Isabel sighs, taking a sip of her drink. Gilbert sits next to her, trying to distract. She was doing just fine for a few weeks, but sometimes it slipped her mind, and went to visit him. Reality always smacked her with a baseball bat. Gilbert set Gilbird in Isabel's lap, Isabel stroking the little bird with her finger.

"How about we call Marianne? It's been a while since we last talked to her, ja?"

"Maybe.. But is she not in the same situation? I wouldn't want to bother her," Isabel keeps her eyes on Gilbird.

"It will be fine, I'm sure she'd love a call from us hm?" He reaches for his tablet, pulling up his contacts.

Isabel bites the inside of her lip. "I'm not sure. She's still very busy and so–"

The tablet rings, increasing in volume. "If she can't pick up, then I will let it go for now, 'Kay?"

It rings for a bit more, before an accented voice other than their's is heard from it.

"Bonjour! You have reached Marianne Kirkland, how may I help you?"

"Hallo, Marianne!" Gilbert grinned, nudging Isabel lightly in her side.

"Hola, mi amiga," A small, saddened smile tugged at Isabel's lips.

They heard an excited gasp from the device. "Gilbert? Isabel?"

"Don't play! You know it's us!" Gilbert chuckled.

"Oh Mon Dieu! How long has it been? How are you guys?"

"Actually.. Isabel isn't doing so well..I'm trying to cheer her up now,"

"Oh.. Oh that's right... Isabel, is there anything I can do?" Marianne's lips curled into a slight frown.

"No, it is fine, there is nothing you need to do for me,"

"Non, je ne suis pas—je ne prend pas non pour une réponse. I'll fly you guys out to New York then," Marianne's voice was stern, a bit of guilt shot through Isabel.

"No, that is not nessicary! Really, you already have so much on your plate, so you will not be needing to do such!"

"Wunderbar idea! I'll help plan too!" Gilbert picked up Gilbird and placed the small canary onto his head.

"Gilbert no! Marianne gracias, but really, it is not needed!" Isabel's voice was a bit panicky now.

"I've made up my mind, and we will be able to be the magnifique trio once again, non? I think you'll like it once you're here, I promise,"

Isabel sighed in defeat.

"You won't die, you'll be fine," Gilbert snickered, rubbing circles on Isabel's back.

"Unless you eat Arthur's cooking, then I'm not so sure," Marianne muttered.

The trio chuckled, Gilbert pausing mid laugh.

"Wait, have Arthur and Madeline moved in with you?" He questions.

"Non, they are visiting for a couple more days. Heureusement, Madeline is there while I'm away, so he hasn't burned down my kitchen... Yet,"

"Viel glück!" Gilbert snickers, putting a hand up to his mouth.



Ja - Yeah

Hallo - Hello

Wunderbar - Wonderful

Viel glück - Good luck


Bonjour - Hello

Magnifique - Magnificent

Heureusement - Fortunately


Hola mi amiga - Hello my friend

Gracious - Thank you

(I think you can tell I absolutely love BTT lol)