Love is Loud: Mother's Edition

Chapter 1

Contributor: DragonPony022

A groan sounded as an arm slunk out from under a thick comforter as a blaring alarm woke up the teenaged boy sleeping underneath it. After a few attempts to silence it and missing a second arm, different from the first slid out and silenced it for him.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I thought I turned it off. And here I was going to wake you up a special way" a female voice purred out before the comforter was slid off to reveal a tanned 17 year old boy with three whisker marks on each cheek and a head of spiky blonde hair that was spiked out in every direction, defying gravity as two spiky bangs framed his face and a woman wearing little to nothing.

The woman had big blonde hair with green eyes that looked up at him half lidded as her red lips smiled up at him. Her outfit merely consisted of a soft pink see through negligee with a white trim around the top over her rather sizeable D cup breasts and the bottom of it that stopped just halfway at her stomach. Only other piece of clothing she had on was a thong that was barely visible due to her rather plump rear.

The boy was Naruto Loud while the woman was his adopted mother.

"Don't worry, you still can" he said, smiling back to her as he shoved her head back down to his dick, which she had pulled out in his sleep. "Though I haven't showered yet after working last night so I hope you don't mind" he said though from how she was burying her face in his crotch he doubted that she did.

Rita couldn't help but shiver at his musk, his dick against her face as she lapped her tongue up it. She honestly didn't know why but the smell of her young lover always sent sparks through her and as he shoved her face against his crotch she could feel her already wet womanhood dampen even more.

"Oh sweetie, someone's eager" she teased as she gave his head a soft kiss before she started to slowly swallow his dick inch by inch.

"With a wake up like this it'd be more surprising if I wasn't" he said with a smirk as he enjoyed the sight of the older woman bobbing her head with her ass in the air. "I swear your ass looks more amazing every day. Maybe it's from all the kids you've had but I swear you are definitely a Milf" Naruto said as Rita couldn't help but moan as Naruto gave her ass a slap before he started to grope it with his hands.

"I'm glad you like my body sweetie as it definitely likes you too" she purred out before quickly getting back to sucking his dick.

Waking up like this was heaven to him as her tongue continued to lick him as she swallowed every inch he had. Some days they went straight to sex while others had more build up like this but either way he got to enjoy the body of the woman in front of him.

"Oh god, just like that. Keep going" Naruto moaned out as he gave her ass another slap before grabbing it, loving how his fingers sunk into her plump ass.

He could feel himself getting closer before they both jolted up as someone started to knock at his door. "Naruto! The bathroom is open for you if you want it" Luna said as Naruto groaned and Rita gave his still hard member a soft kiss.

"Just as we were getting to the good part" Naruto groaned out as Rita stroked his cheek with a soft smile.

"I'm sorry sweetie but we can definitely continue this once your father leaves for work" she said before she leaned forward and kissed him, smiling as he deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue into her mouth and pulling her close to him.

She moaned into the kiss, running her hands through his hair as his hands groped and played with her ass. Though as much as she would have loved to continue she had to pull away.

"We will definitely pick this up later so be ready" he whispered in her ear as she nodded and stood up, picking her bathrobe up from off the floor to hide the lingerie from her daughter's.

Naruto smiled, enjoying the sight as she walked away, before falling back onto his bed while trying his best to calm down which was hard given he was brought to almost finish by the milf what was his adopted mother.

He still couldn't believe how lucky he was in a situation like this and how it all started due to her hormones, which always acted up a while after pregnancy or more specifically after giving birth to Lucy. This paired with his puberty that started at the age of 10, caused things to spark.

After their first time, which consisted of him cumming inside her at least three times after humping her like crazy, they both knew it wasn't healthy but neither of them really could stay apart from each other for long.

Despite him being unskilled at first he easily made up for it with pure energy and with her hormones she couldn't hold back since her husband never touched her while she was pregnant and had been trying to hold off as best as he could after Lucy.

This went on for several years while she was pregnant with the twins, Lisa, and even Lily to even the months after it they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Rita, being his first, did her best to teach him how to please a woman and Naruto soaked it in as he wanted to do everything he could to make her feel amazing. Over the seven years he had gotten to the point where he could turn her to putty and she could still make his body weak from her actions.

It took a while to get here but it worked out amazingly in both their favors as sex was something they craved with one another. Rita loved how he used what she taught him and how he went the 'extra mile' to learn more and he just loved making her feel good and enjoying her amazing body.

'And I didn't even get to enjoy it this morning' Naruto thought with a groan as he sat back up, deciding he had wallowed in annoyance for long enough before he got dressed and headed upstairs.

