Punk Gone Prep


The Hogsmead weekend finally came and James picked Lily up in the common room so they could walk down together. They were meeting the others later. After walking through some stores and checking what they had they sat down in the Three Broomsticks. They ordered drinks and got cosy together in the booth. They were talking about themselves when Lily said something to make him laugh. James looked at her and raised an eyebrow and looked at her for a minute quickly he grabbed her waist before she could scoot away. "Caught you" he pulled her close "now your mine." He closed the few inches between them.

5 minutes later they broke apart "I win" Lily whispered thinking James wouldn't hear her.

"Win what?" he asked puzzled.

"Um, the bet" Lily looked at the ground.

James was puzzled for a second then the recognition stepped in "you only kissed me for a bet?" he asked outraged "I cant believe you" hurt shone in his eyes.

"No I didn't kiss you just to win the bet. Everything I told you was true. I really do like you. And kissing you was wonderful, winning the bet was just a perk. If I had really wanted to win I could have kissed you last week in your bed. I enjoy your company and really like you." She was waving her hands in explanation

"I don't believe you, I can't believe you, used me for popularity."

"You think I want popularity? Ha, I hate it I wouldn't have even gone along with it if it weren't for you being nice. So if you believe I did it for popularity then you can shove it and I wish I would never see you again." Lily stormed off. The whole pub was looking at them.

James was thinking, I don't believe her she makes me fall for her to win a bet! I can't believe that. But she did look hurt when I said that. No it was just an act. She looked like she would cry and I have never seen her cry ever! Then he hit his head. Damn I am an idiot I really screwed that up she was right she could have kissed me a week ago.

Lily ran back to the castle but didn't go in, she grabbed her broom and flew into the forbidden forest and landed. "I don't believe he didn't believe me. He thought I only did it for the popularity? I though he knew me better that that." Lily was talking to a bird in the tree next to her.

When James realized what he had done he ran back to Hogwarts and searched the castle for Lily but couldn't find her. He finally had to go to Kaitlyn "have you seen Lily?" he asked.

"No she was with you remember" she told him.

"I know but I screwed up" James put his head down.

"What did you do?" Kaitlyn asked starting to look dangerous.

"She kissed me. I mean really kissed me and said she won the bet then I accused her of only doing this for popularity. We started yelling then she went off looking like she would cry." James said apologetically.

Kaitlyn lunged at him "you didn't. I'm going to hurt you so bad." Sirius was holding her back. "You know she really liked you a lot. She though you were different then most guys."

"Stop making me feel worse I realized that right after she left and have been looking for her for the last 2 hours. I can't find her where did she go?" James pleaded.

"Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you" Kaitlyn spit.

James left to look for Lily again and Sirius finally let go of Kaitlyn who was still seething. "So Kaitlyn if you lost the bet and lily kissed James who did you have to kiss?" he asked.

Kaitlyn looked at him "you" she said simply.

"Me? Well why didn't you? I would have gladly obliged" he raised an eyebrow suggestively.

"Because I was stupid and though James would be good for Lily and she needed a good man but, I now see he's an idiot not good enough for her." Kaitlyn waved her wand menacingly sparks flying out.

"He is good but probably was confused and felt used. Many girls have just gone with him for popularity and he felt hurt because he really liked Lily." Sirius said smartly "trust me he's my best bro and would never have done anything to hurt her."

"But he did hurt her and now she's disappeared."

"So you know where she could be?" Sirius asked.

"No, when ever she gets upset she disappears somewhere and won't tell me."

James spent the rest of the day looking for Lily and couldn't find her. He was hoping to see her at breakfast the next day but she didn't show up. When she didn't show up for breakfast he was worried. James ate very little unlike normal that morning. He walked distractedly to class and sat down in his normal seat in the back. Right before the bell rang a red head slipped in and went to the front seat. James noticed she had on her clothes from yesterday. She turned a few heads. James jumped up and tried to sit by her, she just turned her back to him.

"Lily please let me talk to you." James pleaded.

"Mr. Potter please be quiet" professor Binns ordered.

"Trouble in paradise?" the guy next to James whispered.

James ignored him and kept trying to get Lily's attention. She ignored him through out the whole period. When the bell rang Lily was the first out of the class and James was a close second. He chased her through the whole school and finally cornered her when she got stuck on a staircase moving.

"Lily please just listen to me." James asked her she turned her back "well you have to you can't go anywhere. I am sorry I was stupid and a git and horrible to you. I just felt used and a sucker because I really liked you. I know you would never do something like that but I wasn't thinking strait. I know you probably won't forgive me I just wanted to tell you I was sorry and worried when you disappeared yesterday. I am glad you weren't hurt." James turned and started walking down the stairs.

Lily wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. She ran to catch up with James. "Wait" James turned around "I did win the bet by kissing you but I didn't want the bet to end because I had fun being with you. I just hated wearing those clothes. But it really hurt when you accused me of kissing you just to win a bet."

"I could tell it did and I am sorry I said it, but I was hurt also and wasn't thinking strait." James replied.

"I know but I couldn't tell you because then when I went back to my old clothes you would have forgotten about me." lily looked at her hands.

"I would never forget about you, how about we start over. Your strait up with me and I will be with you." James said

"Ok maybe that would work" Lily stuck out her hand to shake. "Hello my name is Lily Evans what's yours?" she asked

"My name is James 'The Dashing' Potter. It is lovely to make the acquaintance of such a lovely lady." James turned her hand over and kissed it.

"Well Mr. Dashing I think we should get to class, we will be late." Lily smiled.

"I'm sure I can find a better way to occupy our time" James grinned and took Lily's by the hand and led her to an empty classroom.

The End