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Chapter One

A tall Asian woman was sitting in on a bench, patiently reading a book. She was elegant young woman, slender and very beautiful. Her long ebony hair was flowing freely and her outfit showed both modesty and sophistication.

She was so absorbed with her book that she didn't notice a shadow in front of her made by the setting of sun. "Phi, honey?" a raspy voice called. She looked up and gave a sweet smile.

"I'm really sorry I made you wait. The meeting took so long. But that's no excuse. I'm really sorry," he continued.

Phi looked at the young man who is her husband. Even after all these years she has never forgotten the love she felt for him. He was much taller than she was and his curly black hair was cut in a haircut like his father. Yes, he was good-looking but it wasn't that she loved him so much. He was the very best friend anyone could ever have. He stuck by anyone even if the trials were tough and even that trait was put to a severe test when they announced they were getting married.

The people were cynical after they announced it. 'Who had ever heard of a Japanese-American girl marrying an African-American boy?' they thought.
She shook those thoughts away as she answered him. "It's okay, honey. I know it's hard running a business." She paused and smiled again. "And besides, I got this terrific book that kept me company."

He gave her a quick peck on the forehead. "Phi, you're the greatest." She smiled as she nodded.

He gave her a brief smile as he asked, "So shall we go?" He offered her his arm.
"Arigato, koishii."

Their footsteps echoed in the nearly empty hallway as they proceeded to go the renovated gym. This building, this school held so much for both of them. This same school was where she spent most of her grade school life in. PS 118. All her happiness and sorrows. her youthful escapades. And some people say high school life was the most fun she begs to disagree.

A brunette in a sexy and pricey evening gown was talking (and mostly flirting) with a bunch of guys as the couple walked in the gym. A brown-haired girl smiled and waved at them as they walked by. The carrot-topped man beside her raised his punch at them and in the process nearly spilling some on his suit. Phi and her husband both smiled.

"Eugene never did change," she heard him mutter.

"Hey, Gerald!" a husky male voiced called out.

The voice came from their right. They both turned to the source and found the tallest man from among their classmates. He had a short blonde hair that was lighter than most blondes, a deep tan and a great physique. His face was the oddest shape but both of them couldn't place the name of the person but they knew they saw him before.

He must have noticed their faces and chuckled. "How could you forget someone with the weirdest head shape?"

Still a name couldn't be put with that face until...

She felt him break away from her grasp as he said, "Oh Lord, Arnold!" Then he was gone as he began to hug the living daylights out of him.

And as she watched the two catch up. Phi remembered who Arnold reminded them. It was his father. Yes, his father. Well, except for the shape of the head. Gerald showed her a picture of Arnold's parents and it stuck to her.

She grinned at the two who acted as though they were never in touch after 6 years separation. Those two constantly write to each other. They were more like brothers than best friends. A feeling of envy rang through her.

Helga. She really missed her best friend. After graduating grade school, Helga suddenly moved to another state because her father's beeper business failed. Just a 'goodbye' to her and she left.

Sure, she was angry with her but she never could blame her. She knew how hard her family could be. Both her parents idolized her oldest sister, Olga and as for Olga, she truly did love Helga but she rarely did act upon it.

"I can't believe how much you changed, man," her husband's voice stated.

"So have you, Gerald," Arnold replied.

"You look like your old man," they said at the same time. They looked at each other then laughed. She began to smile too. They really missed and love each other.

Arnold looked at her and smiled. She smiled in reply. He went to her as he pulled Gerald. "You haven't introduced me to your beautiful wife, Gerald. I can't believe you never wrote to me that you were married. I would have come sooner."

She and Gerald looked at each other and hid a conspiring smirk. Both of them stopped in front of her while she still hid the grin. "Arnold, I would like you to meet the love of my life, and wife, Phoebe Heyerdahl Johanssen"

Arnold, gaping, offered his hand and she shook it. "Pleasure to meet you, Arnold. Although I would assume that my appearance did not greatly alter for me to be unrecognizable."

He released her hand and grinned. "Still the same as ever. So, how's Helga?"

Her smile nearly faltered at the mere mention of her name. "It's still the same, Arnold. I haven't received any word from her." Her voice became emotionless.
She then felt a reassuring hand on her hands as Arnold gave her a small smile. "Don't give up hope. She'll come back."

She returned his smile although it shook a bit. He was still the same romantic Arnold.

