Behold! A second story! This is something I'm doing to stop myself from burning out too fast on one story (I'm already starting to burn low, so start expecting a hiatus soon...I'm sorry for that!) This time, we're diving into a fanfic with one of my OTPs~ some good old Sonadow! I swear, I just have a tendency to ship the main character with the badass characters! Hero and Anti-Hero!

Now, despite all things considered, the very beginning idea is actually inspired by a movie of a certain princess being washed up on an island where she made friends with a certain group of animals (consisting of a red panda, elephant and peacock). And despite said movie being very PG, this...isn't quite as much of sunshine and rainbows as the movie. All characters will also be mostly in character (if they are starting to drift into the princess land, please let me know!).

Also, this is NOT A PARODY! I just got the starting spark from the movie and set out to create something with only a few similarities to the movie and the rest changed drastically to fit the Sonic world.

With that said, please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Sonic cast.

UPDATE 23/11/2018: I decided to change some things because of the trouble I was having with planning the next chapter (and Shadow's past). Sorry for the inconvenience!

Chapter 1

"Man Tails, this island looks amazing!"

Sonic took in the sight of the beautiful emerald jewel of an island, appreciating its verdant shade, the pale white sandy beaches and the blue shade of the shallow waves splashing against the shore (he did not appreciate the water, but he did appreciate the color). Tilting his head up, the image was completed by the clear sky, colored a blue nearly as deep as his fur. All in all, it was a fantastic place for a possible vacation.

As if hearing his thoughts, Tails warned, "We're not here for a vacation Sonic. The president wants us to do not just exploring, but also proper research. Who knows, there might be undiscovered species here, and it's our job to find and study them."

"Our job? When did it become our job?" the third member of their group huffed from his place on the other wing of the X-Tornado. "When did the president become our boss anyway?"

"Oh lighten up Knuckles! Where's your sense of adventure? Besides, this is a good chance to explore! This is an island that no one has ever seen after all," Sonic replied with an excited grin. "Hey Tails, can I jump off now?"

"Go ahead Sonic! I'll call you back when we finished setting up the campsite," Tails sighed in fond exasperation at Sonic's impatience. "You got your communicator, right?"

"You betcha!" Sonic gave the two-tailed fox a thumbs up. "Well then...GERONIMO!"

Whooping, he leapt off the wing, falling towards the massive jungle below. With his arms and legs spread out, the wind blowing in his face and the dropping sensation of a free fall, Sonic could not help but enjoy the adrenaline rush. 'I'll never get tired of this!' he thought as he quickly approached the canopy.

Curling up into a ball, he crashed through the top branches. The impact only slightly jarred him, his quills taking the brunt of the damage. Then, he uncurled and reached out for a large thick branch to swing himself up on it. His grin only widened when he saw that the branches of the overgrown jungle were long and intertwined, acting like rails to grind on. And that was just what he did.

Unbeknownst to him, his actions did not go unnoticed. Surprised and intrigued eyes watched the display as the blue hedgehog glided by. The owner watched until the blue fur disappeared from the line of sight before clambering down the tree, running back to her home to inform her pack of this new intruder...

"Sonic, are you there?"

"Yeah, Tails. Hear you loud and clear," Sonic replied to the communicator.

"We finished making the campsi-"


Sonic grinned sheepishly, even though it couldn't be seen by the communicator. "Don't get your dreadlocks in a twist, Knux! Think of me running off as...surveying the place! I gotta tell you, the jungle's huge! But there are no obstacles or traps like in the Zones, and I haven't seen any strange creatures yet. Just some non-mobians."

"Great! I'll head over soon! Just let me grab my gear..."

"Wait, what about-?!"

The communicator went silent, leaving Knuckles' sentence unfinished. Sonic raised an eyebrow and shrugged, placing the communicator back into his quills. Just as his hand left his quills, there was a rustle.

And something told him that it wasn't just another non-mobian animal.

Also, when did it get so quiet?

"...Who's there?"

There was a pause...

Before pandemonium broke out.

Sonic's quills bristled, his emerald eyes darting frantically.

Backed into a corner. Surrounded on all sides by more of these alien creatures than he was comfortable with. No escape in sight, not with Tails, who arrived just in the midst of battle, knocked out. Not with his own injuries rendering him incapable of speeding past the literal barrier of red-streaked black with teeth-filled maws.

'Just how many of them are there?!' Sonic inwardly groaned, having already taken down a dozen of these creatures. Yet, it seemed there was no end to the huge horde.

The beasts' growls and snarls continued as they stalked closer, snapping their jaws in excitement at the prospect of having cornered their strong and elusive prey. Sonic could only glare back, raising his quills as much as he could to make himself appear bigger. 'Tails is knocked out...but I think we can get through with this. The Power should be charged by now...'

'If only I could grab it...' he thought, glancing at the tossed-away bag from the corner of his eye. While he was fast, the aliens would be upon him were he to make a sudden move. 'If only Tails was awake...he's much closer to it than I am.'

The aliens were closing in. Sonic's decision-making time was running out!

