"What kind of world would you like?" Morticia asked, trying not to stare at the naked Morty, though unable to stop herself from peeking whenever he wasn't looking.

"You are a lot nicer than I thought you'd be," the clone of Summer told Summer, "I thought you two didn't get along or something."

"I can be a bit of a bitch at times," Summer admitted, "but it doesn't mean I don't care or aren't willing to help out my little sis."

"How about one where… Summer help me out here," clone Morty asked. "What would be an awesome world for us?"

"An awesome world?" clone Summer repeated while considering it. "Like one where we were rich and powerful?" She figured that would be what he meant by awesome.

"Yeah," clone Morty agreed, "we could be… I don't know, President or something." He was willing to go along with that idea if it made Summer happy.

"King and Queen," clone Summer said. "Presidents only last a handful of years."

"Like of England?" he asked.

"I was thinking more tropical paradise," clone Summer said, "England is all foggy and damp."


"That could work," Summer said. "A Hawaii that's part of the US so we don't have to worry about anyone invading, but we get to be figureheads or something and live it up."

"Let's see what we can find," Morticia said taking a seat at the console and typing away, the screen showing hundreds of worlds which rapidly dwindled until only a pair remained. "I have two of them…" She tapped into the local internets for public details. "In one our parents are King and Queen… though it looks dad is trying to go to war with Spain for some reason. The other one… Thanks to a plane crash and the local religion the two of you are the only survivors and are declared King and Queen of Hawaii. No real power, but very cushy. You open new resorts and are responsible for continuing the royal line, but that's all you have to do."

"We are so there," clone Summer said.

"What happened to our local selves?" clone Morty asked.

Morticia shifted the portal and winced. "Looks like a minor volcanic eruption and poor workmanship destroyed the royal cottage and buried you in lava."

"Meaning we don't have to dispose of our own bodies, score!" clone Summer said holding up a hand to get a high five from her Morty.

"I think we can handle it," clone Morty said with a smile. "Did any of our clothes survive?"

"The royal suite slid into the lava, but the sitting and dressing rooms are fine," Morticia said, locking the portal into place on an expensively decorated room filled with designer clothes, one wall of the room was missing and showing a stream of glowing lava passing outside.

Clone Summer grabbed clone Morty's hand. "Let's go, King Morty."

"After you, Queen Summer," he said with a big smile. "Thanks guys."

"Have fun," Morticia said watching Morty as he left before she shut down the portal.

"That was easy," Summer said. "I thought it would be harder."

"Normally we have to dispose of our bodies," Morticia explained. "It kinda sucks."

"Yeah, it really would," Summer said with a shudder, "especially if they're all bloody and stuff."

"That hasn't been a problem so far," Morticia said, wondering if she should warn her, but not sure what to say about their family's tendency to die during masturbation.

"I noticed you eyeing Morty," Summer teased. "He's packing a lot more respectable package than I expected."

Morticia blushed heavily. "I w-was just… It's hard not to stare, okay?"

"I'm just messing with you a little," Summer assured her. "He's naked, it's natural to look."

"Even if he's me?" she asked.

"It'd probably be harder not to look then," Summer said. "I mean, he's who you would be if you were male. Now I'm kinda curious what a male me would look like."

"I don't think Rick made any male clones of you." Morticia said, "he mostly just messed with mine."

"Just an idle thought," Summer waved it off. "Let's do some more."

"I better update my scan," Morticia said, following the cables to the memory storage console and retrieving the helmet.

"Your scan?" Summer asked.

"It's what gets downloaded to the clones," Morticia explained. "I ask a lot less questions when I know what's going on." She put the helmet on.

"You ask… Of course, the clones have your memories. Duh, Summer."

Morticia placed the helmet back on the panel. "There. Now we just have to pick our clones."

The two went to the forest of tanks, Morticia finding a pair of tubes and decanting a Morty and Morticia while Summer picked one of herself.

The clones asked the normal question before realizing what was going on.

