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My Hunter Academia

Killua Zoldyck, professional hunter, prodigy assassin, and all round badass, never thought he would see himself in this current situation. Sitting in a classroom with a large number of immature kids who were all aspiring to be heroes, he would have laughed at the impossibility of such a scenario.

But that's exactly what's been going on for the past six months.

Overall, it had been over a year since he found himself in this strange world. A world filled with people who had super powers, where being a hero was an actual occupation. If the former assassin didn't know any better, he would have thought Alluka transported him into an actual comic book.

Looking around, Killua scoffed at the excitement of his classmates. The teacher just asked what everyone wanted to do after they graduated, but didn't wait for anyone to answer because he knew being a hero was everyone's desire. To be honest, Killua was in the same crowd, though his reasons were much different.

From what he understood about this world so far, being a hero was like being a celebrity. You earn lots of money, have power and influence, gain access to information, attain certain privileges, and so much more. All in all, it wasn't that different from being a hunter.

Just keeping an ear open, Killua realized many students were motivated by different reasons to be Heroes. Some just wanted to be famous, others wanted money, and there were a few rare kids that actually wanted to help people.

Killua, on the other hand, knew exactly why he wanted to be a hero. It wasn't for fame, money, or popularity. To him, being a hero was just a means to an end. There was only one thing he wanted.


In the year he'd been stuck on this world, he learned that if you became a registered hero, you could gain access to information that was otherwise classified. People were more willing to talk to you, and you could do some serious networking among the other heroes in order to gain more knowledge.

That's what Killua was after when he decided to register for a hero course. He needed access to information, and the fasted way to do that was to become a hero. But why did he want information?

To find a way home.

Killua looked away from the other students and glanced out the window in contemplation. Since this world's population had a diverse number of quirks, surly there would be someone who had the ability to open portals between dimensions. He'd searched for the first few months after he realized what Alluka had done, but he turned up nothing. As he began to understand this world, he realized that the quickest way to gain information was to become a Hero.

That, or get involved with the undergrown. To speed things up, Killua decided to do both. Even after a year in this world, the young assassin didn't come close to finding someone who had the ability to warp between dimensions. It was beyond frustrating, but he knew he couldn't give up.

"Why did you do it Alluka?" Killua whispered to himself, his voice drowned out by the cheers of his fellow students. "Why did you send me away?"

Before he was sent to this place, Killua managed to avoid his family for a full year. He and Alluka traveled far and wide during that time, seeing as many sights as possible without going to places like the Dark Continent. A full year where they skillfully avoided the Zoldyck's influence.

Killua and Alluka knew it couldn't last forever though, and eventually, there family caught up to them. When confronted by Zeno, Silva, and Illumi, Alluka and Killua knew it was impossible to escape. Knowing how Powerful Nanika was, Killua contemplated asking her to kill them, but the Zoldyck's came prepared.

They found Gon and took him as a hostage, keeping him in the Family Manor. They said they would kill him if Killua tried anything.

Realizing they didn't have any options left, Killua and Alluka surrendered. It was a tough decision because they knew Illumi would shove needles in Killua's brain in order to control Nanika.

That's when everything went to hell. Before they Zoldyck's could take them, Alluka turned to her older brother and simply told him about how happy she'd been for the past year. She expressed how grateful she was when he rescued her, spent time with her, and loved her. Finally, she told him how grateful she was that he gave up so much to make her happy.

She then told him it was her turn to do the same.

The next thing Killua knew was waking up in a damp alleyway, rain soaking him to the skin. At first, he thought Alluka asked Nanika to take him somewhere far away so he had time to plan a rescue.

That was an understatement if he ever heard one.

After exploring the strange city for the better part of a day, he realized just how far away Nanika had sent him. He wasn't even in his own dimension anymore. While talking with some people and asking a few questions, he got some seriously weird looks when he asked where York New City was. Technology was pretty similar, so it didn't take long to find a computer terminal. When doing a few searches, he realized Nanika had sent him to a completely different reality.

Even a year later, Killua was trying to come to terms with this fact. Sure, it was theoretically possible that different dimensions existed, but to actually have the power to open portals between them...Alluka's power was even more incredible than he could fathom.

But that was the problem. His departure was so sudden that he didn't know what happened. What happened to his little sister? What happened to Gon? Did his family kill his best friend because of what Alluka did? Did his family capture his little sister and force her to do there bidding? He doubted it because he was the only one who Nanika liked. They would have to complete her favors in order to use her power.

Either way, Killua didn't care. All he knew was that he needed to get home somehow.

For the first six months, Killua spent time researching and trying to understand this world. The people spoke the same language as him, but reading and writing was a different story. It took him a little while to learn the basics before he could do anything. After he began to understand how to read the language, knowledge of this world became so much easier to acquire.

The most interesting thing about this reality was that people were born with very interesting powers called quirks. Doing a little more research, it was almost like every person was born with a specialist ability.

But no one could use Nen. From what he could see so far, Quirks and Nen had nothing to do with each other. In fact, it didn't seem like anyone knew how to use Aura at all. That's not to say they didn't posses Aura, just couldn't utilize it. He could still sense everyone around him via Aura signatures since no one knew how to use ZETSU.

Realizing this, Killua decide to hide his ability to use Nen. He didn't know if these people were capable of using Aura, but he didn't see a point of testing it out. After all, almost everyone had a quirk instead. Why would they need Nen on top of that?

Glancing over the classroom, Killua's eyes rested on the one boy he knew didn't have a quirk. Apparently, there were a few people in this dimension who were born unlucky. They were referred to as quirkless and were treated as if second class citizens.

Izuku Midoriya, the hero fanboy of the classroom. Killua had seen the boy muttering to himself and writing in his notebook every time someone used their quirk. Poor kid must have been devastated after learning he didn't have one. Despite it all, there were few people who didn't know Midoriya wanted to be a hero. Even when bullied by nearly every person in the classroom, he still proclaimed his dream.

Speaking of bullies.

"Hey Teach! Don't lump us all in the same group. I'm not gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these rejects."

Killua turned his gaze to the other student who was lazily resting his feet on his desk.

Bakugou Katsuki. An obnoxious loudmouth with a powerful quirk. The ability to create explosions at will with your hands was impressive…It really reminded him of the Bomber when he and Gon played Greed Island. In fact, the personally resemblance was pretty earie.

And that wasn't a good thing.

The kid was annoying beyond belief. With just one look, Killua could see that Bakugou thought he was better than anyone else just because he was born with a strong quirk. In a small way, the former assassin could understand because he was also born with incredible talent. The big difference between them?

Killua didn't look down on others because of their lack of talent anymore. Even the weakest person can become strong with the right training. And even the strongest person can be defeated by someone much weaker than them. Nen was the perfect example of this. It didn't matter if you had huge reserves of Aura, rather it was how creative you could be in applying it.

After living here for a year, Killua began to realize quirks were no different. People could train their quirks to be extremely powerful. But those who have strong quirks usually develop massive egos, resulting in never doing anything to improve their quirk.

Bakugou was an example of the latter.

Understandably, the rest of the class didn't take kindly to his declaration. They all screamed and whined about his attitude, none of them taking action.

Killua just rolled his eyes because it wasn't even worth it to get angry. If you had confidence in yourself, then you didn't let words affect you. The reason the rest of the class was mad was because they felt insecure about themselves, or they realized Bakugou was right and didn't appreciate him saying it how it was.

Glancing over at the only quirkless kid again, Killua saw that he also unaffected by the taunt, mostly because Midoriya was reading his notebook again while adding more entries. Even though he didn't have any powers, Midoriya was probably the only one who was trying to understand better applications of quirks. Since he didn't have one, he defaulted to taking notes on everyone else's instead. It was too bad he didn't have any powers because Midoriya would probably be the only one in this entire class who would explore the furthest reaches of his power.

