Like a Banshee A 155-word follow-up to "Oh God!" (because this is just too much fun!) By Lauren Metal

~*~*~* *~*~*~

"Oh god, that was you screaming like a banshee all night?" Ty asked, as he joined Alex and Kim in the hallway, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.

"I don't scream like a banshee," Kim protested, embarrassed that her secret fling with Carlos had been found out.

Alex laughed.

"If you're gonna do the nasty with Nieto the least you could do is keep it quiet so we can go back to having sex in peace," Ty said, wrapping her arms around Alex and squeezing her tight.

"I think I've been turned off from sex for a while," Alex pouted and pushed him away.

"Don't worry, I like it when you scream like a banshee, Kim!" Carlos exclaimed, entering the hallway wearing just a sheet.

Ty made gagging noises.

"Let's go baby," Carlos said and swatted her ass as they walked back towards his bedroom.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Alex whined.