He couldn't help but smile as he saw the woman who had been sucking him off, previously leaving lipstick marks on his dick, swaying her hips and humming to herself as she cooked breakfast for them. The fact she was still in her bathrobe, seemingly unable to go change yet, made him struggle not to bend her over or flip up the back of it to get a peek at her glorious ass.

"Oh my, what a sight" he whispered out, moving up behind her as he kissed her neck. He knew he was okay for now as no one moved quietly in this house and even Lucy was someone he could hear coming. "Are you trying to get some more fun by swaying that glorious ass of yours around like that?" he asked as he pressed up against it, snaking his hand around to open up the front of it a bit.

"Sweetie be careful, we can't mess around like this here" Rita whispered back before biting her lip as she felt his hands graze over her chest, slowly making their way down to her waist before slipping inside her bathrobe.

"Don't worry as I can hear everyone running around upstairs and dad doesn't wake up til later. Let me enjoy this bit of time we do have" he said, softly kissing her neck before he slid his hand under her nightie and the small thong she wore.

The sound of her gasp and soft moan as he ran his fingers over her lush bush was definitely enough to spur him on more. Personally he loved the bush she had over her perfect pussy as it added to the sexiness of it.

To him, even after so many children, her body and pussy were amazing.

"Oh my, you're pussy is so wet isn't it?" Naruto whispered in her ear nibbling on it softly as his two of his fingers slipped inside her drenched womanhood, causing the blonde milf to throw her head back a bit and moan.

Rita knew she should tell him to stop, especially in a risky place like the kitchen, but his fingers were amazing. He always knew how to use them to hit the perfect spots inside her, something she loved that he learned how to do.

She tried her best to keep the level of her moans down as Naruto continued stir and pump his fingers inside her only for her to feel even hotter as he slid up the back of her robe and was grinding against her ass. She couldn't help but push her ass against him, loving the feeling of his hard dick press against her ass through his pants.

A part of her honestly wanted to tell him to take her now but she knew that was far too dangerous and they had only been able to get away with it once. Of course though everyone was out of the house and she was taking care of him when he got sick.

She could still remember how she ended up bent over the counter as he pounded into her and fucked the whole night. She might have had some trouble walking the next day but she didn't care as it was an amazing day.

Her recollection of that day quickly stopped as she let out a sound that was a mix between a gasp and a moan as Naruto pinched her swelling clit that only continued and got louder as he rolled it in between his fingers.

"I love that you know my weak spots so well~" she moaned out as he continued to kiss and nibble on her neck while his hands were playing with her pussy and clit. She could feel just how hard he was through his pants as he grinded against her ass.

"You taught me them and all I did was practice attacking them to make you into putty for me" he whispered before he gave her clit a harder pinch and slight tug at the same time while he pushed his fingers in deeper, rubbing a spot that he knew really drove her nuts.

His smile grew even larger as he saw Rita's legs start to shake and her drool a bit from having her weak spots assaulted like this. "I really do love seeing you like this Rita" he whispered to her as she could only whimper and moan from his actions.

"It's a shame we can't go all the way right now," he said as he pulled the hand that was assaulting her clit away and behind her, using it to pull the back of her thong to the side "as I so want to play around with your amazing ass" he added as he softly brushed his finger against her twitching asshole.

Anal was one thing that apparently he only did with her as his father wasn't the kind to do it. Naruto honestly found that ridiculous given how amazing and plump her rear was but if that meant it was his sole thing to do with her then he didn't feel bad for what his dad was missing out on.

"Though since I sadly can't ram my dick in it," he said with a playful pout as his finger prodded it "I guess we can find a substitute" he added in a whisper as she watched him reach over her and grab a wooden spoon that he held up to her mouth.

Understanding the nonverbal request she started to lick and suck on the handle of the spoon, getting it wet enough for what she knew what was in store. Living in a house with so many kids it was impossible to actually buy any sex toys without them being found out, especially since the last time they tried the twins ended up finding and playing with them before they were taken away.

So after that they chose just to improvise with whatever was around. Though in the end the item always got thrown away and a new one bought to replace it.

Rita shivered a bit as she felt the handle prod against her ass before she let out a moan as it was pushed in only to gasp as he seemingly stuck it in handle out.

"You like have your ass filled with something you used to cook dinner last night? You must like it you little slut with how you have your legs spread and are throwing your hips back" Naruto whispered as he wasn't moving it at all with Rita being the one doing it.

"Only for you sweetie since my ass is all yours" Rita purred out as she put her hands on the counter for support and started to gyrate and throw her hips back to get as much pleasure as she could from the spoon.