Such a shame.

"You should all shut up like the extras you are!" Bakugou shouted, causing Killua to roll his eyes again. Seriously, did this kid think he was that important?

"Oh, if I remember correctly, you want to go to U.A. High, right, Bakugou?" The teacher asked.

Queue surprised gasp from everyone in the classroom. Killua didn't know why U.A. was so impressive, but everyone seemed to hold it in such high regard. It was probably because U.A. was for the best of the best. It a strange way, it was akin to the hunter exam where only the strongest could participate. Even before the exam started, you had to prove yourself to a series of examiners.

But U.A. was just a regular hero course school. Anyone could apply, so what was the big deal?

After doing his research, Killua decided to apply to U.A. because it had the reputation of being the best. And since Killua was the best, it was only fitting to go there.

"I aced all the tests! I'm the only one at this school who could possible get into U.A." Bakugou bragged to the entire classroom. "I'll definitely surpass All Might and become the top hero."

All Might.

Killua smirked to himself when he thought about the one who was considered to be the best. Everywhere he looked, the former assassin saw the top hero's grinning face. He was on posters, shirts, TV shows, and even trading cards. His smile was so courageous, so charismatic, so heroic…

So fake.

All Might was a true hero who risked his life to save people on a daily basis…but the way he portrayed himself on the media was as fake as you could get. It was so obvious the man was putting on a face for the crowd, being the symbol of justice who runs into the fight with a smile. A Smile to conceal some kind of secret.

Killua had to admit, it was impressive how well All might could portray himself as the hero who would smile in the face of danger. But from a young age, the former assassin was trained to read between the lines. Maybe no one else could see it, but there was something about All Might that he was hiding.

What that was, Killua didn't know, nor did he care to find out. The man was a symbol of justice, so he had to keep up appearances. He had to show that there was nothing that could break his will, no matter how hard things got. In a way, Killua admired that about All Might.

But there was one little problem with that. Looking around at the society in this dimension, it seemed All Might was the lone pillar that kept it from completely collapsing. People relied too much on the guy, so much so that if something were to happen to him, Chaos would break out.

Already, everywhere he went, people acted as if the man would appear out of thin air to rescue them from there troubles. It created a society where no one was really independent anymore. And that was never a good thing.

"My name will be inscribed on the list of top earners! Everyone will know my name! And it all starts with U.A!"

Killua blinked a couple times and glanced up at Bakugou again. Was this kid still at it? How full of yourself could you get?

Before Bakugou could continue riding his high horse, the teacher had to open his big, fat mouth.

"Midoriya and Zoldyck, didn't you both want to go to U.A. as well?"

The entire classroom quieted down as everyone's heads turned towards the two kids. Killua groaned in annoyance. Why did the teacher need to say that? He really didn't need, nor want the attention.

During his time in School, he always kept to himself. He didn't have any friends and didn't associate with anyone. Heck, people even suspected he was quirkless because he never showed off his powers. Not that he ever intended to tell people about Nen. He would rather they think he was quirkless than realize how powerful he truly was.

Despite his annoyance, Killua turned to the quirkless kid again, a bit surprised and impressed by the announcement. Why would Midoriya try to get into U.A. despite being quirkless? Was it even possible? Sure, he wanted to be a hero, but there were other…less competitive places to go.

Bakugou looked like his entire world had imploded in on itself. The rest of the classroom was silent for a few seconds before everyone erupted in laughter. Fingers pointed in mocking at the poor quirkless boy.

"Midoriya and Zoldyck? Are you kidding me?"

"The two quirkless kids in the class actually want to go to U.A."

"Are you sure Zoldyck is quirkless?"

"He must be! We've never seen him use a quirk and he never mentioned having one."

"He's a freak. He doesn't have any friends and won't talk to anyone."

"Well…That's rude." Killua thought to himself. True he didn't associate with anyone, but why did that make him a freak?

"There's no way you can get into U.A. without a quirk."

It looked like Izuku finally had enough ridicule as he stood from his seat. "Actually, they got rid of that rule. I could be the first one!"

His little comment snapped Bakugou out of his minor mental breakdown as he blew up the top of Izuku's desk. The kid went flying back and landed on his ass.

"Listen up DEKU!" Bakugou growled, smoke flowing from his hand.

DEKU…The nickname everyone in class called Midoriya. It basically meant he was useless. And seeing that the boy didn't do anything as Bakugou ridiculed him with words, Killua was starting to agree. Does not having a quirk mean you should let people walk all over you? Of course not, but Midoriya let it happen anyway. The former assassin even cringed in annoyance when Izuku started spouting off about not getting in Bakugou's way. Seriously, how much of a pansy could you be?

"It's always been my dream! I may not have a quirk, but I still have to try my hardest to be a hero." Izuku said in the most unconvincing way possible.

Killua rolled his eyes and looked out the window again. Seriously, how can you call it your dream when you say it with absolutely zero confidence. It was like he was just going to try, then give up. If you have a dream, make it a reality no matter what. If you half-ass it, then of course nothing will happen.

Naturally, he was ridiculed by everyone in the classroom again. But what can you expect if you talk about a dream you don't believe in? Who's going to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself?


Killua realized his desk also exploded. Seriously, wasn't the teacher supposed to stop this before more school property was destroyed? The former assassin didn't even flinch as he looked up into Bakugou's angry gaze.

"Yes?" Killua asked politely.

"Listen freak! You think you're so cool transferring here and getting in my way? You think you can just apply to U.A. when you haven't so much as shown anyone your quirk? Do you even have a quirk, you white-haired loser?" Bakugou snapped, an almost psychotic grin on his face.

Killua simply looked at him with a blank expression before closing his eyes and shrugging his shoulders. He knew how to deal with people like Bakugou. All they did was bark loudly in the hopes of getting a rise, and if you didn't give them one, it drove them crazy. Apparently, it worked because Bakugou was turning red in the face.

"HA! What does that even mean? Are you so ashamed of your weak-ass quirk that you can't even say what it is? Just goes to show that not everyone can have an awesome quirk like mine. You might as well give up right now because you'll die in the exams, Guaranteed."

Killua looked up at the enraged boy again, his face showing the epitome of boredom. After a few seconds of silence, the assassin simply opened his mouth and said one thing.


It was silent. Not a single person dared to say a word because no one ever had the balls to snub Bakugou Katsuki like that. Even Midoriya stared at the former assassin, his large eyes widening in horror.

Bakugou simply gawked, as if his brain could not comprehend what just happened.

"What did you say?" He whispered, smoke already rolling off his hands.

Again, Killua shrugged and faced the front of the classroom, as if Bakugou wasn't even worth the air he breathed.

That ticked the angry boy off more than anything.


"Bakugou, that's enough. Save it for after class." The teacher said, finally stepping in.

Bakugou looked as if he were going to explode without the use of his quirk. He used every ounce of his willpower to step away and take a seat, defaulting to glaring at Killua for the remainder of the day.

Not that Killua cared in the slightest. Bakugou could do nothing to him. However, it did make the remainder of the period awkward as hell. Despite being in the same class for the past six months, no one knew anything about Killua Zoldyck. For most of the other students, this was the only time they heard him talk besides doing mandatory reading for the class. The fact that he brushed off Bakugou so easily really set them on edge.

Hours later, the final bell rung, signaling the end of classes for the day. About time too because Killua was bored out of his mind. There was nothing challenging about school. Even testing, which people thought was the bane of all existence, was so easy because the teacher talked about the answers during classes. You just had to pay attention.

