Chapter 22- Chunin Exams - Finals Begin

Naruto yawned as he woke. The previous night had been fairly exhausting due to a pair of overly playful females by the names of Kyu and Anko. Though he had been surprised that Anko was a virgin, he hadn't said anything and he had given her the first mark she'd proudly display...the mating mark. In time, all his ladies would have it, but he felt the other girls were too young for such a thing yet, especially Hanabi.

Getting out of bed to do his morning ritual, he gently brushed aside a ginger furred set of tails and then four purple furred tails with black tips. Stretching a bit he got up and began to...make...his...way...hold the ramen! Four purple furred tails!

Whirling around and now fully awake he took better stock of his bedmates. Kyu was the same as she always was, one foxy ear twitching cutely as she slept. Anko on the other hand...had a few new appendages, namely the four aforementioned tails, a pair of foxy ears of the same colors, whisker marks and slightly clawed hands. She had been hot before but with foxy features she was now outright sexy.

"Well...that wasn't expected." Naruto mumbled sweatdropping. "Why can't things ever be simple?" He added mentally. "Though I suppose that answers the question about what will happen to the others once I initiate a mating bond with them."

"Well son, I guess this answers the question about what will happen once you've mated with your ladies. I guess this makes the Namikaze-Uzumaki the first Kitsune clan, think of all the fun and pranks this could bring!" Minato's voice chimed in.

"I suppose that won't be such a bad thing...the Kitsune aren't as in as many numbers as they once were and being Hanyou, our demonic genes are dominant, so...I guess our clan can serve as Guardian's once this world is safe and balanced again." Naruto mused as he went about his business.

"Oh...planning on dimension hopping or realm jumping?" Minato asked.

"Most likely, you out another world here or there. Though our home will probably be in the Realm of Souls with you and Mom. That's all far into the future though, I still have problems to deal with in the present." Naruto answered.

"Yes...Madara, Akatsuki and Godomaru, though the later shouldn't prove much of a problem...more like a mild annoyance." Minato stated.

Naruto merely nodded with his fathers' statement. Godomaru was a mild annoyance at best. Madara...was a patented pain in his furry tailed ass. Immortals, especially cursed ones like him always were. The problem with the ancient Uchiha was that he was not only immortal due to his cursed eyes but the bastard was like trying to fight a freaking ghost! In the previous timeline it had taken Naruto in full Werefox mode almost two days non-stop combat to wear the bastard down enough and trick him into a trap that sealed him in place long enough for Naruto to rake his claws across those damnable eyes of his, destroying them with an overload of yokai. Killing Madara after his trump card was gone was simple. Still, the fight wouldn't have been quite so troublesome if Madara's intangibility didn't negate Naruto's Hiraishin and Rasengan...after all, no matter how fast you are, you can't hit what you can't touch.

One thing that grated on Naruto's thoughts though, was since the Uchiha all had the blood of a Mimic Demon flowing through them, he had to wonder, just where did Madara learn the ability to become intangible? It wasn't a common ability, even in demons or devils. Phantoms, Specters and Geists could do such things but they weren't demons, rather they were in the Monster class as Supernatural, like Zombies, Ghouls and other undead or unnatural beings. As far as Naruto knew, the Eternal Magenkyo Sharingan could not copy from beings of the Monster species. Which brought him back to the Mimic heritage of Madara. Mimic Demon's could copy such abilities but for a Half-breed like Madara to learn such a high level and supposedly Pure-blooded level power of a Mimic Demon...well, it just didn't add up.

Still, Madara wasn't invincible, just difficult to kill by normal means. Thankfully Naruto wasn't what even other demons could call normal. After all...being a Reaper allows one to touch that which cannot be touched by mortal means. At any rate, the other Akatsuki members would prove to be some fun but of little consequence, even that Janshin fanatic, Hidan, would fall easily enough.

Letting out a sigh, Naruto shook all his thoughts of Biju and Akatsuki from his mind for the time being. He had no missions for a while so now would be an excellent time to relax a bit, especially with Sasuke, Kabuto and Orochimaru out of the way.

So, with a slight smile on his face, he went into the kitchen and began cooking some breakfast for himself and his ladies...and Zabuza with a little hope the man left some for him.

The Namikaze compound was quite the lively place, even while Naruto was out training or running errands. Anko's new look was very well received by the other ladies of the house. Zabuza had pouted silently to himself as another male getting that much loving from various ladies didn't seem fair to him...then again, he was more for civilian women himself as Kunoichi could be troublesome at times.

An odd bout of sneezing fits could be heard amongst the male members of the Nara clan within their district before each was bonked over the head by mothers, wives and/or sisters for being unsanitary.

