that Bob couldn't actually speak otherwise he'd call out her bullshit. Not that it wpuld have made a difference since Reginald clearly didn't believe her though he didn't push any further.

"Just hurry up please." He said, and the feed had cut to black.

"Don't look at me like that Bob." Ashe said, though she was unsure why. Why was she defending the man who robbed her? If anyone else had done that, she would have Bob rip whoever that was into pieces without so much as a bat of an eye, and yet, she didn't. She had mercy on that man and that man in particular. It wasn't the first time someone held a gun on her demanding something, but it was the first time that someone had walked away with what he actually asked for, let alone with his limbs in tact.

Ashe could tell he was different. That he didn't want to do it. Hell, he even apologized. He didn't want money, he needed food. But he wasn't the first either, a handful of other robbers only did it because they 'needed to' accordin to them, but that didn't change their fate. They were still given the same treatment of anyone that tried to rob her, so why was that man any different?

She stopped dwelling on her thoughts when Bob drove the car into their estate and stopped it in front of the mansion. She took the keys and tossed them to Reginald. "There you go. Now why was my mother looking for me?"

"You'll just have to wait once they get back to find out."

"Get back? They left again?" Ashe asked "They just got back, where are they going now?"

"Mr and Mrs. Ashe have gone on a business trip in Asia. They will be back in a few months."

Ashe's fist clenched once she heard the news. She stormed to her room and slammed the door behind her in frustration, but that frustration was more towards herself instead of at her parents. Why wasn't she used to this by now? Her parents were barely home, and at the times that they were, they might as well not be since they don't spend their free time with her anyway.

So why was she still pissed? If it wasn't her birthday in a few days, her parents could go away for half a year and it wouldn't be any different from their other business trips. But no, in all of her nineteen birthdays, her parents had been there for her in exactly one of them, and that was because that birthday was the actual day she was born. Every year she would hope to see them, and every year she would be disappointed.

Ashe went to the bathroom, trying to calm down as she sat in the shower. Whatever, if they didn't care about her as a child, they won't appreciate the woman she has turned into. Even that man that robbed her seemed to give more of a shit about what happens to her in their brief encounter than her parents did their whole lives. Ashe's thoughts snapped back to him. She knew that he would stay away once he got what he wanted, and she wasn't complaining, but she couldn't help but wonder where he is now.

McCree looked over the food he was given, surveying his options. There was roast beef, cooked ham and half of a turkey. Still in disbelief from the fact that that woman not only gave him food, but even saved him from her omnic, he dug in, eating more in one night than he had in the past few days.

After trying and failing to cut the ham multiple times, his plastic knife broke. With a sigh, he tossed the plastic fork as well and ate with his hands. If his mother was here, she'd chastise him for his table manners. His mother…

McCree focused on his food, pushing away any and all thoughts about that night. A bit from a rather juicy portion of the ham smeared grease on his mouth and he reached for a napkin. As he wiped it, he noticed his cheeks were wet as well, but he knew it wasn't grease. He was crying. He tightly shut his eyes, trying to blink away the tears but it didn't work. Looking back, he was never really given a chance to properly grieve over the loss of his parents, but now he's alone. Finally letting his feelings come out, he hugged himself as he cried himself to sleep.

A violent shaking woke McCree up the next morning. "I said gently Bob." A voice in the room had scolded.

McCree opened his eyes and were met with the green eyes and metallic mustache of the omnic that he knew as the omnic that sent him flying through the air. In a panic, he scrambled for the revolver in his bag only to not find it there.

"Calm down, we're not here to hurt you." The woman said, holding his gun in such a way that her finger isn't anywhere near the trigger.

"I'm sorry about yesterday alright?" McCree apologized "I just needed food and I was so desperate that-"

"Hey, relax. That's not what we're here for." The woman gave the omnic his revolver and offered him her hand. McCree reluctantly accepted it and she helped him up.

"Why is your omnic staring at me?"

"You mean Bob? Yeah, he wants to kill you but I told him not to."

"Not that I'm not thankful, but why did you tell him that?"

The woman sighed. "I'm not sure." She said "I guess, I guess I saw myself in you. You remind me of me."

McCree raised an eyebrow. "Really? How so?"

"You're desperate. Alone. You need someone to lean on, someone you can voice all your problems and worries to but there is no one there. Kind of like me."

McCree scoffed. "No offense lady, but you'll have to excuse me if I find that hard to believe. I may not know a lot about you but I do know you're loaded. You basically have success handed to you on a silver platter the day you were born."

