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'word' Represents a thought

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*word* Represents spoken English

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Parallel

Chapter #1 "The Arrival"


An older gentleman with glasses sits at his desk with in the confines of his office with an even older man next to him. The brown-haired man with glasses was on the phone and was apparently listening to somewhat startling news. The other man could do little but pay attention as his superior listened to the caller. It wasn't particularly long before he hung up the phone and stood up from his desk.

The lower ranking officer spoke first. "So Gendo, who was it?"

Gendo was silent for a short while as he walked towards the window of his office. As he gathered his thoughts, he finally answered. "A large unidentified object is heading in the general direction of Tokyo 3. Some representatives of the U.N. coalition forces wish to meet with us at the command bay as soon as possible."

The other officer seemed surprised. "That was fast. They sure didn't seem to take their time on this one."

Gendo continued. "They're one of the few people out there that really know what happened fifteen years ago. It's obvious that they don't want to repeat what happened during second impact."

"Man kinds greatest trial…" Said the old man. "Is this the beginning of it all?"

Gendo returned from the window. "It hasn't been confirmed to be what we think it is. But I'm sure that the U.N. is taking no chances, and neither should we."

"If it is an angel, how are we going to fight it? Rei would stand little chance against one in her state."

"We will use her if we must, but it may not be necessary, Fuyutsuki."

Fuyutsuki looked to his superior with wonderment. "What do you mean?"

"Another pilot is being delivered today." Answered Gendo.

"Do you mean the Second Child?" Asked Fuyutsuki. "I thought that she was still in Germany."

"No…the Third Child. Shinji Ikari…"

"Your son? Your son is the Third Child?"

Gendo didn't answer. He began to walk towards the door. "We are short of time. I'm sure that the U.N.'s patience a waning."

The older man nodded. "Indeed."


At the beach, a purple-haired woman could be seen in her swimsuit, basking in the sun. She is accompanied with a penguin, who is enjoying himself in the ocean water. The woman then got up and went to a nearby cooler in order to get a beer. She then turns to the penguin. "Well, PenPen. Wasn't this a great idea? It's been a long time since we've gone to the beach."

The penguin nodded in excitement as he dived into the water in a search for some fish. Putting down her beer after drinking half of it, the woman decides to go for a swim herself. As she jumps in, her cell begins to ring. Unfortunately, she doesn't hear it as she swim out to cool off.


A somewhat irritated blond-haired woman in a lab coat was on the phone, obviously trying desperately to call someone. 'Dammit! Where the hell is she? Doesn't she realize that she has to pick up Shinji today?'

After the phone had rung for the fifteenth time, she gave up and hung up. As soon as that happened, a man walked into the room. He had brown-hair, cut in a jarhead style, brown eyes, and a short goatee. He seemed impatient and spoke with an American accent. "You paged me right? What is it, Ritsuko?"

Ritsuko turned to the American. "Adams, do you know where Misato is? I can't get a hold of her."

Adams seemed annoyed. "Why would I know or care as to where she is?"

The scientist sighed. "I suppose that you are right. Anyway, I called you down here because there was word that an unidentified object swimming in the coastal waters of Japan. Although it is unknown as to what the object is, I was hoping that maybe it could be possible if you could prepare Unit 01 armaments for deployment."

The man eyes bugged out. "WHAT? Are you kidding me? I can't do that in such short notice. It would take me a week for me to prepare all that."

Ritsuko seemed upset. "As if things couldn't get any worse. If this thing turns out to be an angel, we're fucked."

A look of nervousness came over the American. "Angel? Now? No way."

Ritsuko nodded. "Like I said, it hasn't been confirmed, but if it is, not only will the Eva be unarmed, but the only pilot we have is in the emergency ward. This is, unless Misato get off her ass and pick-up the Third Child."

"The Third Child is arriving today? Well that's a relief." Said Adams.

Ritsuko had an idea. She looks toward the man with desperation in her eyes. "Can you pick him up? You're my only hope."

The American raised an eyebrow. "Yeah right. I'm going to have my hands tied up here as it is. I have to some how pull a miracle out of my ass just so I can have Unit 01 equipped for combat. I don't even think I could do that even if I had two days."

The blond scientist narrowed her eyes. "All that will mean Jack squat if the boy isn't even here."

Adams became desperate and tried to compromise. "Let me see what I can do in the Weapon's Department. If it seems hopeless, I'll go out and get him."

Ritsuko sighed and accepted the offer. "Please hurry. We maybe short on time."


Gendo and Fuyutsuki were in the command bay deep within the facility. Several military leaders accompanied them from the U.N. The leaders seemed distressed and in somewhat in bad humor. They seemed quick to point the finger. One of the men spoke.

"You're people have done a fine job in detecting these monstrosities. Were you going to wait until it decimated the city before you decided to engage it?"

Undeterred, Gendo swiftly defended himself. "First of all, it hasn't been confirmed if it is an angel. Second of all, even if it was, and we knew it, the Eva is currently not designed for deep sea combat. Third of all, with the meager budget that your people have given us, it amazing that we've managed to even have a functioning facility, let alone have to ability to detect an incoming assault."

The commander's statements angered two of the military leaders. The third, and probably highest ranking officer took on a grin instead. "Your budget problems are none of our concern, but as for confirmation as to what the object is, it is being taken care of. We sent a scouting helicopter along with an escort in order to determine if it is a threat. It should reach the target within a few minutes."


Misato was lying back to the top of the ocean water, allowing the waves to relax her body. She was plainly enjoying herself when she suddenly heard some helicopter noise approaching. Thinking nothing of it at first, she then dived further into the water in order to cool herself further. She eventually noticed that the noise was getting close enough that she could hear it from underwater. Intrigued, she returned to the surface to have a look. She then sees two helicopters passing overhead at a low altitude.

'That seems odd.' Thought Misato. 'It's not often that you see military vehicles in this area. There must be something wrong.'

She then gets the urge to call her friend in order to find out any info that she could about the helicopters.


Ritsuko's phone suddenly rings. The woman grabs the phone immediately and answers it in a hurried tone.

"Dr.Akagi, whoisthis????"

Misato seemed a little startled by her friend. "Uh…. it's me Misato. Are you OK?"

Ritsuko became enraged. "Where the hell have you been? I've tried to call you like five times already!!"

Misato sweat dropped. "Uh, I was going for a swim. I must not have heard the phone."

"GOING FOR A SWIM?" Yelled the scientist. "Do you realize that you're supposed to be picking up the third child today?"

The purple-haired woman gasped. "What? You mean today's the day?"

Ritsuko became extremely exasperated. "Do you mean to tell me that you forgot?"

Misato adopted a look of shame. "Well…. Um…yes…"

"Well then…" Said Ritsuko in a commanding tone. "Get off your lazy ass and do your job!!!"

Before Misato could say anything else, her friend had hung -up on her. 'Dammit! And I didn't even get a chance to find out what was with the helicopters.'


"The scout is nearing the target." Cried out a woman with short brown-hair.

"Good." Said Commander Ikari. "Bring up the visual on-screen."

The screen's image shifted into the camera view on the helicopter. From there, they could see a large shadow moving in the water at a rapid velocity. The helicopter pilot could then be heard.

"We have reached the target. We are standing by for further orders."

"Keep your visuals on the target." Commanded one of U.N. officers.

"Roger." Said the pilot.

As the two helicopters watched the object move forward towards the coastline, the noticed that its velocity was changing. It was slowing down to a stop.

"Target as ceased movement." Said the pilot.

