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Story Summary: This is an answer to Severitus' challenge. There is a twist I have yet to see anyone write. What if Harry Potter was born a girl, and discovered Severus Snape was her biological father? What if her name wasn't Harry Potter in the first place? What if her mother could come back to her? Will she accept the truth, or deny her heritage? HP/DM, RW/HG, and SS/LE!

More Than You Think You Are

Chapter One: The Girl-Who-Lived

Harriet "Harri" Potter was bored, out of her mind. She had spent the past few days at the Dursleys, reading up on the defense against the Dark Arts textbooks for the fifth years when she heard her owl Hedwig hoot with delight. Finally, Hedwig had returned from delivering the message Harri had sent to her best friends, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. Harriet or Harri as she preferred to be called wondered if her two best friends had decided to stop acting like children, and admit that they liked one another.

She doubted if such an admission would occur anytime soon, but still it was kind of cool. At first she wondered if she would become a third wheel should they finally get together. Deep down, it would hurt to be left out, but still they were her friends, and would do no such thing. She missed her home. Though she stayed with the Dursleys during the summer, Hogwarts was her home, and would always be. The people there- Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus, Hermione, Ron... they were her family. She shivered thinking about what could have happened if she never went to Hogwarts.

Harri rubbed her fingers against the bridge of her nose setting down the book. She had been studying the DADA for too long now. It was time to read something she really needed assistance with. Potions class was the subject she disliked the most, next to Divination of course. She hated having her doom announced out to her every class period. She didn't want abysmal grades in Potions, and this year she was going to show Professor Snape she was getting better. That greasy git wasn't going to make fun of her any longer. Just because he had despised her father when they were in school didn't give him the right to treat her rudely. She wasn't her father, and he needed to realize that. People change, and so had she. That had been almost five years ago, when she was eleven years old. It was a few days before her birthday, and she was about to have the shock of her young life.

There was no noise on the street of Privet Drive, and Harri stared up at the ceiling, thinking silently to herself. She put her glasses on, and ran a finger against her scar absently. It was times like these in which she could ponder the wonders of the world in her room, away from the Dursleys, and forget her problems that she genuinely cherished. When appearances, and lies didn't matter. She ran a hand through her hair, with boredom. Her hair was short, and strewn about wildly against her pillows. She liked to imagine her mother had the same hair.

Often, her aunt would say that her hair was so ill manageable because of her parents, but she doubted it. She thought it was nice enough; there were just a few wispy locks of hair that covered her scar, and parts of her eyes. When she wanted to, she could make her hair look beautiful. She wished she could spend every morning like this, thinking about her parents in bliss. That was not to be however.

It was a quiet morning when Harri was awakened prematurely by her Aunt Petunia's wail. Today was her cousin Dudley Dursley's birthday. He was one year older than her, and they didn't get along at all. Today, he would be turning twelve years old. Before Harri could say "blimey", her aunt swung open the door to her tiny room, which she had been living in since she grew too big to fit in the cupboard.

Petunia grabbed Harri by the hair, yanking her to her feet. Harri winced in pain, but said nothing. If she spoke out of turn, her aunt would likely slap her. Harri didn't relish being slapped. Harri dressed quickly as quickly. When she was done, she waited for her orders.

"Downstairs with you. Cook the morning's meal while I go wake my Dudleykins up this wonderful morning!"

Petunia demanded, heading up the stairs, but not before turning around, glaring at her niece cruelly.

"We are going to the zoo today. Since your Uncle Vernon says that you are not to be left alone in this house, you are coming with us. I'll have no funny business, do I make myself clear?"

Petunia asked her voice dangerously low.

"Yes Aunt Petunia."

Harri said meekly. Petunia sneered, and headed upstairs.

Harri made the morning's meal. She swiped enough of the bacon, grits, and eggs for herself. She had never been starved by the Dursley's but that didn't mean she ate enough. After finishing the cooking, and serving the family, she sat down to enjoy her meal. She ate quickly, because Dudley was in his normal, mean mood. He liked to sneak hits at her when the Dursley's weren't looking. Every time Harri complained about it, they never believed her. Aunt Petunia would always take Dudley's side in every circumstance.

Petunia would always say 'Dudley would never hit girls, even a freak like you' or some other nonsensical rubbish. Harri was silent, trying not to spill anything on her good dress her aunt had bought her. There were very few occasions when she was allowed something other than a hand-me-down of her aunt's. Each occasion revolved around Dudley.

Silently, Harri fumed at having to wear such clothing. Since they were going to the zoo, this no doubt meant that Dudley's best friend, and partner in crime Piers Polkiss was coming. Harri hated Piers because he was so much like her cousin and he teased her constantly. Sometimes, he would pinch her on the bum, and run away laughing. Dudley thought it was hilarious. The family ate their breakfast, and went outside.