"Yes I have money." The woman said "But that's all I have. What's money going to do when I need someone to talk to? When I need someone to hold me and tell me everything's going to be alright?"

"So what are you saying?"

"What I'm saying is, I feel your pain. I know it sounds patronizing but when you really look at it, we're in the same situation. We're both alone. The only difference is that, since you are on the run, I assume that you were put into this situation by a shit turn of events. I was born into this. My parents were barely around, and the times that they were, they act like they don't even have a daughter. You may think that I live a good life but the truth is, I'd rather be poor as long as I have my family."

McCree didn't say anything, too busy realizing how stupid he was for thinking that she was happy just because she was rich. His family was getting by just fine but they weren't rich. Not even close. But those memories of them, the times when his parents weren't fighting over his mother's alcohol problem, when they were actually happy, he wouldn't trade those memories for the world. The woman standing in front of him, she never had the opportunity to experience that. The one thing she yearned for was the one thing money can't buy.

"So what is it that you want to do?"

"What you've been feeling the past few days, I've felt my whole life and I'm telling you, it feels like shit. I would never wish that feeling upon anyone. I want to help you. You seem like a good person, you don't deserve what happened to you."

"Lady, I-"

"Elizabeth." The woman said "My name's Elizabeth."

"Jesse." McCree replied "Its pretty bold of you to just assume that."

"I know. So if you make me regret this, I'll have Bob tear you limb from limb. Clear?"

McCree nodded and they walked out of the building and into her car. "How'd you find me anyway?" he asked as they drove off.

"This is the nearest building from the gas station that is abandoned. I figured you would have stayed there for thhe night."

The trip back from the gas station was relatively short, which McCree was thankful for. Omnics don't need oxygen, but if they did McCree would be able to feel Bob breathing down his neck. They arrived at her estate and McCree's jaw dropped. The sight of it was almost enough to make him forget the past few days. Almost.

"Elizabeth are you sure about this?" McCree asked nervously once he saw how most of the groundskeepers eyed him once they got out of the car.

"I'm just trying to help someone in need Jesse." Ashe said "Besides, technically they work for me as well, so they can't complain."

The two of them walked up the steps to Ashe's mansion where a butler approached them. "Miss Elizabeth, may I ask what you're doing?"

"Calm down Reginald, he's just dropping by." Ashe said before turning to McCree "Come on, follow me."

They walked through the massive house, McCree only getting more self conscious about himself when he saw how lavish everything was. Ashe led him to the kitchen where she instructed one of the chefs to prepare him a meal. While waiting, Ashe sat down and gestured for McCree to do so as well. Behind him, Bob stood way too close for comfort.

Ashe could tell this was making him uncomfortable. "Sorry about that. Its just to be sure, I hope you understand." McCree nodded at her "If you don't mind me asking Jesse, what happened to you?"

"What do you mean?"

Ashe rubbed the back of her head, thinking of how to properly word what she was going to say. "I mean something must have happened to you. Now you're starving and on the run, and from the looks of it, you were saving the last round in that revolver for yourself. If its ok with you, can I ask what happened?"

McCree took a deep breath. This was the last thing he wanted to talk about, but he knew better than anyone that he had to talk about this eventually. Plus it's the least he could do since he was already eating at her house. But if he was going to, he's going to get something from her as well.

"I'll tell you," McCree said "but only if you let me ask you a question first."

"Very well then." Ashe said "Fire away."

Not really thinking he would've gotten that far, McCree racked his brain for a question. "Ok then, are you really all by yourself? There has to be someone in your life."

"Wow, that's personal."

"What you asked me was as personal as it could get."

"I know." Ashe sighed "Like I told you, my parents were barely around, and at the times that they were they didn't spend it with me."

"What about friends?" McCree asked.

"I got in a fight at school once and my parents pulled me out, said they didn't want me ruining the family name." Ashe said "They had me homeschooled so growing up, the only people I interacted with were wanna-be teacher assholes that get mad at me when I get something wrong. Not exactly friend material. All I have is Bob, and that's not saying much."

McCree looked behind him. He'd never seen an omnic look so insulted before. Ashe snapped her fingers and he turned his attention back to her.

"Your turn. Answer my question."