Shortly afterwards, a patch of water below began to emit a bright light.

"The target appears to be gathering energy." Said the pilot in a frightened tone. "What are my…"

Before the pilot could finish his question, a large beam of energy decimated the helicopter.

"We've lost visual." Called out a longhaired man at the console.

"Damn!" Cried out the lead U.N. Commander.

The escort helicopter had begun firing at the target.

"DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!" Yelled the gunman as a volley of bullets penetrated the surface of the water. The attack unfortunately had no effect, and another blast had destroyed that chopper as well.

"We have lost both helicopters." Said the shorthair woman.

"We can now confirm that the target is hostile." Said one of the officers. "We will have a strike force prepare immediately."

Gendo picked up the telephone and began to speak. "Have all the citizens of Tokyo 3 evacuated to their designated shelters and put the city on high alert."


The Tokyo 3 Continental Rail Service was running severely behind schedule. Inside, a young boy was standing impatiently while heading towards Tokyo 3.

'Man, will this train ever arrive?' Thought Shinji.

He was the only one on the train. Apparently, nobody had any interest in heading towards the city at the current moment. This seemed to strike some curiosity in Shinji. 'I wonder if the news will tell me what's going on.' He thought.

Finding his SDAT, he switched it on to radio, and began tuning it in. It wasn't long before he received a news station that seemed to be on high alert. An urgent message was being broadcasted.

"…All citizens within Tokyo 3 are recommended to seek shelter. The city will be in total shut down at 6:00 P.M. If you are heading towards Tokyo 3 right now, we suggest you change your travel plans until the danger passes…"

'Just great! That's right where I'm going. If only this damn train would hurry up.' Thought Shinji impatiently.

The conductor then made an announcement. "We apologize for the delay. We will arrive at the Tokyo 3 Continental Rail Station in fifteen minutes."

'Hmm. Seems like nothing ever goes right with me. It's as if I'm destined to be unlucky. And why am I even on this train? I should get away from here. Away from him.' He thought about his father again. 'No matter how much I don't want to see him, there's a part of me that always knew that I would meet him once again.'

Shinji then thinks back to his past, remembering a very painful memory.


His father and two other gentlemen in dark suits approach Shinji as a young child. Shinji had a great look of surprise. He'd never seen the gentleman before and judging from the look of both and his father's eyes, something not so good was in store for him.

His father then spoke. "Shinji, as you already know, my work has a great deal of importance to the benefit of mankind."

The young boy nodded. "Yeah, Daddy. I know."

Gendo continued. "And because of that, I must spend a great deal of time dedicated to my work. As a result, my responsibilities as a father are irrelevant."

After hearing that, Shinji chest felt a great pain, and his eyes began to water. "But…but…."

The older Ikari ignored his son's emotional response. "I have made arrangements for you to live with a new guardian. You will leave immediately. These men will escort you to your home. Your clothes have already been packed."

Shinji began to cry. "But…."

"But nothing." Said the boy's father. "Your presence will only halter what must be done. Don't think you can get out of this."

The boy then looked towards the men in suits. They were large and intimidating. Shinji became fearful of their towering demeanor. Gendo had begun to walk past his son when his felt something latch onto his leg.

"Dad." Said the boy with tears in his eyes. "I…I don't wanna go…"

The older man became angered at the childish antics of his own flesh and blood. He cared little for the boy's pleas. His mind was made up. "LEAVE!!!!"

After that, Shinji slowly let his father go and sunk his head. It was then that the men grabbed him by his arms and dragged him away.


'Ever since that day, anytime I have seen him; it only resulted in bitterness and argument. I just don't want to see him any more. My teacher couldn't possibly be right about my father wanting me back. Not after what I went through on that day.'

Shinji snorted in anger at the thought of his father. Rather than thinking about it any more, he switched his SDAT back to the cassette player, and he closed his eyes as he went into his own world once again.


Misato, who was only in her pants and bikini top, was driving like a bat out of hell with PenPen in the back seat. She was fairly upset over both the fact that her trip to the beach was ruined, and that she had forgotten about the boy that she was supposed to meet up with at the train station. At the same time, though, she couldn't help but think about the bizarre incidents that had occurred with the last hour. 'What the hell was Ritsuko so worked up over. It couldn't have been me; it seemed a little more serious. I wonder though.'

PenPen was leaning back in his seat trying to enjoy the ride. Occasionally he would look out the window to stare at the coastline that he wished he could be swimming in. One time that he looked, he noted a small group of helicopters that were hovering over the sea. Curious, he continued to watch, until he saw something rather large in the water. Suddenly, something rose from the depths and continued to move forward.

Panicking, the penguin began to wark and flutter and shake in an effort to get his master's attention. Misato began to get annoyed. "Stop it PenPen. We can't go back to the beach. I'll make it up to you tomorrow."

Normally, the shock of the creature footsteps would have alert Misato, but the soft sand was absorbing the shock, making detection of the creature only possible with eyesight. Knowing this, the flightless bird continued to make frantic attempt to alert the woman of her impending doom. The exotic pet easily pissed off Misato, who was not in the greatest of moods. She turned her head to scream at the bird. "Will you fucking cut it out? I'm trying to…"

She then caught something in her peripheral vision. Putting her sights on it, she then identifies the unearthly monstrosity that was walking right into the path she was driving. "WHAT THE FUCK?!!!"

Stomping on the brake the car screeches on the brakes, causing the car to spin. Fortunately, the vehicle stops just as a giant foot lands on the road in front of her, smashing right through it. The creature, not noticing the much smaller vehicle, continued it's forward progress, still being encircled by helicopters.

Misato jump out of her car and looked at both the monster walking away, and the gigantic foot-shaped crater in the middle of the road. "Holy Shit!!!" Said the woman as her heart was still pounding out of her chest. Her companion in the car wasn't doing any better, and he seemed to be in a state of shock. Realizing that it would be impossible to continue on the road, Misato decided to take the time to call a friend.


Ritsuko was typing furiously on the keyboard in an effort to complete the preparations necessary to engage the monster that had just arrived on shore. The sudden ringing of her cell phone did little to calm her already irritated demeanor. "RRRR Who the fuck is that?"

Quickly turning on the phone and putting it on her ear, she then resumes typing. "What!"

The voice was quickly identified. "How come you neglected to inform me that there was an Angel attacking our city?"

Ritsuko was reaching a stress over load, but tried her best to remain calm. "There wasn't any time, you were late as it was."

"Well, now I'm going to be extremely late seeing as now the main road back into Tokyo 3 is now blocked of by a giant foot print THAT COULD HAVE BEEN MY FINAL RESTING PLACE!!!"

Ritsuko went wide-eyed. Her hands ceased typing. "You mean it's here? Now?"

"If I'd been any closer to it, I could have kissed it!!"

Ritsuko began to yank on her hair. "FUCK!!!" Ritsuko dropped the phone and began to rant and curse like a lunatic. After she was done, she picked up the phone again and, while recomposing herself, answered it once again. "Can you still pick up Shinji?"

"It'll take me an extra half an hour since I'll have to get there by going through the city itself. Wouldn't be faster to air lift him out of there?"

"It would…" Answered the blond scientist. "If the U.N. hadn't confiscated our helicopters for their own use."

"Dammit… OK. I'll hurry as fast as I can."

"The streets should be deserted if that will help any." Said Dr. Akagi.

"It might. See you soon."

No sooner than Ritsuko hung up the phone had she went and smashed the phone on the ground and continued to type at a record pace.