"I get a younger brother and sister this time," clone Summer noted. "Cool."

"What kind of world would you like?" Morticia asked.

"How about I type it in?" clone Morticia said, taking a seat at the console.

Clone Morty stared at the ceiling, trying not to look at the naked clones, as clone Morticia had brushed against him and he was suddenly aware of how not dressed they were. "How about one where dad is actually a good father who makes time for his kids and listens to them?"

"I wouldn't mind seeing mom and dad happy," clone Summer agreed.

"Plus really good medical and dental," clone Morticia said, typing away at the keyboard as a single world appeared. "Kinda limits our options, but we have one."

"Holy crap, they're all dead and naked!" Summer exclaimed as the portal showed the twins bedroom.

"Yeah, that happens a lot," clone Morty said, entering the portal and picked up Morticia's body, throwing it over his shoulder and dragging his other self by the arms.

"Why were they in bed together-" Summer began before stopping herself. "Scratch that. Why did they have belts around their necks?"

Clone Morticia changed the portal to the next room where a Summer was lying dead with her hair standing on end and sparks coming from a glowing device between her legs.

Clone Morty stepped through the portal, grabbed Summer's sweater from the floor and wrapped it around his hand, before yanking the glowing and sparking sex toy from between the dead Summer's legs and tossing it aside.

"What the hell was she using?!" Summer and her clone chorused.

Clone Morty picked up Summer's body bridal style and carried it back through the portal, kneeling down to set it with the others without dropping it. He then grabbed clone Summer and clone Morticia's hands and pulled them to him for a three way hug.

"You okay?" clone Summer asked as he squeezed them to himself.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," clone Morty assured her not letting go, "just give me a few seconds. It's easier dealing with my own dead body, ya know?"

"Take all the time you need," clone Summer said, stroking his hair.

"Y-yeah," clone Morticia agreed, "and remember you don't have to go through this again."

Clone Morty took a deep breath and slowly let it out before releasing them. "That really helps."

"Thanks for not letting Rick kill us," clone Summer said with a smile, waving her younger sibs through the portal before stepping through herself.

"No problem, have fun," Morticia said with a wave.

Summer stepped over to the console and closed the portal. As her eyes landed on the settings clone Morticia had typed in, her mouth fell open and she quickly erased them before Morticia could see them. "Well, that was intense."

"Yeah," Morticia agreed. "I guess seeing all three of us dead at once was a bit much. One at a time is a lot easier, and it's unfair to make him handle them all."

"He handled it a lot better than I would," Summer admitted. "I'd have no idea what to do about the… shocking thing."

"Yeah," Morticia said, smiling as she thought of how he'd take charge when things needed to be done, like when he'd pulled her onto his lap and held her.

"I can see why you have a thing for him."

"Umm…" Morticia paled and looked away nervously.

"It's not like he's actually related to you," Summer said, pretending not to notice. "I mean he's from another universe, so... " Summer fell silent, she really wasn't good at being encouraging and she knew it. "Let's relax and I'll do your makeup."

"Uh… Okay," Morticia said.


"Three down, two to go," Morty said as they took off their fursuits and set them aside.

"It's not a bad job when we aren't being attacked by haunted homicidal animatronics," Summer said putting on her shirt.

"It's kinda been fun," Morty agreed, "but you know what?"

"What?" Summer asked curiously.

"First shower," Morty said with a smile as he turned into a ghost and flew through the ceiling of the lab.

Summer snickered and took a seat before lighting a cigarette.

A green portal opened in the middle of the lab and Morticia stepped out. "Is Morty here?"

Summer noted that Morticia was wearing makeup and had either stuffed her bra or gotten a pushup one. "He's in the shower," she replied watching as Morticia had turned to glance at the ceiling and blushed a little.

"Oh, um… When do you think he'll get out?"

"Do you have a thing for my brother?" Summer asked, ignoring the question.

Morticia blanched and shrank down a bit, but took a deep breath and said, "Yes."