McCree took a deep breath, thinking of where to start. "My mother's an alcoholic, about as alcoholic as an alcoholic can get and she and my father would always get into fights. One night, that night, she must have been drunker than usual and she lashed out at my father. By the time I came downstairs, she had killed him, and she tried to kill me. Gotten pretty damn close to doing so too. I managed to get the gun from her but she didn't stop. I had to do it Elizabeth. I had to kill my mother. After that I just ran. I couldn't stay in that town anymore. Everything there just reminds me of what I did."

"Shit Jesse, I…I shouldn't have asked."

"Its fine." McCree said "I would rather talk about it with you than with the officer interrogating me when I'm finally caught."

The chef came back and set a three course meal in front of them, and although he was starving, McCree hesitated. "Why are you doing this Elizabeth?" he asked once more "I robbed you at gunpoint and you invited me into your home and are giving me food."

"Just so we're clear you didn't rob me, I gave you that food." Ashe said "And for someone that had done you such a kindness, don't you think it would be insulting to that certain someone if you refuse their offer for help?"

McCree didn't need to be told twice and he dug in. From the corner of his eye, he could see Ashe smiling at him which made him slow down, realizing his table manners were nobe existent compared to her. She knew which knife to use, he was holding his chicken leg by the bone. He put his food down and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, which only made him feel more improper.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry. I look like I haven't eaten in days." McCree said.

"You haven't eaten in days."

"I know, but it still feels rude."

"Jesse trust me, its fine." Ashe said and they continued eating when one of the workers approached them.

"Miss Elizabeth, your presence is needed at the front gate."

Ashe excused herself and went with the worker, where she then saw a police officer. "What's going on here?" she asked.

"Hey kid, do you know who owns this place?" the police officer asked her.

"Technically, I do. Why, what's wrong?"

"We got a call from this address regarding the fugitive from Santa Fe." The officer said "Do you mind if I have a quick look around?"

Ashe was torn. Part of her wanted to hand McCree over to the officer, he'll be taken back, used to clear the whole situation up and then be put in a foster home. It wasn't perfect, but it would be a better place for him than where he was a few days ago. But another part of her screamed at her not to do so. For one, he told her himself that he didn't want to go back, and she didn't blame him. He had no place there anymore. Self defense or not, anyone would be reluctant to take in the teenager who killed his mother.

"Ma'am? Did you hear me?"

Before Ashe could answer, Reginald came from inside the mansion and welcomed the officer inside, who thanked them before he looked around. When he was out of earshot, Ashe turned to Reginald. "You called the cops?" she asked him in anger.

"Yes I did. In case you haven't noticed, you brought a criminal into the estate."

"He's not a criminal Reginald." Ashe said "He's just a kid who got caught up in a shitty situation and I'm just trying to help since no one else can. And you know the rule, no matter what happens, no police remember? Mom and dad said to always leave it to the security team."

"Miss Elizabeth, the police officer is here merely for insurance. Its just to make sure, just in case the security team can't handle him."

"He's a fucking kid Reginald!" Ashe said, throwing her hands up "He's no more of a threat than I am."

"Be that as it may, he is still a criminal and he will still be taken into custody, now with all due respect, as the head of security, I am telling you to stay out of this."

Reginald walked back in to assist the officer and Ashe ran, cutting through the garden to get to the dining hall before them so she can warn Jesse. She reached it just before Reginald and the officer, who were just as shocked as her when she saw that McCree was no longer there.

"Where is he?" the officer asked.

"I swear he was just here." Reginald said "He couldn't have gotten out of the estate without us knowing." He pulled his radio out to talk to the rest of thhe security team "Put the estate into lockdown, now!"

"Come on, he can't have gone far." Reginald said and when he and the officer went off to search Ashe felt someone grab her from behind and pull her into a nearby cupboard. The light was dim and she had to squint to see properly but she knew who dragged her in there, and he was not happy.

"You called the fucking cops on me?" McCree asked "Is that why you brought me here?"

"I didn't call them Jesse. I really do want to help you."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"How do you think you got away from Bob?" Ashe asked "He was under strict orders not to let you out of his sight. Had I not told him to let you go, you would still be sitting on that table, if you're not being dragged to the squad car that is."

McCree stared at her, but Ashe knew he was convinced so she continued. "They're searching the mansion right now and the whole estate's on lockdown. You can't leave without being spotted."

"So what do you have in mind?"

"Nothing. I thought you would be able to think of something."

McCree shook his head and Ashe swore. "Maybe…maybe if I can get to the control room, I can turn off the cameras and-"

Ashe was cut off when they heard something crash in the background. Slowly, she pushed the door open and peeked outside, where the officer and Reginald were fighting. From her position, she could only watch as the officer overpowered Reginald and slammed his head hard against the corner of the dining table. Before she could stop herself, Ashe let out a small scream, which was enough to catch the attention. He raised his gun at her.

