Meg shivered, looking at the triangle pill in her hand. Even after two weeks of taking them, she was hesitant. They weren't like her anti depressants, these were helping her.

She had to beg her psychologist for them, the man never cared or believed her about how she felt but liked giving out drugs. When she told him that her antidepressants made her more suicidal, he just said he'd give her another pill. He was being paid by a pharmacy company, and pumped her with meds... boy they helped. A lot.

Thankfully she had sold the liposuction coupon her grandma gave her, so she could pay the copay. Her family didn't know.

And that is how she wanted it.

She was going to make her life better. Then she would leave, live on her own and finish school. Maybe go to college.

She had already done a lot. Seeing a psychologist and taking meds for her bipolar disorder.

It was amazing how much clearer her mind was. She could focus!!!

She didnt know what was next but damn it, she would try!

Or, at least... she hoped she hoped she could. Life was never kind to her...

But damn would she try!!!


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