"Would you quit fussing?" Nejire pulled at the sharp red tie that was Shoto's (or rather Momo's) requirement for him being the Best man. Her face twisted as she fiddle with his tie, fussing with it far more than he was before letting it drop and pressing it against his chest. It was straight. Kind of.

"There!" Nejire spun away from him, she was wearing a deep red dress that clashed with her bright blue hair. It was modest enough not to have her stand out from the other women and bridesmaids but still managed to have as much personality as Nejire did. It was also red that was one of the colors of the wedding, the others being white and black.

Whether or not it was intentional that the colors matched the couples hair colors or if it was just a coincident had evaded him.

A large white flower that was made with a whole lot of petals was snapped into Nejire's hair, just above her right ear. She looked like a classy forest faerie. She spun on her feet, pushing her dress down so it didn't float up to much, before stopping and wiggling her hips to make her dress swish about her legs, exposing the simple red heels she was wearing.

A greater mystery was how girls walked in those things.

"How do I look?" she asked for the third time since she put the dress on. She spun again, this time looking behind her like she was a dog chasing her tail. "Is it too much? Do I still fit in it? Ohh, do you think I should wear something less flashy? I don't want to upstage Momo! Do you think I should just wear a black dress? What about a white one? Wait can I wear the white one?"

She asked for the fifth, second, third, first, and first time. Her face twisting from a smile to a frown over and over again. Her hands flying around her dress tugging and pulling at places, even doing the thing where she jiggles her boobs so that they sit right in her bra twice. He wasn't sure if that was for his benefit or not.

"Are you asking me?" he asked pointing a finger to himself. "Because I don't think I'm a good judge of that."

She pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at him. "Oh, and why's that?"

In his defense, she walked right into this one. "Because to me no matter what you'll be the most beautiful woman out there."

Nejire's face turned bright red, her lips twisting into something that was half pout half smile. It lasted for all of two seconds before she made a high-pitched noise and slammed down onto the hotel room bed feet kicking in the air.

"You did not just say that!" She half laughed half screamed into the bed.

"But I did," He took two steps forward, sliding his arms along the bed beside her. Pushing a bit of her hair out of the way, he found the bare nape of her neck and kissed her lightly. And again, and again, until she at long last turned to face him, twisting her body so that she could kiss him, it was slow and tender. "Besides, you know you like it."

He pushed off the bed smiling at her red face, her lips twisted into a pout. "Yea, well you're just lucky that you're hot! And super handsome! And you're like so going to be the number one hero this year! I can feel it in my bones!"

For some reason, she presented her elbow to him.

"You think so? I don't think-"

"Seriously?" Nejire fell back onto the bed bouncing twice and kicking all of her limbs up. It was amazing how her dress still managed to stay in place. "We've done more patrols since we got together than anybody else, not to mention crime rate in and around our city is so low, you've been on the news at least seven times, and last week you jumped into a giant slime monster and punched your way out! I'm still finding slime!"

"I'm still finding slime in our costumes."

"My point exactly. Oh, and let's not forget the two burning buildings you literally ran into and dragged people while pulling an All Might and saying 'Never fear for I am here!' Like that's plagiarism, honey." Nejire rolled into a sitting position, her long blue hair was a few brush strokes from being back in place. "I don't think anybody else can match that. Maybe Bakugo but he's as good at pissing people off as he is at saving them."

"Well, what about you, you've been around for everything, what makes you think you won't be number one?" Somehow, in the past six months that goal, while still in the back of his mind, had become less important. He was happy with his life, happier than he'd been in a while. Being a hero had rarely felt like work, it was never something that he dreaded. But with Nejire in the picture, he found even the worst aspects of their job fun.

Except for the press, once they had found out that they were dating that was all they ever wanted to talk about. It was probably Fuck Face's doing.

Nejire shrugged, bouncing up to her feet. "Who knows, I guess we'll have to find out next month when they announce the rankings. But I can feel it! You're totally going to be the number one hero this time around!" She gasped slapping her cheeks. "Wait! What if I'm number two! We'd be the top two heroes and we'd literally be a super couple! Oh my goodness!"

Her arms fell to her side. "Do you think they'd give us a car?"

"You can drive?" She could fly, why would she ever need to drive anywhere?

"Nope," she popped, bouncing and spinning around to smile at him. "But don't you think it'd be fun to take a cruise down to the beach? Or something fun like that?"

"I'm getting the feeling you just want to go to a beach."

"Well, now I do! Thanks for putting that on my mind!" She pointed a finger at him with one hand on her hip. "Izuku as your girlfriend I demand that you take me to a beach! One that isn't in Japan!"

"So a vacation?"

Her eyes went wide and she nodded slowly. "Yes! We deserve a vacation that lasts more than one or two days!"

"That actually sounds like a good idea." He gestured to the door, "But first, I think we have a wedding to attend to."

"Oh, right we do!" She hummed swaying from side to side as they made their way out of the hotel. "Be sure to relax Izuku, you didn't practice all of yesterday being the best man for nothing."

He was more worried about the speech.


There was nothing to be nervous about. All he had to do was walk out the door take three steps, turn left, hook arms with one of the bridesmaids and walk down the aisle, turn left again, and take his place right next to Shoto. From there he would wait, smiling off into the distances until Momo appeared and the hearing would begin.

Then when they asked for the rings, he would.

The ring! Where was the ring! How on earth did he lose the ring already! Did he ever have the ring? Pocket? No. Other pocket? Also no!

"Psst," A soft feminine voice, called from the waiting room, drawing the attention of himself and the two groomsmen - Shoto's elder brother Natsu, and their old classmate Tenya - to the door. It was one of the bridesmaids. Another former classmate of theirs. Itsuka Kendo who still had her hair off to one side, but instead of a messy orange ponytail it was a neatly tied braid that draped off her shoulder. Her red dress was short, tight, and minimal. She waved him over. "Izuku, come here."

Why were they whispering?

He took three quick steps over to her. "What's up Kendo?"

"One second, I ended up taking both." She pulled out a ring, offering it to him. "Here, sorry if I worried you."

He couldn't help but sigh into a smile. "Don't worry about it, I'm just happy I didn't lose it, wouldn't want to be the one to ruint he wedding."

She gave him a thumbs up and nodded. "Don't worry about it, just do like we practiced, we're starting in five minutes so bed ready."

Those five minutes passed in a heartbeat.

Seriously if he was this nervous just standing around waiting for someone else's wedding on on earth was he going to survive his own?

The music started, and he was out the door, taking those three steps and coming face to face with Itsuka once again. They hooked arms, walking towards the Alter where Shoto stood his half white half red hair was done in the same lazy style it always was.

Everything felt slow and fast, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids were in place, the guests were in their seats, he could see Nejire, smiling at him with those deep blue eyes like he was the one in the spotlight.

It was because of her that he was able to smile and relax. Until he saw Momo and instantly pictured Nejire in a wedding dress. It was far to soon to start thinking about that! Even if it felt like they were heading that way.

His eyes flashed to Nejire once more. She was looking at Momo, then for a brief moment she returned his gaze, her smile all but ensaring him and pulling him down towards her.

Momo arrived at the Alter.

Everything was starting.

His nervousness vanished.

But all he could think about was Nejire wearing a wedding dress.


Next month, he was the number one Hero.

In two months he opened his own branch and Nejire was his partner.

A year later, and he was engaged to Nejire.

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