Misato ended her phone conversation and turned towards PenPen. "Listen. Things are going to be very dangerous from this point on. I think it would be best if you stayed on the beach and away from the city. If things get really bad, take off for the sea. Since you're a penguin, you should be all right in the water. Try not to go out too far, cause I'll come back for you when I can. Ok?"

The penguin looked at his master as if she had just signed his death sentence. He was a smart penguin, but being alone in the wilderness was not his forte. It was apparent to him now that he was about to get more than he bargained for when he wished to stay at the beach. Shortly afterwards, Misato drove off, leaving PenPen stranded. If he could talk, his next words would have been 'Well, I had a good run.'


"Tank units Alpha and Beta are in position. All air units on standby." Said the woman at the control panel. "All units are waiting instructions."

The head official from the U.N. smirked in the direction of Commander Ikari. "After you see the strength of our military might, you will then understand the futility of your Eva project." He then turns towards the woman. "Proceed with Operation: Shield Humanity!!!"

"Yes sir. All units commence attack on the target!"


Shinji looked at his watch several minutes after he exited the train. The watch read 6:00 P.M. He looked around for any sign of human life. Unfortunately, as the news report had stated, the whole city was completely deserted. He quickly began to wonder if his ride had ditched him in order to seek shelter. 'It would make sense to me. After all, nobody seems to think that I'm important enough to risk their life over.'

Nearby, several helicopters were encircling the large figure. The figure was tall, lanky, and gray colored in appearance. It had two large horns on its head, a spike for a right arm and a buzz saw like cutting device for a left arm. It also had a red spherical object in its chest.

"You heard the orders. Commence fire!!!"

The helicopters made the first assault, attacking with a barrage of missiles. The attack does little more than send the creature back a step or two. The spherical object began to glow, and a large beam shot out of it, destroying half of the choppers. Tank shells were next to bombard the creature, still having no effect. The creature takes its cutting arm and literally slices off the top of an adjacent building. The spiked arm then stabs the top half of the building and throws it towards the battalion of tanks, crushing most of them. The remaining tanks were being sliced in half by the creature's cutting blade.

Shinji could hear all of the commotion and explosion from the distance, but the tall buildings around him masked what was going on. 'What the hell is going on? I got to get the hell out of here!' Unsure as to where to go for safety, he decided that his best option was to find a telephone. 'Maybe someone will come and rescue me.'

Luck seemed to be on his side as he saw what he was looking for. A telephone booth. He hurryingly ran to the phone to make a call, but before he could reach it, a large object, quickly identified as a helicopter, fell right in front of him, crushing the booth. The force of the crash knocked the boy off his feet having his land on his ass five feet behind him.

In fear and panic, the boy quickly got up and ran into an alley, thinking that he would be safe. He then looked outside the alley at the wreckage that almost killed him. 'What the hell happened?'

He then looked around for the answer. It wasn't long before he suddenly saw some missiles flying by. Watching their path of flight, his eyes eventually met up with the giant monstrosity that had been attacking the city for several minutes now.

"AAAHHH!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!!" Said the boy as the monster continued on it path, destroying anything that got caught in it path.

Shinji took this moment as a sign that perhaps it was time for him to hide. The only source of shelter her could fine was a nearby garbage dumpster. As poor of a shelter as it would have been, the young Ikari was short of options and rationality. Without thinking, he quickly jumps into the dumpster, where his hides, hoping he would be safe. Even the stench of the dumpster seemed welcoming compared to what was waiting for him outside.


"None of our attacks are having any effect on the target." Said one of the officials.

"What the hell! We've hit it with enough fire power to wipe out a small city." Said another.

Gendo and Fuyutsuki could do little but watch as the events unfolded. They knew that conventional weaponry was no match for the monster incredible defensive capabilities.

"What is the condition of the arrival of the Third Child?" Asked Fuyutsuki.

"We've heard nothing from either Ritsuko or Captain Katsuragi." Answered Gendo. "It possible that he still hasn't been pick-up yet."

The sub-commander became worried. "The angel is close to the train station. Could it be possible that he could have been caught up in what is happening out there."

The older Ikari was silent. He, too, had thought about the possibility of the boy being killed before he even had arrived. It would certainly narrow humanities odds of survival tremendously. "If it so happens that the boy dies before is arrival, we will have to use Rei."

The old man sunk his head. "In her condition, winning will be unlikely."

"We might as well die fighting." Said Gendo. "Even if we can't win."


Misato was at the train station. To her dismay, the boy was nowhere to be found. She knew she was short on time. She could see the fighting close by. This was definitely not the safest place to be. She continued to drive around the area, hoping that the boy hadn't gotten far. The damage to the city was pretty bad, so driving there was rather difficult. She then reached the street with the helicopter smashed in the middle of the street. Realizing that driving on this street was futile, she stops and gets out.

'Dammit! Where the hell is he?' She thought. Taking a closer look at the chopper, she noted that it had landed on top of a phone booth. She then saw a pool of maroon on the ground beneath the hunk of scrap. It was then that the woman came to a horrible conclusion. 'Oh no! He must have ran towards the phone booth to call for help when the attack had happened, and the helicopter landed on him.' She then sunk to her knees in despair. "He's dead… He's dead because of me. If I hadn't forgotten to pick him up, he'd be safe and alive."

It was then that she began to cry. Not only did she fail at her job, but also she was responsible for the death of a child. It was then that the same boy heard the crying from inside the dumpster. Peeking his head out slowly, he saw the woman on the street. Worried that she might be in danger, he slowly and cautiously exited the dumpster and walked slowly up to her. When he reached her, he spoke up. "Um…Ma'am?"

The sudden voice startled Misato, causing her to jump and fall backwards. She then looked up towards the voice to see a young boy, no older than fourteen, standing above him. Wiping the tears out of her eyes, her emotions went from despair to shear joy as she recognized the face. "Shinji?"

Surprised, the boy nodded. "Yes, I'm Shinji. How'd you know?" He then noticed that the woman was wearing a bikini top instead of a shirt, causing him to blush. Misato then jumped up and hugged the boy tightly, causing his to turn a deep shade of crimson. Now imagine that you see a woman, out in the middle of a war zone, crying out in the street in nothing but pants and a bikini top, who suddenly jumps up to a stranger and hugs him as if nothing bad had happened to him. Only one thought went through his mind at the time. 'Maybe she's crazy… or is it me?'

"I'm glad you're safe." Said the Captain. She then smelt him, noticing an awful aroma around him. "When's the last time you showered?"

After being release from the hug, Shinji tries to regain his bearings about the situation. "Um…I was hiding in the dumpster when I saw some giant thing destroying the city. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm starting to think that I'm losing my mind. I mean, how do you know who I am?"

It was then that a large explosion was heard several miles away. The two of them were reminded of the battle that was still being waged inside the city. The woman then grabbed the boy by the wrist and began to drag him towards her car. "Come on. We have to go."

"Wait." Cried out Shinji was he was being thrown into the sports car. "I don't even know who you are!!!"

Misato then jumped into the vehicle herself and drove off as quickly as possible.


"Both battalions of tanks have been wiped out…" Said one of the U.N. officials.

"And most of our air units have been destroyed." Said the other lower ranking one.

"It doesn't matter." Said their leader. "All we needed to do was lead the creature outside the city. It was there that we were going to use our trump card…"

The other officials were shocked. "You mean the N2 mine?"

The leader was shocked. "It's the only choice we have. Our normal weapons are not working."

One of the subordinates had a question. "Are we at a safe distance from the city in order to use it?"

