Being a spy wasn't as action packed as portrayed in TV shows. The job description of being a real-life spy consisted of mainly filling out paperwork and researching about suspect individuals. Occasionally, agents got to go undercover but, even that wasn't exciting. Sitting for hours in unmarked vehicles, watching every single movement was not something to enjoy. Nor was it something to be excited about. The job was never mysterious or adrenaline rushing actors make it out to be. Unless there was a possible threat, MI-5 agents hardly ran around the city of London chasing after the bad guys, That job was delegated to the Metropolitan Police Force. It was them MI-5 gave their intel to, and it was them who made the arrests. Most days working at MI-5 was a normal office job. A 9 to 5.

Today was no different. The team of Section D had spent most of their morning tapping away at their keyboards. This evening was now the same. Even though the clock had struck five half an hour ago, they were still stuck in the office. Having been ordered to work overtime, they all hoped they would get paid for the extra hours. All they were doing was finishing off the mountain of paperwork piled on their desks. Having done almost half of the work, the team were hoping they would be told to go home. But, when Adam entered Harry's office to ask, the request was declined. Harry ordered them they were not to leave the building until the paperwork was done. Tired, hungry and wanting comfortable beds, the team struggled on.

The evening turned into the early hours of the next day. Waking up to the sounds of London's morning traffic, the team were hoping to see they had managed to get through the piles of paper. They, however, were wrong. The paperwork was still there. They had barely made a dent in it. Groaning, the colleagues let their heads fall back down upon the desks. Their few more minutes of sleep did not last long. They were soon jolted back awake by Harry's loud clap. He announced for all of them to meet in the debriefing room. Groaning once more before tidying up their appearances, the team headed towards the meeting room. Slowly sitting down, still wanting to be in bed, the team composed themselves to hear what Harry had to say.

"Last night while you were finishing the paperwork, I received a phone call from the MoD. They informed me a previous yellow alert regarding a possible terrorist cell has now been upgraded to red." Harry notified them.

Harry distributed various folders amongst the team. One by one, they opened the files and read the relevant details about who they were dealing with. Opening the files, the team expected to see a most wanted terrorist group, instead, they discovered it was a single individual.

"What do we know about this Nikolay Kovalevski?" Adam inquired.

"A Russian born citizen he applied for a British national status in 2000 and was granted it."

"From what information the MoD has on him, there doesn't seem to much evidence to indicate Kovalevski as a high threat. So what has made the MoD upgrade the alert now?"Adam questioned, as he scanned through the file.

"Since becoming a naturalized British citizen, Kovalevski's recent activities have caught the MoD's attention." Harry replied.

"What activities?" Adam questioned further.

"Cryptic phone calls he's made have been traced to several terrorist groups."

"Ah, right. Hence the reason why the MoD has flagged up a red alert." Adam said.

Harry nodded.

"So do we know why he's been in contact with these groups?" Ros quipped.

"There is no clear reason for why Kovalevski has been in contact with them, but his communication with not just one but, several groups is a concern for the MoD. They are worried there is a plan to attack the country." Harry explained.

"What do you want us to do?" Adam asked.

"I want you to gather as much intel as possible. If there is a high chance of an attack, I want us to know so we can decide if an evacuation of the public is needed." Harry ordered.

The meeting adjourned, the team set off to work. Not knowing if an attack was imminent or where the target was, Section D was against the clock. They needed to gather as much information as they could to see if the MoD was right in their suspicions. If the intel they gathered indicated a possible terrorist attack, they needed to prevent it from happening to reduce the possibility of civilian casualties or worst, deaths. With not much information to go on about whether Kovalevski was planning an attack, the team carried on researching. While the team was working, Harry received some more background information about Kovalevski from the MoD.

What caught Harry's attention from the file, was Kovalevski's medical notes. It would seem Kovalevski suffered from some mental health issues. He was referred to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with psychosis. His doctor had written Kovalevski was suffering from delusions. According to the medical notes, Kovalevski had confessed he believed 'Prince John' was planning an attack on the country. The possibility of there being a second suspect, caused Harry to think they had a possible lead. He headed back out to The Grid.

"Ros, find out what you can about Prince John," Harry ordered as he walked up to the desk.

"Excuse me?"

Ros looked up from the computer, clearly confused at Harry's request.

"You heard me. Find out what you can about Prince John."