Since he was trained from a young age to be an assassin, Killua never attended school. The only reason he was doing so now was because it was required. He needed to have some kind of educational background if he wanted to apply for a Hero course.

But after spending six months in school, he could see why his parents never made him attend one. It would've been a complete waste of time.

Everyone was packing up their things and getting ready to leave for the day. Killua did the same, putting his notebook back in his bag and standing from his desk. He barely made it two steps before Bakugou got in his way along with two generic looking cronies. Seriously, this was just annoying. What did they think they would accomplish here?

"Where do you think you're going freak?" Bakugou asked dangerously, sparks already dancing in his hands.

"Same place as always, dumbass." Killua said back, trying to step around the angered teen. The former assassin was getting annoyed. He hadn't so much as shared one conversation with Bakugou. And after his brief interaction with the boy, he realized why. Bakugou was just a generic, self-absorbed, Idiot. He thought that just because he was born with a powerful quirk that he was more important than anyone else. Seriously, who calls people extras, as if you're the main character of a story?

"You've sure got a mouth on you." Groupie #1 said. "You do realize who you're talking to, right?"

"Seriously, do you have a death wish or something?" Groupie #2 added.

Bakugou looked as if he simply couldn't understand that someone was talking to him like this. No one had ever dared stand up to him, less they get their ass blown to pieces.

"You think you can talk to me like that and get away with it?" He asked, small explosions popping off his hands. "I think we need to teach you why I'm top dog around here."

"K-Knock it off Kacchan"

"EH!" Bakugou whirled around to see Midoriya standing there, trying to look tough, but failing miserably. "What did you say Deku? You're both really starting to piss me off! You think you're so cool, applying to U.A. just to get in my way? I should be the only one who's applying at this school and you two ruined it!"

"I…I'm not trying to get in your way. I've just…" Midoriya fell silent and clutched his notebook to his chest in defeat. He didn't have the courage to defy Bakugou when he was this angry. He'd been on the wrong side of his childhood friends temper before, and it never ended well.

"And what's that?" Bakugou asked, ripping Izuku's notebook out of his hands. He flipped through a few pages before snorting. "You really are a quirkless wannabe. As if a fanboy like you could become a hero."

Killua watched without saying a word as the three boys gained up on Midoriya. He wanted to see if Izuku would say anything that would prove Bakugou wrong. After all, the quirkless kid made an impression on the former assassin in applying to U.A. despite being powerless. Maybe Midoriya would stand up for himself when the going gets tough.

He didn't.

"I…Give it back."

Bakugou ignored him by blowing up the notebook and throwing it out the window near where Killua was standing. To be honest, Killua was a little disappointed that Midoriya didn't do or say anything to Bakugou. He just let it all happen.

The other boys were thinking the same thing.

"Man, I thought you would've said something. Guess not." Groupie #1 said as he, Groupie #2 and Bakugou began to exit the room.

Killua hated to admit it, but the kid had a point. Izuku didn't do anything to prove his class wrong. He just rolled over and let people bully him.

"Hey, I got a great idea Deku!" Bakugou said as he made his way toward the class exit. His voice took a vicious tone. "Take a chance at being born with a quirk in the next life…and dive off the school roof!"

…Wow…even Killua was a bit surprised by the taunt. From what he understood, Bakugou and Midoriya used to be friends in the past. It must not have meant much to Bakugou if he could easily tell Midoriya to kill himself. Izuku seemed to think the same because he turned to Bakugou, a look of anger in his eyes.

Killua thought for a brief moment that the quirkless kid might actually say something this time. But all it took was a small threat from Katsuki to break his spirit. Again, it was pretty disappointing.

"Oh, and don't think I forgot about you!" Bakugou said to Killua as he stood in the class doorway. "Watch your back because no one talks to me like that! You get in my way and I'll kill you!"

Killua had no reaction to such meaningless taunts. He was use to things like that because he was one of the youngest participants in the hunter's exam alongside Gon. People always talked down to him because he was a kid.

Izuku just stood there, looking completely pathetic. It was so annoying that Killua rolled his eyes and groaned as Bakugou finally left the classroom. He finished packing up his things and walked over to the depressed kid.

"Midoriya…?" Killua said, realizing he'd never had a conversation with Izuku before.

"Huh?" Izuku looked up at the former assassin. "Oh, um…Zoldyck, right?"

"Yeah…" Killua said flatly. Geeze, was even talking to a new person to much for the timid boy?

"Um hey…Y-You probably shouldn't…t-talk like that to…Kacchan. He can get…p-pretty violent."

Killua rolled his eyes for what felt like the hundredth time. "So?"

Izuku's eyebrows raised as he looked up at the uncaring expression on Killua's face. It was surprising because almost everyone he mentioned Kacchan to, they had some kind of fear or respect in their eyes. Killua had none.

"Midoriya, can I ask you something?" Killua asked, causing the boy to blink a few times and nod. "Why do you let him push you around?"

Izuku took a few moments to process his words before biting his lower lip and turning his head in shame. "Well…I-It's because I can't do anything about it. I'm…I'm quirkless."

"That doesn't mean you have to act like a doormat." Killua said with a touch of annoyance in his voice.

Izuku didn't know what to say. He just looked even more ashamed.

"You said your dream was to be a hero, right?" Killua asked, getting a small nod from Izuku. "Are you sure? Because you don't sound very confident in yourself."

"I-It can't be helped. I've always been made fun of for my dream."

"Have you done anything to prove them wrong?"

Blinking a couple times, Izuku looked up at the white-haired boy. "W-What do you mean?"

Killua felt his annoyance spike. "I mean have you done anything to make your dream a reality? Have you trained your body or mind? Have you stood up for yourself, or do you just let people push you down? You said you're going to apply to U.A…. Big fucking deal. Anyone can fill out a piece of paper. But so far, all I've seen you do is write in your notebook and mutter to yourself about how you want to be a hero."

"I…Um…" again, Izuku looked away because he knew Killua was right. He never so much as did a push up by himself. He was hesitant to tell people about his dream because he was afraid of more ridicule. It destroyed his confidence because there was always someone making fun of his aspirations.

"So far, you seem to be waiting for something to happen. Nothing will change unless do something." Killua said as he walked past Izuku. He didn't know why he was telling this to Midoriya, just he felt like he should. Maybe he admired the fact that Izuku was shooting to be a hero despite having a huge handicap of being quirkless. If nothing else, that got Midoriya a tiny bit of respect from Killua.

Now he just needed to actually grow a backbone and not let people walk all over him.


Killua paused as he turned his head. He saw Izuku still looking like a frightened puppy, but there was a morsel of determination in his eyes.

"Y-You're right. I haven't done much to make my dream a reality. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a hero…It's what my heart longs for…but…can I ask you something."


"Do…do think it's possible for me to be a hero, even if I don't have a quirk?" Izuku asked, his eyes facing the ground now.

Killua frowned. The tone in Izuku's voice…It sounded like he was trying to find some kind of validation, some form of encouragement, someone to believe in him. As if he was waiting for someone to give him permission to be a hero.

That was just stupid.

"Why are you asking me?" Killua said with a shrug. "My opinion should have no relevance. If you want to be a hero, then be one. The only one stopping you…is you! Stop with the excuses about being quirkless and actually do something to be a hero instead of waiting for someone to believe it you. I mean, no one's going to if you don't believe in yourself first. And if someone says you can't do it, make sure you do everything in your power to prove them wrong."

Killua finished his little speech before tossing something to Midoriya. The kid fumbled a little before catching the object, his eyebrows shooting into his hairline when he recognized his burnt notebook. He looked between it and Killua a few times, his mouth hanging open.