With three weeks left before the Chunin Finals, the members of the Namikaze home had plenty of time to train and go about their business. News of Orochimaru's death didn't take long to circulate either, nor did the news of the Kazekage's assassination. Apparently Orochimaru had killed him and had once of his own men acting as the Wind Shadow while he went about his plans in Konoha. The false Kazekage was discovered when the corpse of the real one was found in a sand dune after a sandstorm, the imposter was killed and the invasion/alliance was terminated with Oto.

So far, no news from Otogakure had been heard, save for some of those who were in Oto, likely not of their own free will, had fled from Rice Country.

With the invasion stopped, Suna trying to regain trust from Konoha and Oto little more than a den full of criminals without any sort of order, the flow of events had once again changed.

Sarutobi informed Naruto that Third Raikage Godomaru Kuroto would be attending the finals tournament to see his adopted son in action. Naruto suspected the man would try an invasion of his own since Konoha would be more relaxed seeing as the previous one had been foiled, who would suspect it?

Jiraiya had sent word via messenger toad about the Raikage setting up a small invasion force of Cloud ANBU, their likely target was the Hyuga compound and Naruto himself for his Omnigan. Hence the reason the old pervert hadn't returned yet, he was busy with his spy network.

Tsunade and Shizune were scheduled to show up a day before the exams as they had been in far off Wheat Country, which was across the ocean. She was making a haste in returning since Naruto asked Shinigami to speak with her as the Senju clan was known for their abilities to commune with higher level beings like deities and biju. In an odd twist of events, something neither Shinigami or Naruto had anticipated, the soul of future Tsunade had somehow reincarnated with her past self and she began to remember things via dreams, her complete memories returning to her when Shinigami made his presence known to her.

In a small conference with Kami and Shinigami via Dreamscape, it was discovered that this happened due to Naruto coming back in time with the First Hokage's necklace. The green crystal not only suppressed evil coming from demons but also acted, as a sort of soul link with loved ones of the Senju line. This caused Tsunade's soul from the future to come back with Naruto and slowly begin awakening and creating a sort of bond between the Hanyou and Slug Sannin. Though the depth and level of this bond was unknown for now, though Kami said it could go one of two ways, create a deep parental bond or a lovers bond between him and Tsunade.

That tidbit of information had struck Naruto stupid and caused Shinigami to chuckle madly.

Aren't paradox's fun?

Also during this time, Naruto had various Shadow Clones and a couple of Blood Clones working diligently in his forge and workshop. Having obtained the Adamant ore from Kyu's old den, he was able to fix Kakashi's Chakra fang making it stronger than ever before, he also added seals to it that would allow Kakashi to channel his two affinities into the blade along with his normal chakra. Zabuza's sword, Kubikiri Houcho, also got a few upgrades to it making it much more sturdy. Haku's bolo-whip, Shiva, was also finished and she took a great liking to it...even if she did get a bit overzealous at of her new attacks was named Call me made Naruto shiver.

Hana Inuzuka had also been coming over to the compound to spend time with Naruto, introducing him to her partners the Haimaru triplets. Of coarse, Kasuki also came along as well, as she had an attachment to Naruto ever since he healed her several months back.

Most would wonder how the hell Naruto could handle so many women. Shadow Clones were useful to ensure he spent equal time with them, but Blood Clones filled in what Shadow Clones couldn't do, like strenuous training and making sure no one felt left out. Since both clones transferred their memories back to Naruto and the girls weren't overly demanding, a nice calm routine was eventually formed.

All in all, the past few weeks had been busy and productive for the young Hanyou and his family.

Naruto had just finished up his exercises in the Namikaze training grounds as Yugito Nii walked in a bit nervously. The blonde woman blushed slightly as Naruto's training gi top was hanging off behind him, leaving him shirt-less.

"I take it you have come for the help I offered?" Naruto asked calmly.

Yugito nodded. "Yes...I...spoke to Nibi about your offer in depth and at length. I, we need help. Kumogakure has become a unpleasant place to live with both myself and my childhood friends Kirabi and Haruhiko Sousen are no longer welcome there. I, due to Nibi and Kirabi due to the Hachibi. Kirabi's older brother, Haruhiko, should have been the Raikage but Kuroto-teme has kept a stranglehold on Kumo through an artifact called the Orb of Raigami. That damn orb gives him incredible powers over the Lightning Element and can manifest a weapon known as the Staff of Ixion that grants the user similar but lesser powers. That Orb also has some kind of hold over Biju, forcing them to become enslaved to it and through them, any Jinchuuriki that contain them. Because of that Orb, Kuroto-teme was able to place Mind/Body Slave Seals on both myself and Kirabi which is connected to the Orb via the Staff of Ixion to control our bodies if need be, leaving our minds free but unable to control our bodies. Please, Naruto-sama...please help me and my friends...I don't want to be a slave anymore!" Yugito began weeping as she remembered all the vile things she had been forced to endure as the Raikage's favorite pet.

