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[Approximately 5 centuries ago]

Those that had been closest to Naruto all sat in the Lord Hokage the Third's office. They were waiting word from the Hokage about Naruto, if he was still alive after disappearing 5 months ago. Lord Hokage the Third walked in with a somewhat injured messenger. The people in the room looked at him when he entered, some looked hopeful, some looked despairing, and others looked stone cold as if knowing what he would say.

"Naruto is dead," he said softly. "He's been dead for 5 months now. This messenger just returned with the note of Naruto's death. It seems that the fox saved the life of one of the other leaders he was to meet with." Lord Hokage the Third didn't say the word fox with resentment; he said it with affection. Sakura cried and sat on the floor in shock.

"...He's dead?" she said. She couldn't imagine life without that idiot, and no matter how annoying he had been; she had come to care about him.

"...The fifth Hokage..." Iruka muttered. Kakashi looked at his friend sympathetically and touched Iruka's shoulder. Iruka turned to him and wept openly on his shoulder. Sasuke was the only one of the group who didn't show any reaction, but the third Hokage knew how much Naruto meant to the young man. A young woman held the 2-month-old daughter of the fifth Hokage close and left the room.

"Naruto, the fifth Hokage, named his successor before he left," the third Hokage continued. "His first choice was Sasuke, followed by Konohamaru and then by Sakura. Although some discouraged Naruto from choosing a girl for the title Hokage, he insisted, saying that Sakura was one of the few girls he knew that had a right to claim the title." Sakura blushed and looked at Sasuke, but he had disappeared.


Sasuke stood in front of where Naruto had saved the life of the man he had been meeting with. Here, Naruto's blood had been spilt. Sasuke thought that it was ironic that the white stone that was to symbolise peace between the villages was wet with Naruto's blood.

"I'm come dobe," he murmured and plunged his own kunai into his heart. His blood dripped onto the white stone. "I'll follow you anywhere and forever... At least now we'll be together..." Sasuke fell to the ground and into darkness.


There was no word from Sasuke, until 7 months later. He was seen in the area that where Naruto had died. A few hours after the sighting, a teams of shinobis found him lying there, dead. Sakura was in labour when she found out and died after giving birth to Sasuke's son.

. [16 years ago]

Two shinobis entered into the room where their Hokage was sitting. The man looked up at them, waiting for their report on their mission. The two men exchanged glances and the elder of the two stepped forward.

"My lord Hokage the twenty-fourth," he began, "as you know the daughter of the fox had married into the Mizugo clan of the north four and a half centuries ago. Having just returned from that area, we have news about this clan." The Hokage nodded and the shinobi swallowed before continuing. "There were 3 births in the clan, 2 girls and one boy. One of the children is the reincarnation of the fox."

"You believe that the boy is the fox?" the Hokage asked them and they nodded. "Allow for him to live for 10 years, then get rid of him." The two shinobis were shocked to hear this from their Hokage, but bowed and left him. A few days later, the twenty-fourth Hokage was found dead, and the twenty-third Hokage took over his former duties. However, the shinobis that the twenty-fourth Hokage had spoken to before his death did as they were instructed ten years later.

[6 years ago]

A 10-year-old girl stumbled out of the forest into an empty clearing. She had various cuts and bruises, but that didn't matter to her. All that matter was that she was finally out of that cursed forest. Her blond hair was no longer held in the two pigtails it had originally been in. Her clothing was a little burned and she was exhausted. She fell over where she stood and looked up at the night sky, with all the stars twinkling above.

"Why did those shinobis kill them?" she asked the sky. Her eyes filled with tears as she remembered the looks of surprise on her cousins' faces and their shouts at each other, and at her, to run. Then they were gone. She turned onto one side and curled into a ball. In a matter of moments, sleep overtook her.


A few hours later, she awoke to the sound of voices. She didn't move and instead listened to the conversation.

"...She's the last of her clan then?"

"Yes, her cousins were found dead on the other side of the forest."

"A pair of shinobis from Konohagakure found them right?"

"Yes. We someone went to inform the parents, they were already dead."

" The 'they' your refer to are the parents?"


"Hmm...What about her guardian?"

"Takuma Kosame had left her in the care of her aunt and uncle, as he has made clear several times. Kazuri Umi and some other from the Kazuri clan have confirmed this. Kosame and Umi are here if you want to speak with him Doctor. He's seems very worried about her."

