Never Too Far

A Spirited Away fic


AN: hey guyz!! This is my first SA fic, I just saw the movie and immediately had an idea!! Just wanna clarify the time: this is supposed to take place about 10 years later when Chihiro and Haku are about 20, give or take. Hope ya like! ~Suki


"Aya what the hell!"

"I'm serious Chihiro! You need it!"

"Will you just leave me the hell alone?! I never asked for your help!"

"I'm your sister! It's my job to help!"

"Not when I don't need it!"

"Just sign the damn paper Chihiro! You'll thank me for this! I swear!" Aya growled out of aggravation at her sister's stubbornness. Chihiro spun around to leave the room, but Aya slammed the door shut and wrestled her to the table, where they engaged in a fight over the pen and the paper Chihiro was supposed to sign. Chihiro screamed and stepped on her sister's foot, red in the face. Her tears were hid with her rage. "What the hell is wrong with you Aya?! I thought at least YOU didn't abandon me!" That was the last straw in Aya's book. She growled again and smacked Chihiro across the face, then led it into a violent shake. "Don't you dare go there!" she snapped. "All I'm trying to do is help you, and this is what I get, right?! Of course! Because good ole' Aya doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about!" Chihiro pushed Aya to the floor and turned around. The last thing Chihiro wanted was to give her sister fuel by crying. Aya sighed. She brought her hands to her lap and looked at them until her vision grew blurry. "Chihiro, you need help." She whispered. "And I'm only trying to get it for you."

Chihiro spun around, angry tears flowing over her cheeks. "Well ya know what?! Stop! Just stop helping me! I don't need your damn pity!" And with that, she stormed out of the room to tend to something crying harder than her, and she made sure to slam the door. Aya closed her eyes and cried into the palms of her hands.


"Bitch." Chihiro whispered as she walked down the hall. "Who the hell does she think she is?!" She stopped talking to herself to knock on a door. "Miyuki? You alright Baby Girl?" she cooed softly. Chihiro heard the soft crying pause for a minute. A few seconds later, the door opened, showing a little girl, no more than 4, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She buried her face into Chihiro's pants and continued crying. Chihiro frowned and picked her up, shushing her gently. She closed the door gently behind her and sat on the young girl's bed, starting to rub her back. "What's wrong Baby?"

"I don't like it when Auntie Chihiro and Mama fight." She wailed, crying harder into her aunt's shoulder. "Aww. Me either Honey. It's alright. It's ok." And she slowly started to make soft, soothing noises. The girl named Miyuki slowly started to calm down, until finally she was only breathing quicker. She closed her eyes and held onto her beloved aunt for dear life. "Why do Auntie and Mama fight?" she asked softly.

"Because Mommy and Auntie think different things. Mommy doesn't like it when I tell you stories about Lynn, and Mr. Kamajii, and Granny, and Haku."

"But I like Auntie's stories." She protested. "They're good stories."

"Oh, I know you do. I know. But Mommy doesn't want me to think about them anymore. She says they're bad for me." *She's ALWAYS wanted me to forget them.* Chihiro added angrily in her head. Don't misunderstand, Chihiro loved her older sister Aya with all her heart, ever since her family found her abandoned on the street and took her in. They'd always gotten along. But Aya was convinced that Chihiro's memories of the spirit world was all thanks to some sort of mental disorder or something, and she constantly tried to pull her to one psychologist after another. It just made Chihiro so angry. Why couldn't she understand? Why couldn't she just leave her alone? Aya was only hurting her, even though her intentions where good. Chihiro played along for a bit, just to keep her happy and maybe thank her for letting her move in after her parents kicked her out. But she drew the line when Aya started insisted she was mental, and needed some serious help.

Of course perfect little Aya thought that. She did have everything, after all. Not only had she stolen her parent's affection, but she had a big house, money, a husband, money, two kids, MONEY. Not to mention her flawless figure. Whatever Aya thought was law; that's how things worked in her spoiled mind. Chihiro loved her, but she could be such a spoiled bitch sometimes!

"Auntie?" Miyuki asked quietly. "Why're you crying?" and she wiped away a tear to let her know she was indeed crying. Chihiro shook her head. "Nothing. I'm alright." Chihiro stood and helped her niece into bed. "Get some sleep." She whispered. "Ok?" she nodded obediently and kissed her aunt's cheek, who kissed her forehead and pulled her covers up in response. "Good night. I love you Baby Girl."

"I love you too." She responded sleepily, and turned over to sleep. Chihiro smiled and left the room, closing the door behind her. She passed by the kitchen and picked up her purse and car keys. She needed to escape this mad house.


Chihiro drove out of the driveway and headed down the highway, towards her parent's house. She came along the main road to dive up the hill, but drove into the trees instead, coming to an arched doorway. She parked the car and walked into the familiar old train station she had always used as a place to get away from reality. It was here that she first came to the spirit world as a child with her parents, and went through the longest (and best) few days of her life. Only now the barrier between the real world and spirit world was sealed again. Sometimes she wished she could go back; go back and stay there. Live her life with the only true friends she'd ever really had. She almost wanted to loose her name to Yubaba; she would do anything to escape the real world.

Chihiro sighed and sat on one of the benches. This was the only place in the world she felt comfortable crying. She'd been coming here ever since she'd returned from the spirit world. It was the only way to be able to escape her neglective parents. After she had moved out, it was too hard of a habit to break. The familiar air surrounded her, as if to comfort her as she continued crying. But it didn't seem right today for some reason. That sound. it was almost eerie. She raised her head. "Who's there?" she whispered into the cold night. She had no response, so she let her head fall again. She sighed and tried to get a hold of herself. Then again, she heard that sound, and she stood up, scared out of her wits. No one ever came here. Only Chihiro. She frantically backed herself into the tunnel, only to be greeted by a raging wind, causing her to scream. It carried her back into the room and pushed her on the floor, and she watched the wind escape through the doorway to the spirit world in horror. It almost glowed red.

"Go." A voice whispered. Chihiro gasped. "W-who's there?! I'll c-c-call the p-p-police!" she stammered in fright. "Go!" the voice said more forcefully. "Go back to the spirit world. Back where you belong." And with that, the wind returned, carrying a screaming Chihiro past the barrier she had waited for so long to collapse.

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