The leader nodded. "I just received confirmation that we are ready to use it and that it was a safe distance away from the city." He then turns towards Commander Ikari. "You will now witness what true power is. If this doesn't work, NOTHING will."

Gendo said nothing in response, and decided to only wait out the outcome.


Driving down the streets at breakneck speed, Misato began to fumble with her cell phone in frustration. "Dammit! Why can't I get a hold of Ritsuko?" She finally gives up and hangs up the phone. "I guess I'll inform her when I get there."

Shinji, who was scared by the woman reckless driving, screamed as she nearly missed a light post while turning. He then turns to the driver for some answers. "Ok, I some questions that need answers, and If I don't get them, I'm going to flip out. Who the hell are you?"

Misato raised an eyebrow, but then realized that the boy was clueless as to what was going on. She decided to fill him in. "I'm sorry about the lack of introductions. I kinda had to get you out of there in a hurry. I'm Misato Katsuragi, Director of Operations at NERV."

"NERV…" Said Shinji as he recalled his knowledge of the organization. "That's who my father works for right?"

"Well…" Continued Misato. "Theoretically, NERV works for him. He's the head of NERV."

The boy seemed surprised. "He is? Really?"

Misato then handed a book to the boy. "Some of your question will be answered in here. But just in case, what else did you want to know?"

After looking at the book called "Intro to NERV", He looked towards the woman with an urgent question. "What the hell was that monster?"

Reluctant to answer, looked into her rear-view mirror. She could faintly see the monster off in the distance. Curious as to why it so far from the city, she grabs some binoculars and hands them to the boy. "It's called an angel. Look behind you at that thing and tell me what going on. I can't stop for now."

Doing what he was told, he looked through the binoculars at the creature, who was surrounded by helicopters.


Driving in a hummer, Adams was on his way towards the train station, not realizing that he was on a wild goose chase.

'Well, so much for pulling a miracle out of my ass.' Thought the American. 'Now I have to hope for another miracle. I pray that this kid I need to pick up isn't dead.'

Curious as to where the beast was, he stopped briefly and looked though his pair of binoculars. He saw that all the choppers around the creature left in a big hurry. It was then that a look of horror came to his face. *SHIT!!!*


"The helicopters are leaving. Are they giving up?" Asked Shinji.

"Leaving?" Said Misato in a questioning tone before a realization came to her. Wide-eyed, she suddenly guns on the accelerator. "Shinji, turn away and get down."

It was then that the largest explosion that the boy had ever witnessed occurred. The explosion vaporized anything within its path. It wasn't long before the shock wave had hit the vehicle. It was the vehicles forward progress that saved it, preventing it from flipping over. It did, however, lift the rear wheels up, causing the car to lose control. It began to spin around very rapidly, making the passengers inside hit against he sides of the car. Miraculously, the car does not crash, but it did sustain some damage from flying debris. As the dust finally settled, both Shinji and Misato attempted to recover. Shinji then looked towards the woman next to him. "Um…. Now I have another question…"


"N2 mine detonation successful. Awaiting confirmation of target's destruction." Called out the man in short hair and glasses.

"It's destroyed. It has to be." Said one of the officials.

As they watched the screen, it soon became apparent that what they were expecting from the blast was not what they got. Video relay was soon displayed. The target was alive and well, although it had sustained some moderate damage. Its skin appeared to be melting, and part of its body seemed to be transforming.

As the U.N. officials gasped in horror as to what the situation was presenting, Fuyutsuki and Ikari were instead discussing the transformation the Angel was undergoing.

"Sure didn't take long, did it?" Asked the sub-commander.

"No…" Answered Gendo. "Not only is it healing, it appears to be readapting itself, probably making itself stronger."

Kouzou grunted that the thought of a stronger angel. "As if it wasn't bad enough. If your son hadn't been pick-up by now, then he's probably dead for sure. The force of that explosion, even from the distance it was at, would have thrown the boy skyward and smashed him against something."

Ignoring his comrade's comments, the commander continued to observe the almost artful change in the angel appearance. "See that? Its right arm is forming fingers."

Fuyutsuki sighed. 'Probably in a state of denial. Heck, I would be if the weight of the world were put directly on my shoulders. I'm so glad I'm not commander.'


After giving themselves time to recompose, Misato got the car to go again. She had already explained the cause of the explosion, and had accessed the damage to her car. Although upset at some of the body damage on it, she was glad that the inner components of the car were unharmed. She was cautious as to accelerate at a rate far too fast, however.

Shinji decided to continue his interrogation. "Do you think that the angel is dead?"

Misato shook her head. "I doubt it. If it were that easy, we wouldn't have ever put in all the effort we have at…" Misato suddenly fell silent as she realized that there were certain aspects of NERV that she failed to bring to the boys attention. "Never mind."


After exiting his vehicle, Adams brushed himself off and determined that he hadn't taken any serious harm. The hummer, however, was not so lucky. It had been flipped onto its top, and had it not been for its solid design, it would have crushed its passenger. Still, the American was less than pleased.

*Fucking shit. It just figures that they decide to use a nuke now; instead of later when I would already be inside the safety of the reinforced walls of NERV. Don't they fucking figure that maybe I'm trying to save the life of some fourteen-year-old kid?*

After letting that out of is system, he sighed as he realizes a horrible truth. *Well, I guess that he's dead now. He would be so close to that blast the shear force of it would tear him to pieces.* He then picks up his cell phone to call Ritsuko. He is soon found frustrated as he realizes that she is not answering her phone. *Dammit! Is she really that busy?*

Undeterred, he calls some other numbers in a desperate bid for some help, but all of his calls are left unanswered due to the emergency. Incensed that his effort were wasted, he then takes on the only option he has left. He was currently out side the city limits, so stealing car was out of the question. He instead began to hike the distance back to NERV, knowing that it would take him several hours to do so.

He begins to climb up a hill, knowing that it was the fastest way to get to NERV on foot. It wasn't long before he was heavily winded, all the while screaming out swears in English.


Captain Katsuragi and the young Ikari were speeding along the highways, with all suspicions of the car being too damaged past. Misato once again attempted to contact Dr. Akagi, but to no avail. Giving up, She then set the phone aside and continues her forward progress. Shinji, meanwhile, was busying himself by reading the booklet from NERV. He then looks up to the road in curiosity as to where they were going. No sooner had he done that had a person suddenly jumped out of the trees, right in front of the vehicles current path.

"Misato!!! STOP!!!!" Yelled the boy in a panic.

After also noticing the stranger in the middle of the road, she slams on the brakes causing the tires to screech as they slowed the car. The person in the middle of the road jumped aside to avoid being flattened. Finally, the car stopped, leaving its passengers somewhat shaken.

It was then that the man walked right up to the passenger side of the car, screaming curses and such. The sudden appearance of the man made Shinji jump in his seat, and he tried to move away from the window. It wasn't long, though, before both Misato, and the stranger recognized each other.

The woman rolled down the window slightly to allow it to be easier to speak to the gentleman in a meaningful way. "What the fuck are you doing here out in the middle of nowhere?"

The man, now identified as Adams, had become even more annoyed. "I was supposed to be doing your job, since you were apparently not answering your phone." He then sees that Misato was wearing only a bikini top to cover her top half. "And now I know what it was that you were up to."

Realizing once again the apparent lack of clothing, Misato then fumbles around the car for her jacket. "How dare you? Don't you have better things to do that stare at me?"

The American became mover angered. "Like it's my fault that you're barely dressed. And in front of the kid, too? Let me guess, he's the Third Child."