'That's it! I'm not waiting any longer!'

Sonic took a few breaths, ready to endure the pain and try to make a grab for the Ring and Tails. He closed his eyes and relaxed his stance. The change was enough to grab the predators' attention and they growled louder.

A smirk grew on the peach-furred muzzle. "Sorry guys... But we ain't gonna be your meal today!" With those words, Sonic lunged.

The movement sent the entire group into a frenzy. The aliens charged, jaws wide and claws bared. Sonic gritted his teeth as he ignored his body's warnings and dove for the ground, sliding under the aliens and reaching for the Ring.


The verbal command caught all of their attention. It would have been comedic to an outsider, seeing the sight of all the fearsome beasts freezing in unison amidst their actions. Heads turned in the direction of the voice, to see another being stalking towards them. While having the same color scheme as them, their leader, their alpha, looked vastly different.

But there was no mistaking the garnet eyes glaring at them or the commanding aura of power and confidence around him. The creatures immediately issued a submissive posture, noticing that their leader was not too pleased.

Of course, Sonic on the other hand, had a vastly different reaction as he scrambled up to stand wobbly.

'A hedgehog mobian?!'

The hero in him wanted to call out, telling the other to back away because these beasts were more likely to rip someone to shreds. But the quick-thinker in him took note of the creatures' reactions to the hedgehog. 'Why... They are listening to him! And...sort of bowing, as if...' Realization struck Sonic as his confusion turned to caution. 'If he's their boss...' That automatically made him the guy to watch out for.

One of the black beasts, slightly larger than the rest, growled softly as the black hedgehog stood in front of him. A few seconds of constant quiet growls passed before the black hedgehog raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" he hummed to himself before turning his attention to the blue hedgehog. Quills stiffened and raised at the intense stare the hero got. "...Head back to the den."

That elicited surprise from the rest of the creatures. As if noticing the response, the hedgehog continue, "I will deal with this...intruder. For now, do not make contact with the red one and head back to the den."

The black creatures let out a trill-like rumble before following his orders. They all retreated back into the leafy arms of the jungle, their dark hides disappearing into the shadows.

Once they were all gone, the leader turned back to Sonic. "Now, I have questions for you," he began, stalking closer. His longer legs and slightly broader physique allowed him to tower over the smaller hedgehog in hopes of asserting dominance. "And you will answer them, or else..."

Sonic gave the hedgehog a challenging smirk in reply. "Or else?" he repeated. "Or else I'll do this!"

His hand closed its grip around the Power Ring, and a bright flash of light temporarily blinded the other.

Relief (from both the pain and the worry) and victory filled Sonic's veins, just like the power that was flowing from the coveted Ring. A blue blur replaced his figure as he turned and snatched Tails up in his arms before risking a sudden acceleration to race right up the stone wall they were once cornered in.

The black hedgehog growled as he opened his eyes, but it was too late. The blue blur was already streaking out of the jungle.

'He will not get away...' the black hedgehog thought with a smirk. 'So, he wishes to challenge me? Well then...challenge accepted.'

'And I INTEND to win. I will finally have the answers to my past.'

"Tails...Tails are you alright?"

The yellow-furred fox groaned as he finally woke up. Bleary blue eyes took in a fuzzy red shape looming over him, and the color sent him jolting in panic.

"Whoa, whoa, take it easy there! It's just me!" a familiar voice whispered quickly as white-gloved hands reached over to gently place Tails back onto the bed. The kit's ears twitched and recognition flashed in his eyes.

"K-Knuckles?" he whispered as the fuzziness disappeared, revealing the familiar echidna he knew. "Knuckles...that means we're back at the campsite..." Shoulders slumped in relief. "Thank Chaos...that means we got away from those creatures... But...wait, where's Sonic?!"

"He's alright," Knuckles gave a swift reply, not wanting the kit to go into an overprotective mode for his older brother (in all but blood). "He ran to the campsite, carrying you and your bag. He...he was in a pretty bad shape. He used the Power Ring, but by his injuries, I see that he used it after he got them."

Tails grimaced at the reminder. "Yeah... He didn't want to use it so soon, not with how long it takes to recharge the Rings. He..." Memories came back and Tails muttered them out loud, "He fought those things...for a long time. They have such strength and endurance, that it takes quite a bit to take one down. I...I got knocked out in the fight..."

"Don't worry Tails," Knuckles reassured the dazed kit. "The thing that matters is that you both are alive. Sonic will heal; it will take a while, but he'll come through. That hedgehog's faced worse injuries than those bruises, cuts and fractures."

"Are those the injuries he had?"

"And exhaustion. He strained himself too far."

Tails huffed, but he wasn't quite surprised. In Sonic's list of words, 'defeat', 'surrender' and 'give up' didn't exist. And the fox was grateful for it either way. Without Sonic's bull-headed stubborness, they probably would have ended up as monster chow.

"Tails, what's our next move?"