Dudley, and Petunia were already in the car, and just when Harri was about to get in, her Uncle Vernon pulled her back. He bent down so that they were eye level. He wore a horrible frown, and gripped her shoulders painfully.

"Now listen here girl. There will be no funny business while we are at the zoo. If you step one toe out of line, you will have no meals for a week, and you will stay in the cupboard again whether you can fit or not."

He threatened.

"Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir."

Harri said, and hopped into the back seat. As her Uncle drove, Harri remembered the dream she had last night. She looked up into the clear blue sky, thinking strange thoughts about many things. Harri cleared her throat, and spoke, breaking the silent plateau.

"Last night, I had a dream about flying motorcycles."

She said, twiddling her thumbs, with her head  bowed. Vernon almost lost control of the car at the announcement she just made.

"Motorcycles do not fly, girl!"

He said with rage, and regained his composure after the loud wails of Dudley and his mother. After that, Harri said nothing, and avoided sitting next to Piers when they had picked him up. He and Dudley were content to talk badly about her on the way to the zoo.


They bought Dudley and Piers as much ice cream as they could eat, and Vernon begrudgingly purchased a lemon ice pop for her. Now, the group of five sat down, with many complaints coming from Dudley. Harri went over to the snake section, and looked down at the snake. It lay there lazily, doing nothing. Dudley decided to get up and see what was going on. Harri rolled his eyes when Dudley demanded it begin to do something. He walked away angrily, leaving Harri alone again.

"You'll have to excuse my cousin. He's a bit of git."

Harri said, watching with interest as the snake began to perk up.

"Can you understand me then?" The snake nodded, and slithered closer.


Harri said. She was about to ask the snake questions when Dudley came back, pushing Harri out of the way, and unto the floor. Harri glared, and felt an odd sense of anger envelope her. She stood up slowly, watching as Dudley banged on the glass. The glass suddenly disappeared, and she had to stifle a giggle as she saw Dudley fall into the compartment. The snake slithered away, and Harri watched with rapt attention, hearing the frightening squeals of children and their parents.

Harri received the severe punishment Vernon had promised, and was confined to the cupboard for a week. Vernon knew he couldn't starve her because that was illegal, and if she died, he'd be responsible. He gave her what she could survive on to eat, and left her alone.

When the punishment was over and Harri was allowed to sleep in her room again, she rejoiced. Harri checked the mail, and noticed she had a letter. She wanted to open it, but Dudley, being the porker he was tattled, and Vernon opened the letter, then grumbling about freaks or something of that nature. He burned it in front of her. The letters kept coming, despite Vernon's dismay. They had finally left Privet Drive, running like criminals from the law. Even still, the letters came.

They were now at sea, in a raggedy, rundown shack of a house. It was just a few minutes before her birthday. Suddenly, there came a great knock against the door. It sounded like Death catching up with an old man. The beating became louder, until finally, the door came down, and in walked the largest man Harri had even seen in her life. The door fell down, and he picked it right back up, and into its place.

"Hello there Harri. You're looking a bit stout there aren't you?"

The man asked Dudley who cowered behind his mother. Uncle Vernon growled, and pulled out his rifle, aiming it at the gigantic man.

"I'm Harri... Harriet, actually, but I prefer Harri. And you are?"

She asked, looking into the eyes of the man that towered over her. He held out a large hand, and Harri took it, feeling her entire arm being shaken.

"Rubeus Hagrid. Here to deliver you your Hogwarts letter."

Hagrid said, taking an envelope out of his many pockets. Harri took it, read it, and was shocked. She was a witch?!

"You're a witch, Harri!"

He said with a smile. Harri was completely shocked. Before they could talk further, Vernon became enraged, and tried to shoot Hagrid, Dudley began eating her birthday cake, and Petunia was going on about how she and her parents were freaks.

After a few secrets were revealed, and anger squelched, Harri left with Hagrid, on to her new school.


That had been a wonderful memory for Harri. It was when she found out she could do amazing things. This summer had been slightly different though, even from discovering when she was a witch. She could feel herself changing. It was puberty either, because she had gone through all of that already. Something else was happening to her body she couldn't explain. Instead of being short like she was last year, when even Hermione was taller, she had grown three inches, from 5'6 to 5'9. Her hair had changed too. Her hair was no longer wild, and unruly. It grew longer, thicker, and was tamer. Now, instead of her hair falling just below her ears, it fell down to the small of her back. So far that was all she had noticed, but she had a feeling there was more to come.

