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Hinata jumped to the next tree, and again, one after another. Following her were Kiba and Shino. The leaves around them barely moved as the used their Chakra to move among the high, leafy canopy. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and stopped. She turned around and saw Kiba, his finger to his lips, pointing downwards. He grinned. There were voices below them, and she looked down.
"I still think that we should head back, Kakashi-sensei! I'm hungry, and it's about to rain!" Naruto whined and sat down, folding his arms stubbornly. "Nya, and tonight Iruka-sensei was going to buy me Ramen, too!" the Jounin turned around and stared at Naruto, shrugging mildly.
"Sure, you head back..." he pointed in the direction from which they came. Naruto looked and saw a dark path, and heard the sound of many animals calling and walking.... He looked back up at Kakashi. The sensei continued. "And we'll just keep going towards Oyasume's house. Have a good night, ne?" Even under his cloth mask, Hatake Kakashi was obviously grinning.
The young boy grumbled and stood up, brushing himself off. It was useless, though, because soon he was on the ground again.
"Ow! Nyaaa... Who'sh shidding on me? Get oth! get oth! I can't breaf!" Naruto's muffled voice called out, and Kiba stood up. "Yeeha, Kon'ban wa, Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, Sasuke-kun..." he looked down, his voice calming with dislike. "Naruto..."
Hinata quieted and blushed, helping Naruto up. "G-gomen nasai, N-Naruto-kun...." She said, barely audible. Naruto bounced up and put his hand to his head, laughing. "iie... Hinata-chan, It's okay!" He dusted himself off yet again and walked over to beside his team. Kiba frowned at Naruto, and looked towards Hinata, walking to her. "Nya, Hinata, we should get to business, ne?" She nodded. Shino walked up to the sensei and handed him a letter, written by Hokage-sama. The grey-haired man opened the letter with his kunai and read it, his frown becoming more intense as he went.
When he finished, he folded the letter and put a jitsu on it, burning the paper in a puff. He looked at the genins of team 8 and nodded, looking back to his own students and gesturing towards the three out-of-place students. "They're coming with us to Oyasume's... We'll have to stay a little longer than intended though." He began to walk, gesturing the genins to follow. Sakura wore a perplexed look and skipped up to her sensei, tugging at his sleeve.
"What did the letter say??"
"Mmm.." The pink-haired genin gave up and fell behind, disheartened, to beside her teammates. She looked at Sasuke and whispered "What do you think happened?"
Sasuke rose his black eyes from the ground and stared forward, with his hands in his pockets. "Iya, Sakura, don't be so worriful. It's probably nothing."

Kounouri Oyasume opened her door, peering out throgh the chain lock. Her eyes fell apon seven ninja, six of which were children. "Nya, Kakashi-san, welcome!" She closed the door enough to undo the lock and opened it again, wide, with a gesture of welcome. "I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting seven of you. I only made two pots of Ramen...." She pointed to the fire, where two large pots of Ramen were cooking. Naruto's blue eyes shined over and he ran towards the pots, spooning up a gulp of it.
"Ow! Ow! Ow! My dung! That burnb! My dongue!" He danced around the room, whining, with the spoon still in hand. Sakura walked up to the boy and elbowed him square on the head. He immediately quieted, whimpering "owww.....".
Meanwhile, Sasuke was looking around at the oddly decorated house. There were pictures on the wall of weapons, hand seals, and newspaper clippings. On the mantle was a series of stands holding rusted Kunais, Shurikens and Double-Kunais. In the middle of this display was a stand holding a deteriorated scroll, with the Kanji for "Fight" written on it. Sasuke walked towards the scroll, intrigued, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Aburame Shino. "Dinner." The boy said, and walked away.
Sasuke sat down at the table and looked up. His eyes met Sakura's and he was filled with an unusual warmth. He froze for a moment, and then Sakura blushed and looked down again. He began to eat, mumbling "Itadaakimasu".
Later on, when supper was finished, Sakura, Kiba, and Naruto were assigned the dishes. Oyasume and Shino went out to get wood for the fire and Kakashi stayed with Sasuke and Hinata, who were practicing in behind the house. Sakura stared out the window at Sasuke for a moment and was inturupted by Naruto. "He does like you, y'know... told me himself." He looked at her and smiled a bit, fazed a little because it hurt him to see her love someone else so much.... Kiba went on with the dishes and Sakura stared at Naruto, working it out in her head. She knew that he wouldn't joke like that, because he didn't want her to like someone else.... but... Why would Sasuke tell HIM!?
