Never Too Far

A Spirited Away fic

Chapter 3


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Aya kept pacing in the living room, still waiting for her husband to get home. It almost seemed like 2 hours now! She told him to get home fast! She sighed. *Men.*

Then finally, the door opened. Aya rushed over and grabbed him by the arms. "Where were you?! I thought you dissapeared too!"

"I'm sorry Honey, there was traffic and my cell battery's dead." He smiled and held her close. "Want me to make it up to you?" Aya broke away from him. "How could you think of something like that at a time like this?! I can't believe you." He frowned. "Look, Aya, Chihiro's fine. This isn't the first time she's run off. She's come back every time."

"Sure, she's come back every time! A month later!"

"She's not a little girl. She can take care of herself. Stop acting like she is."

"She's my sister! How the hell am I sopposed to act?!" her husband sighed and looked at Aya. "Aya, she doesn't need you to worry about her day and night. She needs space, and you're not giving it to her. Why else do you think she keeps running off?" Aya plopped on the couch in back of her and let her eyes let out just a little moisture. "I'm only trying to do what's right for her." She whispered. "She's not mentally stable. She doesn't know what she's doing."

"Aya we all know she needs help. Her life's caving in little by little. And to tell you the truth Honey, you're one of the reasons. You keep pressuring her. If she wants your help, she'll ask for it."

"But she WON'T ask. That's the point Tai."

"What is the point? I'm still not following you. If she doesn't ask, she doesn't ask. End of discussion. And if she doesn't Aya," Tai paused a moment to take a beer out of the fridge and sit next to Aya. "Then she can figure out something on her own. You're her sister, not her mother."

"I know that. But. . ."

"But what?" Aya put her arms around Tai's neck and cried into his shoulder. He held her close and shushed her a bit. "I just don't want her to get hurt." She whispered. "None of us do Honey." Tai whispered back. "None of us do."

Aya sniffed and lay her head down. It was then that she noticed the beer in Tai's hand and tried to take it from him. "I thought you were quitting." He said mockingly. Aya threw him a dirty look and lay her head back down on his shoulder, causing him to laugh. "I love you Aya."

"I love you too." ~*~

Meanwhile, Chihiro was having a splendid time with Haku. They'd finished eating a long time ago, but they still sat at the table, talking about little things here and there. Chihiro could tell Haku still couldn't believe she was here, and she still couldn't either. He still held her hand, thinking she'd disappear again if he let go. That was something he couldn't afford. He'd let her slip through his fingers once, and it wasn't gonna happen again. She meant too much to him.

"And then once I became owner of Aburaya. . ." he laughed. "Can't even begin to explain."

"About that." Chihiro commented. "Exactly how DID you become the bathhouse's owner?"

Haku laughed. "It's a really long story. You sure you're up to it?" Chihiro nodded, listening closely. "Ok. Well after you left Chihiro, I did exactly what I said I was gonna do; I quit. Sure, Yubaba threw a fit. She practically wanted to kill me. But it's not like she could've done anything since I had my name back and you destroyed that slug she was controling me with. She, uh, acctually. . ." Haku paused a minute. Chihiro's eyes narrowed. "She what?"

"As punishment. . . she. . ." He seemed to have trouble finding the words (and the courage) to finish his sentence. "She. . .?" Chihiro prodded.

"She turned me into a human." He finally spat out. Chihiro gasped. Her hands flew to her mouth, though she didn't exactly know why it was such a shock to her. Meanwhile, Haku seemed a little too interrested in his drink. Anything to avoid looking at her right now. It took a few seconds for Chihiro to realize why he was just staring at the empty glass in his hand, trying to drink the last sip (that wasn't there) out of it. Chihiro cleared her throught and put her hands down. "Sorry. It's just. . . strange." Her cheeks burned. Strange was all she could think of?!

"It's alright. I should've expected something like that."

"Well. . ." She prodded, waiting for him to finish.

"Well anyway, since she turned me human, I did have to work with Kamajii to survive. Lin was so furious." The memory made him laugh. "But we eventually became friends. It took me a while to adjust to working like that so Lin had to help me do almost everything."