She wrote to Hermione about it, but Hermione had simply said it was a thing all witches went through. Harri wasn't so sure. She sighed, not wanting to fret over it, and headed out of her room, downstairs in search of her aunt or uncle. Instead she found Dudley, and as usual, he was pigging out. If the years had been good to Harri, they'd been terrible to Dudley. He was pigging out along with that loser Piers. Dudley had somehow managed to convince Piers that being a tub of lard was a healthy thing. He stood when she walked into the room, and tried to give her a hug. Harri pushed him off, and kicked him in the shin.

"Don't touch me ever again Polkiss, unless you want to lose a bloody appendage."

Harri said with a sneer. Harri turned to Dudley and he backed away slightly in fear. His fear was no comparison to the amount of food he ate, so he still chewed while backing away.

"Where are aunt and uncle?"

She asked, not even giving them the dignity of their names. After years of suffering their abuse, Harri refused to even talk with them unless it was extremely imperative. She knew she incited fear into them when she would come home mumbling nonsense words just to scare them.

"They left; you'll have to find your own way to that stupid school of yours."

Dudley said, trying to be cool in front of his friend. Harri rolled her eyes, and went over to Piers. She looked at him in the eye, trying not to gag at what she was about to do.

"Piers, could you take me to Platform Nine?"

Harri asked, remembering not to say and three quarters, because muggles didn't know of its existence. Her finger circled his chest, and she winked suggestively. Though many people had called her pretty, she thought herself to be rather average looking. She had just enough charm to get those of weak minds to do her bidding when necessary.

"Sure thing, Harriet."

He said, smirking. Harri hated it when he called her that. No one was allowed that privilege, especially not that bloody fool.


After getting Piers to leave her alone when she arrived at Platform Nine, Harri had her things boarded onto the train at nine and three quarters, and she searched for her friends. She had arrived early, and maybe she would get premium seating. Harri still couldn't find her best friends, so she just walked up and down the trains, looking for people she knew. Not looking where she was going after coming out one of the compartments, she bumped right into the one person she'd rather have avoided.


Draco Malfoy called, with a smirk on his face.

He stood, not even bothering to offer a hand to her. Some gentleman he was. Then again, like father like son. Both were bastards. She grumbled and stood up. They looked at each other, sizing one another up. Like Harri, Draco had changed as well. He was taller, leaner, and he had a lot of muscle. Harri looked up at his legs, her eyes following up to his chiseled chest, and now to his eyes. Draco stepped back, with a malicious grin on his face.

"If I didn't know better Potter, I'd say you were checking me out."

Draco said smirking, running a hand through his silvery blond hair. Despite her mind telling her that finding Draco Malfoy attractive was horrible, she couldn't help it. He was sexy. Harri smirked haughtily.

            "Then it's a good thing you don't know better."

Harri growled out.

"Cut the crap Malfoy. Get out of my way!"

Harri demanded, trying to push Draco to the side. Then Draco did something that surprised them both. He pulled her closer, so that they were almost nose-to-nose.

"When are you going to give it up Potter?"

Harri glared, feeling as if her face were on fire. She tried to control the blush that threatened to spread. He released her, not giving her an opportunity to say anything. He stood in front of her, his eyes roaming her body, with an unreadable expression.

"What bloody business is it of yours?"

She demanded her hands on her hips. She fumbled in her robes, and pulled out her wand. They stood but a few inches apart, and though Harri had grown much taller, Draco was still a good five inches taller than her. He now stood at 6'3 and lived up to the Slytherin image completely.

"You've changed Potter."

He said, looking at her long smooth legs, longer hair, and sharp green eyes. Harri was really getting frustrated now. Draco would never openly admit it, but he did find her attractive. Although she was his sworn enemy, and she his, he could nevertheless feel the sexual tension emanating from the both of them.

"Yeah, so what? So have you. At least I have the common decency not to go around mentioning it."

Harri admonished, eyebrows arched.

"Now get the hell out of my way Malfoy, or we shall finish the duel we started three years ago."

Draco's eyes became cold silver orbs, and he walked right up in front of her and towered over hissing angrily.

"If you weren't a girl, I'd have bloody punched the snot out of you."

Harri rolled her eyes, unafraid of him.

"My being a girl makes no difference; you couldn't get a hand on me on your best day Malfoy. Your problem is that you hate to admit that I'm better at everything than you are."

Harri growled, trying to get under his skin, since he didn't mind pissing her off. Harri gave Draco a coy grin, and counted on her fingers.

"Let's see... There's Seeker, DADA, Transfiguration... The list goes on and on." Harri said crossing her arms. Draco pulled out his own wand, and pointed it at her.

"Perhaps we should finish that duel Potter." He said with hate in his eyes.

Harri sneered back in the same manner.

"I'm ready when you are Malfoy. Bring it on Draco."

Draco gave her an evil sadistic smirk.

"I just might, Potter."

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