"On your knees! And don't you dare call for that omnic."

"What are you doing?" Ashe shakily asked "I thought you were just going to take a look around."

"I was, but then I remembered that your parents never call the police so if someone called us, then they weren't home. Perfect opportunity for me then. Now hand me all your money."

"This won't end well for you, you know." Ashe warned "There are cameras everywhere. You pull that trigger and you might as well have just confessed to killing me."

"I don't think so kid. I know your parents, how much they value their name. They would do anything to keep it from getting stained, even the murder of their own daughter."

Ashe's bluff didn't work. Admit it or not, the man was right and it only pissed Ashe off, knowing the fact that her parents were more than likely to just forget about their daughter's death than to have it ruin the family name. If she was going to die, she was going to take the thing that her parents valued the most with her.

Their money.

"Their computer upstairs contains all their bank account credentials." Ashe said "If you let me I can transfer the money to your account."

"Make it quick." The officer demanded.

Ashe led the man to her parents' office where she made the transaction. The officer then led her downstairs, back to the dining area. "Thanks kid. You were useful so as a reward," the officer cocked his pistol "I'll make it painless."

"I gave you the money, let me go."

"I never said I'd do that." The officer said "You just assumed that. That's your fault."

Ashe stared at the officer, hoping he'd keep his word. Before he could shoot her however, a chair broke over him and he stumbled forward. He turned around with his gun raised only to have it kicked from his hand and out the window.

"Elizabeth, get my gun!" McCree yelled as he squared off with the officer.

Ashe ran to McCree's bag and fished for his revolver while McCree was losing the fight in the background. She finally got a hold of it and pulled it out. Turning around, she went to help McCree only to have him thrown at her. They both fell to the ground and the revolver slid out of Ashe's hand, just as the officer was charging at them.

McCree picked up the revolver from the ground and aimed it at the man. You wouldn't shoot me again would you? He blinked. In the officer's place was his mother. How? His mother was dead. He killed her…

His hand shook, unable to pull the trigger despite how much Ashe was yelling at him to do it. The officer quickly closed the gap and before he knew it, his fist connected with his face and he was sent back to the ground. His face hurt like hell, but that wasn't what was worrying him. His heart raced, his couldn't breath properly. What was happening to him?

He didn't have much time to dwell on it as the officers boot cane down onto his head, knocking him out.

"Jesse, Jesse are you ok?" Ashe asked.

McCree's eyes slowly opened and he groaned. "Where are we?"

"You're in the police station holding cell." A voice that McCree couldn't see answered him.

He turned his head to see that there were two others in the cell with them, only separated by a few metal bars. Ashe grabbed him by his shoulders and turned him so that he was facing her. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. My head hurts a bit but I'm fine." McCree said "What happened back there?"

"Mom and Dad don't trust the law enforcement here, saying all of them were corrupt. As you can imagine, the relationship between them and our family is pretty hostile." Ashe said "It was just our luck that the officer that responded to the call was actually corrupt."

"Where is he now?"

"I don't know. After he knocked you out he threw us in the back of his squad car and dropped us at the station then he took off again. Probably seeing what else he can take from the mansion."

Another police officer entered the room to get drop off a package and Ashe yelled for him. "Hey! What the hell is going on, why are we in here?"

"You attacked an officer, what did you expect?"

"He attacked us first, it was self defense."

"You're not the first one to say that." The officer said "Although I doubt you're the first person to prove it." The officer left the room and Ashe hit the cell door in anger.

"What's wrong, being rich not giving you the privilige you think you have? We're all the same under the eyes of the law." One of the other two inmates said.

"Oh don't talk to me about the law when you're in the same cell as me."

The inmate shrugged. "I never said I was a saint, but I am another victim of the bullshit law enforcement here!" she yelled, more to the pollice officers in the other room than to Ashe.

"Keep yelling and they're going to come beat us again Taylor." The other inmate said.

"Don't worry Diaz, there are cameras all over the place."

"And yet they always seem to turn off whenever the officers do anything bad to us. The girl's parents have a point, there are only a handful of clean cops left in this shithole."

"I take it that this isn't your first time here." McCree said.

"Clearly. Michelle Taylor." The inmate said, extending her arm through the bars "The downer laying on the bed is Miguel Diaz."