Gerald gave her a brief reassuring gaze then focused on Arnold. "Hey Arnold, what have you been doing these past few days? I haven't received any word from. Man, I didn't even know you were coming in the reunion. The last time I heard from you, you were in the Malaysian mountains."

"Nope, that was weeks ago. I just came from Africa and there was no available post office anywhere near it."

Phoebe nodded. "It is rather amazing how well-suited your profession is to you. If you asked me I would think that you would be suited as a lawyer or a judge. Or maybe the job that the aptitude test gave you: an ambassador to a foreign country. But an anthropologist is the most highly unlikely profession for you."

Gerald gave Arnold a look that seems to say, 'Isn't she the sweetest thing?' to which she ignored.

Arnold held an amused grin. He then asked, "How's our former classmates?"

Gerald gave him an incredulous look, "You mean you don't know?"

Arnold shrugged, "I was barely ahead of you so I didn't have time to socialize."

Gerald grinned. "Man, you missed out everything."

Phoebe nodded. "We were considered in the past the most likely bunch to succeed but we proved them wrong."


She nodded and Gerald continued. "Name me a person and I'll tell you what happened to them.


"Fiancée: Sheena. His profession: Doctor. Sheena's a dance instructor," Gerald stated.

An eyebrow rose. Gerald grinned. "Fortunately his bad luck only applies when his off work."


"An architect. Went out with Patty but broke up. Married Rhonda."


"A ladies man. Went out with girls left and right ever since high school and never had a steady. Currently dating Shelley, a coworker of his. Went back to the farm and struggled to regain their barren farm to its fertile state. Became successful and now sells his harvest."


"He still has asthma but he doesn't wheeze as often."


"That's it?"

"Hey, that's the best news there ever!"

Arnold hung his head and groans. Gerald says, "I'm just pulling your leg, man. Lighten up."

Arnold starts to chuckle then began to laugh. Pretty soon he's laughing uncontrollably. Gerald soon laughs with him. "Seriously, Brainy's a..."

Phoebe looks at the duo. She notices how they really missed each other and decided to let them have some private time. She pretty much knows what happened to whom after they graduated grade school.

She looked around for a table or any place where she could observe everybody. And maybe... just maybe Arnold might be right. She might come to the reunion.

"Hi, Phoebe! How are you?" a high-pitched voice asked.

Phoebe turned and saw a brown, shorthaired girl with the same height as she smiles at her.

Phoebe smiled. "I'm okay, Sheena. Where's Eugene?"

Her smile grew a bit brighter. "Oh I let him wander around. You can't be too attached to your fiancé, you know." She looked at her briefly. "Well, some people can't be too attached."

Phoebe blushed.

Sheena chuckled. She then looked over Phoebe's shoulder. "So, Arnold finally came huh? He became even cuter than before. And look at his! He must work out."

A gasp escaped Phoebe's lips. This wasn't the Sheena she knew before.

Sheena giggled. "Come now, Phoebe, don't be so naïve. Don't you think Arnold is handsome?"

She looked at her then at the best friends. "He's handsome."

"That's like saying a lemon is sweet. Gosh, Phoebe you haven't changed much."

A blush was forming but Sheena quickly hugged Phoebe. "Don't ever change," she whispered.

Phoebe shyly smiled.

Gerald and Arnold was finished talking about everyone's recent accomplishments and were now reminiscing the past. But Gerald was beginning to notice his wife's disappearance and was occasionally searching the room as Arnold was talking.

Arnold noticed it and knew why he was doing it. "Find her Gerald. I'll just be here mingling with our friends."

Gerald gave him a grateful smile and left.

"Hey, Arnold," a soft and very feminine greeted.

Arnold turned and saw a young woman who had her brown hair curled and elegantly pinned at the back. She was wearing a sleek but still modest evening gown. He knows her but couldn't remember a name that goes with that face.

She giggled at his expression. "You were ever so nice before, Arnold, has time made you change that you just easily forget your friends?"

"Lila?!" She grinned and nodded.

"I can't believe it! You've grown so beautifully this past six years."

Lila laughed and launched herself to his arms. They hugged briefly and began talking animatedly.

