No characters you recognize are mine. This is a repost. I made a few changes and fixed the spelling errors hopefully.

Punk Gone Prep

The Bets

For the past five years Hogwarts had been terrorized by a group of pranksters known as the Marauders. The only problem is no one knows who they are. The Marauders have code names Moony, Prongs, Wormtail and Padfoot. Anything that goes wrong us blamed on them they are the perfect scapegoat. People think they aren't in Slytherin because they get most of the pranks pulled on them. No one knows.

James potter is in his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He's the most popular guy in school, rich and smart. He never does anything wrong. Basically he's a goodie-goodie. Lily Evans is the complete opposite. She dresses like a punk and always gets in trouble. The only thing they have in common is their grades, money and brains.

Lily is a nonconformist. She and her best friend Kaitlyn are complete opposites. Kaitlyn is a prep but not really popular either. They pull pranks occasionally and people think there the Marauders except they don't have two other people. James and his best friend Sirius are complete opposites also. Sirius is a lot like Lily except he is popular. He's a bad boy but James helps him stay out of trouble and in line.

Everyone has just returned to Hogwarts and tomorrow is the first day of school. Lily and Kaitlyn decide to make a bet to spice up the first few weeks of school. "Let's have some fun and fool with a couple of minds" Kaitlyn suggests.

"I'm game. What you thinking?" Lily asked.

"Well you could dress like me for two weeks and I could dress like you."

"What's the fun in that?"

"You didn't let me finish. You have to get a guy of my choosing to kiss you, and not a peck on the cheek but a full action one."

"Fine but I get to pick your guy too." Everyone thought of Lily as a bad girl but little did they know she had never been kissed. "So who's the lucky guy?"

"James potter."

"WHAT! He's a goodie-goodie he would never look at me twice."

"Well you will have to make him."

"Fine you have to kiss Sirius."

Kaitlyn smiled. "When do we start?"

"Tomorrow since its 10 now, you're going to have to pick out what I'm going to wear."

"Ok and you will choose my clothes. First you will have to take your hair out of those horrid braids. Maybe we can curl it." Kaitlyn kept talking but Lily tuned her out. This is going to be fun actually trying to get James to kiss me. He is kind of cute. Wait what am I thinking? You know he probably has a wild side. I could try to bring it out. That would be kind of fun. Lily thought

The next morning Kaitlyn woke Lily up at six to get ready. "First impressions count. Here go take a shower and leave your hair down." Kaitlyn threw a towel at Lily.

"Fine, how can you be so perky this early?"

When lily came out Kaitlyn had her whole outfit picked out. "There is no way I am wearing that! I would look like a cheer leader."

"To bad you have to dress like this. James likes the cheerleader type."

"What I do for you." Lily said putting on the short plaid pleated skirt, button up shirt and knee high socks. She then picked out black baggy cargo pants with a skintight black tube top. Lily put Kaitlyn's hair in tiny spiral buns all over her head. She didn't let Kaitlyn wear any makeup besides foundation and dark lip-gloss. Kaitlyn had to do Lily's makeup because she never wore any. Kaitlyn stepped back "voila" Lily looked gorgeous, Kaitlyn also looked good. She had the go against the world look going on.

It was now 8 am "I'm starved lets go eat." They got up left the dorm and walked down the stairs. When they got to the common room everyone stopped and stared. Some guys even stopped mid-sentence to their girlfriends. Lily and Kaitlyn paid no attention they walked out laughing. "This is great" Kaitlyn laughed.

"I know right when they thought they know everything about us we shock them again." Lily laughed. "The only thing I don't like is feeling all the guys are looking at my legs."

"You aren't imagining it they really are. You always have on baggy jeans they have never seen them before."

By this time they had made it to the great hall. When they walked in they were met by silence. It didn't even faze them they started to walk to their normal seats when almost every guy 3rd year and above started making catcalls. Lily and Kaitlyn smiled and started swinging their hips. They finally made it to their seats and sat down. Two minutes later James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and fans walked in. Remus was looking around when he spotted Lily and Kaitlyn. He nudged Sirius and James they looked over and their mouths fell. Sirius finally recovered and walked over to them. "Lookin' good ladies" and he winked.

"Not to bad you're self Black" Lily replied. That made everyone around them snigger. Sirius was dumbfounded at first them pretended to be an actress. "Tell me about it. My fans just won't leave me alone. Wouldn't it be horrible if I just got a zit? I would probably die." At this Lily and Kaitlyn started laughing and Sirius grinned.

James walked over "what's the bet you two have going on?" he asked as he sat down. Remus, Sirius and peter followed suit.

"Well Lily and I decided to mess with some minds. We are dressing like each other and have to get one guy to kiss us in two weeks and they have to dress like us." Kaitlyn explained.

"And the kiss can't be and kiss but one with some action going on. You know what I mean?" Lily asked.

"Also if any other guys kiss us than the one we picked for each other the other wins by default."

"So who's the lucky guy?" James asked.

"For me to know and you to hope its you" lily teased.

"That's right Jamie-boy here is just wondering if he's the lucky guy. Lily you might have to look out for James he may try to get you to forfeit the bet." Sirius teased while Remus laughed at James face.

Lily and Kaitlyn finished eating and stood up. Lily bent down to James "see you in class" she whispered in his ear. He flushed and Sirius burst out laughing as Lily and Kaitlyn walked out.

When Lily and Kaitlyn got to class they were early so they sat in the back of the class. It was history of magic and they never paid attention anyway they just read their books. "This might be easier than I though" Lily said.

"I know. By the way what did you say to make James blush?"

"I just told him I would see him in class" Lily grinned mischievously it could have been compared to Sirius best.

Sirius walked up "you two don't have to hide it we all know you were talking about me and how you want me to sit by you right."

"Of course what else would we be talking about?" Lily asked.

"Its obvious you a total stud, got the bad boy look going on, you funny and popular what more could a girl want?" Kaitlyn continued.

"It's not just a look it's the real deal." Sirius explained smooth as silk.

"You will just have to make a believer out of me 'cause I don't buy it." Kaitlyn taunted.

Sirius was surprised then grinned. "Guess I will."

"You know your great and all Sirius but I was kind of looking at your buddy James here. I mean he can't be a total goodie goodie. I think there is a bad boy in there somewhere. Maybe I just need to bring him out." Sirius laughed and James blushed.

Professor Binns floated in at that point "Mr. Black, Mr. Potter please take a seat" Sirius sat by Kaitlyn while James sat by lily. Lily wrote a note to James.


Sorry if I embarrassed you. I'm just kind of out spoken. If I think of something sarcastic or funny it just spills out. But I mean what I said. I think there is a prankster in there somewhere and I hope to find it.


James read the note and paled a little at the prankster part but wrote back

Tiger lily (that's my new name for you)

You didn't embarrass me. I know I kind of act like a teacher's pet but there more to me than meats the eye. Try your best at getting the prankster out of me.


Lily read and smiled.

Jamie (I don't care what you say that's what I'm going to call you)

I'm not just going to try to bring the prankster bad boy out of you but am going to succeed. I don't give up easily.

Tiger lily

At this point Sirius saw they were writing notes and stole them to read. When they finally got out of class Sirius was laughing. "Jamie you better watch out tiger Lily seams determined."

"Don't call me Jamie my names James."

"Chica tell your boy to stop harassing mine." Lily joked.

"Siri stop harassing James. We all know you're jealous he got Lily but I'm even better."

"Thanks that didn't help" lily grinned.

"Yes m'lady your wish is my command" Sirius joked.

"Look he's house trained, I think you can keep him" lily replied.

"You don't want to know what I wish so lets not go there" Kaitlyn managed with a strait face but Lily couldn't help it and burst out laughing and Kaitlyn joined in when she saw the guy's faces.

