The Ice Queen of Gryffindor

Chapter 1-One Hell of a Life

DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Definitely. I mean, only my twisted mind could come up with something this cruel with such wonderful characters. It will get happier, trust me! I just had to set the stage...

Lily Evans was flying. Over hills, through tunnels, spiraling around and around mountains...she couldn't recall ever being so happy. She felt as though she didn't have a care in the world. As she passed over a giant lake, a giant gust of wind overtook her and she fell. Falling, falling...

"LILY!!!WAKE UP!!!!"

'Oh great. Another wonderful day.' Lily thought sarcastically as the angry face of Daisy Evans came into view.

"Up! This instant!" she shrieked, some powder falling from her face, a beauty mark sliding to a position near her right ear. Lily dragged herself out of bed and stood facing her mother, who promptly slapped her across the face.

Lily reeled for a moment, but looked her mother carefully in the eyes, which were a bloodshot greeny-blue.

'Great. She's been drinking already.' she thought sadly, as her mother inspected her face for signs of bruising. Satisfied that there were none, she straightened and looked pompously at Lily.

"YOUR sister left us! Here!" she thrust a note at Lily, who scanned it quickly, then handed it back.

"So what? She eloped with some guy and never wants to hear from us again. At least she's better off than we are!" Lily spat back, then turned to the cracked mirror in her bedroom, only to be yanked cruelly by her shoulder.

"WE have an important guest to entertain tonight," her mother hissed, spraying her face with spit. "And you will be the one entertaining! Here is your outfit." She gestured imperiously to a hanger. Lily's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"You want me to wear almost NOTHING?!? Is that a way to treat your daughter?!?" Lily screamed angrily, then realized she had gone too far. A vein in Daisy's temple began to pulse dangerously.

"You selfish bitch!" her mother screamed angrily. "This is the only way we can live! I have been a whore for my entire life, and as you can see, I'M STILL ALIVE!!!! You, a pretty young thing, will make loads of money and, daughter or not, you will sleep with whoever I tell you to! Do I make myself clear?" She finished her angry rant, her voice a sibilant hiss. Daisy Evans stalked from the room, slamming the door and making a few cockroaches fall from the ceiling. Lily sighed, and began to prepare herself for that evening. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she loathed who she had become.

'I'm a whore.' she thought bitterly. 'A useless whore, with no chance to ever become anything.' A fat teardrop rolled from her cheek, making her mascara run. She wiped it away angrily, then looked at herself in the mirror one last time before leaving. Her mother was looking anxiously downstairs when she saw her daughter, but brightened considerably. Lily was wearing a low-cut sparkling gold bikini top and bottom, with a sheer, gauzy material wrapped around her lower half and slit all the way up. She had golden eyeshadow up to her eyebrows, and her lipstick was so red it looked like she had cut herself. Her white porcelain skin made her look all the more like a fragile doll. Her mother smiled a slight smile.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed out loud, as all the other girls turned to look and admire (or glare jealously, whatever the case). Her mother adjusted the bikini top slightly, then forcefully turned Lily's glance downwards, to the main hall of the saloon they worked in.

"See that man?" Daisy said, pointing to a dark-haired, sallow man who looked to be in his late forties. Lily nodded and gulped nervously. "He is the one you will be entertaining. Now, walk slowly down the stairs, shoulders back and for god's sake, DON'T SMILE!" Lily nodded, and with a deep breath, walked down the staircase. The man's gaze immediately focused on her, and she cringed inwardly, hating the feeling of being scrutinized. The man got up and walked towards her, his gaze never leaving her body. She waited, feeling all the more like a doll being bought.

"You are Lily Evans." came the low voice emating from the man's mouth. Such a confident statement. Her mouth dry, Lily fought to remain expressionless as she nodded slowly. An evil smile spread across the man's face as his hand snaked around her waist, then went lower and lower...Lily suppressed a gasp and looked at the man. He pulled her forcefully across the room, and pulled her onto his lap. Both his hands held her down, but she knew it was useless to struggle. His hands were everywhere, kneading, poking, prying. Lily sat like a statue, her breath coming in quick gasps. Roughly, the man sat up and, with a grip like iron around her arm, pulled her towards the rooms at the back.

'The rooms...' thought Lily fearfully as they passed the guard, who nodded and handed the stranger a key. She was dragged to the farthest room and before she knew it, flung on the rough pallet with the man on top of her.

"And now, pretty silent one, let's see if I can make you scream." he said, his hand trailing along her chest. She fought to keep her anger in check, but she could hold it in no longer, and threw a weak punch at his face.

"Please..." she gasped fearfully. "Please..." The man chuckled evilly and pinioned her arms and legs to the floor. Forcing his mouth roughly on hers, Lily could feel her anger growing and growing. How dare he do this to her! He had no right! The anger built steadily, searching for a release and found nothing. The man continued his relentless assault, and now the anger was included with fear.

'I HAVE to get away!' she thought frantically, and she closed her eyes, fearing that her head would explode with all this pent up emotion.

"What the hell?!?" the man exclaimed suddenly as he noticed the girl was glowing a faint green. Suddenly, her eyes flew open, the irises a brilliant green.

The rage and fear flew around her head, searching desperately for a way out. She hardly noticed the man's confusion as the power built around a seemingly impenetrable barrier in her mind. The pain grew and grew, and finally she could take it no longer. A high-pitched keening came from her mouth and with it, the barriers in her mind finally exploded. And with it, so did the entire building.

"Oh crap!" she shrieked. "Mom is gonna kill me!" The power shrieked angrily, as burning wood, people and furniture flew in a whirlwind around her. Finally, after an eternity, it died down. Lily collapsed, completely drained.

A gentle face swam into her vision. "Here she is." a kind voice spoke.

"I'm sorry." she managed to get out, before fainting completely.

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