An: So , I actually never thought this story would end up being so long and I'm slightly afraid of how many chapters this will end at. But happy to write as many chapters as possible to do justice to the characters and their stories. Hope you all enjoy.


"Are you sure about this ?" he asks for the fifteenth time literally she had been counting since they sat down for coffee.

"Yes, I am"

Again, she is met with raised eyebrows from Tatsumi.

"Would you just be happy for me?" She states tiredly and he huff in response. He slurps his hot chocolate loudly , eyeing her for a moment then turning his gaze down to the tabletop. After a few minutes of silence, he opens his mouth then closes it once more as if he decided to say something but had thought of better of it .

"Okay," he concedes, and she smiles grateful for the end of the topic. Until he decides to continue once more.

"If you really want this , then you told him everything I suppose ? …" he pauses looking at her confused expression before elaborating.

"Everything about you?" he further explains ,which causes her to look a little ashamed before roughly defending her secrecy.

"I don't see why that would matter to him," she dismisses her friends concern , though she cannot meet his gaze. He stirs his milkshake with his straw before responding.

"You think a hero like him, wouldn't want to know this?" his voice is slightly accusatory as he poses the question to her. But she meets him head on

"His not like that ," she defends confident of her assessment.

"Whatever you say blue , I'm actually surprised it hasn't come up yet"

He settles the argument with that sentence as doubt begins to niggle at her. But without a second thought she dismisses those doubts .

"I'm just saying dude that it's hurtful," Kirishima tries to unsuccessfully explain why keeping this girl a secret stung him especially , he understood his need for privacy, but he never thought he would keep it from him. They are best friends at least that's what he wanted to believe. Bakugo obviously still had his rough edges which had smoothed out slightly over the years. Kirishima even remembers the small pep talk followed by a blast to his face given by Bakugo before his first date with Mina. He knows without him he would have probably chickened out of the whole situation.

"Bakugo, you don't have feelings for Mina, do you?" Kirishima asks tense at the situation he had just created for himself and his best friend.

"Huh, what the hell are you talking about hair for brains?" he replies gruffly.

"Look I know you and Mina had a thing once,"

"Me and Racoon eyes?" he questions as he squints in thought.

"Oh, you mean graduation night?" Kirishima nods as his fists clench and unclench at the growing tension.

"You want to ask her out finally?" he questions softly as guilt seems to be eating at the blonde.

"How did you know?" Kirishima questions taken aback by the soft tone of his friend's voice.

Bakugo ignores the question but replies to his friend's unasked question

"We didn't fuck , if that was your question but we made out…It wasn't anything. Honestly , I've been wanting to apologize for that, but I was too much of a coward to do it,"

Kirishima looks at his friend stunned ; he had never seen Bakugo guilty about much in their time together but to feel this way over something he had done to him softened the blow.

"Look, it was a long time ago and at the time ,I didn't make move man. She and you were free to do whatever , I wouldn't have been mad at either of you,"

Silence encased their conversation as the tension slowly started to dissipate.

"I just wanted to ask if it was okay with you if I asked her out,"

Bakugo's expression went from shock to disgust as he replied

"Of, course it's fucking fine you idiot , marry her for all I care," At that response Kirishima's smile grew unbelievably large.

"Thanks man," he replies louder than usual while grabbing his friend into what he would call a manly hug.

Kirishima remembers the next week getting dressed to go on his date and Bakugou sitting on his bed eyeing him. As he paced back and forth mumbling out excuses Bakugo eventually physically stopped him in his tracks to give him some reassurance. And ever since then had been a firm supporter of their relationship though he would never express it overtly. That's why now he didn't understand why he wouldn't open up to him now. Bakugo eyes his friends intense look of concentration and can almost see the smoke beginning to escape's his friend's ear before he reluctantly replies.

"Look if it's bothering you that much , when I'm ready to introduce her to you idiot's, you will be the first to know" Kirishima gives Bakugo the same obnoxiously wide smile and "Manly" hug as a peace treaty , to what Bakugou hopes is the end of this discussion. Yet a small tug of guilt still enters his thoughts as they continue their respective training inside the gym. And that guilt came with the ringing of soft laughter in his ear and a green mane of hair he would rather forget.