AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm aware of the fact that I'm really late to the twilight fanfiction bandwagon, but better late than never right? what started as a movie marathon and going down a hole of reading fanfics ended with a lot of plot ideas that I can't resist writing.

So, a quick note about the timeline here, I had to make a few changes to character's ages, but nothing major, and most of them are seen quite frequently in a lot of stories. Paul, Jared and Kim are going to be the same age as Bella, so 18 and seniors during New Moon. I'm sorry if this bothers anyone, but it's what I thought was best for this story.

The story is going to be taking place 3 years after the end of Breaking Dawn, with all canon events staying the same with the exception of Paul imprinting on Rachel for obvious reasons, and Renesmee's existence, the whole thing about Jacob imprinting on the daughter of the girl he was in love with is something I'm just not really a fan of.

Please be aware that that English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any errors, while I've written a lot of things, most of them were in my mother tongue, so if you see something weird just point it out and I'll fix it.

Thank you so much for giving this story a chance sz

PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK if she is happy with her life.

Evangeline usually ignores the pitying look that comes with the question, and simply gives the person a bright smile and a confirmation that yes, she is happy with her life. Most people look incredulous after the sincere answer, as if they expected her to break down in tears. She supposes it's because they consider early motherhood as a sentence of eternal misery, as though she can't ever be content because something so life-changing happened without it being planned.

It's not like she doesn't know where they're coming from, but Evie believes every situation is its own, and while many young mothers might not be exactly thrilled, she doesn't like that people assume that no one can be happy if they've given birth before the age of twenty while unmarried.

Evangeline has always been an optimist, a glass 'half-full' type of person. She tries to see the best in life, even when it's hard to do so. This makes almost all that meet her think of her as 'silly' or 'naïve', seeing the constant optimism as failure to recognize that life isn't perfect and never will be, but that's exactly where they're wrong. The biggest reason for Evangeline's positive outlook on life, is that she knows it's not a good world out there, so why not try to balance out the bad by thinking of good things? She takes this personal philosophy by heart, making it a standard for the way she lives, trying to shine light where there might be none in hope that one day, good things might come in return.

So when life gives her lemons in the form of an unplanned pregnancy, Evangeline tries to make the best lemonade she can.

Nevertheless, she would be lying if she said that when she found out she was pregnant, two weeks after a one night stand with the guy she'd been pining over for the better part of a year, she didn't freak out a little bit.

With only her favorite cousin and aunt to count on and absolutely no hope of a relationship with the baby's father, Evangeline could admit that for the first time in her life, she was finding it a tad hard to be optimistic. At the start, it could be said she was eighty percent optimistic, but with every person that cut her out of their life, she started to lose numbers until it was at an alarming five percent and counting down.

But Casper was there, and he never even thought of leaving. Related via their mothers, he could be considered more of a brother than a cousin, Evangeline having practically grown up at her aunt's house in La Push after the death of her mother and the second marriage of her father, going so far as to live there during the week just so she could attend the same high school as him. The young man, nineteen to her eighteen, was her closest friend and confidant, and to this day, the only person that's aware of her child's paternity. He and his mother, known to Evie as Aunt Stella, were the ones that took her in after her father disowned her, helped her through the pregnancy, and finally, with raising her baby boy.

Having grown up in Forks, Washington, the small town wasn't the best place to live as a teenage single mother, so it didn't take long after her son's birth for her to make the drastic decision to move to Seattle. She wanted her child to be raised somewhere he wouldn't be judged by the circumstances of his conception, and so, Evangeline (with the help of her cousin, who refused to not go with her) she rented a small apartment in a relatively suburban area of the city, a feat that she admits could never have been accomplished without Casper.

Her plan was to never return to Forks with the exception of visits to her aunt, but fate had other plans. An unexpected family death forced the girl back to the small town four years after she left, and with that, a reconnection with a man she never thought she'd see again.