"Mr. Griffin, are you familiar with the image?"

Peter frowned. "OH OH OH, I know that... that's... a gun! My old gun. I remember buying it off of Quagmire!" A women, Ida, Glenn Quagmire's biological father, cringed at that reminder. "Why is it on the screen, oh is this a documentary on my Gun or my awesomeness?"

The Judge sighed for a long moment before brushing aside her long hair. "Mr. Griffin, please do not forget that this is a courtroom. Your are on trial for... quite a bevy of crimes. I would take this as seriously as possible."

A horrible frown crossed Peter's face. "I don't see why, it's just Meg. It's not like she's that important."

A gasp spread throughout the courtroom and yet it seemed to give the Prosecutor the lift he needed. "Not important... is that why you, approximately two years ago, shot your daughter in the chest?" Another gasp followed the dying one, and Peter himself looked confused. "You don't remember, I figured as much. Here is a video of that."

Young Meg, sweet and innocent, was walking by Peter with a smile. "Hi Dad." Was all she said before Peter lifted a gun, the very one previously shown, and shot her in the chest.

Silence filled the room in replacement of the gasps.

The Clip changed and the only signaling was the lawyer stating. " How about when you left Meg underneath a beam of wood for days?"

Meg, sweet Meg, was walking in from school when a beam slammed onto her from the ceiling, pinning her despite her screaming's. Fastforwarding through the video showed just how long she was there.

It was four days.

Clip after clip was showed, from Meg being farted on to her being beaten with a bat, were shown all in rapid succession. It destroyed any chance for Peter Griffin to defend himself, and even with his level of stupidity it was clear that he was being affected by what was being shown.

Then there was the greatest and most poignant video.

"Mr. Griffin..." The Judge looked horrified, disbelieving as she watched Meg Griffin get spat on and shoved down a tube into her house whilst it was filled with robbers..." Did you just... toss your daughter back into your house while it was being invaded for a sandwich… and did you do nothing as she was arrested for attempting to assault them? Did you shrug it off instead of attempting to get her the help she so clearly needs?"

"Needed, Ma'am." They all turned to the prosecutor. "We wanted to show this event to make a point about Meg Griffin's mental health and the strides she has made in recovering from years of physical and mental abuse ontop of her struggles with Bipolar disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder and Dysthima… which is also known as long term depression." Stepping up to the jury, he spoke while broad gestures. "Meg Griffin, as you have seen, has suffered on par with a prisoner of war, only her war was her family life. Her heroic act was standing up for herself and saving herself... it was getting medication for her mental well being and using that clairity as a weapon and shield... and it is in honor of that act that I ask you, the Jury, to find Mr. Griffin Guilty of each and every crime you have seen and those he is here for. Abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, neglect... and this is just what he has done for Meg. She has endured the worst of it but she is not the only one to endure that suffering of that household... so I beg of you, please... convict this man and put on more monster out of the public sphere... thank you."

The Griffin's Defense said nothing for a long moment, before walking up to the Jury. "What has been said is true... Meg Griffin has been the victim of abuse... but to say that it's entirely without cause is to neglect the damage Meg Griffin has committed to the world and all of the countless factors that have contributed to the suffering of this household... I ask that you look at exhibit 42.

It was a video, from the same perspective as all of the others, but this time was of Meg Griffin blackmailing Chris Griffin... and then both knocking Stewie Griffin down the stairs.

"Would the Defense please continue the video until the end. I think that it will show a lot of... interesting facets of the Defense's defense."

Everyone looked horrified at the Prosecutor but obeyed... and paled when they watched even the Adult Griffin's do the same thing, with Peter tossing the poor child behind the car while Lois was driving...

"It took nearly four days for the poor kid to go to the Hospital all because of a fear of consequences that these children learned from their parents. This is but one of countless skills Meg has been learning from her therapist so she becomes a better parent and person then what her Family has taught her to be. So I ask again, please, take everything into consideration when deciding the fate of this man who clearly knows better despite the earlier assumptions of his being too intellectually disabled to understand the consequences of his actions or that Meg is somehow a danger to others and put him away."

SO I ask of you, my readers, should I make a two sided affair here. Should i should the Griffins fighing Meg and actually putting up a good fight one i know I could easily showcase...

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