"This…When did you…How did you…"

Killua just gave a small shrug as he turned to leave the classroom. "Work hard Midoriya. If you apply yourself, I think you could become a hero."

With that, Killua left the classroom, missing the wide-eyed expression on Izuku's face and the tears streaming down his cheeks. The former assassin didn't know if Midoriya would act on his words or not. Either way, he didn't really care.

The walk home from school was just as uneventful as always. Sometimes he would be lucky enough to see a villain attack, but he never stepped in to help. It wasn't any of his business, and it wasn't like he was allowed to help either. You had to be a professional, registered hero in order to do anything. It was a strange system, but it kept people from recklessly using their quirks.

It didn't take long before Killua found his way back to his small house. It was quite a journey to get this piece of property because this dimension was annoying when it came to the legal age of adult hood. Back home, you could be a child and rent an apartment, or buy a house. Children could even participate in dangerous activities like the hunter's exam as long as you had your guardian's permission.

But here, you could hardly walk around on your own without adult supervision. It was so ridiculous trying to get this house. When he first got here, Killua was forced to live on the streets, learning to read and write. After that, he used his amazing skills at deception in order to convince a local landlady that he was representing his parents, who were working overseas a lot.

In the end, he was able to get a small apartment. Paying for it was another issue, but admittedly, he had to steal money from the local area to support himself until he could be self-sustaining. Unfortunately, there wasn't many options of earning money for someone who should be in middle school. So, the best way to earn some cash was falling back on his training.

No, he did not become an assassin for hire, even though that was an option. Rather, he used his intimate knowledge of finding undergrown activity to find opportunity to make some cash. Surly in a world where nearly everyone was born with powers, there would be some illegal undergrown fight clubs.

And there were…tons of them.

It wasn't hard to find either. All Killua had to do was keep his ears open for any whispers of people bidding on fighters. It was much more popular than he first expected. He thought the professional heroes would keep things like this from happening.

But just as powers made the good guys stronger, it made the bad guys stronger as well. The underground was vast and powerful in this dimension.

It didn't take long before he found someone who could sign him up for these fight clubs. While keeping his ear open, Killua kept hearing a name pop up again and again. Apparently, there was was a well-connected villain broker who had a major hard-on for money. After asking/interrogating some people under disguise, Killua found the man and told him his interest in fighting.


"So…" A man behind his desk took a large inhale of tobacco and breathed out a steady stream of smoke. He had ashen hair and round glasses with a little stubble on his chin. Currently, he was staring at a young…person wearing a black hoodie, sunglasses, and a black mask that covered the lower half of his face. "What can I do for you? Usually, I'm the one finding people, so it's not every day I have someone seeking me out."

"You're the villain broker? I hear you have connections with the Illegal fight clubs around town."

The Villain broker gave a smile, showing off a mouth with one missing tooth. He was pushing a button on the bottom of his desk while stalling his guest. He had no idea where this young boy came from, nor how he got into his office, but didn't care to find out. He didn't even notice the boy the was there until he sat down and lit up a cigarette.

"You found the right guy, though I am surprised because not many people know where I am. Gotta keep out of the watchful eyes of pro heroes after all. Tell me, how did you know where to find me?"

The young boy shrugged. "People talk, you just need to listen."

"Indeed." The broker laughed. "So, you're interested in the fight clubs, are ya? Tell me, why would a kid like you want to bet on those fights? You don't look like you have lots of money"

"I don't, which is why I want to make some." The boy said. "I want you to sign me up for a fight."

The villain broker paused for a few moments before letting out a loud belly laugh. "Listen kid, those fights are very serious. Sponsors and those who bet on specific fighters often use dirty tactics to force others to lose. Blackmail, kidnapping family members, extortion, you name it. Trust me, you do not want to get involved unless you have nothing to lose." The Broker said, continuing to push the button on the bottom of his desk. He felt a bit of frustration because his men were not coming for some reason.

"You don't have to worry about me." The boy said with confidence. "I will be fine."

"Is that so?" The Broker said as if he were talking to a child. "Well, I don't suppose you have any prof that you can handle yourself."

"They aren't coming you know." The boy said, the temperature in the room dropping a couple degrees.

The broker felt cold chills run down his spine as he stared at the young person in front of him. He narrowed his eyes behind his glasses. "Who are you talking about?"

"Your guards." The boy said. "It's really obvious your trying to stall me, but no matter how many times you push that button, no one will come."

The brokers eyes widened as a bit of fear creeped up his back. Even though he couldn't see the boy's mouth, he knew there was a grin on it.

"And why's that? Did you disable my alarm system or something? You know I can just yell and they'll come. Either way, I don't think you're getting out of here in once piece."

"Disabling the alarm? Sounds too complicated." The boy said with a shrug. "I just knocked everyone out instead. It was much easier."

It took a moment for the Broker to realize what the boy just said. He narrowed his eyes in disbelief before opening the laptop on his desk and looking at the surveillance system. The boy didn't do anything to stop him. Instantly, the broker's eyes widened as he saw all of his men on the ground, unconscious. It was…incredible. Some of those guards had impressive quirks, but they were all knocked out.

No wonder he didn't see anyone when he walked into the building.

"None of them are dead." The boy said. "Didn't think you'd be happy with that."

"…You're not wrong there." The broker responded as he closed his laptop. A sudden grin formed on his face as he could practically see the money flowing in. His guys were no pushovers, and if this kid could take them all out, then he must have a pretty devastating quirk. "Well, you've got me interested. Tell you what, I'll act as your sponsor for the first fight and well split the profit 30/70 if you win. Heck, I may even continue to be your sponsor if you make an impression."

"That 70% better be my share." The boy said.

"You're joking right? I'm the one with the connections and I have to fill out all the paperwork for your fights."

"And I'm the one doing all the actual work. 60/40, my way."

"I'm risking my reputation and my own money. That's a big sacrifice for me. 60/40 my way." The Broker said.

"And I'm risking my life here. 50/50 even." The boy retorted in annoyance. "Trust me, you will not regret it. If you don't take this deal, I'll simply go somewhere else and I promise you'll be kicking yourself for being too greedy."

The broker paused for a moment, stroking his chin in contemplation. The sheer confidence he could feel from this kid was astounding. He really thought he could win. If the boy did win, there was a ton of money to be made. And if he loss, well, it wouldn't put much of a dent in the brokers account.

"You have a deal…What am I supposed to call you?"

"Call me…The Hunter." The boy said.

"Well Hunter, my name is Giran, but I guess you already knew that." He said with a smile. "Let's make lots of money together."


And made money they did. After his first win against a guy called Spinner, Killua realized just how popular these fights were if his bank account had anything to say about it. His eyes almost bulged out of his sockets when he saw how much was wired into his account. If this was only half, and Giran took the other half…Killua should have asked for a better percentage, but he was still getting ahold of how the economy worked.

The reason it was so much was because Giran put in a huge bid on him, while practically everyone else bid on Spinner. As usual, he was underestimated because he was a newcomer and a child. No one expected him to win against a trained and experienced villain. Since Giran knew about his strength, he felt confident enough to risk a bunch of money in order to make over ten times as much.

And it paid off big time.

The Hunters name was being spread through the undergrown, causing more and more people to request a fight with him. Thankfully, Giran took care of all the busy work and all Killua had to do was fight.

After his second match, Killua learned from Giran that a number of important sponsors were keeping an eye on him. If he continued his win streak, then he'd better start watching his back because people would try to find out his identity.

