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Chapter IX

For a moment, no one said anything as both Hun and Baxter entered the lab to see three strangers - three teenage boys - standing completely still as they watched the two in return. The all too familiar flare in Hun's eyes began to show and the three brothers slowly began to back away.

"I think we've spent too much time in here," Don muttered to Raphael, not quite as interested in seeing his human self as he had been before.

"Who are you?" Baxter demanded. "What do you want? Who sent you?"

"Time to split!" Raph yelled out. Everyone nodded in agreement and searched for an alternative exit - an exit that didn't require moving past Hun. They saw none and went for their weapons, that were lying on the floor.
Don picked up his staff as Hun made a grab for it himself. Don glanced up at him for a moment, again noticing how tall and strong this so-called "man" was. He backed up a little, nearly backing into a nervous and slightly jumpy Michelangelo.

Hun advanced on the three as they scattered, leaping out of the giant's way and nearly knocking over the precious DNA machine they had used previously that night.

"Hun!" Baxter cried from the door. "Be careful! Don't wreck my machine!"

Hun glared at the man for a moment.

"You lock the door," Hun ordered. "I'll take care of these punks. Make sure none of them get out."

Mikey glanced at Raph who in turn glanced at Don.

"What's the plan?" Raph questioned. Don shrugged.

"Leo's always the one making the plans - not me."

"Think of something, then!" Mikey pleaded, noticing Hun coming closer. "Anything!"

Don thought, but also realizing how much closer Hun had gotten, panicked.

"Run!!" he cried, leaping out of the way. Hun chased him up and over the machine while Baxter stood on the sides, anxious over the fighting so close to his work.

"You got a better plan than "run"?" Raph asked, running beside his brothers. Don glanced over at Baxter.

"Mikey, you distract Baxter and try to get the door open," Don ordered finally. "Raph, you and I can take Hun."

"I'm on it," Mikey cried, veering off to the left and back tracking so that he met up with Baxter at the door. Don and Raph stopped suddenly in their tracks and whirled around, ready to fight Hun.

* * * *

Leo silently stepped into the dark hall, making sure no one had seen him enter. He had watched as Baxter and Hun found their way into the building and was curious as to where they were going. Besides, he had seen the three other figures sneak inside previously and was interested in seeing what would happen if the two groups found each other.
The hall left no door open or any sign as to where Baxter or Hun could have gone to. He wandered cautiously, hoping he wouldn't run in to either of them.
He paused when he noticed light flooding through the crack beneath one of the doors.

That's Baxter's lab, Leo thought. That's where his machine is. I wonder...

His thought's paused as he heard what sounded like a crash and a cry of loss from a familiar voice.

"That's it," Leo said to himself. "I'm checking that out."

* * * *

"Keep the door closed!!" Hun screamed at Baxter as he noticed it open slightly. Mikey, who was still trying desperately to distract the scientist, frowned slightly and began to turn when he felt the back of some one's blade hit his side and he fell down, bruised but not completely injured.
He looked up to see the blue haired boy in the black t-shirt - the Shadow. The Shadow towered over him, glaring at him in a warning sort of way. Mikey, slightly scared, began to back himself into the wall.

"Oh, thank god," Baxter cried. "Look at what they've done to my lab!"

The Shadow took his eyes off of Mikey and glanced around the room. The machine - the one they had used to transform themselves into humans - had been tipped over as Hun, Don and Raph continued to struggle for victory around the lab, not paying attention to what they destroyed.
Mikey scrambled to his feet and raced for his nunchucks, but was halted by the Shadow, who knocked him against the wall. He groaned, not bothering to get up to further battle with the Shadow.
Don, who had seen this from the corner of his eye, paused to look the Shadow over, trying to spot his weakness. Raph also stopped, looking the Shadow over.

"Hey!" Raph cried. "That's the guy..."

He was cut off when Hun caught up with them and had tackled him to the floor. Don was able to jump away in time and he continued to stare the Shadow down.

"Leave," the Shadow instructed in the same cold, warning voice he had used just the previous night.

"That's what we were trying to do," Don tried to explain, cautiously walking towards the Shadow, who tensioned up with every step Don took in his direction. He could hear Raph and Hun behind him, still fighting it out. Mikey sat on the floor behind the Shadow, and Baxter silently mourned the loss of his precious things.

"Hun tried to attack me and my brothers - we didn't want to start anything."

"What are you doing here?" the Shadow questioned. "This is not your territory. Who sent you?"

"No one sent us," Don explained. "We were looking for our brother..."

"Your brother?" the Shadow repeated, lightening up a little.

"Yeah," Don replied, slightly hesitant. "He... disappeared a couple of days ago."

The Shadow bit his bottom lip and looked at the ground, lost in thought.

"No one is here," he said quickly and suddenly. "Who ever you're looking for isn't here."

He moved quickly to the door after seeing Raph dodge Hun and knocked him into the fallen machine.

"Go," he said, half ordering Don and his brothers. "Now."

Mikey scrambled to his feet and Raph bounded towards the door. Don walked slowly past the Shadow, locking eyes with him.

This isn't over, Don thought, as if the Shadow could read minds. You're hiding something...