McCree shook her hand. "Jesse McCree. She's El-"

"We know who she is." Taylor cut him off "Anyone that doesn't have two pennies to rub together does. Pondering on why schmucks like her are lucky enough to be born rich when people like us have to work our asses off just to make sure we have something to eat. No offense."

"You say shit like that and say no offense as if it makes everything better." Ashe said.

"Then sue me, not that you'll get much from it though."

"Can you two stop please? That won't get us out of here." Diaz piped up.

"Do you have any suggestions on how we're getting out, because if you don't then mind your own business."

"You never had any faith in me Taylor. Just you wait." Diaz said and soon, the package on the table began to shake before falling to the ground, where something inside it ripped through the packaging. A tiny droid crawled its way to them and latched onto the cell door and after tinkering with it a bit, unlocked it.

Diaz and Taylor walked out amd pocketed the droid. "What about us?" Ashe asked.

Taylor acted like she was deep in thought. "I don't know, what about you?" she said.

"Let us out."

"And why would I do that?" she asked before getting pushed aside by Diaz, who unlocked the cell door himself. "Hey what are you doing?"

"Helping them." Diaz said flatly "So now, they owe us a favor."

Taylor didn't seem to agree but the two of them left anyway. Ashe and McCree stepped out of their cell and grabbed their stuff from the evidence bin, mainly McCree's revolver and Ashe's keys. Once the coast was clear, they got in her car and drove back to the estate.

Once they got back, they saw the mess in the dining hall, but the thing that haunted them the most was Reginald's corpse. McCree grabbed his bag and began to pack his stuff when Ashe stopped him. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm leaving. I caused you enough trouble as it is."

"No you didn't Jesse." Ashe said "In fact, you even saved my life. Besides, with Reginald dead, we're a bit short staffed."

"So what are you saying?"

"Do you want a job?"


Reaper stood in front of an incapacitated Winston, pinned under his own ship. With his shotguns raised and ready to fire, he took a step forward and saw Winston's glasses. Having always thought that a monkey needing glasses ridiculous, he crushed them under his boot which pissed Winston enough that he was able to lift the ship and smack him across the room.

Before he could recover, Winston landed in front of him with his tesla cannon. The sudden jolt of electricity broke his concentration and stopped from completely turning into a wraith. With the parts of him that weren't smoke slowly burning away, he decided to fall back, thhe parts of him that were smoke passing through the vents of the old overwatch base.

Defeated, he made his way to the Talon ship they had stashed there beforehand and flew back to base where Doomfist, Sombra and Widowmaker approached him just as his physical form had just finished taking shape again. "What happened?" Doomfist asked "Where is the rest of the strike team?"

"What do you think happened? Those incompetent bastards couldn't even hold off a monkey long enough for me to have been able to do my job."

"If you're so great then why couldn't you stop that monkey?" Sombra asked "Quick to blame anyone but yourself aren't we Gabe?"

"Don't call me that." Reaper threatened "You read a person's file and you think you already know them. We may work together but that's it. All that family bullshit overwatch had back in the day doesn't apply here. You're only here because I need you, don't you forget that."

With that, Reaper stormed off to his office. After stowing his cloak, he sat down behind his desk where he opened his laptop to check if the device he placed on the overwatch database had transferred any information to them.


He slammed his fist on the desk in anger. That fucking monkey had donne nothing but interfere with his plans since he arrived. His musings were interrupted when Sombra mayerialized in front of him and slapped him across the face. Despite how pissed he already was, he knew he deserved it but that didn't stop him from acting like he had done nothing wrong.

"What the fuck was that Reyes?"

"I have no idea what-"

"Don't start with me Reyes. You act as if we were begging to work here. Don't forget that the only reason I let you use me is because I get something out of it."

"I don't like you, you don't like me and we're only using each other. I thought we already established that." Reaper said "What do you want?"

Sombra dropped a folder on the table. "A potential recruit."

Reaper saw the deadlock gang sign and dismissed the idea immediately. "No. I already picked up one ingrate from that pitiful excuse for a gang, I don't need another."

"She's different." Sombra said "She and McCree founded the deadlock gang, but she was never caught. And more importantly, she's still at large. Her mind wasn't corrupted by the morals that overwatch shoved down the throat of our favorite cowboy. She's basically your prodigy if he had joined Talon. I'm leaving the file here, just think about it."

Sombra left, through the door this time, and Reaper opened thhe folder. In it were all the recent grand heists of the gang but in all the files, there was always one name that stood out.

Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe.