It's been a while

Soooooooo, yeaaaah...

Over two years huh...time is really a bitch

I didn't even know where to start with this, but I figured the most important thing I could do was apologize. Honestly, I truly apologize to the individuals who have been following me, new and old, and those who have been worried about me and private messaging me for all these years. It was you guys who made me continue writing my story in the beginning despite it becoming tiring at times. Without the support, I likely wouldn't have even finished Part 1 of Yoru's adventures and for that, I want to say thank you for commenting and following and overall making me a better writer (at least, I think I became better).

So what the fuck happened?!

Well, that's an interesting story...

It's really not, but the gist of it is that I got caught up with school work. I know I said the semester would be light, but boi did I underestimate my Senior year of college. That semester was so bad and I had absolutely no time to write. Then, work kept piling up and I just kept pushing back writing more and more until I just forgot about it altogether. Occasionally, I would get a PM notification but then fanfiction changed something so I no longer got email notifications and so that happened.

Anyway, work took my time and after senior year, I signed up for and entered a Master's in Biomedical Sciences which I am currently doing. Now that sucks the life from me even more. Right now I'm on winter break and my friend reminded me to post an update otherwise I really might have forgotten throughout the entire break...

What does this mean for the story?

Well, as I said, I haven't been writing in a long ass time and I'm not sure if my skills have regressed or not.

In either case, I so not think I will be continuing Yoru's story any further...


I am currently writing something of a rewrite/newish story following a character by a different name.

A good portion of things will change.

I honestly felt happy with Yoru as my first

"completed" work, but I would be deceiving myself if I said it wouldn't change anything. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things I thought I did poorly in my story. From my character to his background and especially the nuances in my gamer system, especially that last one, there were things I did wrong and things I hope to improve upon and/or change.

Next year, mid-late summer 2021, I will be either (hopefully) doing medical school interviews after which I will have a full gap year to pursue other things. What I plan to do is work and write for a living until I complete this new/remade-ish story. I can't and won't promise anything will be posted at a certain time cause we all know how that went down last time, but I will be working on writing again, and eventually, at the very least, I will post Part 1 of my new/remade-ish story (hopefully).

In conclusion

I'm not really back but just know that I'm alive and well (despite getting COVID a week ago) and I'll be writing here and there. You can PM me questions though I may or may not get to them seeing as how email notifications for PMs do not exist anymore. We'll see how that works out.