He couldn't help but just enjoy the sight of Rita's ass bent over, spanking her cheeks a few times to watch it ripple amazingly. From his many times of playing with her ass he utterly loved how it had no hard spots, it being two large globes of soft flesh for him to enjoy. He even found the stretch marks on it made her ass all the more sexy since every time she got pregnant she told him it got larger, as did her tits.

"Mom?" a voice behind them said as they jolted around, thankful that Naruto standing behind her actually kept anyone from seeing them, to see Lana standing at the doorway with a confused look on her face.

"W-What do you need honey?" Rita asked as she straightened up the front of her bathrobe. She quickly had to bite her lip to hold back a moan as Naruto quickly resumed moving the spoon around in her ass as he sat on the counter behind her.

"Have you seen my new baseball hat? I wanted to go to the creek and break it in with some mud" Lana said as she didn't even pay them or the fact that Rita's robe was open enough in the front to see a brief hint of her pussy.

"I-I think you left it in the living room" Rita said, a soft moan escaping her lips as she felt him start to pump the spoon inside her faster.

"You really must be a slutty little bitch in heat to be moaning and panting in front of one of your daughters" he whispered in her ear, continuing to pump the spoon in her faster before slipping a hand around to her pussy.

Rita, as terrible as this was, didn't even attempt to swat his hand away as she wanted it too much. She was too turned on from everything he had done to her to be able to get him to stop and she couldn't believe he was continuing in front of one of his sisters.

All that was running through her head was that Lana, if she looked, could see him touching her, making her moan like a whore and cum from someone else other than her father.

And the bad thing is that the possibility of being seen was turning her on even more as she and Naruto had become essentially sexual deviants, willing to fool around anywhere, even in front of a six year old.

She felt herself get even wetter as Naruto opened up her robe before he shoved three of his fingers inside of her and started to pump them in tandem with the spoon in her ass. She could feel her legs getting weak and her reaching her limits.

"Beg for it" Naruto whispered making a jolt run down her spine. "Beg to cum or I will stop right now" he said, making her eyes widen and shake her head.

"N-No, please don't stop. Please let me cum, I'm so close. Let this whore cum" she whispered out, softly moaning before she gasped as he sped up his fingers and the spoon inside her.

"Open up your robe all the way, let anyone who walks in see you cum" he whispered, speeding up more before she weakly nodded and opened up her robe as at this point she didn't care about anything other than being able to cum.

She bit her lip, letting out a muffled moan as her orgasm started to course through before Lana looked up at her, making her eyes widen. To her relief Lana mainly looked at her face with a confused look before laughing.

"Mom you still look tired with that silly face. Your pajamas are really pretty though" Lana said with a smile as Rita could only nod as she continued to cum while Naruto didn't let up at all and continued to pump his fingers in her pussy and the spoon in her ass right in front of Lana who was none the wiser.

As Lana ran off Rita couldn't hold it in any longer as she fell to the floor and started to cum even harder as she sat on her knees. She could feel the sweat caked on her body from everything as she panted in pleasure and shock. She couldn't believe she actually let herself get fingered in front of her little girl and not only didn't stop once she was in the room but begged for it to continue.

She actually loved it, the thrill of it all, and could feel a throbbing ache for something to fill her pussy. She could only look towards her lover, her eyes immediately going down to his crotch which sported a bulge visible from his pajama pants, showing he too wanted more from her.

All she could think was getting the satisfaction for the ache in her womanhood as she reached up and put her hand on the bulge while looking up at him. She wanted it, the dick that she was painfully and wonderfully addicted to as she wanted it to invade her like it had so many times before.

"How about you go wash up and we can have some more fun" he whispered out, reaching down to pull the spoon out of her ass which made her moan and shiver.

"Don't worry I won't take too long getting the others fed. Wouldn't want to leave you waiting" he said as he stroked her cheek and kissed her softly.

"You better not keep me waiting too long. I want you so much right now" she whispered before he helped her up and she gave his crotch one last squeeze before fixing her robe.

He was thankful for his job at the restaurant and his large family as he was easily able to get everyone except his mom fed, which by the sounds of the shower were to go by, was waiting for him in the shower.

If there was anything that could keep his family occupied it was food and TV as no one even noticed him slip away and sneak off into their parent's room. As he walked into their attached bedroom, hiding his clothes under Rita's, he couldn't help but admire Rita's silhouette in the steamy shower behind its fogged glass doors.

"Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long" Naruto said as he slipped into the shower to drink in Rita's amazing figure. From her milk filled large tits, round fat ass, and even her stomach which still had some left over weight on he couldn't help but find her utterly sexy and even more so when naked.

This was the body of the woman that introduced him to sex and ever since then she has been his only desire. Everything about her just drove him nuts and made him want to pleasure her.

