Slappy for Mayor

Chapter 2

I woke with a start, it was just a nightmare… but it felt so real somehow. Slowly my breathing slowed down, and I looked around my room scared out of my mind. Everything seems like it was where it should be. Then I remembered Bowser. My dog had gotten out of his crate somehow. Hopping off my bed, I went to check on Bowser's crate. When I got in view of my dog's crate my heart nearly stopped. Bowser was missing from his crate… just like in my nightmare. Getting anxious I quickly left my room in search for my dog. Going down the hallway I decided to check the front room. Maybe, hopefully Bowser would actually be in the front room unlike in my nightmare. Going to the front I looked in the kitchen real quick before finally heading to the front room. "Please, please be in the front room", I thought anxiously. I looked in the front room fearing that I wouldn't find my dog, and… THANK GOODNESS!

My precious dog was lying asleep in front of the television. Letting out a breath of relief I headed back to my room. I needed to get ready for my new job that I got hired for about three days ago now. I was about to be a journalist, and I get my first assignment today. "Hopefully I'm not late", I thought as I walked down the hallway toward my room. After I reached my room I gave a small gasp of horror, and confusion. My "Child's Play" poster I had taped to my wall had been ripped. The Chucky part of the poster had been ripped apart. "How could this have happened!", I asked myself. It couldn't have been Bowser for the poster was too high up, and it didn't look like claw marks, but if it wasn't my dog then what else could it be. Suddenly a memory from my nightmare surfaced. In my nightmare the mysterious person, or thing, or whatever it was said, "the fact that you'll think this is a dream." Could that nightmare really have actually happened? Unfortunately there was no time to dwell on it now, I had to get to work.

"There was no sign of a break in, so there's not enough evidence to get the cops involved", I thought to myself as I entered the small building where I would hopefully be working for a long time. "The SullieTimes" was where I work.

"Hey!" I called out to someone. "Do you know where to go to get assignments?"

"Uh. Yeah, you just go to that desk over there and request to speak to a supervisor", a very helpful man in a suit said.

"Thanks", I said, as I headed towards the desk he spoke of.

A receptionist was sitting at the desk talking to someone over the phone.

"Look sir", the receptionist said to the person on the phone, "I don't know what your cat has to do with anything, but this is a news company not a vet. So unless this is to ask for a job interview, or something that can be reported on I'm afraid I'm going to have to hang up." SLAM!

"Someone having cat troubles", I asked.

"I don't know, probably another prank caller" he replied, "you have no idea how many prank calls we get a day, anyway can I help you, or are you just here to chat?"

"Oh! Yeah!" I replied, "I'm looking for where I can go to get an assignment, I'm new here and don't really know the place."

"No problem sir, you see that room over there you just wait in there, and a supervisor should be there to greet you eventually"

"Ok, thanks man!"

"No problem, and good luck on your first day"

The room of which the receptionist spoke of had a wooden door, with a window that had some kind of label that was wearing off. Opening the door I walked in and found a seat. The chairs in here were all wooden surrounding a wooden table. "Geez", I thought, "someone really likes wood."

I had been waiting for seemed like hour when I started feeling chilly. The air had gone cold, and the hairs on my back stood up, just like during my dream the other night. "Oh no! I'm not dreaming again am I!", I moaned. I felt like I was being watched that someone was staring right at me. The same feeling I had in my dream. No this couldn't be another dream. If it was it would most certainly not help with my anxiety. Every time I'd wake I would question whether it was real, or not. As my breathing started to increase with each passing moment I suddenly had the urge to look behind me. Slowly I started to turn my head. Nothing. "Silly me it was just my anx- AHH!" I shouted as something grabbed my shoulder.