Game Night

Kalee's Pov

"I swear to god, Everett if you don't stop talking I will dump out all of your wine." Bella snapped, focusing on the Jenga tower before her.

Everett sighed, "I was just trying to help!"

"Stop! Stop talking I can't focus!" Bella hissed, glaring at him.

I held back a laugh, and I could tell Cal wanted to laugh too. Everett and Bella on game night was always an interesting experience. Cal picked up his wine glass, and took a small sip.

At long last Bella pulled a piece from the Jenga tower, and she sighed in relief, placing it on top of the tower. It was my turn, and I approached the table carefully, not wanting to bump it and make the tower fall. There was no way I was losing this game right now.

Cal smiled, "Okay, you've got this Kalee."

I smirked, "I know, it's easy peasy."

I looked around the tower, looking for pieces that could be easily removed. I did my best to locate the support pieces, and worked around them. My eyes landed on a loose piece in the middle, and I pushed it out, gently pulling on the other side to remove the piece. After I placed the piece on the top, it was Everett's turn.

As I returned to my seat, Cal high-fived me, grinning proudly. I chuckled, and took a sip of my own wine.

"Now, don't mess this up Everett," Bella instructed.

Everett rolled his eyes, "Yes, dear," Everett replied sarcastically.

Bella stuck her tongue out at him, and Everett copied her, then focused his attention back to the tower. He pulled a piece out, but the tower began rocking. Bella gasped as the tower fell, and Cal called out, "Jenga!"

Cal and I laughed as Bella groaned and scolded Everett on making them lose. The next game was Twister, which would be interesting. Bella was the first to call out the colors.

"Okay, right hand green." Cal, Everett and I followed the instruction. Bella called out several more, and soon we were starting to get tangled up. Everett was right next to me, and as Bella called out the next color, he readjusted himself. Unfortunately half of him was now under me.

Everett smirked, "Sorry Cal," He called out, "Guess we're switching wives for the night."

I snorted, "As if."

Everett feigned hurt, "Ouch, Cal, she's mean when she wants to be!"

Cal chuckled, "Yeah, why do you think I try not to make her mad?"

Everyone laughed, and Bella called out the next color, which fortunately placed me closer to Cal now than Everett. I smiled at him, and Cal chuckled. As I tried to reach the next color, I had to practically lean into Cal to reach my hand onto the dot.

"Sorry, babe, but I'm not losing this game," I commented.

Cal laughed loudly, and shook his head, "It's fine, besides, I wasn't using the dot anyways."

Behind me, Everett let out a gasp, and I heard a thud as he fell. Now it was just Cal and I in the game. I smirked, "Prepared to lose?"

"To you? I don't mind." Cal replied, flashing a bright grin, showing those adorable dimples.

I let out a slow breath to calm the butterflies that began in my stomach. It was funny really, he still made butterflies appear after all these years.

"Good," I managed to squeak out as Bella continued announcing colors.

After more tangled limbs, Cal slipped, and took me out with him. We were laughing as we lay on the Twister mat. Bella and Everett decided Cal had, in fact, lost, and I won the game.

I grinned triumphantly, and kissed Cal on the cheek, "Thanks for losing."

Cal laughed, and planted a kiss on my cheek too, "You're welcome."

Bella, Everett, and I were the next ones to play, and Cal decided to try and get Everett and Bella as close together as he could.

After a few minutes I dropped out, because I really wanted to watch how this turned out. Everett and Bella were so tangled up, I wasn't sure who would win. But every move Everett was sneaking kisses to Bella, which seemed to distract her enough. She fell, and Everett was our second champion.

The last game we decided to play was Monopoly. Everyone decided to let Cal be the banker, since neither Everett nor Bella could be trusted with the money, and I didn't want to be banker.

The game went fairly fast. Cal and I were the ones to quickly buy up the board, and monopolize with houses and hotels. Everett kept getting thrown in jail, and he would be outraged each time. Bella laughed at him, and everytime she passed the jail she'd send an air-kiss across the table.

Cal was on his way to Boardwalk, and I was frustrated. There was no way I could let him buy out all three of those properties. I had to get there first, so I rolled the die, hoping for a large number. I got a medium number, and Cal seemed to notice my idea.

He smirked, and picked up the die, rolling it and easily making it to the first blue space. "I think I'll buy it," He said slowly, picking up his money and placing it back in the bank.

"I hate you," I deadpanned, and Cal laughed, then kissed me on the cheek.

"Hey, at least it's the two of us who are the richest." Cal pointed out, indicating Everett's piece -which was now in jail again- and Bella who had not been buying many properties.

I sighed, "Just know I won't let you get all three of those," I replied, indicating the card he'd picked up.

Cal shrugged, "I don't need them all, I just need to invest in houses and hope you land on it."

I stuck out my tongue, and he did the same, laughing. Bella and Everett chuckled, and we proceeded with the game.

I got one of the dark blue spaces, and boasted to Cal, but he only smiled, shaking his head at my antics.

Eventually the game was finished when neither Everett nor Bella could pay their debts. When Cal and I counted our money, it was revealed Cal had won by almost 400 dollars.

I groaned, and shook my head as he grinned triumphantly. "Sorry, I know my economics."

I rolled my eyes, but smiled as we packed up the game. Since we didn't have any more games planned, we were all going to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie Alison came into the lounge, and I was surprised to see her.

"Alison, baby what's wrong?" I asked my toddler.

"Mama, I had a nightmare." Alison said, climbing into my lap.

I held back a wince as her knees dug into my legs. "Oh, darling, it's okay. Nightmares can't hurt you."

"Can I stay here?" Alison asked, eyes big and round in question.

I sighed, "No, darling, it's adult time. Here, let's bring you back to bed." I picked up Alison, and Cal watched worriedly as I walked away. I smiled at him reassuringly, and indicated holding up my index finger that I wouldn't be too long.

He nodded, and I left the lounge, making my way upstairs to the nursery. I opened the door, and made my way over to Alison's bed. I set her down, and sat in the chair next to the bed.

"Now, darling, do you want me to read to you?" I asked, glancing at the stack of books on the bookshelf.

"Mama, I want to hear the one about the train!" Alison exclaimed, smiling brightly.

"Baby we read that one every time," I tried to gently reason, but she shook her head rapidly.

"I like the train!" Alison complained.

I sighed, and smiled for her sake, "Fine, the train one." I picked up the book from the shelf, and at this point it was just for show. I had this book memorized, even the pictures, but I had to make it look like I was actually reading.

As I read the story, I noticed Alison was starting to get sleepy. I kept reading, and eventually she fell asleep. I silently thanked the heavens, and put the book back on the shelf, turning off the light.

I headed for the door, and paused, "Good night, my darling."

I made my way back to the lounge, and found Everett and Bella had cracked open another bottle of wine, and Cal was laying across the couch watching the movie. I plopped onto the couch next to him, laying next to him.

Cal laughed, "How did putting Alison to bed go?"

"The train again." I muttered, and Cal laughed again.

"Well, now you get to sit here and watch the movie with me." Cal replied, wrapping an arm around me.

I smiled, "One of my favorite things."

"Wow, that was cheesier than the things I say," Cal teased, squeezing me in a half hug.

I chuckled, "I know, it was awful."

We lay together, watching the movie, eventually Bella and Everett both fell asleep, and Cal and I left the lounge, heading back to our own room. I didn't understand how Everett could fall asleep in an armchair, but whatever.

I plopped into the bed, and quickly said good night to Cal before getting comfortable enough to sleep.

Heyyyy another one shot~! Finally, I haven't had an idea for one in so long x( Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.