This is my first attempt to write a Gundam Wing fanfic, so don't be too surprised if it takes me a while to get the hang of it. Besides, I specialize in CCS, EVA, and Command and Conquer fics. Now, let the fun begin. Also, this fic was inspired by a picture I got from some Gundam website.

In Pursuit of Love

Prologue: First Kiss

Heero didn't know why he had let Duo talk him into doing this. In all technicality, he should trust his fellow pilot's advice, but then again Duo wasn't like him in any way except one. Unfortunately, Trowa and Quatre were busy and Duo was the only one present. And the worst thing? This had to do with Relena. That girl had stayed in Heero's mind for so long it wasn't even funny. What annoyed him even more was the simple fact that she also thought of him. That had only given Duo even more reason to tease the two of them about their odd relationship. He adjusted the black tie one more time before he was finally satisfied. He then made sure his blue shirt was tucked in. The dark blue pants seemed to match it.

"See? I told you you'd look better in something formal," said Duo.


"Man, why are you always like this? How many times have I offered you help? You really need to lighten up and accept it."

"Coming from you I'm not sure how serious I should take it."

"And now you're making wise cracks at me. You know, I have no idea why I help you."

"Because it'll score points with Hilde."

Duo sighed. The sad thing was, what Heero said was true. What was even worse was that someone like Heero saw through it so easily. Duo had always considered Heero ignorant about women, but apparently Relena had changed that. How, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"Whatever. Are you going now or not?"

"I'm going."

Heero left the apartment that the colony had given him. After all that time fighting OZ and stopping a rebellion, some government official in the colonies had decided to reward the Gundam pilots. While Wufei was off being a Preventer, Heero was the only pilot that didn't exactly have a job. He assumed he could also work as a Preventer, but didn't feel like it. Besides, right now he wanted to rest. Quatre was busy running his company with the help of his many sisters while Duo worked in some mechanic place with Howard.

Heero got into the car that he had been given and drove off. He headed to the main government building and stopped in the front. He was early, but it was a good thing to be punctual. There were a few guards outside but most of them knew him by sight. A few minutes later Relena came out. She was still wearing that hairstyle she had when Heero had destroyed the shelter of the Brussels palace, though wasn't in any formal uniform. Instead she was wearing a white skirt and a purple blouse. He tried not to comment on her fashion style, as that was an extremely touchy subject with women, or that's what his friends had said to him.

"Hello Heero."


"You're early."

"Better than being late," he replied.

She smiled and got into the car. Heero was already aware of two chase cars nearby. Relena was more important than she thought, but she did know she had a lot of influence.

"So where are we going?"

"I was hoping you had some idea," Heero confessed.

"Oh. Well, when you ask a girl out on a date you usually have a plan," she said, "By the way, I like the tie."

"It was Duo's idea."

"Ah. How about we get something to eat first?"


"I came up with the idea, you choose the place," she said."

Heero nodded and started the engine. A few seconds later they were on their way to a rather simple diner that Heero frequented. He liked the place because of its simplicity, and the owner didn't try to make things easier for him. The two got out and Heero requested his normal spot. It was rather secluded and so suited their needs. Besides, Relena was still famous and neither wanted that much attention.

"So Heero, what have you been doing since the attempted coup?"

"Staying out of sight," Heero replied.

"So like you."

She looked down at the menu and was surprised that they served many things she liked. She then looked at Heero with a raised eyebrow.

"A good soldier is always prepared," he said to her.

She smiled. That was certainly true, and if there was such a thing as a perfect soldier Heero was it. So he did have some plans. Relena ordered some food and Heero did the same. Heero stuffed the napkin over his neck but Relena grabbed it and made him put it on his lap.

"You have to remember your manners around a lady," she chided.

Heero nodded. He knew that actually dating would be a new experience and he would have to get used to a lot of things. Their drinks arrived and Relena sipped some of it.

"So Heero, are you still going to try to kill me?"


Relena smiled. "Why the sudden change?"

"Trowa said it best. You are a woman that has the power to move a man like me."

"So I'm a woman in your eyes?"

Heero was caught by surprise by the statement. Relena couldn't help but smile, as she knew that Heero didn't have a reply to that statement.

"It's okay. Kind of strange to see you wearing a tie though. I can't get it out of my head."

