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Bra walked down a little dirt path. She looked up at the gray sky and sighed.

"It's so depressing out."

As Bra returned her gaze back to the path ahead of her, a strand of aqua hair fell in her face. She raised her hand and tucked the stray piece behind her ear. Bra's blue eyes lit up as she reached her destination...Pan's house. She stopped walking and thought about what had happened earlier.

It had been a normal Friday. Bra woke up, fought with Trunks over who got to shower first, ate breakfast, and met up with Pan so they could walk to school together. School was boring as usual. Everything that happened had always happened, except Pan had left school without Bra. After frantically searching the school, Bra decided to walk to Pan's house to see what was wrong.

Bra made her way to the front of the quant house. She knocked loudly on the wooden door.

"Pan? Paaaan!" Suddenly the door crept opened. "Hello!?" Bra called out to no one in particular as she peaked into the house. She slowly walked in and closed the door behind her. "Videl? Gohan? Pan?" her voice echoed throughout the house. "Where is everyone?" Bra asked herself out loud. She scanned the room she was standing in. The house seemed deserted. "Ah ha..." Bra's gaze fell on a closed door. It was one of the bathrooms. She walked to the door, still looking around. Bra put her ear up against the door.

"Pan?" she asked in a hopeful tone.

"Go away." replied a muffled voice.

"Pan what's wrong?" Bra turned the doorknob, which Pan has foolishly forgotten to lock. Bra's face fell as she stared at Pan. Her eyes were worn, puffy and red...she looked like a wreck. Bra nearly cried when she saw Pan's arm held out in front of her with blood trickling down, splashing onto the cream tiles.

"I thought I told you to go away." Pan said in a flat tone.

"Pan what are you doing!?" Bra managed to choke out.

"What does it look like?"

"But...but why?"

"I just don't want to be here anymore, Bra! I'm sick of everything!" Pan, with the razor still in hand, began to slice her pale skin again.

"Pan stop!" Bra ran forward and grabbed the razor from her best friends hand. "Pan please..." Bra moved closer to her friend. "Don't do this."

Pan started into Bra's pleading eyes.

"Bra," she started, "I-I'm really sorry. I just..." Pan was silenced by Bra's mouth. Both girls turned a million shades of red before they broke away.

"Oh my...Pan I'm so, so sorry. I-I better go. Please don't hurt yourself again."

Pan stood with her hands to her lips, stunned by what had just happened. She listened to Bra's retreating footsteps and once Pan was sure Bra was gone, she sank to her knees and cried.


The pouring rain pelted Bra's body as she ran. "What the fuck did I just do!?" She sharply turned a corner, causing her wet hair to whip her face. A million thoughts raced through her head.

Did I really mean that kiss?

Was it just to make her feel better?

I didn't really mean it...did I?

No, no...I don't love Pan...

She's my best friend...nothing more

Bra let out a tired sigh as she ran up to her house. Her head was pounding just as much as her heart.

"Momma's going to kill me if she sees me like this." Bra snuck in as quietly as she could. She glanced around to make sure no one was there. As soon as the coast was clear, Bra run up to her bathroom and turned on the shower.

"I need...to relax." Bra said trying to catch her breath.

She turned on the water in the bathtub. As it started to fill, Bra stripped herself from her damp clothes and shivered as the cool air nipped at her bare skin. She carefully dipped her toe into the hot water.

"Oh that's nice." Bra said as she slipped into the bath.


Pan gently picked herself off the floor.

"How long was I crying for?" she wondered to out loud.

Pan looked around the bathroom, which was a complete mess. She sighed and started to clean her throbbing wrist and the bathroom. After what seemed like hours of cleaning, Pan went to her room and flopped down on the bed. She stared at the white speckled ceiling while her mind began to wonder.


Was she just trying to stop me...

Or did she really mean it?

Does she love me?

Do...do I love her?


"This is so relaxing."

Bra leaned her head against the side of the tub and closed her eyes.

I was so close to her...

I needed to kiss her...

Her lips were so soft...

Bra's eyes snapped open. Ever since she kissed Pan, she couldn't stop thinking about her.

"I need to call Pan."

Bra sat up and drained the water out of the bathtub. She stepped out of the tub onto the cold flood. Wrapping her towel around her shivering body, Bra stepped into her room to get changed. After she put on blue plaid shorts and a white tank top, Bra hopped on her bed and grabbed the phone. She hastily dialed Pan's number.

One ring...

Bra twirled the phone cord around her finger.

Two rings...

Come on Pan...please pick up!


"That's definitely Pan's voice." Bra thought. "Hey Pan, it's Bra."

"Oh hey Bra. Um...what's up?"

"Uh listen Pan. We really need to talk. Do you think you can come over tomorrow evening or something?" Bra asked uncoiling the cord from her finger.

"Yeah tomorrow evening sounds fine."

"Ok good." Bra let out a relieved sigh.

"See you tomorrow evening, Bra. Ja!"

"Ja Pan!" Bra hung up the phone and sprawled out on her bed.


Pan hung up the phone and rested her head in her hands. She knew what Bra needed to talk about. Pan heard a car door slam shut and looked out the window. Her dad and mom just got home from a big teacher convention. Pan looked around the room for the best thing to hide her wrist.


Pan's hair blew wildly in the wind as she flew to Bra's house. She landed softly in Capsule Corp's humongous front yard. Pan took a deep breath and rang the door bell. She listened to running feet and people talking. Finally Bulma opened the door.

"Oh hello Pan. I think Bra's in her room."

"Hi Bulma. Thanks!"


Bra sat on her window seat staring at the setting sun with one leg dangling over the side and the other bent enough so she could prop her arm on it. Her head turned when she heard the door open.

"Bra? Are you in here?" Pan asked.

"Yeah Pan. Come in."

Pan sat across from Bra and hugged both her knees to her chest. Silence filled the room as both girls struggled to find what they wanted to say to the other. Pan bit her lip and lifted her eyes to look at Bra. She quickly lowered her head when Bra looked up.

"Bra, do you...love me?" Pan finally spoke up.

Bra's cheeks turned slightly red and her heart began to race.


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