So far, only a single person had found out who The Hunter was. It was around the time he was still getting use to living in this dimension and seriously underestimated how tricky some quirks could be. Funny enough, the person was the opponent for his third underground fight and was interested in getting a bit of revenge after losing.

The only problem was that they couldn't get a jump on Killua without the former assassin noticing. After being rightly defeated, the person was easily swayed to keep quiet after Killua poured on the killing intent, though not because the person was frightened.

Rolling his eyes, Killua tried not to think of the strange individual. To distract him, his phone vibrated just as he walked into his house…A small three-bedroom, two-bathroom house he could afford after winning his fourth fight. Seriously, those fights earned him a lot of money.

Speaking of matches, upon opening his phone and checked out the caller ID. He smirked a little. Looks like he was in for another fight, one that would pay big bucks if he could win according to Giran.

What was he saying! He was Killua Zoldyck! There was no way he could lose to any of these chumps. So far, he hadn't come across anyone who could give him much of a challenge.

Hunter! We've got a big match tonight. Meet me at the usual place.

Killua almost laughed at his own moniker again. The reason he went with The Hunter was simply an homage to his occupation back home.

The former assassin pocketed his cell phone and went to his room to dawn his disguise. A simple black hoodie to cover his white hair, a pair of sunglasses, and a black mask that covered the lower half of his face. Admittedly, it wasn't his best disguise, but it got the job done. Now that everything was in place, Killua left his apartment, ready to make some sweet cash.

"So, who are we fighting today?" Killua asked nonchalantly as he followed his sponsor to the underground fight club.

"Someone who directly requested to fight you. Apparently, his sponsor was pretty mad after you thrashed his last fighter."

"…Who was that again? I've been pretty busy." Killua said with disinterest.

Giran laughed as he patted Killua on the back good-naturally. "You're a scary kid Hunter." The man said with a sadistic grin. "I can't believe someone like you just landed right in my lap. You've made me so much money these last few months."

"Its mutual. I needed cash and you…wanted cash." Killua responded, shrugging off Giran's hand. "You set up the matches, I fight people and earn a portion of the winnings. That is the extent of our partnership. I told you that you wouldn't regret it."

"And I haven't yet, so make me proud today! This fight is going to be worth a lot of money if you can pull it off, Hunter."

"Who am I fighting this time, Giran? Any information you can give me?"

The grey-haired man with the round glasses gave Killua a cautious look. "Not a clue this time. No information was shared about your opponent at all. Not what he looks like, not his quirk, nothing. It seems that a lot of people are frustrated that I don't share anything about your abilities, so they don't share there's anymore…not that I know what yours are anyway."

"You don't need to know."

"Yeah, but it would be convenient in getting more fights set up." Giran said, taking a deep puff of his cigarette. "I've watched you closely every time. I re-watch the recording of each fight, and I still can single out your quirk. It's starting to piss me off."

"I make you a lot of money. That should be enough." Killua said, rolling his eye under his sunglasses. "Besides, it doesn't seem hard for you to find fights for me."

"That's not the point. If I knew what your quirk is, I could set up matches where we are assured victory! That way, we could make even more money."

"I haven't lost yet, so you have no reason to think I will now." Killua said with annoyance.

"There's always a first. I mean, someone could have a quirk that surprises you."

"Unless it's some kind of mental quirk, I doubt it." Killua said honestly. "Mental quirks are by far the most annoying to deal with."

"You don't have to worry too much about that." Giran said with a grin. "Not many people with mental quirks like to fight in the criminal undergrown."

"Makes my life easier…"

There was a small silence between the two for a few moments. They continued to walk down the hallway in the direction of the underground arena. Before they arrived, Giran turned to his fighter.

"Hunter, I know I've asked this a few times, but would you consider joining the league of villains? They were badgering me again to ask you."

"I told you before Giran, I'm not interested in becoming a villain. I'm only fighting for the money right now."

The older man gave a huff and shrugged his shoulders. "A damn shame too. But I guess it doesn't matter to me that much. You already make me a lot of money in these undergrown fights."

That was the extent of their conversation as Giran lead Killua down a few flights of rickety stairs. When he first met this strange man, Killua knew Giran would be useful. He may not be physically strong, but he had strong connections to the criminal underground. A lot of people knew about him and his reputation. He would frequently bet on fights, hoping to earn some extra cash, but never outright sponsored anyone until Killua showed up.

After participating in a few fights, Killua learned why they were so popular. While the law states that you can't use your quirk to harm others, there are many who enjoy the thrill of fighting in order to better themselves. Some had quirks so powerful that the people who possessed them felt it was a waste not to use it.

Others had quirks that affected their personality, making the crave a good fight. It was interesting, and a bit sad because they were physically unable to live in the real world because of the way they were born.

Speaking of such a condition, Killua realized they were about to enter the arena room and sensed a familiar Aura signature. When he noticed it was slightly masked by another signature, he sighed.

"She's here…again…"

"She…Oh! You mean your little girlfriend Toga?" Giran smirked when he saw Killua's visibly twitch.

"For the hundredth time, She's not my girlfriend!" Killua growled in annoyance. "She's just some psycho who keeps stalking me after I beat her in my third fight."

"Yeah, he follows you around so much that I'm starting to wonder if she knows who you are. I mean, it's hard to ignore when she constantly attacks you before your fights."

"She's just mad that I beat her with a chop to the neck." Killua said, wishing that were the case with Toga.

"Yeah, her sponsor was mad too. He nearly broke my eardrum with all his screaming after the match." Giran said, glancing down at the hunter. "If you're so annoyed by it, why don't you threaten her…or something."

"I did…but then I realized how much of a mistake it was." Killua responded, shuttering at the memory.


Something was very wrong.

Killua was walking back to his house after his fourth fight. He just confirmed that a substantial amount was wired into his account and was stopping by the local store for a quick bite. However, he realized someone was following him.

For some reason, a familiar Aura signature had skillfully tailed him after he left the arena. The problem was that he didn't notice it until after he changed out of his disguise. Whoever it was, they were really good at masking their Aura…almost like they were hiding it behind a weaker signature. He probably wouldn't have noticed either if the familiar signature didn't keep tailing him for a bit of time.

But how was that possible? He made sure that no one from the undergrown had followed him, but someone still managed to do it without him noticing.

Discretely, he'd been checking the area around him, but he didn't recognize anyone. It almost felt like someone would tail him, give up, and then another would start again. Maybe it was some kind of manipulation quirk where someone could be controlled. He shuttered a little because it was to similar to his brother, Illumi.

This continued until Killua finally had enough. He exited the store with his grocery bag and jogged down the street, making sure to act casual in order to avoid drawing attention to himself. He then made a quick right turn into an abandoned alleyway before finding a place to hid and activating ZETSU. He knew that whatever was following him probably couldn't sense Aura like he could, but making your presence vanish had its advantages. Especially for people with strong senses in general.

It didn't take long, but an unfamiliar man stepped into the alleyway, looking around in confusion. He took a couple more steps before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a little knife.

A familiar little knife.

Killua's eyes narrowed as he recognized it as the weapon used by the girl in his third fight. Why would he have it? Why did his Aura signature match hers so closely? From what he knew about Aura, each person had a completely unique signature.

So why did this man have the same Aura?

Deciding he had enough, Killua moved faster than the person could react and appeared behind him. He still had his ZETSU activated, so the man didn't even notice until Killua kicked the back of his leg.

Instantly, the man fell to his knees in surprise, whipping the knife around in an attempt to slice whatever attacked him. The assassin simply snatched his wrist with one hand while placing his other on the back of the man's head, forcing the side of his face into the ground.