Relena took another sip of her drink. It was a sweet tasting cheery flavor. Maybe Heero knew her more than she realized. Their food arrived shortly after and the two started eating. Relena had ordered a light dish while Heero had ordered some steak. It was a rather quiet meal, but then again Heero wasn't much of a talkative person. After finishing, they cleaned up and Heero paid the bill.

"How are you in finding a job?" Relena asked.

"I haven't really tried," Heero admitted, "I don't see much point in doing so."

"Are you going to just live on the generosity of the colonial governments?"

"No," he replied, "I just don't know what I'm really supposed to do since I am a soldier, and there is no need for soldiers in this time."

"How about being a Preventer?" she suggested.

"I doubt they would approve of my methods," he said simply.

Relena had to agree with that. However, she did have an idea.

"How about you work for me?" she asked, "I could always use a bodyguard."

Heero looked at her in surprise, though he knew he shouldn't be. He had acted in that role when she was still Princess Relena of the Sanc Kingdom. However, that had been a temporary thing. He saw in his eyes that she was serious. Relena must have thought it over before asking him. Though she was impulsive at times, she did know when to be careful. Most of the time.

"I'll have to think about it," said Heero.

"Heero, why are you so hesitant?"

"I'll have an answer by the end of the day," he replied.

Relena realized that was as much as she was going to get from him right now. Even after this long, she still wanted him close to her. She didn't know why, but it was probably because Heero made her feel safe no matter what he did.

"Fine. So, where else are we going to go today?"

"There's a zoo in the colony. From what I've heard, you work too hard and rarely go out anymore."

"If that was true I wouldn't have had the chance to go out with you. But you're right, I don't see too many of the sights."

Heero drove them the zoo and again he paid for both of them. He doubted Relena brought any money. She insisted on looping her arm through is as they walked together though. The two walked through the zoo and drew many looks. Most people recognized Relena because she had once been Queen Relena of the World Nation. Now she was a vice-minister. Others might have recognized Heero because of the Gundam incidents.

The two went over to look at the lions first. There were four of them, one male and three females. The male was sleeping while two of the females paced around. Relena leaned on the rail as she looked at the animals. There was a smile on her face, one that Heero had actually seen many times. At times it was nearly impossible to understand her, but there were also times when he could relate to her. She was a very unique individual.

"Heero, how come you haven't smiled yet?" Relena asked him.

"I haven't had the chance to."

"And how do you define that? You smile when you're enjoying yourself."

"I don't have to smile to enjoy myself."

"You rarely do. You know, the colonial government is holding a private party later this week. Do you want to come?"

"Is that an official invitation or a personal one?"

"Personal," said Relena, "though I doubt the government officials will object to having a Gundam pilot present. You could also invite Duo and the others."

"If I invite Duo he will probably want Hilde to come as well."

"Yes, I met her when I was on Libra. That shouldn't be a problem."

"I will pass along the invitation," Heero said to her.

"Will you come? It would be nice if you did."

Heero looked at her and saw a pleading look in her eye. Damn it, even he couldn't resist it.

"I'll come."

Relena smiled. "That's good."

"I assume it is very formal," said Heero, "Will I need an invitation?"

"I'll send you one, and one for Duo and Hilde too. I'm sure you have a suit somewhere."

Heero nodded.

The two continued walking through the zoo and looked at the various animals. Relena commented on a few while Heero didn't say too much. However, she did enjoy her time with him. She kept an arm hooked onto him, as if she was afraid that Heero would run away like he did so many other times.

"Heero, I still don't know much about you. Can you share your past with me?"

Heero grew a little uneasy at that question. Part of him wanted to share it, but part of him felt that Relena shouldn't have to face the problems that were his. He slowly shook his head.

"I see. Well, when you're ready, I'll be there. I trusted you before, I hope you can trust me too."

I do trust you, Heero said mentally. I trust you more than anyone else I ever knew, even more than Dr. J.

They left the zoo a half hour later and Heero drove Relena back to the government complex. She looked at him as the car stopped.

"I enjoyed it, Heero. I hope we can go out like that again."


Before he could continue Relena planted a kiss on his lips and got out of the car. She looked back at him one more time before going into the building. Heero had a look of immense surprise on his face, something that rarely happened. However, it turned into a thin smile and he drove off. Maybe he should thank Duo for talking him into it. But the party should be enough to do so.

End of Prologue

I hope I'll have the energy to continue on, but that depends on the reaction of you readers and how my other fics run. I have a lot of them.