"Very well...I'll do what I can to help you. I cannot leave Konoha until after the Chunin Exams though, but that gives me a bit of time to plan out a strike against that bastard of a Raikage Kumo is suffering under. Since I am a Fuuinjutsu master, I'll work on that seal the teme forced on you as well as tweak your containment seal holding Nibi, for you, I can fix it to allow her freedom and a tails worth of her yokai, allowing you to become a Neko Hanyou. This will allow you to retain your current skills and abilities but gain the ageless lifespan of a Hanyou and accelerated healing. Nibi will eventually regain her second tail though, so no worries about that." Naruto offered in reply.

Yugito blinked. " I going to have cat-like ears and a tail?"

"Yeah, but you will be able to hid them using demonic illusion or true transformation, Nibi, Kyu-chan or myself can teach you that if you'd like." Naruto answered.

"Okay...that doesn't sound so bad." Yugito mused.

Naruto then frowned for a moment. "By the way...where is Nibi's containment seal placed?" He asked.

Yugito flushed and unconsciously grabbed her shirt...between her breasts.

Naruto groaned. "Damn perverted Sealers." He grumbled and then sighed. "Well, it's your choice, I won't force you to do something your not comfortable with. At least that other seal in on the back of your neck."

"Th-thank you, Naruto-sama." Yugito said a bit meekly since most would just demand to see the seal regardless of the place it was put.

"Don't worry about it and you don't have to use such a stuffy suffix, san is fine if you need one." He said as he began to analyze the seal on her neck, allowing his Jagan to also take in the information. "Hnn...the seal is done well, not a master's work, but not a novice either. The array has a few flaws in it...that'll make it easier to break it down without any kind of pain. However the failsafe to the seal is tied to that staff you spoke of if the energy reading is right."

"Oh...can you remove it?" She asked hopefully.

"Not least not yet. I have to destroy the Ixion Staff to sever that link, nullifying the failsafe built into the array, if I were to do so now, you could be badly injured or possibly lose your free will. I can however use the Evil Binding, Null-Field and Three Prong Seal to modify it to bypass it's functions and nullify the slave and punishment function of the seal until that is done. Then, once the staff is destroyed, the original seal array will disintegrate since its power source is gone, releasing the lock on Nibi's yokai. After that it's a couple of simple releases and you're free." Naruto answered.

"Do it...please." Yugito said.

"Very well...this will take a bit and it might hurt some, so be prepared for some discomfort." Naruto said as he began going through one-handed seals with left hand and tracing runic patterns with his right finger in the air above Yugito's slave seal.

It would be about an hour before he was finished with the counter seals but thankfully there was little pain since the branch of Fuuinjutsu Naruto was employing at the moment was faster and more precise than brush and ink, stronger too since it used Chakra directly to write the seals.

Yugito was just grateful to have some help, as was Nibi, who was purring happily as portions of the slave seal restraining her were destroyed, countered or released. Nibi would see to it her new lord was properly rewarded once all the seals were fixed and she and the kitten could co-exist without her being imprisoned in a seal.

It was the night before the Chunin Exam Finals and Naruto stood alone at the top of the Hokage monument. He had to let out a slight sigh as he contemplated all the changes that had taken place since he came back in time. Most were good changes, though the future was now pretty much a void. He was sure some things would still take place, but no longer could he count on his knowledge of the timeline to give him a complete edge. This didn't bother him, not as much as it had the past few times he had contemplated it.

The village was slowly becoming a better place, with various points of corruption having been eliminated by Naruto early on, the village as a whole was more stable. The civilians no longer seemed to fear him and the vast majority looked upon him with respect, which he had earned through his deeds so far.

A new treaty alliance was being set up between Sunagakure and Konohagakure with Baki acting as the mediator as he was nominated the Fifth Kazekage and would be training Gaara to take up the mantle as Sixth Kazekage once he was of age. Part of the alliance was a political marriage...between himself and Temari. He had talked to her and her brothers at length about it to ensure she wasn't being pressed into something that she didn't want to be in. Temari wanted to give it a shot though so he allowed it after speaking to his ladies.