The man struggled hard to escape his grasp. But the instant Killua unleashed his insane killing intent, the man became motionless, staring up at Killua with one eye.

"So, here's how this is going to work…" Killua said carefully. He wanted to extract some information from this man before deciding what to do with him. "You are going to answer my questions, and I won't kill you in the most painful way I know."

The man simply blinked a couple times before a grin spread over his face. His reaction was so strange the it even caused Killua to pause for a moment.

"Wow…That's really scary. Who knew the calm Hunter had an intent like this?"

Killua blinked a couple times before tightening his grip on the man's head. His main Aura signature was so familiar, but the assassin couldn't put his finger on it.

"Who are you? Did someone send you to spy on me?"

"Oh, absolutely not!" The man said with an earie cheerfulness that was extremely familiar. "I followed you for my own interests…and found something really interesting."

Before Killua's eyes, the man's face started to literally melt away.

"After you humiliated me, my sponsor dropped me. I wanted to cut you up nice and good, make you bleed as revenge. You were really hard to follow, but I'm used to stalking my targets. It's really hard to give me the slip, but you were really close."

Finally, the mans face melted enough to reveal a familiar face staring up at him. He cursed his carelessness. This world was making him soft, otherwise he would have dropped her as soon as he felt her Aura.

"Toga…Himiko" Killua growled. He knew quirks were powerful, but some were just so wacky that even he couldn't predict what they were. And apparently this crazy girl had the ability to turn into other people. Not only that, but she could almost hide her aura behind the person she transformed into.

Now that she was transformed back into her usual form, he could feel her signature loud and clear. He growled to himself again, promising never to make the same mistake.

"I was curious what you actually looked like, but I didn't think you would be the same age as me!" Toga said, her psychotic grin enveloping her face. "This is so interesting."

"What do you want?"

"I want revenge of course! You made me lose my sponsor, so now I don't have a way to make money. But…" She said, licking her lips and playfully struggling in his hold. "It seems you're stronger than I thought. If you let me cut you up, I won't let anyone know who you are. I really want to see you ble-"

She didn't even get to finish because a massive killing intent threatened to suffocate her. The grip on the back of her neck tightened painfully and Killua twisted her arm behind her back, to the point where it would break if he went any further.

"I have a different proposition." Killua said with cold disinterest.

Toga was gasping for breath, fear seeping into her very soul as she looked up into Killua's cold, hollow eyes. Killua continued. "Usually, I would just kill you right now to save me the trouble…"

The blood-hungry girl barely heard what he said because she was to preoccupied with his eyes. She had never seen such a frightening gaze in her life. They were so cold, so hollow, so utterly terrifying…

So fucking Sexy.

"But some of my best friends were my enemies at one point. I've learned not to be so hasty with killing everyone that bothers me, So I'm only going to tell you once…" Killua said, his fingernails turning sharp and piercing her skin, causing a steady stream of blood to leak from her neck. "If I so much as hear a whisper of my name being said by someone in the undergrown, or my description being shared anywhere. There is no place on earth you can hide. I will find you…And you will die a horribly painful death."

By this time, Toga realized who she was dealing with. Those cold eyes clearly told her he was not lying. No, it told her much more than that. This was a boy who had not only seen death, but caused it. He had killed so many people that it no longer affected him. His hands were soaked with so much blood that she could literally bathe in it.

After realizing this, it was almost too much for her to handle. A disturbing blush crossed her cheeks and that creepy grin crawled along her face again. It was so weird that even Killua was a bit disturbed by it, especially how she was staring to wriggle her body beneath him.

"I…understand, Killua dear. Not a soul will know who you are even if I'm tortured to death." Toga said, grinning back at him. "I really…REALLY want to make you bleed though. It would make you so…Cool!"


Ever since then, Toga had shown up at nearly every one of his fights. She was true to her word and didn't reveal who he was…

But she was so Damn annoying! Every time he attended one of these damn matches, he had search for her Aura signature. It was a pain in the ass because she was usually transformed into someone else. Why did he have to do this?

Because she was constantly trying to catch him off guard and make him bleed!

Speaking of which.

Killua just entered the area when a stranger fell from the balcony overhead. It was a generic looking business man, but Killua had tuned his senses enough to realize who it really was. He took two quick steps backwards allowing the guy to slash downward right where he was standing. He landed on the ground like a cat ready to pounce again.

Instantly, the man sprang at Killua, who quickly blurred behind and grabbed his wrist, twisting it painfully and causing the man to drop the knife. He then planted his foot against the man's backside, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"This is getting really old Toga." Killua said, his eyebrow twitching in annoyance.

"One day Hunter…" The man said, his skin starting to melt off, revealing a familiar psychotic girl sitting there. "One day I will figure out how you know it's me. I will plunge my blade into your body and watch the blood flow. It will be so…Awesome!" Toga finished as she grasped her cheeks in extasy at the mere thought of seeing him bleed.

"…That's disturbing no matter how many times I see it." Giran said as he scratched his head. "You have my condolences Hunter."

"Oh, shut up!" Killua barked as he turned to the crazy girl. "And you! How long do you plan to keep this up?"

"Oh Darling! I will never stop until I see you bleed." Toga said, reaching down and picking up her knife, licking it sensually before pulling herself to her feet. "When that day comes, you will be so cool that I don't think I'll be able to control myself."

Rolling his eyes, Killua walked past the demented girl. In a way, he felt a little sorry for her. It was obvious her quirk was the reason she was so crazy. Her quirk literally made her crave blood, and her mind was warped to enjoy watching people bleed and suffer.

He could still kill her, but Toga Himiko was one of the few people who actually knew the real Killua. In the year he'd been here, she was the only one who knew how much of a killer he was. And she didn't care, in fact she was attracted to it.

Gon was one of the few people who immediately accepted him after learning about his background in assassination. Toga didn't know he used to be an assassin, but she felt the full force of his killing intent, and still wanted to be around him. That was enough to spare her for now, no matter how annoying she was.

"Toga, leave him alone." Giran said as he realized she was about to attack The Hunter's as his back was turned. "He's got a match today and if you cause me to lose money, I'll hunt you down."

"Oh, I know about his match. Secretly, I'm hoping his opponent can make him bleed a little. Every time I watch one of these fights, it's always to boring because no one can make him bleed, and he beats everyone too quickly for me to watch them suffer." Toga said, a little disheartened.

"Girl, you have issues." Giran laughed.

"And you're one to talk, Mr. Piggy bank!" Killua jabbed as they approached the arena. He saw two other people standing there, so it looked like they were just in time. "So, you want this fight to be quick, or do you want me to draw it out for the crowd?"

"Hmmm…Give the crowd a show this time. I think they're tired of watching you end it with one chop."

"It's not my fault everyone is so weak. If you want me to draw it out, it'll cost you 60 percent this time."

"They aren't weak! You're just ridiculously strong. Whatever your quirk is, you are one lucky bastard it's so powerful." Giran said. "Now get in there, put on a show, and you got yourself a deal."

"Good luck Hunter! Make sure to bleed for me!" Toga cheered.

Killua was standing in the ring across from a seriously creepy looking dude. He was a balding, middle-aged guy with a nasty combover and a thin mustache. His body was fit and decently muscled while his height was above average. A white button up shirt, a pair of jeans, and white tennis shoes made up his clothing.

However, the most disturbing thing about the man was the way he looked at Killua. He had a freaky psychotic glint in his eye that was way different than Killua's stalker. Toga just looked like she was constantly excited about seeing blood, but that was as far as it went. This man had a different look, one that the former assassin easily recognized."


Lust filled this mans gaze and was directed straight at Killua. It was pretty easy to notice because the former assassin had plenty of exposure to leers like that when interacting with someone like Hisoka.