A blue-eyed blonde was watching them in the shadows. Her eyes held no pain or joy as she watched the couple catch up on old times. Those same eyes no longer held the admiration or love for her former love. They did noted how he had grown up so... beautifully. He became so much like his father in body and the lively spirit of both his parents.
She just arrived a few moments ago. She didn't plan to come but she came anyway. She wanted to learn how Phoebe was doing even though it was her decision to end their friendship-if you call what they had a friendship. And she was curious what happened to the others. It all fit in perfectly when her boss gave her two weeks off when she learned of her reunion. She didn't want to go but her very own boss forced her to come. Because of a threat of termination, she grudgingly complied.

She planned that she would just watch in the shadows and observe everything then leave without anyone noticing her. She would satisfy her boss and her conscience. A sweet deal.

Stinky Peterson has just finished talking with Sid, Harold and Brainy. Well, he was talking with Sid and Harold with Brainy listening and sometimes nodding his head. Anyway, he was looking for Shell, when he noticed a feminine figure in the shadows. He was about to near her when a chirpy female voice called him.

He turned around and saw a short but extremely sexy redhead approaching him. "Shelley dear, ah've just been looking for ya."

The blonde in the shadows was about to leave when a soft voice called her. "You haven't been socializing much. Why don't you come out and I'll introduce you to the others."

The blonde turned her head and saw an Asian woman as tall as herself smiling shyly at her. She didn't have any glasses anymore but Helga knew who she was. She didn't move in the shadow.

Phoebe looked curiously at the woman then gently smiled. "Forgive me, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Phoebe Johanssen." She looked at the woman in the shadows.

Still the woman couldn't bear to move from the shadows. She couldn't talk to her for fear of recognition. But she knew she had to follow Phoebe. She slowly stepped out of the shadows and waited for the yelling.


Surprised she looked at Phoebe and found her gently smiling at her.

"I fear I don't remember you from our class. You must be the date of one of our classmates. Are you with Stinky?"

The blonde nearly choked at the mention of Stinky's name. They were never together to begin with because it was just a plot to... she forced herself to stop that thought.

She didn't plan to answer Phoebe but she had to... she missed Phoebe and she... The blonde looked all around her. The others were too busy talking, catching up with times. And they were in the farthest corner of the gym so no one would notice her.

So she gathered up her strength and looked Phoebe in the eye. "Hiya, Phoebs!," she softly greeted.

Phoebe's eyes grew very large. That name and that voice! She never allowed anyone to call her that since she wanted only one person to call her that...only...

She launched herself to the blonde's arms as she cried, "Helga!"

Helga hugged tightly the woman that was crying in her arms. She wanted to cry too but she forced herself not to. They didn't need to know everything. Especially Phoebe.

"Helga, I knew you'd be back! I knew it!" Phoebe cried.

Helga pulled her back and gave her a rueful grin. "You couldn't let go of me that easily, Phoebs."

Phoebe entirely pulled back from Helga and examined her still with tears in her eyes. Helga became even more beautiful and taller. She grew her blonde hair long and tonight it was pinned back. Her figure was one that would make any man take a good long look at her. And her face had a soft beauty in it.

"So I see you married Geraldo?" Helga suddenly said, breaking her reverie.

Phoebe snapped out of it then remembered the question and blushed.

Helga took this as a yes and for once, in all the time that she arrived here, smiled.

Both women became silent. The years of separation finally caught up with them and neither knew what to say to the other.

Helga gave a small smile as she gazed at the still shorter woman (although now it was only mere inches) and said, "If we're going to catch up we might as well sit down. 10 years of separation can't be talked about while standing up."

The initial shock that went through Phoebe briefly vanished as Helga said those words. Finally she saw how...un-Helga...frail she was. Concern rose up but she quickly hid it. The Helga she knew still existed underneath that soft face and she would bring her out.
Phoebe grinned at her, "Lead the way mon capitan."

"Arnold, have you seen, Phoebe? It's getting late and we have to go home." Gerald asked as he went near Arnold.

"I saw her after I left you but we separated when the guys talked about businesses and she wanted to talk to Rhonda."

Gerald began to look worried. He stopped and began scanning the crowd. Arnold also decided to help find Phoebe. He finally found her later on the very end of he room talking to a sexy blonde on one of the tables. He found it strange that Phoebe was more animated and her friend was beginning to also loosen up. He looked at the blonde. She doesn't look like any of his former classmates but then again he was unable to distinguish his classmates. He shook his head. What a football head he was.