After putting her jacket on, Misato stared daggers at the man. That's none of your concern. Now if you excuse me…" Misato then puts the vehicle in gear. "I have better things to do then talk to a loser like you."

Recognizing her actions, Steven tried to stop her. "Wait! You can't leave…" Before he could finish his sentence, the car pulled away and was gone.

*God Dammit!!* Screamed the American. *That fucking bitch!!!*

Soon afterwards, he grabs his cell phone once again in a desperate hope that Ritsuko will answer his call. Just like before, though, the call was in vain. *What the fuck? Doesn't she ever answer her phone?*


Ritsuko was lying back in her chair, with a look of pure exhaustion. She had finally finished preparing Unit 01 for operation. Unfortunately, it mattered little until they found a pilot to pilot it. She then remembered that Misato was retrieving the "Third Child." She then reached into her pocket for her cell phone, but stopped halfway. She became wide-eyed when she grasped that the idea of her smashing the phone may not have been such a great idea after all.

She begins to bang her head on her desk from her own stupidity. "Shit!! Why the fuck did I do that? She could have called me a million times by now without me knowing it."

Calming herself down, she then gets up and heads for the door. 'I'll just use Adams's cell phone….' She then stops again with another realization. "Oh shit! Please tell me that he didn't leave. I forgot to tell him not to go out!!" The blond haired scientist begins to panic. Knowing that normal telephone lines were not operational due to the current crisis, she began to look everywhere for someone with a cell phone.


The officials of the U.N. had just taken a serious blow to their pride. They knew that they were helpless to defeat the angel, who was currently trying to regenerate. The head official had a sullen look on his face. With half despair, he looked at the commander of NERV, while still searching for the words to say. After a few moments, he began to verbalize what words he decided upon. "Sadly, it has become apparent that our military forces…. Cannot succeed in defeating the target. As a result, we will have to withdraw, since continuing our attack would be fruitless. Ikari… Are you sure that NERV will succeed?

Gendo himself was also silent, but not in a sullen matter. He was trying to form a plan of attack that would somehow succeed, despite the fact that they lacked a healthy pilot. Somewhere in his mind, he was afraid that his son was killed in either the angel attack, or the nuclear counter attack. Yet he was the kind of person who would never let such things truly bother him unless there was concrete proof that the worst-case scenario has occurred. He made it a point to expect his son arrival, since without him they were probably dead anyway. He then remembered the question that the official asked him. He gives him the only answer he could think. "Of course we will succeed. These situations are the very reason why NERV exists."

Satisfied, the officials left, leaving NERV headquarters back in the hands of Gendo. Although he knew that he would do everything in his power to defeat the monstrosity, he also knew that the lie he made to the U.N. officials had no real consequence other than death anyway, an outcome that could occur regardless of whether he said anything at all.

The commander turned towards his right hand man. "Make sure that Rei is on stand by. We may have to use her should the worst case scenario be a reality."

Fuyutsuki nodded, knowing that the worst-case scenario was certain death, and he wasn't quite ready for it yet.

Suddenly, the command room door opened, revealing a winded Ritsuko. Searching the room, she soon spotted the woman with short hair. "Maya! I need your cell phone. NOW!!"

The woman, somewhat startled, began to fumble in her pockets. "I'm not sure if I have it on me."

Ritsuko slapped herself in the face. "That's just great."

Annoyed by the doctor interruption, Gendo turned towards her with a commanding tone. "What is the meaning of this, doctor?"

She put a finger up, indicating that she would answer his question in a moment. "Does anyone have a cell phone?"

The male with the glasses and the control panel raised his cell phone in the air. "You can use mine."

Relieved, Ritsuko rushed towards that man with outstretched arms, but instead of giving the man a hug, she grabbed the phone. "Thank you, Makoto. You're a life saver."

Taking the phone and quickly dialing a number, she then paused, realizing where she was. Instead of calling Adams, she dialed Misato number. 'Maybe she has the "Third Child" already.'

After a couple of rings, the phone was answered. An anxious Captain was on the other side of the line. "Hello?"

Practically exploding in anxiety, the long time friend of Misato's literally screamed at her. "Oh my god, I'm so glad I got a hold of you!!!"

Surprised by her friend's tone, Misato became a little confused. "Are you ok?"

"Never mind." Said Ritsuko. "Answer one question for me. Do you have the "Third Child" in your custody?"

Misato smiled with pride. "You bet! He's sitting right next to me right now."

Upon hearing this, Ritsuko was practically jumping with joy. "YES!!" She then turns towards the commander. "Good news. Miss Katsuragi has custody of the "Third Child.""

The whole room gave a sigh of relief. Even the older Ikari seemed much less stressed.

Misato seemed concerned over her friend's excitement. "Are you sure that you're OK?"

Ritsuko answered her friend. "I'm great. Get him here as soon as possible."

"Way ahead of you." Spoke the purple-haired woman just as she remembered something else. "Guess what. I ran into Adams out in the middle of nowhere. Almost ran over him."

Ritsuko's smiled disappeared for a moment. "Is he with you?"

Misato narrowed her eyes. "Of course not. Like I would let that asshole in my car."

The blond woman felt a twinge of exasperation hit her. "You left him behind?"

"Yeah. Why?" Asked the captain.

Ritsuko thought about the situation. "How far are you from NERV?"

Misato thought for a moment. "About ten minutes away…. You're not…."

Ignoring her friend, Dr. Akagi turned to Maya. "How long before the angel attacks again?"

The bridge bunny looked at her screen. "Our estimations are about two hours and sixteen minutes. Why?"

Ignoring the question, Ritsuko spoke to Misato again. "Misato, turn around and pick him up."

"WHAT!!!" Screamed the woman on the other end. "NO WAY!!"

"Do it! That's an order!!" Yelled Ritsuko before hanging up the phone. She then sighed and hands the phone back to Makoto.

The commander took it upon himself to speak his mind. "It appears that you have made some errors in judgment with the past few hours. I will want to discuss them with you after the crisis is averted. Understand?"

Knowing that she was once again in trouble the scientist begrudgingly replied. "Yes sir…"

The commander continued. "Is Unit 01 ready for operation?"

Ritsuko nodded. "Yes sir."

Gendo began to walk away. "I'm leaving you in charge of preparing the "Third Child" for launch. I want no more mistakes to be made."

"Yes sir" Answered Ritsuko as she walked out. Upon exiting, she begins to bang her head on the wall. 'Stupid asshole. God, I hate him. He thinks that he can use me anyway he wants. I should kick his sorry ass.'


Adams was beyond pissed at this point. He was still miles away from headquarters, and had no vehicle in which to transport himself more rapidly. To add to his frustrations, he couldn't get a hold of anybody to which he knew the cell phone number to and he was too exhausted to continue to hike the distance. Seeing a rock in the road, he vented is frustrations out on the object by sending it skyward with his foot. *Fucking bitch. I hope she gets her ass chewed for ditching me. What the hell's her problem with me anyway?*

Before he could figure out the answer, he noticed a car speeding it's way towards him. Hoping to hitch a ride, he begins waving and signaling the car to pull over. Instead, it sped right by him, nearly running over him in the process. It was then that he recognized the car. 'Misato? Why is she heading the other way?'

His question was answer when the car made a hasty U-turn, and headed its way back to the American. Stopping just short of him, Misato began to honk the horn incessantly. "Hurry your god damn ass up. We're short on time."

As Steven approached the vehicle, he once again looked into the window. "Miss me already?"

The purple haired woman had little patients for the dumb ass's remarks. "Get in the back. If you say one word, you're walking, pal!"