Knuckles' question brought him back to another important topic to discuss. They hadn't quite completed the research on the island just yet, but with Sonic out of commission for the moment, Tails was wary. He did not want to run into those creatures again, not when they attacked in hordes like that. Knuckles was strong, and his endurance was much greater than Sonic's, but even he would fall under the onslaught...

But the research...

"We should move back to the plane. It's closer to the shore and much safer there. This campsite doesn't exactly have the defenses we need. Maybe a few days to recover, then we'll continue on the research," Tails hummed. "But, we'll be ready to escape at all costs... We can't risk our lives, not with those creatures out and about."

Knuckles frowned, but he didn't say anything. The plan was as solid as it could be while taking into account of the research and Sonic, but he still thought that it would be best if they recovered AWAY from the island...

A wince on the fox kit's face brought him back to the situation. "Get some more rest. I'll keep watch for the afternoon," Knuckles told him. Tails didn't have enough energy to protest, so back he went into slumber...

The night on the unnamed island was just as noisy as it was in the day. Only this time, it was the nocturnal creatures' hours as they chattered, yipped and squawked.

The black creatures from the day were like shadows as they stalked through the trees. Without the frenzy of the hunt, they were quieter, tamer as the only noise they made were purring growls and the soft thumps of their footsteps. The huge pack was gathering around their den site, where their leader stood, his second-in-command flanking him.

Once all of the pack had arrived, some of the creatures at the front hissed, one after the other. Their leader counted the hisses, pleased to see that all seven sub-packs had arrived. "Spread out," he ordered. "Make sure to check every inch of the island. Leave nowhere untouched. Find the blue one and bring him to the den. Do not let anything stand in your way."

The second-in-command helped spread the message, using a combination of barks and growls. The black creatures hissed in acknowledgement before slipping away. The seven sub-leaders headed in different directions, followed by the others.

When they were all gone, the second-in-command turned to their leader. "What about you?"

"I'll join the hunt, and I need you to stay here to watch over the pups Red-Tail," Shadow replied. "The females are still not used to watching over them, even though it has been several years."

"You did change a lot of our society," Red-Tail pointed out, his namesake twitching behind him. "Give them time. There is no rush. Our pack has grown to its current glory, thanks to your efforts and changes... But I am curious. Why the interest in the blue male? Why the interest in them?"

"Don't you see?" Shadow's eyes stared off into the distance. "He looks quite similar to me..."

"Not to me. His appearance is quite different. He's smaller, of a different color, of a different scent," Red-Tail argued.

"But his speed."

"..." Red-Tail could agree on that. The blue male was indeed extremely fast, possessing the speed their leader had.

"And there are more similarities there. It was a bit of a shock when I first saw him. As if I was staring into my reflection, only a...more opposite one." Garnet eyes gleamed, going unnoticed by all but Red-Tail. "I want to know. I HAVE to know. Just...just what is my past?"

"Your past doesn't matter, Shadow!" Red-Tail huffed. "No matter who you were before, it doesn't matter. You are Shadow, the leader of the Black Arms. OUR leader..."

"I know. But now, years later, is as if a fog has been lifted from my mind, revealing the large missing piece in my memories. For the past few months, my thoughts wandered to that missing piece even more frequently, and I find myself standing on the beaches, looking to the sea..." Shadow could have groaned, but he refused to show any weakness even as he confided in Red-Tail. "I have to find my past, Red-Tail. Just who was I before I came here? did I even came here?"

Red-Tail was silent. Taking that as the end of the conversation, Shadow left to join the search.

"I guess it is time now."

The new voice in his head caught Red-Tail's attention. He turned towards the den, from which another Black Arm emerged. Citrine eyes met his vivid red as the other seated herself next to him. "Will you be the one to tell him?"

"I will Sun-Spoor." Red-Tail's claws briefly dug into the soft soil below. "I only fear that it will be the push that sends him off the island..."

"He will not abandon us," Sun-Spoor scoffed. "Even if it means bringing us along with him."

"...You mean leaving the island?"

"Of course!" Sun-Spoor's eyes gazed upwards. "There is a world beyond this island. There might be more Black Arms out there. Black-Claw himself was from the outside world before he took his sub-pack here. My ancestors would know."

" might take a while for the others to accept it."

"But they will."

Red-Tail could not disagree with that. Either Shadow forced them to come along or they themselves just jumped on board. And knowing how a large portion of the pack actually grown under Shadow's reign during the years after Black-Doom's fall, the latter option was more likely.

Sun-Spoor's gaze turned back towards the den. "Now, I believe I have some pups to feed. Mind doing the hunting as the father?"

Red-Tail huffed in amusement at his mate. "I have to watch over the den."

"Oh fine~!"

The Black Arms in my story only have one design; I might get to drawing that design and posting it on my deviantart account; I'll let you know when I have it posted. Also, this is set in the games. I haven't decided yet whether the games had occurred because they don't really matter much. The story's more focused on Shadow's discovery of his past.

Now, I won't say anything more in case of spoilers, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also, should I add entries here as a way of informing you guys about my version of the Black Arms? Please offer some suggestions!