Honestly, I didn't meant to take a two month break from this story. I had just gotten interested in a BBC show The Musketeers and had been working on a fanfiction for it this past three months, but here I am back in the realm of Coco. So thanks to those who remained patient for this chapter. I'm back on track with it now .

Chapter 9: Contests and Family Relations

Meanwhile back up in the world of the Living, Imelda and the entire family had been searching for Nikki. It was nearing midnight, and no news of her daughter had come.

Now, she was wishing she did tell Nikki her father's name, then maybe she wouldn't have run away. Nikki loved making shoes, Imelda knew that now. She had visited the dancers that Nikki was seen with and learned that she had been learning dancing and music from them. Imelda was not sure if this angered her or not. However, she was too upset to being angry.

"Oh, Nicola, m'ija, wherever you are, I hope you come home soon," said Imelda.

She entered her daughter's room and could not help but break down crying in Nikki's pillow, the last thing that had her daughter's scent. And wherever Dante was, he must have gone looking for her. Now, normally Imelda hardly ever cried, not even in front of her own daughters. Now, she hoped for her brothers to have news of Nikki's whereabouts.

"Mamá?" said a voice. Imelda looked, hoping it was Nikki. Instead it was Coco.

"Anything?" Imelda asked.

Coco shook her head with a solemn look.

"Not since Julio came back," said Coco. "I'm worried about Nikki too."

Imelda didn't know what else to do. Their festives went all the way to midnight. She looked and saw it was around 11. She knew that Nikki was too much like Héctor, which meant they had to at least hide in the same place. It was worth a shot for Imelda but she had to ask someone who knew Héctor too well. She was going to do something she never thought of asking. Quickly, she got up and grabbed a nearby sweater.

"Mamá, where are you going?" Coco asked. Imelda looked to her daughter.

"I'm going to visit your aunt and uncle," said Imelda. She turned and walked out the door, leaving Coco absolutely flabbergasted. But Tía Amalia and Tío Javier had not spoken to Coco since their eldest daughter's death and Héctor's disappearance.

Amalia (not confusing Nikki's friend, whose name is also Amalia) was not one who was shocked so easily but to see her sister-in-law walking up the road, Amalia stopped what she was doing and looked at her former best friend. She was the twin sister of Imelda's husband. They hadn't spoke to each other in nearly fourteen years. So, seeing her certainly was a shock.

"Imelda," Amalia said. "What are you doing here?"

"I need your help, Amalia," Imelda told her sister-in-law. She looked to Javier, who was also watching the scene from afar, but he showed no ill-will towards Imelda.

"Yes, and I needed yours when Juana died, but you never came, because of what happened to Héctor," said Amalia. "Now, Sofia has not been the same since her sister died."

"Please, my daughter, Nikki, your niece, has gone missing," said Imelda.

Amalia stopped what she was doing.


"because, I told her she wouldn't have understood, and yelled that she could not become a musician.

"You drove her away, just like you did Héctor," said Amalia. Imelda shook her head.

"Héctor chose to leave, Amalia," said Imelda. Amalia shook her head and looked back at her work at taking down the family ofrenda.

"Yes, and because of you, I have no picture to put him on, I've not forgotten him. I remember when you loved Héctor more than anything in this whole world. You loved me like a sister. But after my hermano left, you decided to ban the music from your life and shut me out. I did not care you banned music. I just wanted you as my family."

"I know, hermana, I did you wrong. I should not have shut your family out," Said Imelda. "But you do not know what it is like to raise two daughters on your own when your husband leaves you! I thought you hated me. "

Amalia did not know what to say to her sister-in-law, who broke down crying (of course, for Imelda, this was the first time she ever cried to someone who was not Nikki or her brothers. She didn't want to admit it, but Amalia had not understood why Imelda had shut her and her family out.

"Is that really what you thought?" Amalia asked. Imelda nodded.

"Yes," Imelda answered. "Now I beg you, Amalia Rivera Gomez, please help me find my daughter! Héctor loved her and I love her too. If it was your Juana, you would do it too!"

Amalia stood there, not sure what to say. She couldn't help but go over to her sister-in-law and hug her. Imelda was shocked by this but she nonetheless gave her a hug back.

"I'll help you, Imelda," said the young woman to the older one. And if Amalia knew that Nikki was like Héctor when Imelda told her the whole story, she wondered if she would return like Héctor did when he fought with their parents and came back the next morning.

If only…

"Come on, Nik, you can do it," Héctor whispered in her ears. She looked at him uncertainly.

"I don't think I can," Nikki admitted.

"Yes, you can. Grab their attention!" Hector shouted and pushed her onto the stage.

"Hector..." Nikki said in a deadly voice

"Come on, Nikkita, you can do it," Hector said as he followed her, holding the guitar. She shook her head and then froze when everyone's eyes fell on her.

She looked back to Héctor, who was gesturing for her to start with what he taught her. Believe it or not, as Nikki began doing the grito that Hector taught her, she did so extremely well and that caused a couple of cheers from the crowd. Then she took another deep breath, as Hector took a couple of chords, and the people continued cheering as she vocalized the first lyrics of "Poco Loco."

"What color is the sky?

¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

You tell me that it's red

¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

Where should I put my shoes?

¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

You say, "put them on your head"

¡Ay, mi amor! ¡Ay, mi amor!

You make me un poco loco

Un poquititito loco

The way you keep me guessing

I'm nodding and I'm yessing

I'll count it as a blessing

That I'm only un poco loco!"

Nikki loved how Hector played the music. She could not help but feel alive as he played the chords to the song. Quickly, she took the guuitar and gestured for him to do something. She played as Hector danced like a fool and decided to sing the next verse as Nikki played.

"The loco that you make me

It is just un poco crazy

The sense that you're not making"

"The liberties that you're taking," sung Nikki.

"Leaves my cabeza shaking

You are just un poco loco!"

Finally, with the last verse they song, "Un poquititi-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-to loco!"

At the end of the song, Nikki accidentally slipped and nearly fell until Hector grabbed onto her armpits. She looked at him a little awkwardly as Hector helped her stand back up.

"You did good, Nikki," Hector said, patting the girl on her shoulder and sighing in relief that she was alright. The duo were happy to learn that they won based on their creative ways.

"Now, all I gotta do is find out who my father is," said Nikki. Héctor smiled.

"Then you'll go hhome," Héctor said. Nikki smiled. Now that they won, things were moving forward for Nikki.

Shocked at that twist? Juana, the girl skeleton that Nikki had run into, was her cousin! It honestly just hit me to make them related when I was writing chapter 3. Since they never covered the search for Miguel in the original film, I have decided to take a break from Héctor and Nikki through the first half of this chapter. I also wanted to include a scene for Imelda worrying for her daughter.

I know Héctor had no siblings in the film but this is fanfiction, where anything's possible.

New characters

-Tía Amalia Rivera Gomez: Héctor's twin sister; Imelda's sister-in-law and Coco and Nikki's aunt

-Tío Javier: Nikki and Coco's uncle and Imelda's and Hector's brother-in-law

-Prima Sofia: Amalia's youngest daughter, Juana's sister, Nikki and Coco's younger cousin