Kumogakure might be a problem, but all things considered, they wouldn't be much more than a slight annoyance. Naruto was surprised that the Third Raikage was going to be foolish enough to come and watch the finals, hoping that no one would catch his ANBU sneaking into the Hyuga Compound, likely in hopes of gaining Hanabi and/or a male child for breeding stock. Naruto had a suitably nasty surprise laying in wait for them, a hidden Kitsune strike force along with several able bodied Hyuga fighters as their leaders. The Kumo ANBU would never make it out of the compound alive and the same went for Godomaru Kuroto and his vile little shit stain of a son.

After that, then a little field trip to Kumo with a team under his and Kakashi's command, along with Yugito, would eliminate the rest of Kuroto's followers and liberate Kumogakure, in the process, making another alliance, if such a thing was needed.

Training for the girls, ALL of them were doing really well. The ladies attending the Chunin Finals were all prepared and ready while the others honed and fine-tuned their already impressive skills. Hanabi was the only one currently not on Chunin level or higher, though she was a solid High Genin level and Naruto found that she had Lightning affinity. So Naruto was teaching her Lightning manipulation and Hinata was teaching her how to fuse her affinity into her Jyuken style.

Hiashi was quite proud of his daughters.

The Hyuga Clan as a whole was in much better shape, Naruto's new bloodline protection seal was placed on all members. The once dreaded Caged Bird Seal had been done away with, along with a couple of more unruly members of the Elder Hyuga Council. Apparently the old fools didn't like their power being subverted so they had tried to assassinate Hiashi's daughters, making a enormous blunder of trying to hire Zabuza to do it, not realizing the mans links to the Namikaze-Uzumaki clan. That night, just two days after the preliminaries, Naruto, Zabuza, Kakashi and Hiashi eliminated them. Without those volatile elements, the Clan was easy to reunite under one house rather than a branch. A branch house would still exist, but without the slave status as they would be in two specialties, leaving three types of Hyuga. The first was the standard Hyuga with their Byakugan and Jyuken specialties. The second was to be the new Hyuga Medic branch, specializing in Medical Arts using their Byakugan and refined medical jutsu. The final branch was for those with exception element affinities that could be fused into their Jyuken. All this along with their very open alliance with the Namikaze-Uzumaki clan would soon bring both much prestige and fear from their enemies.

Naruto frowned as a messenger bird swooped down and dropped a small scroll in his hand; the Hokage's seal was on the front of it.


The matches line up has been changed. As you know, Hinata-san was to fight against Hatsu of Kumo. But the Third Raikage made the request that his son be matched against you, with a bit of a side proposition. If his son wins, you are to relinquish your marriage contract to him and Hinata is to marry Hatsu. If Hatsu loses, they are offering Kumogakure Jounin, Yugito Nii, to as compensation for the stipulations and as a possible alliance via marriage.

Hiashi-san was most disturbed when this reached our ears one week ago. I am as well, since it is rumored that Hatsu knows techniques to weaken Jinchuuriki. With all the other information we have gathered, I suspect that the Raikage plans to use Yugito's seals to control her if his son loses in hopes of gaining both Byakugan and Omnigan.

I was forced to accept this deal since he informed us that he would not be held accounted for should his son get out of hand during his match with Hinata, should we decline. Given the nature of the Chunin Exams and the charter rules, I am sad to say that Hatsu could kill or attempt rape and be within the rules as it is a simulation of actual ninja battle. Should that happen and one of our ninja acted out, then the Raikage could use it as incentive to declare war on Konoha.

As such, Gaara is now scheduled to battle against Kiba and Shikamaru against Hinata. Gaara has been contacted and has sworn he will not violate our alliance or kill Kiba in combat, giving Kiba a sporting chance. I apologize about it coming to this, but to make up for it, I will allow you to kill Hatsu during your match, as I am sure you are capable of it. Good luck, Naruto.

Hiruzen Akira Sarutobi, Third Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.

Naruto's eyebrow twitched slightly as he rolled up the small scroll and then torched it with a bit of fire manipulation. Piercing blue eye ignited with barely restrained anger and power, blazing azure and violet flames could be seen dancing within them giving them an eerie glow in the moonlight.

"So...Hatsu and Godomaru want to play hard ball do they, well then...I do hope their insurance premiums are paid in full...their burial insurance that is." Naruto hissed venomously to no one.

Turning on his heel, he went back to bed to get some rest as his body shimmered and his more foxy appendages vanished. A handy trick all Kitsune had, true transformation. It allowed them a completely human form, consumed little to no chakra and could be placed or released at a thought.

He would have to remember to thank Kyu again after the finals were over, since some of the villagers were getting nervous about the fact he sported nine foxy tails and a pair of fox ears in place of his human ones. Kyu and now Anko had taken to using the skill as well, if for no other reason then to walk down the streets without being gawked at.