Understanding the seriousness of her words, the American entered the rear of the vehicle. He seats were hardly designed for an adult, and so Adams was cramped to say the least. Once the vehicle began to move, the older man once again regained the courage to speak, feeling safe now that he was inside the car. "Let me guess, Ritsuko made you turn around. Makes sense since I know that you hardly have a conscience."

Miss Katsuragi quickly stopped the vehicle. "Get the fuck out! I warned you."

Knowing that Misato really could do nothing to actually remove him from the car, Adams refused. "You're going to have a hard time getting me out all by yourself."

Misato looks towards the boy next to her, who was trying not to get involved. "Shinji will help me. Right Shinji?"

Swallowing hard, the young Ikari wasn't up to the idea of wrestling a full-grown man out the back seat of the car. "I…I don't think I...could be of much help."

The American then points to his watch. "Besides, we're short on time."

Grinding her teeth, the woman realized that she was stuck with the nuisance in the back seat of her car, at least for now. Trying her best to ignore him from this point on, she once again presses on the accelerator, speeding as much a she can in order to reach the base fast enough to get the loser out of her car.

Adams decided to take this time and get to know the new kid. "Shinji's your name, right?"

The boy looked toward him and nodded. "Yes."

The older man then reached out his hand. "I'm Captain Steven Adams, head weapons developer and tactical advisor."

Shinji reluctantly shook hand with the man. The weapons developer sensed this. "Don't worry. I don't bite."

Misato took this moment to butt in. "Don't listen to him. He's one of the biggest jerks I've ever met."

"And you seem to have a thing with showing yourself off to teenage boys." Retorted Adams, once again noting her lack of a shirt.

A vain began to pop out of Misato's forehead. "Well excuse me, I was in a hurry."

"That's no one's fault but your own. You knew you had to pick up the kid." Said Adams as he began to sit back and relax.

Misato's anger was almost too much for her to pay attention to the road. "GRR!!"

The American then smelt a nasty odor. Not sure as to what the source of the smell was, he decided to blame it on Misato. "So that's what you smell like when you're not wearing deodorant."

Misato's right began to twitch. She really hated the man, and was doing all that she could to hold her self back from killing him.

It was then that Shinji spoke. "Actually, that's me."

Adams gave the boy a strange look. "What? They don't bathe wherever you're from?"

Embarrassed by his lack of cleanliness, Shinji hung his head in shame. "I was hiding in garbage dumpster when the city was being attacked. I was so scared that I didn't care where I hid."

Nodding in understanding, Steven then dropped the subject. The car was now nearing headquarters.


Eventually, the car reached headquarters, and began to head down towards the heart of NERV by transporter. By now, both adult passenger were beginning to calm down, and more pressing matter were to be discussed.

Although the American already knew the answer to the question he was about to ask, he decided that he want to make sure that Misato was on the same page. "So who's going to pilot it?"

Misato was briefly silent. "How should I know?"

Shinji became interested in the conversation. He was especially curious of what "it" was.

Adams continued the conversation. "Well, if you don't know, how should I. You're the Director of Operations."

"Even so" Added the higher-ranking officer. "That doesn't mean that I know everything. The commander never seems to tell me anything."

Shinji took this time to join in. "The commander. That's my father right?"

Misato nodded. "Sure is. Don't get too excited, though."

Shinji shook his head. "I wasn't planning on being excited to see him. I will see him, right?"

"Probably." Said Misato. "Although as busy as he is going to be thanks to the emergency, it'll probably be brief."

It was then that the transporter reached the point in which a clear view of the inside of NERV could be scene. Shinji's eyes widened with awe. "Oh my god! This place is huge!"

Misato nodded. "Yep. This is a Geo-front. An entire open space in the earth that is perfectly spherical. This is the heart of our base. In fact, it's the heart of this city itself. A fortress for mankind, which is what Tokyo 3 is. This is the last stand for humanity. Should we fall, the world will follow suit."

The boy noted the buildings that were upside down. "What are those?" Asked Shinji as he pointed to them.

Adams answered this question. "Those are the skyscrapers that usually inhabit the surface. As a defensive measure, the buildings can be transported within the Geo-front. Pretty cool, huh?"

"It's amazing…" Commented the young Ikari.

"Yep, it's amazing what we've done with technology." Continued Adams. "Heck, the Geo-front itself is a wonder of man kinds ingenuity. One of the greatest man-made wonders in the world."

Misato gave a smug look. "Some genius you are. The Geo-front isn't man-made. It's a natural geological anomaly."

The weapons developer disregarded her statement. "Bullshit! There is no way that the Geo-front is natural. The perfection of its shape could only be achieved by man."

The woman shook her head. "Not from what I heard. The existence of this Geo-front was the very reason as to why we built this base."

"No way." Yelled Adams. "You got it all wrong. The Geo-front was made as a response to the building of this base. They were made at the same time."

"Said who?" Challenged the Director of Operations.

Steven was silent. "Nobody… It just makes sense to me, that's all."

The view of the Geo-front disappeared as Misato made her final comment before they disembarked. "Since when did you make sense?"

The transporter finally stopped, allowing the passengers to exit the vehicle. The corridors were expansive and complex, and one who was not used to the place could easily get lost. Of course, some people are naturally lost.

"I'm telling you, we're supposed to go this way!"

"Yeah right! Like you know where the hell you're going."

Once again, the two of them had engaged in an argument, with a fourteen year old boy sweat dropping nearby.

Misato points towards the left direction of a hallway. "This is the way. I'm 110 percent positive that this is the way."

Adams responded by pointing in the opposite direction. "You have the direction of a chicken with its head cut off. This is the way. Trust me, I've been here twice as long as you have."

"Trust you?" Said Misato. "I wouldn't trust you as far as I could shoot you. And that's pretty far."

The American sported a cocky look. "Ha, you couldn't shoot half as far as I could. Hell, you'd probably accidentally shoot the boy instead."

The ranking officer clenched her teeth. "Wanna bet?" She then reaches behind her to find her gun.

"You won't find it there." Said the weapons developer with a smile. "Last I remember, you left it underneath the seat of your car."

Misato walks past both males towards the car. "I'm going to get it. You two stay here."

After she took a few steps, Steven decided to speak up. "You won't find it there, either." Just then, he pulls out two pistols, one in each hand.

Shinji jumps at the sight of the weapons. "You're not going to shoot her, are you?"

Adams points both guns at Misato. "Only if she looks at me the wrong way."

Misato became highly aggravated. She walked up the man with an arm outstretched. "Give me the gun."

The American drew the weapons away from her. "Only if you can guess which one is yours."

The Director of Operations was hardly in the mood for games. "Give me my gun, now. That is a direct order."

Adams smile quickly disappeared. With a look of disappointment, he hands the correct pistol to her. She quickly realized that the gun was too light, so she stretched out her only arm. "The bullets, too."

Upset over Misato's perceptiveness, he reluctantly hands over the ammo as well. "You suck."

Shortly after she receives the bullets, she then begins to walk towards the left direction of the hall. "We are going this way. That is also a direct order."

With a groan, Adams complied with her orders, while Shinji started to contemplate the manner in which he figured he would die today. 'Well, I almost got crushed, shot, blasted, smashed and nuked. At this point, I should be able to handle anything.'

As the three of them were walking, Adams leaned towards Shinji and began to whisper. "I'll bet you 500 yen that she's going to make four left turns in a row at some point between now and the time that she realizes that she's lost."

Katsuragi heard the whisper, and began talking through her teeth. "You better not be talking about me."