"He's a klutz!" Lin called in a sing-song voice from the other room, and Chihiro couldn't help herself from giggling, let alone falling off the chair. Haku smiled sheepishly, his skin flushing. "In fact," Lin started as she made her way to the door. "I wouldn't be surprised if he's naturally a blond."

"Lin." He muttered under his breath. "Don't you have better things to do?"

"Like what? This is actually entertaining."

"Ha ha ho ho." He muttered sarcastically. Lin laughed and came up to Chihiro to finish the story. "You should've seen him! A manual wouldn't have given him a fuckin' chance even! It was such a nightmare! If I didn't know any better, I'd think he's Suki in disguise."

"LIN!" he hissed. "We're not supposed to know someone's writing this!"

"Oh yeah. . . well anyway, I'm surprised he's still alive after all the crap he got himself into! I swear with the lord as my witness, I will NEVER work with this guy again."

"Hey Lin?" Haku interrupted.


"Remember that 10 percent raise I gave you earlier?"

"What about it?"

"Oh nothing. . . I was just thinking what a shame it would be if that somehow never happened." He looked up with a triumphant look on his face, knowing he'd won. "Understand?" Lin only let out a 'humph' and hit him in the back of the head. As she walked out, she muttered to herself. "Don't tell me what to do." Haku snorted to himself and turned to Chihiro with narrowed eyes. "You know she was lying, right?"

"But of course." She replied sarcastically, and burst out laughing again. Haku sighed. "I'm sorry." Chihiro apologized, and finally got herself to stop laughing. "Sorry. Go ahead."

"Where was I? . . . oh yeah. So anyway, I went to see Yubaba's sister. . ."

"Granny." She corrected. "Yup, Granny." He nodded. "She helped me train what little energy I had left in me, and it wasn't really that strong. So what we decided to do was start a rebellion and once that was underway, all we had to do was lure her into a tomb under the river. She's long gone now. No one can survive being under a river for 10 years. So I sorta took over after that. . . but it's different now. Everyone's happy."

Chihiro nodded. The story seemed rather strange to her. "Hm. Does Bou still live here?"

"He lives with Granny now. He's really grown up."

"Hm." Chihiro brought her hands to her mouth and yawned. Haku held her hand and massaged the back of it with his thumb. "Tired?" he asked softly. She nodded. "Long day." Haku smiled. "Lin set up an extra room. I'll walk you over." Chihiro smiled and accepted Haku's offer.

Chihiro yawned again when they were about half-way down the hall. She was really tired. Her back was stiff, her neck hurt. She definitly needed sleep. Haku was really warm too. She didn't even realize she had laid her head on his shoulder. Of course, he didn't miss it, and his face was a little pink. He had to admit though, it felt good.

He had no idea what it was that attracted him to her 10 years ago. . . now she was so different. So much kinder, sweeter, good listener, not an ounce of rudeness in her. She made him feel so. . . wanted.

Chihiro yawned as they approached the room where she would be staying. Haku looked at her again before opening the door and whispering, "This is it." She nodded and smiled. "Thank you."

"No problem."

Chihiro smiled at him and let go of his hand. "Good night."

"Night." Haku whispered, and was just about to turn around when Chihiro asked: "Haku?"


"You're the owner of Aburaya now right?"

"Yes. . ."

"So you can basically order people around right?"

"Sorta. Why?"

"Do you have a masseur or a masseuse or something? My back's really stiff, it kinda hurts." She winced at the end of her sentence from pressing too hard on her neck. "I don't." his cheeks turned pink. "But I can do it if you'd like." Chihiro smiled. "Would you? I really need it."


Haku came in and closed the door behind him. He couldn't help himself but smirk; this would be a fun night.

"Should I change into a robe or something?" Chihiro joked. "If you want." Haku relied rather quickly, and Chihiro smiled. "Ok, wait just a second." And she dissapeared into the bathroom.

*I should play around with him a little bit.* she thought as she shed her clothes and wrapped herself in a towel. *It might be fun.*

When Chihiro emerged, Haku was sitting on her bed, and his face turned bright red when he saw what she was dressed in. "There wasn't a robe in there. Is this ok? Or is it alittle too. . ." Chihiro didn't know the word for it.