As Naruto lay down, Kyu mumbled in her sleep and snuggled into his side along with Kin, who had joined them, just for sleep, no other activities...not yet anyway. Naruto let the presence of two of his ladies sooth his irritated mind and the blatant insult to both his and Hinata's skills and honor.

As the young Hanyou Reaper fell into a restful slumber he silently declared that the reign of the Third Raikage was soon to be at an end.

Unknown to anyone else, the Raikage had a nightmare that night about what could only be described as a messenger of death, an Avatar of the Shinigami itself coming after him on ashen wings to reap his soul and crush his power.

The next morning, Konoha was filled with people rushing to go see the Chunin Exam Finals being held at the Grand Leaf Stadium. As both spectators and contenders made their way to the building, various stands and booths were opened to the public offering everything from snacks to betting pools on which Ninja would win their matches or who would win the tournament as a whole.

It hadn't taken long for the news about Naruto and Hatsu's match to spread around or the supposed prizes should one or the other win. A large number of people, ninja and villager alike, were less then pleased by Godomaru's stunt.

In the stadium stood Gaara, looking much less insane and more rested, Kankuro, Shino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Hinata, Tenten, Sakura and of coarse Hatsu, who had a rather smug smirk on his face. Each were dressed in their normal attire, except Hatsu, he was wearing an expensive looking set of light battle armor and robes. In his hand rested a dark colored crystal-like staff with sharp points at each tip.

Naruto's ladies had been none to pleased when they heard about the situation, especially Hinata and Hanabi. Even now it took a great deal of self-control to not use her new Eight Trigrams - Sixty Four Piercing Ice Strikes on the smug bastard. Sakura wanted to show him her Razor Petal Vortex and Tenten wondered if he could outrun her Rain of Burning Blades technique.

Needless to say, none of the three female fighters were very thrilled with the arrogant Kumo-nin at the moment.

Soon, Sarutobi showed up along with, to many peoples surprise, Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya Kousen. The Raikage, Kuroto Godomaru took his seat in a separate viewing box from the older kage along with his two guards, a disgruntled looking Yugito and two others known as Haruhiko and Kirabi Sousen.

Yugito was less then pleased that Godomaru-teme had dragged her two friends along, both looking a bit roughed up, and with their Body-Slave Seals in clear view of others. Obviously the man was trying to show his superiority, even going so far as to hold the Orb of Raigami and stroke it like one would a precious pet. An arrogant smirking sneer plastered on his wrinkled, pudgy face as his cold, greedy and beady eyes continuously swept over the area.

The female Jinchuuriki could hardly wait for Naruto to beat the shit out of Hatsu and then Kuroto-teme afterwards.

The last person to arrive was Naruto himself, garbed in his usual trench coat outfit with Griever and Beowulf at his side. Some were startled to see him without his tail or the ears that had recently appeared, but they couldn't voice it due to the look in his eyes. They were like twin orbs of ice with a strange shimmer to them that spoke of untold power.

"So...the half-breed loser shows himself at last." Hatsu sneered as he continued to eye Hinata with a lustful glint.

Apparently, Kumogakure ninja under the Third Raikage's reign never gained a shred of common sense or the man would realize that he was poking a sleeping dragon in the eye...while standing in front of it.

"Enjoy your arrogance while it lasts..." Naruto said in a cold monotone. "...I will enjoy beating it out of you before I kill you." Naruto then let his full, unrestrained killing intent out to prove his words.

All the Genin hopefuls save his ladies, let out shivers of fear as they struggled to breath, and that was just an indirect dose. Hatsu was getting the full amount of killing intent and looked ready to keel over any second, pale skinned, sweating, uneven rapid breaths and visions of various horrific ways Naruto was going to rip his existence apart, piece by piece, flashed through his head.

Sadly, arrogance has a way of empowering stupid people, so Hatsu was able to pull himself together with the firm belief that he would win this battle with the aid of the Ixion Staff and his skills.

Poor, foolish, little mortal...

After Sarutobi gave his speech to the combatants and spectators, those not fighting in the first match made their way to the competitors stand to wait until their fights came. Naruto and Hatsu remained on the stadium grounds with a slightly nervous Genma Shinerai as referee of the matches. Nervous because there was no way in the nine hells he wanted to be caught in the cross fire of one of Naruto's many and highly destructive jutsu. Silently, the man cursed for drawing the short stick once again.

"As you all know, we are starting the Chunin Finals with a special match. The spoils of the match have been set and agreed upon by the two combatants. This is a fight of honor and to the death between our own Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki and Hatsu Mitsuga of Kumogakure no Sato. Are the fighters ready?" Genma asked getting things started.