"Ladies and Gentleman~ Sponsors and Fighters! Welcome to the fight you've all been waiting for!"

Killua tried to ignore the dramatic announcer and focus on the man standing in front of him. He was getting a really bad vibe for some reason. Most people he fought in the undergrown didn't put him on edge, but this creep did. That was enough to keep his guard up.

"And remember to submit your bids! Who knows the outcome when it comes to these two fighters! I can hardly wait for…" The announcer continued.

"This is very exciting." Killua heard his opponent say as the announcer continued his speech. "I couldn't believe it when I heard my sponsor mention a child fighting in the undergrown. Imagine my exhilaration when the possibility of fighting a little boy was possible. Such an…easy target."

Killua felt a disturbed shiver travel down his spine, similar to the time Hisoka was checking out his and Gon's ass on Greed island. The only difference was that Hisoka didn't have any interest in anyone sexually. No, Hisoka craved a challenging fight.

This guy just reeked of lust.

"You know, my sponsor was pretty quick to agree with me when I asked to fight you. Apparently, he was not happening when you defeated his last fighter so quickly. You lost him a lot of money, so he told me to…give you my special treatment." The man said, licking his lips sensually.

"Hmm…And what treatment would that be?" Killua asked, though he had a clue based on the vibe he was sensing from this guy.

"Oh, you'll see."

"In one corner, we have the undefeated fighter who has yet to reveal his identity or quirk, The Hunter!" The announcer screamed, causing a roar of approval from the crowd. "In the other corner, we have a rising villain who was recently put on the wanted list. Responsible for the rape and murder of several children within the past year, The Candy Man!"

The crowd reacted differently by the announcement. Some looked disturbed to a degree while others cheered, hoping to finally see someone take down the undefeated fighter. But there were others who were down-right disgusted with the announcement. Even though this place was run by the underground, most of them had some semblance of morals.

And then you had The Candy Man. Killua had actually heard about his person on the news recently. A reporter stated that Several children had gone missing below the age of sixteen, only to be found later.

Brutally murdered.

Now that Killua saw the one responsible right in front of him, he could only imagine the horrors experienced by the victims before there death. Even though he was a killer himself, there were some things even Killua wouldn't do. That was one of them.

"Now, this fight will be until one person is unconscious or dead. Forfeiting the match is not allowed, as requested and agreed by both sponsors."

"Whoever hired this man must really want me to suffer." Killua thought to himself as he glanced over into the crowd where Giran was sitting. "And why would Giran agree to these terms without telling me? This better be worth it."

Speaking of Killua's sponsor, Giran felt a little disturbed by the announcement. He had no idea who was going to be fighting Hunter, but after realizing just who it was, he couldn't help but worry. No one knew what The Candy Man's quirk was, only that he used it to easily abduct people…especially children. Had he known, he didn't think he would have agreed to the terms of the fight.

"Are both fighters ready?" The announcer asked.

Killua and his opponent nodded, The Candy Man's terrifying smile increasing.


"Before we begin, young child, since this will be your last fight, I will give you a handicap." The Candy Man said, as if he were doing Killua a huge favor.

"Is that right?" Killua said dully. He had to be careful because he didn't know what kind of quirk this man had. If it was some kind of mental quirk, it would be a problem.

"I usually let my victims know what my quirk is after they're under my spell, but this will be so much more fun. I want you to struggle against me, fight with all your might to escape my control after I have you. It will be so…wonderful." The Candy Man said, licking his lips as his face showed nothing but arousal. "My quirk, I call it Trust. If I touch a person with either of my hands, they will have no choice but to trust me completely. Even if I make the dumbest promise, like if I tell them I'll give them ten million Yen if they meet me somewhere, they'll believe me."

"Hmm…Scary." Killua said, placing his hands in his pockets. The former assassin had to admit, it was a powerful quirk. To influence someone completely and gain their trust at the touch of a hand was a terrifying ability in the wrong hands.

And it was in the wrong hands.

"I've used this quirk to lure children away from there parents at promise of money, candy, anything you can imagine. Even the strangest, most outrageous of promises, I am believed." He said, saliva almost dripping down his face. He was really getting off on this. "So, if I simply touch you and give you a promise that if you let me rape you right here in the arena, I will give you what you desire most…You will have no choice but to believe me. You won't resist because the reward is too great."

…Yes, truly in the wrong hands, this quirk was extremely dangerous. Killua really hated mental quirks. They were so annoying!

However, now that The Candy Man let Killua know how the quirk worked, there was nothing to worry about. Since the ability relied on a condition of touch, the solution was simple.

Don't get touched by The Candy Man.

"There is nothing I enjoy more than watching the life drain out of my victims, there eyes showing unwavering trust up until the end." The Candy Man finished as he massaged his hands, his fingers twitching in anticipation. "And now it's your tur-"

There was nothing else to say because Killua simply blurred past the man, faster than most could even see, let alone react to. The Candy Man didn't even have the chance to move before Killua was behind him.

At first, the deranged man didn't think anything happened, but then he started to feel it. A subtle feeling of coldness starting from his fingertips, slowly traveling up to his arms, then to his shoulders. The same strange coldness also started at his toes before spreading to his legs.

"You know…" Killua said, catching The Candy Man's attention. He slowly turned around to see Killua's back turned to him. "I don't enjoy killing as much as I used to. In fact, I try to avoid it."

The Candy Man stared at the young boy in confusion, the cold feeling already reaching his torso. It was a deep feeling, as if he would never be warm again. He saw Hunter slowly turn his head, looking him in the face. Though he couldn't see the boy's eyes because of the sunglasses, the sheer killing intent radiating off him was saturating the air.

"But sometimes, you meet someone who just needs to die."

Slowly, Killua brought his right hand in view. The Candy Man's eyes widened as he saw something in his opponent's palm.

A bloody, pulsating heart. The red liquid flowed through Hunters fingers and dripped to the ground as the heart continued to pump in a helpless attempt to keep its host alive.

"I am no stranger to killing. I've done it a lot in the past…just like you. But the difference between you and me?" Killua said, watching as The Candy Man's eyes widen in horror. "I learned to have standards. Luckily, you meet all of them."

Killua slowly crushed the heart into a bloody pulp of flesh. The Candy Man could do nothing as his eyes glazed over and he fell, face first onto the arena floor. The Hunter then slowly released the lump of flesh in his hand, a sickening splatter echoing through the underground arena.

It was completely silent in the room. Everyone watched with there mouths agape at the horrifying scene of someone having their heart literally ripped out and crushed. There was no hesitation in Hunters movements. He moved so fast that hardly anyone in the crowd was able to keep up with their eyes. No one even realized what he did until he showed the heart in his hand. How would someone be able to defend against something like that. Since no one knew what his quirk was, that made everything much more terrifying. Was it part of his quirk? Was it his skill? What the hell happened?

"Hey, announcer." Killua said, shaking the blood off his hand casually. The announcer flinched as he was brought back to reality. "This was a pretty boring match. You feel like asking if anyone else wants to play with me?"


A shiver ran down the crowd's spine. Everyone was trying to avoid eye contact with the merciless killer.

"I-I don't think so…Um…W-Winner is…THE HUNTER! What a frightening match! Can anyone stand up to this kid?" The announcer screamed into the microphone.

Again, there was mixed reactions from the viewers. Some of the cheered wildly, while others chose to remain silent, still horrified by the brutal show of violence.