"I just got in as I felt it'd get you to me sooner" she said as she held her hand out to him, which he took before she pulled him in towards her.

It was barely even a second before their lips were mashed together in a heated make out with their tongues quickly invading the other's mouths. His hands were quick to reach around and grab her ass before pulling her against him to feel his hardened member against her stomach to show how ready he was.

Her hands ran through his hair as the hot water cascaded down them and all that ran through her head was getting the hard dick that she was craving like crazy. She panted as the broke the kiss only to moan softly as he trailed kisses down her neck before stopping at her breasts.

She sharply inhaled a bit as she felt him start to suck on her nipple while groping the other. Her breasts while normally not sensitive considering how many children she has breast fed but whenever he sucked or played on them they got sensitive.

He just had a way with her body to make everything he did to her feel amazing as their chemistry when it came to sex was astounding after the many years of him learning her body. She couldn't help but moan and pet his hair as he sucked and played with her breasts while her other hand slid down to his dick that was pressed against her.

Just touching it sent a jolt through the both of them before Rita started to move her hand up and down its length while she could feel the burning between her legs grow hotter.

She continued to moan as he played with her tits, her pressing them up against his hand and face more as her hand continued to jerk him off before he pulled away, keeping her nipple in his mouth with his teeth before letting it go.

"Turn around and spread your legs" he ordered essentially as the look in his eyes told her that it had been long enough.

She didn't waste any time, wanting his dick in her as much as he wanted to shove it in, before she turned around with her hands on the raised platform in the shower that she kept the shampoos on. She moaned as the second her legs were spread she felt the tip of his dick brush up and down her lower lips.

"No teasing sweetie, just fuck this wet pussy that has been craving you all morning" she purred out as she spread her lips with her fingers, teasing her clit a bit as she could see Naruto gritting his teeth.

As much as she wanted to squeal from excitement as he grabbed her ass all that came out was a loud moan as he thrust every inch of his dick into her with one powerful thrust. The sound of him hitting her ass with that thrust echoed over the sound of the shower and made her legs quiver a bit.

"Holy fucking shit, your pussy is just as amazing as ever. It's so soft and grips me perfectly. I swear it's still nice and tight despite how many babies you've had" he groaned out as he just enjoyed the feeling of his lover's womanhood.

"I'm glad you love my pussy as it and I love your dick. It hits every spot I have~" she moaned out, her voice quivering as she marveled in the feeling of being filled up before smiling and moaning as he started to move in her.

The sound of him slapping against her ass with each thrust only spurred Naruto on more as he gripped her sides and started to pick up the pace. "With a body like this it's just begging to be fucked and played with" he panted out as he leaned forward and rubbed her stomach, rubbing it before gripping her handles and using them as leverage to really thrust into her which left her momentarily breathless from how deep he reached inside her.

"Every bit of you is fucking amazing" he whispered in her ear as he jackhammered his member in her, going harder in her with each quivering moan she let out. "Your stomach, your breasts, your hips, and your ass. It all makes me want to fuck you even harder" he growled out before he took one hand off her side and smacked her ass hard.

The sight of her ass cheeks turning more and more red with each smack only made him smack it more, absolutely loving how it rippled and the sound it made. He couldn't keep himself from playing with it more as he kneaded and spread her cheeks while continuing to thrust.

"I'll definitely come back for this later with the real thing" Naruto whispered as he brushed his finger against her asshole before gripping her ass hard and slipping both of his thumbs into her ass. Her ass was something he played with a lot given it was something he got to first so it could take a lot of punishment.

Rita couldn't hold in her moans as he continued to pound her pussy and spread open her asshole and slip his thumbs up to the first knuckle. She wanted it in her ass just as much as her pussy as for Naruto all her holes were his.

"Sorry honey, I got to brush my teeth before I head off" her husband said who, before she could say anything, burst into the bathroom.

"S-Sure thing, go on ahead" she said as she bit her lip, somewhat annoyed and afraid that people were walking in on them today since it wasn't that normal of a thing. She knew only the frosted glass of the shower and the steam of it all was the only thing really keeping them safe and all it took was him noticing the two silhouettes inside to ruin their lives.

Though unlike Lana her husband would know what it is if he saw her. She was about to look behind her before she quickly felt Naruto start up his thrusts again, making her gasp from the suddenness of it.

"You okay sweetie?" her husband asked as Rita hummed.

"Yeah I'm fine the cold water surprised me for a second" she quickly lied enough to hope he didn't look back at her as she looked back at Naruto who looked at her with a grin, stopping his thrusts as his hands went to her hips.