"Tch, I was born ready, Tree-hugger." Hatsu sneered.

Genma had to fight the urge to kill the little bastard himself now.

"Begin the match, Genma-san, so that I may erase this stain upon mine and Hinata-chan's honor by destroying this pitiful excuse for human excrement before us." Naruto answered coldly.

If there was one thing quite obvious, it was that Naruto was very pissed off at the moment. The other people that knew the young Hanyou almost pitied Hatsu...almost.

"FIGHT!" Genma bellowed and hauled balls out of the soon to be war zone.

Before the word had even left the proctors mouth, Hatsu had lunged forward and thrust Ixion into and through the center of Naruto's chest with a sick grin and maniac glint in his eyes. This was followed by thousands of volts of electricity surging through Naruto's form lighting him up like a roman candle.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh, stop tickles." Naruto finished in a icy tone.

Naruto's cold laugh sent chills down the spines of those present. Others were stunned speechless at the fact he had taken what should be a fatal blow and laughed at it, not even bothered by the electrical energies pouring through him.

Hatsu's eyes widened in horror, so shocked he was, that he had yet to let go of Ixion's Staff still impaling Naruto.

" CAN THIS BE!" Hatsu asked angrily, not believing that his power was so useless against his foe.

"Foolish little mortal..." Naruto began darkly. "I have but one word for you."

"And what might that be, monster?" Hatsu snarled.

Naruto smirked darkly. "Boom!"


Naruto detonated with the force of a blockbuster bomb, destroying the staff...shattering it into millions of pieces and sending its wielder end over end until he embedded into the far wall.

"Explosive Clone..." Genma muttered admiring Naruto's tactic.

Unfortunately for Hatsu, no one would know if he had survived the blast as the real Naruto appeared next to him, Rasengan in hand, and proceeded to drill it into Hatsu's skull making it explode into a fine red mist before the remains of his corpse crumpled out of the wall and onto the ground.

"Send Shinigami-sama my regards." Naruto muttered and began walking back towards the fighters' stands.

"W-winner, Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki!" Genma stuttered out due to the quick and rather brutal means Naruto had used to win his fight.

"Must remember to never, EVER, piss him off...cause I won't make it out of the village alive." Genma thought and thanked kami that the young Hanyou was a loyal Leaf-nin.

Idly, Genma noticed that the other spectators weren't doing much better than him. Many of the civilians had paled to a sickly milk color. The other Genin, while some didn't seem phased, some were a tad green and some were a bit scared. The Chunin and Jounin spectators looked to be a bit surprised at how quickly the match was finished, except Anko, Kakashi, Kurenai, Ibiki and a grinning Zabuza.

Naruto, before he went to join the others, made one last stop. In a flash of black fire and chains he appeared in front of Godomaru in full Reaper form scaring the holy hell out of him, his guards and several others who had yet to witness it.

"Kuroto Godomaru, your soul is tainted by greed and arrogance, your hands stained with the blood and tears of the innocent." Naruto growled as chains shot from his shoulders impaling the guard's heads before wrapping around the short pudgy kage. His Jagan opened and looked balefully at the now horrified man as Naruto grabbed the orb he coveted so and crushed it with his hands. "Look into my Jagan eye...feel the pain of those who suffered from your actions!"

Jagan and Omnigan met frightened beady black eyes and not a second later, Godomaru's torturous screams and cries for mercy filled the air as his soul was tortured a hundred fold by the souls of his own victims and the weight of his evil deeds. As the mans cries tapered off, Naruto dropped the soulless husk to the ground, the mans eyes now resembling burnt out coals, his face frozen in a silent scream of inhuman terror.

"It is done, Yugito-san, you, Kumogakure and your friends are free." Naruto said and shunshined down to the combatant's area.

"DAMN! D`at was some fuckin sick shit!" Kirabi grinned at seeing his and his brothers tormentor dead.

Even better was the fact that without that accursed orb, the seals placed on them no longer had anything to power them and began fading from existence.

The fact that Naruto had just killed two Jounin and their Kage just seconds after killing a Genin of the same village was not lost on those in the stadium. Oddly though, no one really cared that Kuroto Godomaru had just met his end as he had never been all that favored as a Kage, especially after the bullshit he pulled with the Hyuga clan, causing the death of Hizashi Hyuga.

Neji, Hiashi and several other members of the Hyuga clan had watched with grim satisfaction as their ally destroyed the man who had been a thorn in their clans' side for nearly a decade. For Neji and Hiashi though, it brought them a measure of peace, knowing that Hizashi was finally avenged.