But his curiosity was really piqued. She was a bit taller than Phoebe. Her wavy blonde hair was pinned and reached the very end of her back. A part of her face was covered with her bangs. Her face was...soft. In fact she exudes...frailty but this frailty was little by little breaking away while Phoebe was vivaciously talking to her. But he pushed it aside, letting Gerald know where his wife was.

Gerald was relieved and they began to go to her.

They were a few feet away from them when the ladies felt their presence. They were welcomed quite differently by the two ladies. Phoebe was wholeheartedly happy while her companion became shocked at first then became serious.

"So this is where you've been hiding yourself, Phi, in the company of a gorgeous lady."

Phoebe's companion instead of blushing or acknowledging was extremely shocked but quickly hid it.

But Phoebe was barely able to contain her happiness. She looked briefly at her companion as if telling her something, which, by the boys' point of view, her companion reluctantly agreed. Phoebe became even more ecstatic. "Guys, please keep these to yourselves. She doesn't want to spread it around even to our classmates." Phoebe requested.
Both boys feeling very curious readily agreed.

Phoebe was finding it unable to contain her smile. "I would like to re-introduce you to Helga Geraldine Pataki."

Silence. Utter complete silence.

A minute has passed. Two then three.

Phoebe looked uncertainly at the two males. "Uh, guys..." She waved her hands in front of them no reaction.

Meanwhile Helga looked down. They had forgotten all about her. Judging by their facial expressions they never expected her to come.

"So G stands for Geraldine," were the first words Arnold said, which were followed by a smack from Gerald on the arm.

Helga's eyes widened. A smile was forming in her lips.

Arnold held the painful area and glared at Gerald. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Phoebe just introduced us to Helga and all you could say was, 'So G stands for Geraldine?!'"

Arnold slowly rubbed his sore arm. He can hit hard! "Well, I've been wondering what G stood for for a long time. Helga was going on and on about her whole name. Weren't you even curious what it meant?" Gerald just slowly shook his head.

"Excuse me guys, but the girl you are talking to is here. And besides we have to be leaving. They're closing the gym," Phoebe cut in.

Both guys turned their heads, blushed for a second and saw that Phoebe was right. There were about only a handful of people left and the janitors were beginning to clean up.
The four people looked at each other it seemed time were against them. "Don't worry everyone, we could still see each other." She smiled. "Besides, Rhonda's having a kind of second reunion at her place on Friday night." The guys agreed though Helga was a bit scared.

"Let's all go home," Gerald began to say. He turned to both Arnold and Helga, "Do you guys have any place to sleep? You could crash into our house, you know?"

Arnold shook his head. "I still have Sunset Arms."

"No thanks, Gerald. I checked in at a hotel," Helga replied.

"Well, okay." They began to walk outside.

"Gosh it seems that it was too soon. I mean, we haven't talked much to each other. I haven't talked to Nadine yet," Phoebe stated to no one in particular.

"It proves that we are close to each other. We have a bond albeit a very...umm unique bond but a close bond nevertheless," Arnold replied.

Gerald chucked. "You were always deep, man."

Arnold nonchalantly shrugged. "It comes from growing up with the Sunset Arms boarders."

They were now at the outside of the gym and were about to go their separate ways. Gerald and Phoebe is side by side and facing their best friends. "Well see you soon, okay?" Phoebe said.

Helga nodded.

"Sure," Arnold replied.

Gerald looked sternly at both of them, "Now I do not want you leaving without saying goodbye to us personally, you hear? And if you're planning to leave do it after Rhonda's party."

Arnold grinned and Helga nodded.

Phoebe smiled at Helga. "I'll see you soon."

Helga smiled in return. "Sure, Phoebs."

In the meantime, Gerald and Arnold were doing their secret handshake. "Still can do it," Gerald remarked after the handshake.

Arnold grinned. "We're not THAT old, Gerald." Both grinned.

Soon the young couple separated from Arnold and Helga. Arnold wistfully looked at their departing backs and briefly remembered the secret, loving glances those two gave each other while they were still in school. That was when they didn't know they love each other deeply.

Sure they weren't the type of couple who openly show their affections. It was subtler like a worry or a glance. But judging from tonight the most extreme signs of affection those two was being almost inseparable.

"They sure belong to each other, huh Helga?"


With his eyebrows scrunched up he turned around to look at Helga and found out she was gone. He looked everywhere but couldn't find her. The darkness wasn't helping any.
He sighed. Something happened to Helga and frankly he missed the old Helga. Maybe he could find out why she changed.