"Well he's been taking care of her since she was born so why shouldn't he worry? You can tell Kosame and Umi that they can come in, she been awake for some time now." The girl sighed, but kept her eyes closed until she heard Kosame and Umi.

"...Don't worry, the doctors say that she's fine." The girl smiled slightly and opened her eyes a bit. That had been Umi comforting Kosame.

"I know Umi," Kosame replied. "It's just that who would attack three kids." The girl growled under her breath and sat up, glaring at Kosame.

"I'm not a kid!" she snapped and he grinned at her.

"Feeling better then?" her 20 year old guardian asked her and she nodded. She noted that her cuts had been bound and that there was a fresh set of clothes lying on the empty chair in the room. The clothing consisted of a pair of leather boots, silver-embroidered black pants, a cotton white shirt and a gold/silver-embroidered tunic. Seeing that she was looking at the clothing, Kosame smiled. "We thought that you might need them, since your others were a bit charred. Umi picked them out." The younger girl looked at Umi, who smiled.

"Thanks," she said. "I first thought that Kosame picked them out. It kinda scared me."

"Hey!" Kosame said indignantly.

"No problem," Umi said, ignoring Kosame's outburst. "I can understand you fear. I mean, Kosame's not a fashion pro, and he doesn't know what girls like." Kosame calmed down a little, seeing that the two girls were just teasing him. Umi smiled at the girl and left her with Kosame.

"You still planning on leaving?" he asked suddenly and she smiled at him.

"In six years silly," she said. "In six years I'll be leaving for the academy in Konohagakure. I still have to learn from the shinobis here. You still have enough time to tease me."

"It's not that," Kosame countered. "It's just that...I'm gonna miss you...besides you're still a kid-"

"As well as an orphan, and everyone here despises me 'cept you and Umi," she countered easily before sighing. "I have to Kosame. If I don't, I'm not going to become anything and I'll feel that I let my parents, and you, down." Kosame nodded.

"Put on you clothes then," he said and left her in the room alone. She came out a few moments later. Kosame smiled. "You look cute in that you know. You're a git, but you still look cute."

"Thanks, I think..." she said. "Hey do we have any marshmallows at home? ...Oww! Hey, what did ya do that for?!"

. [A few days ago]

The girl was 16 years old now. Umi and Kosame stood with her at the outskirts of the village. She had grown taller, and her blue eyes shone with tears *. She was supposed to meet with two men from Konohagakure, who were to escort her to their village.

"We're gonna miss you," Umi said. The girl smiled at Umi and they hugged.

"Be good kid," Kosame said.

"...Yeah, yeah..." The two stared at each other, and the girl noticed that Kosame was crying.

"Come here you idiot," Kosame said and the two hugged each other fiercely. "I'm gonna miss you." Tears ran down the girl's face, which was buried into his shoulder.

"I'm gonna miss you too, you jerk," she said, her voice muffled. "Take care of Umi, okay? You two are perfect for each other." She was referring to the fact that Kosame and Umi had been recently engaged. The two stopped hugging and the girl turned back to Umi.

"Come and visit us sometimes, okay?" Umi said, wiping the tears away from the other's face before tucking a few stray strands of blond behind the girl's ear.

"I'll try," she said. When she turned around, two men stood there, waiting, She walked forward with Kosame and Umi. The one whose face wasn't covered stepped forward.

"I assume that you're Mizugo Setsuna," he said and the girl nodded. "I'm Iruka and this is Kakashi. Have you said good-bye to your parents?" Iruka pointed to Setsuna's companions. Setsuna glanced at Kosame and then Umi.

"They're not my parents but I've said my good-byes," she said. Iruka glanced at Kakashi before speaking again.

"What do your parents think about you leaving?" he asked. He immediately regretted it when he saw tears forming in her eyes as she looked away.

"I never knew my parents," she said softly and without feeling. "My father died before I was born and my mother died in childbirth. This was my decision alone, Kosame, who's my guardian, has agreed, reluctantly, that I should go." Iruka blinked in surprise at the girl. She had grown up without anyone, like him, but she didn't seem as immature as he had been when his parents were gone.

"Well then, are you ready to go?" he asked her and she nodded. He then turned to Kosame and Umi. "We'll take care of her the best we can." Umi nodded, trying not to cry.

"I would expect no less for a shinobi," Kosame said and hugged Umi as they watched Setsuna leave. "Take care of yourself, you silly git..."


*Setsuna basically looks exactly like Naruto's ninja centerfold

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