The Lightning Daiymo was glad that the man was killed; the arrogant ponce had often tried to throw his weight about and had even tried to assassinate him once. Good riddance as far as the Feudal Lord was concerned, since now, he could have Haruhiko take his place as the Fourth Raikage as he should have before Godomaru usurped his chances with that accursed orb he toted about like a prized pet.

All, however, shared one thought. Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki was well beyond the rank of Genin; in fact having him ranked as such almost seemed insulting. Obviously the boy was a prodigy on par, if not surpassing, that of the now infamous Itachi Uchiha and the dearly missed Minato Namikaze. Even though his Hanyou status was known to a scarce few outside Konoha, no one really gave his status much thought now, not with such a show of skill and power. The Fire Daiymo, of coarse, knew Naruto's status and lineage as Hiruzen had taken the time to inform him several months back, the man felt that Naruto should be ranked Jounin, Special Jounin at least, for his skill alone. The Chunin proctors and Hokage felt the same.

Those watching the matches soon settled down as Shikamaru Nara and Hinata Hyuga were called down to the arena to begin their match.

Godomaru's ANBU team that had been sent to kidnap some Hyuga from their compound had met up with a nasty surprise in the form of a small army of multiple tailed Kitsune summons. The few that hadn't been killed by Naruto and Kyu's summons were swiftly dealt with by various members of the clan, now sans the Caged Bird Seal and no longer under the rule of the now deceased Hyuga Elder Council.

As the last Cloud-nin fell dead, Hinata had finished her match against the Nara heir by sealing off several Tenketsu points and freezing his feet to the ground before he could use his Shadow Imitation Jutsu.

Naruto and his fellow competitors had sweatdropped as they watched the ease Hinata had taking out the lazy Nara. The boy had honestly not put up much of a fight and it was obvious that Hinata wasn't even really trying if the slightly disappointed look on her face was anything to go by, she had wanted to prove her skills...perhaps in a later match.

Naruto wasn't overly surprised though, he knew that Shikamaru would take the lazy way out since he didn't really want to become a Chunin yet, something he had complained about a lot in the previous time line. Naruto just gave a shrug and sigh as Shikamaru was taken to the medics to check for possible injuries. Hinata had shown enough skill to gain Chunin rank in the fight since she had shown a good amount of forethought and tactics by freezing the lazy boys feet in place first and then using shunshin to get behind him and seal several tenketsu while Shikamaru stared dumbly at his frozen feet before giving up. She would have been able to show more of her skill had she been able to fight Hatsu, still, Naruto supposed saving her the trouble of killing the teme was worth it in the long run.

Naruto lazily watched Kankuro and Shino battle it out while Hinata, Tenten and Sakura snuggled up to him. The fight was drawn out but honestly not all that exciting. It basically consisted of a lot of strategic moves via the use of Crow, Kankuro's puppet and Shino's Kikai bugs.

There were a few close calls for Shino, until his Kikai had drained enough chakra from Kankuro that his chakra strings could no longer control Crow properly. Shino was declared the winner.

Despite his former reputation, the match between Gaara and Kiba was fairly tame, though Gaara was obviously more skilled in Taijutsu than Kiba was and had a fair amount of Earth, Wind and Sand jutsu under his belt. So after several failed attempts from Kiba, Gaara knocked Kiba out using a variation of his Sand Coffin to put the struggling Kiba into a sort of sleeper hold, thus winning his match in just about fifteen minutes.

The next match, however, was to prove to be interesting.

Sakura and Tenten had been called down to the arena to begin their match.

Tenten and Sakura took their places with Genma standing in the middle. Tenten had Ifrit strapped to her back and Sakura was the same with her Chakra Bow.

"Chunin Finals, Match Five, Sakura Haruno Vs. Tenten Kaziyama...FIGHT!" Genma said and jumped away.

Tenten started off by shooting a barrage of kunai at Sakura. Thinking fast, Sakura made the ram seal with her hands and channeled her chakra. The result was a flurry of red, white and pink colored cherry blossom petals flowing out of the special seal pouch on the back of her battle dress.

"Ninja Arts - Razor Petal Swarm!" Sakura called out.

Kunai met chakra enhanced petals...the kunai lost as thousands of razor sharp petals sliced them up into a fine metal powder.

Tenten grinned and flipped through several seals. "Earth Release - Mud Flow Rampart!"

A flood of mud shot out and raced towards Sakura, who dissolved into water just before the mud could smash into her. Sakura shot up from the ground behind Tenten and delivered a powerful kick to her fellow Kunoichi's back, only for Tenten to also dissolve, this time into a pile of mud.

Sakura brought her special petals back to protect her just in time to block another of Tenten's new moves, Ninja Arts - Senbon Rain. The pinkette quickly sent her petals back into their special storage pouch and used a seal-less replacement to escape the barrage of fire balls sent by Tenten from a near by tree.