"I know, I know, It doesn't seem like him... but when you were above of us talking to Kakashi he said 'I don't want her to worry like that...', so he PRACTICALLY told me." He nodded and grinned, a little meeker than usual.
" I heard it too. " Kiba spoke and stopped what he was doing for a moment to look out the window. "Yeah, he does like ya, Sakura. And Naruto.." He said this softer than usual, "Hinata really likes you..." It was Naruto's turn to stare in disbelief. When he saw how Kiba looked, he was shocked to see a glimmer of something in his eye... was that.. PAIN!?!
"Kiba-san! You like Hinata! I KNEW it!" He danced around, seemingly forgetting the angst he had felt a moment earlier. Kiba faltered and kept washing, and when he placed the last dish on the rack and walked outside, he grumbled "Shut up, loser."
Kiba stared at Hinata, who had stopped training when the others came out. She was talking quietly to Sakura and blushed every now and then. No doubt the pink-haired girl was telling her all about the events from inside. Naruto was off somewhere along the sidelines of the training, which had become more of a target practice to the wood that Oyasume and Shino brought back. Kiba glanced around and looked upward at the deepening red of the sunset sky. He stood up and walked more towards the forest, climbing up a boulder to sit. He stared continuously up at the sky, which was deepening more. He was inturupted by the sound of someone beside him. He looked over to Hinata, who was looking at him aswell. "Kon'ban wa, Kiba-san!" She spoke a little happier now, lighter... her eyes seemed brighter.. her features, all more beautiful and mild... gentil and yet sharp and strong. Kiba suddenly blushed and looked back up, talking to her subconciously. "So you heard about...inside?"
The girl looked at him, confused. "No, then..."
There was a silence as both looked up at the now purple sky. "Beautiful" She whispered. "Yea.." little did SHE know that both were talking about a different subject. A star brightened in the sky, and Kiba mentioned "Make a wish" and jumped down. He walked off and felt a pang of pain as he got farther and farther away from the one he wanted most. Shino and Naruto were talking to each other about something, and yet again Kiba felt that ringing in his ears that told him of their conversation. Sakura was egging Sasuke on, as he repeatedly hit his target dead-on. Over and over. Kakashi watched in approval. Kiba walked more towards the two boys, and finally arrived to hear Naruto say "I'd swear.." Kiba made his presence known and practically yelped "Yeeha, nice night, ne?" The two boys turned around and spoke to him, Naruto asking "Hey, Do you even notice when you have Akamaru on your head?" Kiba remebered the dog and grinned, reaching up and patting the little thing's head. "Not any more, no, the thing hasn't made a move all day, really."
Hinata watched him go. He seemed... disheartened, if you wanted to call it that. He was the one that respected her most for her skills, and believed in her. She hated to see him like that. He was walking towards Naruto and Shino. But what had he been saying about "inside"? Naruto looked over at her for a moment and she blushed. She then saw Kiba pat Akamaru and heard his usual call "yeeha!". She looked back at Naruto as he turned back towards his colleagues and sighed quietly. She was the only one who knew what that letter was about... and if they did.. they'd all be as sad as she was. But no, she was always sad.... And... She didn't show her emotions much, except the times when she talked to Naruto. His hair... it was so golden... He was beautiful in every way. He fought for what he believed in. Again, Hinata sighed. Just moments ago, she'd been happier than all day, feeling reassured after talking to Sakura. Kiba even seemed to notice.
Sakura had talked mostly about Sasuke, and how Naruto had said that he liked her. Although she didn't listen very much, she still felt happy that Sakura-chan was being this nice, like her friend. It was an odd feeling for her, to be noticed.
Hinata thought back to her conversation with Sakura. She had said that Naruto-kun liked her.... Her being Sakura, of course. Sakura said it with such disgust that it made her look ungreatful to Hinata. Then, Sakura began to talk about Sasuke... and...
Hinata gasped in slight remembrance and hopped down off the boulder to talk to Kiba. She didn't get very far though, Oyasume shouted and the other ninja looked up, seeing the ANBU team of Sand Country. Kakashi walked up to The leader, talking and frowning, nodding once in a while. He sighed, and looked back to the Ninja.
"Nani wa.." Simultaneously the genin said under their breath. Hinata caught up to them and asked what was going on. Kiba looked forward in shock and told her the story.
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