Slappy For Mayor

By HappySlappy101

Chapter 1

"Roy Balern in the race for mayor of Sullie Town! He believes in truth, justice, patriotism, and the American way! Vote Balern now!"

"Yes!" I shouted at my T.V. screen "yes! go Balern show those other candidates what it really means to be American!". My dog looked up curiously as I shouted at my television set. "Sorry Bowser," I stated. Sometimes I get ahead of myself.

Oh! How rude of me, I didn't even introduce myself. My name is Jack Leon, and despite how childish I sound I am 20 years old and have just moved into my house from college. Also you just met my dog Bowser earlier, he is a pug. Anyway as you can see I am a huge fan of Roy Balern, but by the time I'm writing this something seems off about him. He seems meaner, but in a way that's not obvious. To let you know what I mean by that we are going to have to pick up where we left off. Where were we anyway? Oh! Yes! Me shouting at my T.V. screen, like a complete child.

"I wish I could meet Mr. Balern in real life", I thought. "What time is it anyway?" I looked at my watch, it was nearly 10:00pm. "Geez I should really get to bed I have to go to work tomorrow". I walked out of the front room, which was by the front door and in front of the kitchen, and headed to my room. My front door had a "Child's Play" poster taped to the outside, which if I am to be honest is weird that I have. Especially considering that I hate dolls, any type of doll. I used to scream whenever I would see a doll at "Toys R Us" (the girls would laugh at me afterwards). I just couldn't help having that poster I'm just a huge nerd, plus I'm just addicted to creepy things. "Good night Chucky," I whispered. The eyes of the doll in the poster were seemingly staring at me, as I moved my hand to open the door. The rest of my room was filled with less creepy nerdy stuff, like Nintendo games/consoles, DC/Marvel posters, and much more. My bed had a blanket with skulls on it, and my pillows had cases with the Nintendo characters Mario and Luigi on it. After putting Bowser in his crate I laid down, and closed my eyes.

I woke up with a start. I looked at my clock that was to the right of my black drawer, it was 3:05am. "Geez," I thought yawning. "I never wake up early," I for some reason muttered. Suddenly I had a weird feeling that something was off. I felt like I was being watched. I decided to look around the room. Looking over everything until… what? Bowser wasn't in his crate!

"Bowser!" I shouted. Nothing not even a the sound of his footsteps. I got up from my bed and went to look for my dog. The hallway was dark as I exited my room. After checking the bathroom, because that's where Bowser goes if he's not locked in his crate at night, I decided to check the front room. Still nothing. I checked everywhere I could think of, and I still couldn't find my precious.

"There's nothing you can do now," I told myself, "You'll look for him in the morning". Maybe I will put out flyers saying, Missing Dog. I walked back down the hallway. I gave a startled jump as I reached my door... It was just the "Chucky" poster.

"Man! I really need to get rid of that thing!" I told at myself. I was about to put my hand on the doorknob when I for some reason grew hesitant. For some reason the hairs on my back were raised, but why was I so afraid. Was it because Bowser was missing.

"Yes," I told myself, "that has to be it". Slowly and cautiously I moved my hand to the door. The doorknob was ice cold when I finally found the courage to actually touch the thing. Slowly I opened the door to my room, and then suddenly I found myself quickly swinging it open. The door went, SLAM! As it hit the wall. I jumped back shocked, and confused at what I had just done.

"What is with me tonight," I wondered as I walked into my room. I went to Bowser's crate to see if maybe he had somehow come back in while I was out looking for him. Unfortunately he was still gone. Sighing I turned to my bed and gasped. I almost screamed in shock and horror. Because on my bed standing on two legs was something about three feet tall. It was human shaped, and looked like it had round dead blue eyes, blue dead eyes that were staring unblinkingly at me.

"What's the big idea!" I shouted, "is someone trying to pull a prank on me, if so it isn't funny!"

"Your right," the figure standing on the bed suddenly said in a high pitched raspy voice. I jumped startled by this thing, no! No not thing, it had to be a person there was no other explanation.

"You want to know what's really funny though," the 'person' said

"What?" I said suspicious and frightened.

"The fact that you'll think this was just a dream!"

Suddenly the figure on the bed started laughing this evil high pitched laughter. It started moving towards me. Closer, and closer, and closer! It was almost near me now. Any moment I would be able to clearly see what this freak looked like….. And it terrified me.

"Why are you doing this!" I screamed. But it continued to walk toward me, the sound of it's evil laughter filling the room.

"No," I whimpered, "No. No stay back, NOOOOOOO!"