Appearing next to the tree, Sakura turned and punched with Tsunade-like force nearly uprooting the tree and forcing Tenten to jump out of it before it toppled over.

"Not bad, Sakura, but you won't escape this!" Tenten shouted and flipped through seals. "Magma Release - Lave Prison!" She slammed her palm onto the ground followed by a spike of chakra.

Sakura cringed a bit as many thick tendrils of molten rock spiraled out of the ground around her making a crude but dangerous cage around her.

"Water Release - Water Encampment Dome!" Sakura called out and spat a large amount of water out and manipulated it into surrounding her and the lava tendrils, forcing them to cool to hard stone.

"You're still trapped you know." Tenten said a bit smugly.

Until Sakura drew her bow and pulled the string back making an arrow of chakra appear.

"Dance for me, Tenten-chan, Scatter Shot!"

Tenten let out a slight eep of surprise as Sakura unleashed a barrage of blunted, but still painful, chakra arrows. The weapons mistress cursed as Sakura continued the barrage, while she made the arrows non-lethal, they still stung like a bitch when they hit.

However, Tenten wasn't a crack shot for nothing and the stone cage that Sakura was trapped in had many openings for her to long as she could keep dodging those damn arrows, that is.

Sakura was intentionally keeping Tenten busy in hopes she could split her focus enough to keep firing scatter shots and unleash her petals again to free her from her temporary prison. It could be done, but it was incredibly difficult to do so and put a strain on ones chakra pools, as it required medic level control and focus to split active chakra while in use.

Unfortunately, trying to gain such control took too long and allowed Tenten to find a pattern in her shots, allowing the brunette to use her own chakra molding skills to create a blunted kunai out of chakra. Noticing this, Sakura reacted with a more targeted shot, just as Tenten made her own shot.

The end result was both Kunoichi being knocked out cold by blunted chakra attacks to the foreheads. Sakura was forced out of the prison from the force of the hit and Tenten was sent tumbling across the arena. Neither moved after that but it was obvious both were still alive, though they did have a set of impressive bumps on their brows.

"Neither fighter is able to continue, this match ends in a draw." Genma said, though he was quite impressed with the skill the two Genin Kunoichi had shown.

Quite a few members of the crowds weren't very happy since both girls had shown a considerable amount of talent in their fields as well as cunning and patience. Still, even if neither could continue, it was obvious that whoever taught them knew what they were doing.

Naruto, Kakashi and Gai smiled with a sense of pride. While neither girl won the match, they had both shown skills and abilities of true Kunoichi of an obvious Chunin level. It had also been obvious that both tried not to hurt the other badly, showing mercy as they were comrades.

Kakashi was more proud than the other two though. He had been forced to train the Uchiha specifically and had entrusted Sakura's training to Naruto. This proved that Naruto could be a very skilled Jounin Sensei one day if he so chose to. It was also a relief since he had been worried that Sakura wouldn't get the training needed due to the civilian councils coddling of the Uchiha. Thankfully that was no longer a problem. Though he hadn't been able to teach either of his students much, especially Naruto, he was still proud to call them comrades and friends.

Kiba, of coarse, had been beaned over the head by both Kurenai and Hinata for making a remark about a Kunoichi cat fight and a string of perverted he missed most of it. Shino did quirk his lips in amusement though, as did Gaara.

The girls were collected by the medics and taken to the med-bay of the stadium to ensure no real damages were done. The Hokage then called for a thirty-minute break so people could refresh or relieve themselves before the semi-finals began.

The names for the semi-finals caused Naruto to chuckle a bit and Hinata to pout.

Semi-finals Match 1 - Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki Vs. Hinata Hyuga

Semi-finals Match 2 - Shino Aburame Vs. Gaara Sebaku

"That is so unfair." Hinata pouted cutely. "I haven't even been able to beat you in a spar yet."

"Just consider it another spar, Hinata-chan. It doesn't really matter who wins at this point, as long as we show enough skills to be promoted."

"That's true...but be gentle." Hinata purred and cuddled up to him.

Naruto flushed slightly. Ever since Anko had moved into his compound, both Hinata and Hanabi had become more forward, which was scary in Hanabi's place. Naruto was no lolicon but when you wake up in the morning with a barely dressed ten-year-old betrothed in nothing more than a large t-shirt practically humping your leg and tail in her sleep kind of puts a bit of pressure on the libido...or it would have had Naruto not fossilized on the spot with a horrified look on his face that the other girls found hilarious.

Naruto sighed and gave her a peck on the forehead. "I will be, Hime, I will be."