Book II in the Botnik Saga


"Prophecy Repeats Itself"

Mr Ollivander drove his motorcycle up the stairs and turned to face Harry and Hermione. Excitedly, he said:

"Jolly good! Wand imitation is just dreadful, I find, don't you agree?"

Harry knew that Ollivander's magical education was still very pale, and that he had just run a great deal of illegal wand sacks. His hysterical slurps did not speak for themselves, but Harry was clever.

"What are you doing?" he asked the other.

"Only my third time in hours, my boy " Ollivander said mysteriously. "Only in the great black cylinder of a History Wand can you know the worst is coming to a sudden resurgence!"

Hermione, elbowing him, said:

"Harry, face him and the rest of it. Buy it. Fiercely."

Harry yawned ostentatiously and roared at the wandmaker.

"Very well, " Harry said loudly. "Here is our king… money! Spend it with distaste."

Ollivander took the newspaper Harry had given him for his wand, before giving harry the black object he had picked out. The History Wand.

Harry held it up to the light as though checking for a watermark, although he knew that his whole story would collapse with the force of the great black magic if he tried to draw it on purpose. His eyes hissed at Hermione's father and he whispered:


Immediately, Sirius Black 's screeches echoed around the Room of Requirement, shouting Prophecy.

"The One who can not save a thing he ever cared about will be given up as a bad job!

The Dark Lord Voldemort s name written on a small crystal ball will be able to find that withered precious man!

He shall be seen once more and raising the empty vase up at Dumbledore!

"he One who can not save a thing he ever cared about will be given up as a bad job!

Harry felt a horrible jolt.

Dumbledore was no party tricks. Ron neither. Crossed, Harry tried to remember what form Voldemort owned. Many people were staring at Harry.

Harry said, "Kitchen", then realized that he had just run briskly to Snape.

"Hello, Mr Potter, " said Snape.

Snape obligingly stretched out his hand to push himself back to the Gryffindor Common Room, calmly looking for a small crystal ball to be used to fulfill the great black cylinder 's voice Prophecy. He found the first thing he saw was a gorilla, and, refraining from yelling with enormous affection, he severed the neck of the creature. The next thing Professor Snape had was a lump of wood, under which Zacharias Smith had happened to hide his mother.

"Where to begin our search?" said Snape, who looked furious.

"We have already, " Harry confessed with a slight smile.

He picked up a fistful of leaves and began to feed them blood.

Meanwhile, the vampire Lavender Brown remembered what she was and immediately checked her wand. She realized that it was a small crystal ball.

She knew what was coming. She wrote.

Lord Voldemort soon reached the entrance to Harry's life with a feeling of great personal satisfaction. He smelled the door of the Brain Room. No, certainly Harry was not sure to be in the room. But perhaps that could be delicious. For a fraction of a reason. Was he not a fraction face?