Small A/N, first, I have been writing this for a bit, so I'll post what I have now. And secondly, this story is based off this prompt; "Ah yes, the endless abyss. An unforgiving darkness, where I'll be alone forever—Wait who the hell are you?". Constructive criticism is always nice!

Lovino's eyes shot open, he quickly sat himself up, whipping his head around to see absolutely nothing. Nothing but a mirroring darkness. Nothing huh?

"...Well, I guess it doesn't matter where I am now. No one can bother me, and, I'm all alone. In the darkness. Perfect. All alone in this abyss forever—Wait who the heck are you?!" Lovino locked eyes with a blonde woman, who was hugging her knees looking curiously at the Italian.

"Me? The heroine of course! You must be scared! No worries, we'll find a way outta here," No her voice was familiar.. Where had he heard her before?

"No! Who are you?! When'd you get here!"

"Oh, I've been here, ah, I lost track. It's been so long," The lady paused, looking off, a distant look in her eyes. She snaps back to reality, the bright smile reappearing after being lost. "The name's Amelia! Amelia Jones, that is! So, what brought you here?" She stood up, offering a hand to Lovino. He completely ignores it, steading himself.

"I decided to run away from my home and a bunny human thing heard my wish and casted me here, because he felt pity for me."

"Wow.. Is that so?"

"No. Probably got here the same way as you,"

"I don't know how I got here,"

"Cool, we're halfway there." Lovino crossed his arms, rolling his eyes. Unfortunately, this Amelia character seemed way to friendly for his liking. He walked off, leaving her behind to question what just happened. It was hard to tell where he had been, where he hasn't. If he even moved. But whatever, if it meant he could lose that girl.

"So, you have any siblings?" Lovino's hair curl had scrunched itself up, tingling from displeasment, annoyance. She was floating upside down above him, somehow.


"You miss them?"


"You will, you really will. I have an older sister. Her name's Madeline. At first I thought I wouldn't miss her either. But it gets lonely here. And to be honest, she's so sweet. And is the best sister I've ever had. I hope she hasn't forgotten about me, or herself. She always thought she might forget herself, because others do. I'm kinda scared for her now, I haven't been around since who knows how long."


"So, how many siblings ya got? What's their name?"

"Why do you care?"

"I just wanna know, it's not like I'm gonna go stalk 'em or somethin',"

Lovino just huffed, staying quiet for a moment. Looking up at her once more, "If I tell you, would you leave me alone?"

"Nope!" She blatantly chirped, kicking her legs up, propping up her elbows against the nothingness, holding her head in her hands.

"Si si. Of course. Well, his name is Feliciano, uhm,"

"Aren't you two around each other alot? And do alot of things together?"


"You'll miss him, you can deny all you want, the longer you're here, you'll realise,"

Lovino only glared at her in response. Who is she to tell him what he will and won't do?

"But I mean, if you say so," Amelia hung in the air for a while longer, before jumping down to Lovino. She goes to say something else, Lovino raising his hand to stop her.

"Don't say another word. Not until I say. 'Kay?" She nodded, and turned her attention to her leather jacket. Huh, he didn't notice before, but she must be American, possibly. She fiddled around with her sleeve, he could tell she was practically tearing off her own tongue. He laughed a little, quite amused. She opened her mouth, but any words instantly died on her lips, shutting her mouth once more. Where the heck was he going anyway? There's litterally nothing here. So he stops, contemplating what his next move should be.

"Okay but really I tried not talking but I can't help it anymore it's just really nerve-wrecking I've only been talking to myself forever so so uh so so so—"

"...Okay okay, calmati calmati! Do whatever I don't care." He sighed, and here he thought he could be left alone with his thoughts.

Amelia started to ramble on, some really unimportant topics to Lovino. He sat down, legs crossed. It went unnoticed when she stopped ranting, Lovino tuning her out a long while ago.

"Hey what's this?" She squatted down, twirling Lovino's hair curl. He slapped her hand away.

"Don't touch that!"

"Why?" She poked at it again.

"Do it again I'll slap your sorry face off!"

"Alright, alright." She raised her hands in defeat.

"Besides," He pulled a little on a steady cowlick that poked above her head. "I could ask the same for you,"

Amelia yelped, pulling away. "Ack—Okay okay okay I'm sorry! That hurts!" Oh, does it work like his? Funny.

She rubbed the sore spot, a pout evident in her features.

"What do you do in here? Y'know, besides talk to yourself like an insane person?"

Lovino awkwardly fixed his tie, silence was not good look for this girl.

Amelia paused thoughtfully, staring at Lovino like he was an extra terrestrial.

"If you're not gonna answer then fine. Sorry I asked geez.

"Not that, you've never asked me anything before,"

"Don't act like we've known each other for years, you gonna answer or what?" Lovino put his hand on his hip, waiting expectantly.

"Yeah! Well, to be honest, I don't do much, not much either. I mostly wonder about when I'll get to see Maddie again. And Sakura. And my parents. Or I go to sleep to try an pass time. Though I'm starting to wonder if time exists here, seeing as there's no day or night. It's quite boring here."

"Figured as much." He sighed, glancing away from her floating figure.

"Well, you're here now, so that means there's more to do, and uh, we can wait together. And maybe we more people will come! Who knows!"

"Not like we could use more people. But okay, whatever,"

"Want me to show you how ta fly? It's real easy!" Amelia spun around in her place, Lovi noticing a passionate flame lighting in her eyes.

"Sure yeah, whatever," He replied, clearing his throat.