"Remi you've been quiet for a while, a penny for your thoughts?" Lily asked.

"I was just thinking how cute you four look together. Add a girlfriend and me and Hogwarts better watch out the 6 hottest students in the school get together and all geniuses. I think we could give the Marauders a run for their money."

"I don't know the Mauraders are pretty good I don't think we could out do them. Did you see what they did to Malfoy this morning? It was good." Kaitlyn said.

"See you guys later" Lily said. "You know Kaitlyn's right the Mauraders are good." At that point when she was walking past Remus it all clicked and she whispered "moony" in his ear. He turned pale and when he came out of shock she was gone.

"You better watch out James, Lily might be two timing you with Remus. She did the exact same thing to you at breakfast." Sirius was rambling.

Remus finally managed. "She knows."

"What does she know?"

"We got to talk, what do we have next?" Remus was scared.

"Charms we can talk in there" James said.

"Let's go." In class they were working on a charm that made objects grow a mouth and start singing. It was useless but since it was the first day back the teacher decided to let them have some fun.

"Lily knows" Remus said once they started practicing.

"About what" James asked.

"Moony" Remus said. All of them paled.

"How could she?" Sirius asked. They didn't see Lily as she walked up behind them.

Lily answered his question and all the boys jumped surprised. "Well you see it was kind of obvious. Remus disappears every full moon and returns exhausted. That night you three disappear also. I knew you couldn't all be werewolves so that's where he gets his name. 5th year was when all of you started disappearing so I asked myself where you could go. Humans can't be around werewolves but animals can. So you all are amagami, I just don't know what. Plus there are certain charms that can make you see invisibility cloaks." Lily finished and all the guys were staring.

"Also the Mauraders always hit Slytherin hard so we figured they were in Gryffindor. Plus it is not a secret that you hate Malfoy and Snape, and I agree with you. Everyone knows James acts like a goodie-goodie so he would never be suspected with his friends." Kaitlyn had taken up where Lily left off.

"Tiger you won't tell anyone will you?" James asked.

"Are you crazy?" All the guys got paler. "Of course I won't tell anyone. You are great. But I have one request." Lily was having fun.

"Anything, you name it and you can have it." Sirius blurted out.

"I was hoping I could help you pull some pranks" Lily smiled sheepishly.

"Don't forget me, All Knowing Potions Extraordinaire." Kaitlyn added.

"I know you never use any good charms. I The Charming Charms Specialist could help." Lily added.

"I don't know the Mauraders just don't let anyone in. First you have to pull a magnificent prank on Slytherin without getting caught." James made up.

"That's a cinch. What would you like?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Multicolored hair that sings but Snape and Malfoy wouldn't know since it was there hair?" Lily asked.

"That's a good start." Remus said.

"Plus they go around all day sounding like American country hicks and giggling at every word a teacher says?" Kaitlyn added.

"That's would be so funny. It you get that pulled off you can be an honorary Maurader." James replied.

"Ok but lets raise the stakes and make it a bet. If you win we are your slaves for a week and have to call you milord and if we win you are our slaves for a week and have to call us milady." Lily suggested.

"Hope you like doing my homework" Sirius agreed.

"No hope you like caring my books around and being at my beck-n-call" Kaitlyn replied.

"Once you pull the prank off then you can help us with pranks" James intervened.

"That's easy, only one question. Can we use your invisibility cloak for a day?" Lily asked.

"Sure just don't harm it in any way" James replied.

"Trust me I won't"

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, Mr. Petergew, Miss Evans, Miss Murphy are you going to leave I now? I know you want to perfect the charm but class ended 5 minutes ago" Professor Klingberg butted in.

"Sorry professor Lily was just helping us and we got so wrapped up and lost track of the time." James smoothly replied like nothing had happened.

"I don't believe that Mr. Potter but I know you would never do anything wrong. Right?" James shook his head. "Whatever, just get to lunch."

"You know I think she knows." Sirius pondered.

"Even if she did she would never tell, she's to cool" Lily added.