The American moved away from the boy. "Don't worry, we're just talking about guy stuff."

Misato turned her head and narrowed her eyes. "Right. I'm so sure."

Dropping the subject, the group eventually was led to a door. "This should be the way. It has to be." Said Misato as she walked up to it. The doors slid open, revealing what appeared to be a cafeteria. After staring blankly at the large room for several seconds, the purple-haired woman turned around and scratched the back of her head. "Uh. Anybody hungry? Heh heh…"

Upon hearing that, both males face-faulted. After getting up, Adam decided to take full advantage of the situation and decided to take it out on the woman. "Oh yeah. That's exactly what we need. A warm cook meal is just what we need to save the world."

Misato reached for her back slowly. "Hey, remember that I can shoot you now."

Before the situation escalated any further, Shinji spoke up. "Guys, shouldn't we finding the correct path?"

Both adults paused briefly and sighed. They knew that the boy was right and that they were running out of time. Putting their differences aside for the moment, the adult decided to start working together. Misato looked to the American for some advice. "So tell me, where do you think we should go?"

The Weapons Developer began to walk the other direction as to where they were headed. "Follow me. The Cage should be this way."

When hearing the word "Cage", Shinji became a little nervous. "A cage? What cage?"

Adams turned his head and smiled. "That's the place where we lock up all our boys and girls and perform evil experiments on them."

Misato smacked the older man in the back of the head. "Stop it. It's not funny."

Shinji wasn't eased at all. "Well, then what is the Cage?"

Misato decided to take the time and answer the question. "The cage is…where we keep a…I'll tell you when we get there. It kinda hard to describe."

Although we was still no more at ease then before, the young Ikari still felt compelled to continue forward, with the adults as they continued as if they were being pulled. The boy felt as if something was about to happen to him. Something that exceeds anything he could deem possible. Although he had no idea as what was in store for him, he knew that his destiny was something to do with him being here. There presence felt stronger than ever as he reached a particular door that the others momentarily stopped at.

"You think that Ritsuko's in here?" Asked Steven.

"I'm pretty sure she is. Otherwise, if she isn't, we can check the command bay." Answered Katsuragi.

At this point, the boy wasn't listening. He was too caught with the feeling he was getting in order to pay attention to anything. But then the doors opened, leaving the boy wide-eyed; for he was sure that there was something behind those doors that was beyond description.

Unfortunately, there was nothing behind the door, at least nothing that he could see. The room was completely dark. The boy seemed slightly disappointed. But then he saw the others walking into the darkness. Reluctant, yet somehow compelled, Shinji followed, unnerved as to what maybe lurking in the darkness. Upon his entrance, the door suddenly shut, startling him. "It's dark in here. Where are you guys?"

It was then that the lights turned on, revealing to the boy that he was on a somewhat narrow platform that stretched forward, then split towards the left and the right. Below the platform, he saw nothing but a large area of purple liquid. He walked towards the edge of the platform, and looked down at the stuff, realizing that the moment was somewhat anti-climatic. "What is this? It looks like a giant pool of purple water.

"That's coolant actually." Came a voice to the left. Misato and Steven recognized the voice as Ritsuko Akagi. Misato was the first to greet her. "Hey there Ritsuko. Here he is. The "Third Child." The package was a little fragile, but I don't think he's broken."

"Ha ha. Very funny." Spoke the doctor sarcastically. "You really have quite the sense of humor. Too bad we're short on time."

"We're short on man power as well." Added the Director of Operations. "So what are we going to do about the angel?"

Before Ritsuko could answer, Shinji spoke up. "Hey guys. If this is coolant, then what exactly is this stuff cooling off?"

The blond scientist smiled after hearing him. "That's a good question." She then looks up to some crewmember above. "Drain the coolant from Cage 2!"

Shortly afterwards, the pool of purple liquid began to descend. It wasn't long before some was appearing. It was long and purple, but as the coolant got lower, it was revealed that the object was attached to what appeared to be a giant head. Shinji's eyes widened in awe. It wasn't long before a large portion of the formerly submerge object was revealed. "W…what is this thing?"

Ritsuko once again yelled out to the crew above. "That's enough. Don't drain any more." After the draining stopped she turned her attention towards the boy. "This is an artificial life form known as the Evangelion Unit 01. This is the last hope for mankind."

"The ultimate fighting machine!!" Added Adams.

"What does this have to do with me?" Questioned Shinji

Ritsuko smiled. "It is the last hope for mankind. A weapon designed to combat angels and…" She then leans closer to the boy. "You will pilot it."

Misato was in shock. "What?"

Ritsuko continued. "We have no other pilot. Rei has become too injured to do it."

Misato interrupted. "That's crazy. He can't do it. He just got here."

Adams also added a statement. "Are we really making him pilot using Unit 01? Its armaments haven't been equipped yet. Its battle effectiveness is only 35% when unarmed. And that's with a trained pilot. He'll be cannon fodder out there!!!"

"We're short on options. We have nothing else we can use. It's either he pilots it, or we die." Said Ritsuko.

Heart pounding, Shinji falls to his knees and tears up. He looks to the others. "Where's my father? Doesn't he have something to say to me? Doesn't he care that I'm about to risk my life? Huh? Damn him!!"

It was then that a voice came from above. "I am here. And I do have something to say to you."

Everybody looked up to see the commander above behind a glass panel. He had a look of complete seriousness. The thought that he was seeing his son for the first time in years hardly occurred to him. "You have two options. Pilot the Evangelion or die. There is no other alternative." He then walked away without saying another word.

Shinji cried out to his father. "FATHER NO!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?"

His father gave no response as he walked off out of view. Shinji slammed his fist onto the steel ground. "DAMN HIM!! I KNEW IT!! I KNEW THAT HE WAS JUST GOING TO USE ME!! HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME!!!"

Adams looked to Misato. "When you said it would be brief, you weren't kidding."

Shinji, in his anger, began mumbling to himself. "I can't do it. I won't do it. Fuck him. He can't make me do it. I'd rather die than help him."

Misato overheard the young Ikari. She knelt down beside him. "You don't mean that do you? Would you rather die?"

Shinji stood up with great anxiety. "Why the hell do I have to do it? I'm only fourteen. Why can't one of you guys do it?"

"The Eva will only respond to certain children of your age." Said Doctor Akagi. "An adult cannot pilot the Eva."

Shinji didn't back down to their demands. "So isn't there someone else that can do it? Or am I the only one that has to get killed in that thing?"

Ritsuko answered without showing any remorse. "The only other person who could pilot it is in the emergency ward. She's barely conscious and would no doubt be unable to pilot it."

It was then that the boy began to walk away. "Fuck this. I didn't come here to throw my life away for my father's glory. I would die a happy man knowing that maybe he'll die in the worst way possible."

The other began to panic. Misato walked up and grabbed his shoulder. "You don't really mean that, right?"

The boy swatted her hand away. "Of course I mean it. After all the shit he put me through, why should I care? I'd like to see him put through hell, just like I have."

The American became highly offended by the boy's statements. "Hell? Boy, you don't know what hell is! You want to know what hell is? Hell is what's going to happen to all of us if you leave right now."

Shinji kept on walking. "It'll happen anyway, even if I don't go. I'll take my chance outside. Least I'll die with some fresh air."

Adams was about to say something else when Misato interrupted him. "Stop it! You're not helping." She then runs in front of the boy. "Shinji, are you really going to run off?"

The boy nodded as he attempted to go around the woman. Misato didn't back down. "So that's it huh? Isn't there anybody that you care about? If there is, don't you realizes that you're going to kill them, too?"