Haku shook his head, trying to keep his eyes from widening and his nose from bleeding. "Oh, no, it's fine." Chihiro smiled. "Alright then." She walked over to her bed and lied down, stomache first. She closed her eyes and felt Haku's hands on her shoulders, shaking at first, but becoming more and more confident as he worked his hands down her back.

"So. . . what've you been up to lately?" Haku asked.

"Nothing really."

"Nothing's really happened since I saw you last? That was 10 years ago. Something had to happen."

"Nope. Nothing." Chihiro sighed. "Nothing at all."


Silence. "My parents adopted someone." Haku looked at her. "When did that happen?" Chihiro shrugged. "A while ago."

"Are they nice?" Chihiro paused. "I guess so."

A few more minutes passed. There was dead silence. All that could be heard was Lin screaming on the next floor down. The silence almost made Haku uncomfortable. However, if he'd know what he would have heard next, he would've preferred the silence.

Chihiro quietly began to cry, letting her tears fall limply over her eyes. Haku stopped. "Chihiro?"

"You have no idea what my life's been like the last decade." She sobbed quietly. "Chihiro. . . don't cry. . ." he pleaded, helping her sit up and holding her close. "What happened?"

"Everyone thinks I'm a psycho. My stupid sister especially. I've been waiting 10 years just so I can come back and be with you." She sobbed. Haku's heart raced. Did she really mean that? "You've been. . . waiting for me?" Chihiro nodded quickly and continued to cry.

"You're the only one, Haku. The only one I'll ever love like this. I swear it." Haku paused. "I feel the same way." He whispered. Chihiro stopped, staring up at Haku. "I love you." He clarified. "I. . . I love you, too."

Chihiro put her hand on his cheek, pushing his hair back. She couldn't take it anymore. She needed to kiss him.

It all happened so fast. Just an hour ago, she wasn't even sure where she was, and here she was with Haku, with her parted lips pressing against his. Just a little longer, and it was like a war between their toungues, and neither could breath. Chihiro felt Haku's hand on her back, slipping her towel off, roaming her bare skin. His mouth left hers, and started to trail kisses across her cheek, down her neck. Meanwhile, Chihiro started to tug on his clothes, slipping them off of him slowly and hesitiantly. It was strange at first, but. . . it just felt so. . . right.

Both fell back on the bed, their kisses becoming more and more passionate by the minute. And at just the right moment, Haku rolled Chihiro under him and hesitantly started to rock his hips against her, completely throwing their virginity away. Chihiro almost couldn't breath. She just couldn't. And it seemed like for the first time in 10 years, there was no problems in her life. They all dissapeared into the night. The best night the two ever had.


The next morning, Chihiro was rudely awakened by the sun, flowing through the windows. She winced. She hated it when she was awake and no where near ready to get up. She pulled the covers back up on her and snuggled back into the soft sheets, her eyes falling on her beloved. She sighed. She loved him so much. The night before was such a dream come true, she almost didn't believe it happened. She pulled her hand out of the covers and pushed his hair out of his face, accidentally scratching him. He stirred slightly, groaning from the sunbeams. "Shhh." Chihiro whispered softly. Haku sighed. He opened his eyes slowly. "Hey." He whispered, taking her into his arms. Chihiro accepted and closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of his embrace. "Morning." She replied just as quiet.

"Chihiro. . . I love you."

"I love you too."

"Would you do anything for me?"


Haku smiled. "Really?" Chihiro nodded. "Then can I ask you for a favor?"

"What's that?"

"Well . . ." he started. He loosened the hug and looked deeply into her eyes. She was so beautiful to him. Both inside and out. He took her hands in his. "Chihiro, will you. . . will you marry me?" Chihiro's eyes sparkled. She smiled. "Really?" he nodded. A tear trickled down her cheek, and she threw her arms around him. "Of course I will." She whispered, her voice being taken over by her happy tears. Haku smiled and held her tight. And then, for the first time as an engaged couple, they kissed.


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