"Harry, I don't wish to disobey you but, I'm certain there's no intel on Prince John. He's been dead for about six hundred years."

"Ros, I don't care. Just find a connection between this Prince John and Kovalevski."

Knowing it would be a waste of time to argue with Harry, Ros began to search the database to see if anything came up. With Ros working on finding a connection between Kovalevski and 'Prince John', Harry was struggling to find out who was behind the plan? If revealed Kovalevski was planning an attack on the UK, what was he hoping to achieve? Not able to connect the dots, Harry was brought out of his thoughts by a small knock at his office door.

"Come in."

The door opened to reveal Lucas. He had that look in his eyes Harry knew too well. The glint that told Harry, Lucas knew he wasn't telling the team everything.

"Lucas," Harry started to say.

"No, Harry, don't change the subject. I know you aren't telling us everything. Lucas replied frankly.

"I can't tell you everything because I don't have anything to tell."

"Oh, please," Lucas said. "I know you. Even when the MoD gives you information about there being a possible terrorist suspect, you always do a background check."

"I did. And I told you what I found on Kovalevski."

"I mean even deeper than just a few years back. You would check personal history such a family, education, any health issues he might have."

"Okay, fine. I can tell you the information I do have is, I believe dubious. Therefore, not relevant to our investigation. I don't want to involve the team until I have to."

"Well, if the information is, as you say, dubious, then why do you have Ros tracking down this 'Prince John'? You do now Prince John is dead?"

Harry indicated Lucas to take a seat. Lucas sat down and waited for Harry to continue. As Chief of Section D, Lucas knew Harry could trust him. If Harry didn't want the team to know just yet, then Lucas would keep quiet.

"I have asked Ros to track down 'Prince John' because according to his medical notes, Kovalevski is suffering from delusions."

"What kind of delusions?"

"According to the medical notes, Kovalevski said this 'Prince John' was planning an attack on the country. And whether this 'Prince John' is actually real or not, we need to see if Kovalevski is still a suspect or not."

"Well, one thing we know for certain is this 'Prince John', isn't real."

"Do we?"

"Honestly, Harry, you don't actually think 'Prince John' is real?"

"Prince John may not be, but someone must be behind the name. And whoever they are, we will find them."

"Or maybe Kovalevski is using the name as a decoy. To make sure our attention is on trying to find this 'Prince John' while he plans his attack."

"Are we really willing to risk the lives of thousands of innocents on not following every possible lead?"

"No, of course not."

"Right, so we dig further into this."

Lucas curtly nods his head and leaves quietly. Of course, he knew Harry was right about not leaving any valuable intel unturned, he just thought this fantasy of 'Prince John' was just that, a fantasy. Meanwhile, back out in The Grid, Ros was having no luck in finding any communication between Kovalevski and this so-called 'Prince John'. Giving up, Ros threw down her pen. Dimitri had seen her frustrated and wondering if he could help, walked up to her desk.

"Dead end?" Dimitri asked

"Wasn't even a lead to begin with," Ros grunted in annoyance.

"Why did Harry ask you to check it out then?"

Ros shook her head.

"No idea. He just said I needed to find a connection between our suspect and this 'Prince John'."

"Excuse me?" Dimitri chuckled. "You must be joking."


"He does know that Prince John has been dead for about how many years?"

"Six hundred. And yeah, I would have presumed Harry knew that tiny detail but, no, he still wanted me to check him out."

Dimitri laughed all the way back to his own desk and sat down. He too had been trying to work out the intended target but, had also hit a dead end. Leaning back against his chair, Dimitri started to spin around.

"Do you think an attack is likely to happen?" he asked as he spun around with a pen sticking out of his mouth.

"There must be some chatter that has got the MoD worried. Otherwise, why would the MoD upgrade it from yellow to red?" Ros answered back.

"True, but I need is a nice comfy bed and sleep. We've been here for 48 hours tracing dead ends and we've not even finished doing the paperwork. We've got nothing." Dimitri whined.

"I wouldn't say that." announced a voice.

Dimitri and Ros turned their chairs around to see who had spoken. Tariq had a smile on his face telling them, they had gotten lucky. Dimitri shot straight back up and leaned forward on his desk. Ros walked over to Tariq.

"Well?" She wondered.

"Think you need to get Lucas and Harry," Tariq told her.

"I'll go," Dimitri said as he got out of his chair.