Shinji paused and began to think. There was one person out there that he really did care about. He began to think about him.

Misato continued to question Shinji's actions. "Aren't you aware that this is something that you can't run from. That this will catch up to you and take you down with it. Are you still going to run away?"

Shinji began to think over some words that stuck in his head. 'You mustn't run away.' He remembered the words as they burned into his mind. The one man he cared about, his teacher, the man who dedicated a good three years of his life to him, had given him that advice. He then began to chant those words to himself. "I mustn't run away…"

Misato heard the boy's words. "Huh?"

Shinji continued to chant, realizing that running would not solve anything. "I mustn't run away."

The woman in front of him realized what he was saying and decided to encourage him. "That right, Shinji. You mustn't run away. Think of those who you care about. They're counting on you."

The young Ikari then looked to Misato, then to Adams, then Ritsuko, and everyone else that was in the room. Then he looked at the machine. It glared ominously at him, as if it was upset that he was leaving. He chanted to himself one last time. "I mustn't away." He then looks to Ritsuko and speaks. "So I'm just going to go inside it and try?"

Ritsuko nodded. "That's all we're asking. If worst comes to worst, you'll probably won't feel a thing when…"

Without listening to the scientist any further, the boy reluctantly agreed. "Fine. I'll do it."

Miss Katsuragi saw the boy's uncertainty. "Are you sure?"

After thinking it through some more, Shinji nodded. "Yes. There's no other way."

Ritsuko walked up to Adams and handed him something. "Make sure he has these on. You'll take him to the entry plug. Misato and I'll meet you at the command bay."

Looking at what was in his hand, Adams nodded. "Yes ma'am." He then walked up to Shinji. "Follow me. I'll take you where you need to go."

As the two males walked off, Misato said one last thing. "Good luck. I know you'll be fine."

Nearby, the Eva Unit 01's eyes began to glow lightly, but no one noticed.


Gendo and Fuyutsuki were sitting toward the back end of the command bay, awaiting the decision of the boy. Fuyutsuki didn't seem hopeful. "Do you really think he will do it?"

Gendo nodded. "I'm confident that he will. He has to other alternative. There's nothing out there for him. He wouldn't last two days on his own. He would stay just so that we could take care of him."

"You really think so?" Asked the sub-commander.

Before the older Ikari could answer, both Ritsuko and Misato entered the command bay. Ritsuko addressed the commander. "He has agreed to pilot it. We are making our preparations as we speak."

Gendo then smiled. "Very well, We'll prepare to engage…" Before he could finish his statement, a rumble could be heard in the distance.

Maya noted the cause of the disturbance. "The angel has resumed its attack."

"We are short on time. Are we ready to launch?" Asked the Commander.

Misato shook her head. "Not yet, we're waiting for Shinji to enter the entry plug."


Shinji, after noticing the rumble, followed Adams towards another hallway.

"Hurry! We don't have much time." Said the weapons developer. "Oh! I almost forgot."

Adams turned around and faced Shinji. He then pulled something out of the pocket of his lab coat. "Here. Let me put these on your head." Adams began placing clips on Shinji's head.

"What are those?" Asked Shinji.

Adams was fumbling with trying to get them to clip to his hair. "These are synch clips. They'll allow you to synchronize with the Eva. Without them, you'd be going nowhere fast."

"Ok…" Said Shinji.

Adams managed to clip one on. "One more thing. Once you're in the Eva, the entry plug will be filled with a liquid called LCL." Said Adams.

"What's that?" Asked Shinji.

The American dropped the other clip, frustrating him further, but he attempted, undeterred, to clip the clip onto the boy's head "Well, it's a special fluid that when breathed in, will oxygenate your blood directly. Don't ask me how, all I really know is that it tastes like liquid copper."


After the clips were placed, the two of them continued down the hall until they reached a sealed door. Adams punched in a pass code, which opened the door. Behind it, was a large, white, cylindrical tube that had an opening.

"This is the entry plug." Said Adams. "After you enter it, we will place this inside the Eva." Adams then smiled at the boy. "This is where we part for now. Enter the entry plug and sit in the cockpit. I'll close the hatch."

"Ok…" Shinji entered the entry plug, but had one more question. "Why am I the only one who can do this?"

The weapons developer sighed as he though of the answer. "Not sure exactly. Apparently, the Eva will only respond to certain children of your age. You're the third person found that can synchronize with an Eva. Hence, you name as the Third Child."

Before the hatch was sealed, Adams spoke again. "By the way, all of us will be in the command bay, speaking with you, so you won't be alone, OK?"

Shinji made a weak smile, knowing that he could use all the help he could get. "Ok. Thank you Captain Adams."

"Please, call me Steve. Good luck! By the way, sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to upset you."

The young Ikari shook his head. "It's ok. I understand why you were upset."

The American nodded. "Ok I'm glad we cleared that up. Talk to you soon." With that, the entry plug was sealed.

Moments later the entry plug started to move. 'That was smooth' Thought Shinji when it stopped. Then the entry plug started spinning. "Whoa! I'm getting dizzy!"


Back at the command center, everyone was in his or her positions.

"Entry plug inserted." Said Maya.

"Good, fill the entry plug chamber." Said Ritsuko.

The entry plug then filled with LCL. Shinji looked down at it. "This is LCL, right?"

"Correct. I take it that you were informed ahead of time about it." Said Ritsuko.

"That's ri…." Before Shinji could finish talking the chamber had filled with LCL. Shinji attempted to breath it in. After a few breaths, he lungs were completely filled. Shinji seemed puzzled. "I thought it was supposed to taste like liquid copper."

"Well, it did to me?" Said Steve.

'Tastes more like blood to me….' Thought Shinji.

"You mean you've actually tasted that stuff?" Asked Misato.

"Well, it's a long story, really." Said Steve while scratching his head.

"You are a long story." Said Misato in an insulting tone.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Asked Adams in an annoyed fashion.

"Cut it out you two!!! We have more important things on our hands." Yelled Ritsuko.

Both Misato and Steve sighed.

"Set language parameters to Japanese." Said Ritsuko.

"Parameters set!" Said Maya.

"Begin Harmonics Synchronization." Commanded Ritsuko.

"Harmonics initiated." Said Maya.

The cockpit began to shift into phases of colors, from blues to reds, and shapes, from circles to diamonds. Finally, the cockpit resembled it's former self.

"Synchronization complete! Harmonic ratio is at 41.3%." Continued Maya.

"Amazing!" Spoke Ritsuko.

"Everything seems normal. Eva Unit 01 is activated." Said Maya.

"Prep Eva for launch!" Yelled Misato.

All the loading and safety locks were disengaged. The internal battery was fully charged. The umbilical cable was attached. All preparations were complete as the Eva was loaded into the launch bay.

"Unit 01 is in the launch bay." Spoke Maya.

Adams took this opportunity to speak. "Shinji, get ready for the ride of your life."

This surprised Shinji when all of a sudden, he heard the words "Launch Eva!!!" by Misato. Suddenly the Eva was launched with incredible force upward. The path he was following would twist and turn, causing Shinji to jolt around inside the entry-plug. All of a sudden, it stopped, and there right in front of him, was the monstrosity that nearly killed him earlier that day. It had changed in form somewhat; its spiked arm had evolved into a hand with claws. It also had a strange lump growing on its left shoulder. 'This is it…" Thought Shinji.

*Here goes nothing.* Said Adams.

'Shinji, don't die on me.' hoped Misato.

***End Chapter 1***

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