His look silently asked her what she wanted him to do before she bit her lip in thought before her craving for her lover to fuck her won out. She gave him a clear answer as she put her hands against the glass and stuck her ass out towards him, giving it a shake before she smiled at him thrusting into her again.

"You are a naughtier slut than I thought Rita. Not only did you cum in front of your daughter but you want me to fuck you in front of your husband? You really are my little slut aren't you?" he asked in a whisper before she whined and nodded.

"Yes. I'm your naughty little slut so keep fucking my pussy to show me who owns it" she moaned out, doing her best to keep her voice down which was difficult with a dick thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Naruto let out a low growl as he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled, making her arch her back with a smile and a moan before he started to fuck faster while turning the water on more to cover up the sound of him slapping against her ass as much as he could.

Thankfully, living in a house as noisy as theirs some volume of things weren't really picked up by some people as from Luna's music and the fighting between siblings only really loud things were noticed.

Rita moaned and panted as he pushed her forward while thrusting causing her to press against the glass, her tits now visible through it before he started thrusting hard and deeper in her. It was enough to send powerful jolts through her as with each thrust she could feel him hit the entrance to her womb which wanted him as much as the rest of her pussy did.

"How does it feel to be my fuck toy? To be a cock sleeve to the boy you forced yourself on?" he asked as he continued to slam his dick into her. "Look at yourself now. Now you belong to me and I sure as hell am not going to fucking give you up to anyone. This pussy is mine, you got it?" he added before she nodded as best as she could with him still pulling her hair back.

"I-It feels amazing. I love being your slut~" she moaned out as she held onto the top of the glass pane for support. "Fuck my hairy worn out pussy all you want. It's all yours. Please don't stop fucking me" she moaned out louder, Naruto thankful that his father slipped out a bit before.

"Say it louder, we don't have to be quiet anymore. Admit that you love me more and love my dick more. Admit everything" he growled out, thrusting even harder and deeper until the tip of his dick pierced into her womb making her gasp and smile stupidly.

"I love being your slut! I love you and your dick most of all over his. I'm your bitch and you can play with me and use me however you want sweetie!" she moaned out, thankful the room was clear as she could let it out.

"That's a good bitch! Now cum for me as I flood your insides! I want to see your stomach swell for me" he yelled before he reached around to pinch her clit while continuing to thrust his way into her womb.

Rita couldn't help herself anymore as she let her eyes roll back a bit from how powerfully he was fucking her to the point she had let go for the top of the glass pane but was still in place, pinned against the glass by how hard he was fucking her into it. "Y-Yes~! Fill up my pussy. Please fill me with cum" she panted out before she felt him speed up to the point the sound of her ass slapping was going off a little under every second.

She was about to whine as he pulled out til just the tip was in her, keeping her up with his hands on her hips, before she let out her loudest moan of the shower as he thrusted hard enough to not only make her ass feel like he spanked it but also enough to pierce deeper into her womb.

Her moan continued as she felt burst after burst of scalding hot liquid start to fill her up. She didn't care anymore as her tongue slightly fell out of her mouth as an orgasm tore through her, spiking stronger with each rope of cum he let out in her and each added thrust he gave while bottomed out inside her.

And with how much and how long he came normally, which was on average nearly a minute, by the end she was drooling from her own orgasm while her pussy was overflowing with cum with what spilled out going down the drain.

As Naruto's orgasm died down he couldn't help but smile at the look on Rita's face from it all. "Did you enjoy yourself sweetie?" he asked as she nodded, only able to lightly kiss him back as she was still a bit out of it.

He couldn't help but get a bit harder as he pulled out and watched his cum spill out of her but chose to let her rest a bit before he fucked her again later today. "Come on sweetie let's get you washed up and I promise I'll only play with your body a little bit" he teased as she started to come out of it with a giggle.

The shower, after the amazing sex, was very relaxing and after they found themselves laying on her bed. The door was locked as they wanted some alone time after it.

"I'm glad we didn't get caught today. Normally no one ever remotely almost walks in on us" Naruto said as Rita nodded from where her head laid on his chest.

"It was a bit hot but also scary. I don't want this to end and if someone did find out it then who knows what would happen to us" Rita said before Naruto tilted her head up and softly kissed her.

"Don't worry no one will ever find out as I don't want to lose you either as I truly love you Rita" he said as Rita smiled up at him happily.

"I love you too Naruto" she said as they enjoyed their time alone together which, with their relationship and the house they lived in, was something rare that they made sure to enjoy whenever they got it.

But even then he honestly wouldn't change it for the world.

-Chapter End-


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Think of this as a collection of very kinky lemons with Naruto and Rita

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