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Chapter I

The hard crack of wood hitting shell sounded through the sewers and a figure masked in blue stumbled to the hard ground. He gripped his head and groaned slightly, confused at what had just happened. As soon as he began to question the situation, the lights flickered on and he was able to make out the setting of their own home.

"Jeeze, Mikey," a familiar street sounding voice said. "That is defiantly not a cockroach."
Leonardo struggled up with the help of his brother Raphael and looked over at Mike, who was both grinning and blushing.

"My bad," he said in his normal surfer-dude tone.

"Mikey, what are you doing?" Leo questioned, still gripping his throbbing head.

"I'm trying to get rid of some nasty cockroaches," his brother explained, leaning on a wooden staff that clearly wasn't his. Leo frowned and glanced at Raphael, who could only shrug in return.

"No offense, Mikey," he began. "But aren't cockroaches a little smaller than I am?"

"You never know," Mikey said. "The could have mutated."
Just as Mikey was explaining his reasoning for hitting his brother, Donatello walked by and grabbed the staff Mikey had been leaning on and swiftly whipped it under his feet. Mikey fell as Leo and Raphael laughed at him.

"Mikey, my staff is not for cockroach extermination," Donatello lectured as Michelangelo slowly rose to his feet.

"It's not for hitting your brothers with, either," Leo spoke up, though still couldn't help but smile at the fact that Mike had been knocked off his feet.

"Duuudde!" Mikey whined. "These things are all over the place!"
As the words escaped him, a cockroach scurried across the sewer floor. He let out a bloodcurdling screech and jumped up into Raphael's arms. Raphael dropped him almost instantly after he had caught him. Mikey fell to his feet, nervously dancing around.

"Mikey, we live in a sewer," Don pointed out, carefully putting his staff where it belonged.

"Oh yeah," Mikey said, beginning to grin. "I forgot."
Don ignored his brother and walked over towards the computer. Leo grinned and was about to walk away with Raphael when Mikey stopped him and held out a white envelope with the name Leonardo printed across it in a bright, neon colored blue.

"What's this?" he questioned. Mikey shrugged and tossed the envelope to his brother.

"I donno," he admitted. "I found it and figured it was for you - how many turtles are there that are named Leonardo?"
Leonardo frowned slightly, but realized that Mike was probably right; how many... "people" COULD be named Leonardo? He shrugged and opened the envelope, taking out a small, folded piece of paper. With his six small fingers he unfolded the paper and carefully read the message.


I have been watching you in your battles with you enemies, and I can't help but wonder why you still work with the other three you call brothers. I could indeed use your help in battles of my own.
Go to the abandoned subway station at 10:00 with your response. Do not be late. I will be waiting for you.
Everything you could have ever hopped for may be waiting in our alliance...

There was no signature at the bottom, and Leo had to read it over to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him. He looked around the sewer lair: Don was messing with the computer gadgets while Mikey rode around on his skateboard. Raphael was no where to be found, but Leo's instincts told him that he was in training and didn't seek him out.
He knew there was something wrong with the unsigned note - there was no doubt about it. There was also something compelling about it, and he found himself the victim of curiosity. He could hear Don's voice in his head as he thought about it: "Curiosity killed the cat."
Shrugging, he ignored the voice and safely tucked the note away.