Killua exited the arena and walked up to his sponsor, who was staring down at the boy with unease. Sure, Hunter was able to win the match…but this was the first time he had shown such brutality. Even seasoned villains and killers had some kind of hesitation when it came to taking a life…

But not The Hunter…

"Sorry, I wasn't able to draw out the fight. I didn't feel like putting on much of a show tonight." Killua said, though Giran knew the boy didn't mean a world of it. "I'll settle for my usual 50 percent."

Giving a sign, Giran shook his head. "Hunter…If anything, you put on the best damn show this arena had ever seen. I guarantee people will be talking about it for a while. Also, I'm glad you put him down quickly. I would be pretty disappointed if he did manage to use his quirk on you since you make me the most money."

"Speaking of which, how much did we win this time?"

Giran grinned widely. "A lot. Turns out a bunch of people knew about The Candy Man's quirk and were banking on him using it to win. I don't think anyone expected you to…break his poor little heart."

"Oh…Hilarious." Killua said dryly. "Just wire it to the usual account."

"You got it Hunter. Good work today. I'll let you know when we've got another fight…though after today's performance…I don't think many will be eager to fight you."

"I'm fine with that. I've got quite a bit of money stored up and I'm going to be busy for a bit." Killua said as he turned to the arena. "Do you think anyone will care if I take The Candy Man's body?"


Killua shrugged. "No reason, just had an idea about what to do with it."

"Uhh…I don't think anyone would care…I guess"

"Cool." Killua responded as he walked onto the arena again. He reached down and picked up the body before leaving, everyone staring at him. "Well, I'm off. See you later old man."

"Hunter…" Giran said. "You ever going to tell me what your quirk is? I mean…after today's fight…I honestly don't know if you're going to get another match if I don't share it with other sponsors."

"Figure it out." Killua said as he turned and walked away, The Candy Man's corpse over his shoulder.

Giran watched as the young fighter disappeared into the distance. Even after taking a life, Hunter talked as if he were having a casual conversation. Killing someone meant nothing to him. There was not even so much as a quiver in his voice.


"You're a scary kid, Hunter."

It was pretty late in the evening when Killua finally returned to his house. He'd done what he wanted with the corpse of The Candy Man, knowing every news outlet in Japan would be all over this story come tomorrow. He was looking forward to reading about it. Who knows, maybe those who lost children to the horrible man would get some closure. After all, Killua did leave bread-crumb trail right to The Candy Man's house.

Before he could even enter the door, Killua rolled his eyes and leaned backwards just in time to dodge a knife aimed directly at his neck. He simply grabbed the wrist of his assailant and threw her over his shoulder. She gracefully flipped around and landed on her feet.

"Toga…it's way too late in the night for this." Killua said, turning to the girl. He expected her to attack again, but she just stood there, lowering the knife and staring at him. Her crazy smile wasn't even plastered on her face. Instead, she looked calm for once, which really threw him off.

"Your fight was amazing." She said with a smile. "The way you ripped his heart out and blood spilled through your fingers was super cool. I just wish I could feel his heart throbbing in my hands as he died. I mean, after what he said, I'm glad he's dead."

"Oh really?" Killua asked, pulling the key out of his pocket and unlocking his door. "And why do you care? Don't you attack and kill people too?"

"Attack, yes…Kills…Rarely." Toga admitted with a smile. "Its more fun to watch people bleed than kill them. If they're dead, they will eventually stop bleeding and we can't have that."

"You have a twisted way of viewing murder." Killua admitted as he opened his door. He walked inside and to his annoyance, Toga just strolled in right after him. "Why are you here Toga?"

"Hm? It's because I wanted to hang out. After watching you rip The Candy Man's heart out, my own heart won't stop beating so rapidly. I wanted to be near you for some reason."

"…Ok…Well, I'm planning on taking a shower and going to bed."

"Great! I can join you."

"And let you stab me in my sleep? Not a chance you crazy Psycho!" Killua growled, getting really annoyed as he watched Toga close the door behind her.

"Awe! How did you know exactly what I was going to do?" she pouted.

Geeze, this girl was so predictable. She had a one-track mind and was honest to a fault. Killua couldn't decide if she was an enhancer, or a transmuter because she was fickle, but earnest. It was a strange combination. Considering her quirk, she would probably fall under transmutation.

Same as him. Maybe that was why he didn't kill her yet.

"What if I promise not to stab you tonight."

"Still not happening Toga. Now get lost!"

"Oooo! You have a spare room?" Toga gasped, completely ignoring him as she saw the vacant room in his house. "Can I use it!? Please!? I don't want to sleep on the street tonight. After I lost my sponsor, I couldn't afford my hotel anymore."

"Ah…" Killua remembered how Toga lost her sponsor after their match a few months back. He didn't realize she was homeless because of him. "What about your parents?"

Instantly, Toga's demeaner dropped. She didn't even look Killua in the eyes as she started to emit a small killing intent. "Who cares about them."

There was obvious bitterness in her voice, so he could only guess that something transpired between the her and her parents. A complicated family dynamic…maybe he had more in common with Toga than he thought. He wasn't going to ask because it wasn't any of his business though.

But it didn't look like she had any money or anywhere to stay. He could tell because she hadn't changed out of her school girl uniform since they met. What did she do for food if she couldn't afford a change of clothing? Felling a little bad for her, he gave a sigh.

"Well, I don't really care either way." Killua said, turning away from her. "I'll make a deal with you. You can use the spare bedroom to sleep at night. But, as long as you're in my house, you are not allowed to attack me in any way!"

Toga instantly perked up at the thought of sleeping under a roof, but she also looked conflicted about the rule. "Awe, but-"

"No But's Toga. If you try to attack me, you're out of here!" Killua said dangerously. "I will never let you in my house again. You can spend your nights on the street, cold, dirty, and miserable for all I care."

Toga scratched her chin, thinking about the conditions for a few moments. "…Can I still attack you when you're out of the house? I…I really want to make you bleed. If I can't even try anymore…then it's not worth it."

Killua blinked his eyes a few times. Was this girl for real? He was giving her a good deal because he felt bad about making her homeless. But she was seriously considering rejecting it because she wanted to make him bleed.

"Why are you so obsessed?"

"Because I really like you Killua!" Toga said cheerfully, a blush forming on her cheeks. "And I love watching people I like bleed. It makes them so much cooler!"

Killua was no expert on relationships, but he was pretty sure it didn't work like that. But never the less, he rolled his eyes. If he agreed, then he could have some semblance of peace in his own house. If he didn't, then Toga would probably try to break in and attack him…again. He was tired of paying for new windows.

"Fine. But remember, no attacking me in my house!" Killua growled.

"YAY! A warm, soft place to sleep! You're the best Killua Darling." Toga said, attempting to throw her arms around his neck.

On reflex, the young assassin grabbed her wrist and threw her over his shoulder. She went flying before crashing painfully into the ground. "Owie! I just wanted to give you a hug!"

"I don't need one! There's a spare futon in the closet…and for God's sake, take a shower in the spare bathroom and go to bed!" Killua said as he walked away. He needed a shower himself and a change of cloths before hitting the hay. It'd been a long day. He had school tomorrow and an application for U.A to fill out.

After everything was said and done, he still wanted to be a registered Hero. He needed access to information, maybe even find someone with a teleportation quirk who could open doorways between dimensions so he could hopefully get home.

"Just wait a little longer…Alluka…Gon."

Authors Note: Well, there you have it. This is the pilot chapter of my new story. I hope I set the tone. It will get pretty dark and gritty at times. MHA does a good job to show some of the darker themes, but in a world where everyone has a super power, there will be those who use them in disturbing and horrifying ways. The Candy Man is an OC I created to illustrate this. In fact, the whole illegal fighting matches are something I came up with…though it probably exists somewhere in MHA.

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