Summer took a drag off her cigarette to stall while she tried to think about how to guide Morticia away from her Morty.

"You think I'm a freak, don't you?" Morticia asked, wrapping her arms around herself.

Summer's heart melted and she put her cigarette down and gave her a hug. "Of course I do."

Morticia had begun to relax before Summer had said that which made her stiffen up. "What?"

"Our Grandpa is Rick Sanchez, we're all freaks," Summer told her with a smile, "but why would you think that was a bad thing? Tell me one normal person who could handle half of the crap we go through during your average week."

"I… I hadn't looked at it that way before," Morticia said with a smile. "So… you won't think less of me for wanting to date Morty?"

"I'm probably the last person who would look down on you for that," Summer admitted ruefully, "but there are two things you should think about."

"Yeah?" Morticia asked feeling a little optimistic.

"One, this is my Morty," Summer said possessively.

Morticia's eyes widened as she realized what Summer meant.

"Two, you have a portal machine that can let you find a Morty who is not mine and is perfect for you, if a clone Morty with my Morty's memories isn't enough."

"I hadn't even thought of that," Morticia admitted.

"Plus, you can practice your Morty flirting skills with the clones," Summer pointed out.

"Why didn't I think of that?" she wondered aloud.

Summer smiled and sat back down. "So, I trust you won't be trying to poach my Morty?"

"No, I'm good," Morticia assured her, "and… thanks."

"It's what big sisters are for," Summer said, waving as Morticia disappeared into her portal.

Morticia saw her own Summer had watched her talking to Morty's Summer and was deep in thought. "Didn't you say you weren't going to watch?"

"We both knew I was lying," Summer waved it off. "I wanted to keep an eye out in case you needed advice or anything."

"Things didn't go as planned," Morticia said.

"I noticed," Summer said. "I get that you like him, but how did he lure in his version of me?"

Morticia shrugged. "What do you think of that Summer's advice?"

"It was great advice," Summer said, "I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself."

"You kinda did," Morticia joked.

Summer grinned. "Yeah, I did, didn't I." She smiled. "Want to pop out a couple of Mortys and see how it goes?"

"A couple?" Morticia asked.

"I… want to get to know him and see what the fuss is about," Summer admitted. "So, one for you and one for me."

"Like a double date?" Morticia asked hopefully, thinking that sounded a lot less stressful than trying to flirt by herself.

"Yeah," Summer said, "a double date."

"We should probably get them some clothes then," Morticia said as she started making plans.

"I don't know," Summer said with a smirk, "I think things'll go smoother if they're naked."



"Shower's free," Morty said as he ghosted into the cloning lab.

"Good, because running around in the suits has gotten me all sweaty," Summer said, turning into a ghost and zipping through the ceiling.

Morty took a seat at the console and peeked in on Morticia to make sure she was okay. "Looks like she's getting along with her sister," he noted as Morticia and Summer talked to a pair of Mortys while they ate pizza.

Satisfied she was doing well, he went to the tubes of clones to pick one at random to decant and send off. "I thought I'd already emptied this section," he said before shrugging and hitting the button.

The clone of Summer stood up as the fluid evaporated and looked around. "So, this is what being a clone is like."

"Did you update your memories?" he asked, noting she didn't sound as surprised as the clones of Summer normally did.

"Yeah, while you were taking a shower," clone Summer replied before decanting the nearest Morty.

"Want one of me to go along?" Morty asked, finding himself smiling.

"I want a Morty I can get along with," Summer agreed, helping the clone Morty up.

"I'm a clone," clone Morty noted, "and either you've decided to become a nudist or we have a world that needs both of us."

"Actually, I haven't picked a world yet, I thought I'd let you choose," Morty said.

"I'm sure we can find a world we'd both enjoy," clone Summer said with a smile.

"What kind of world do you think you'd like?" Morty asked.

"One where Mom is happy and is a busy world renowned doctor," clone Summer said. "Lots of money and no parental supervision."

"And Dad ran off to become a successful porn star," clone Morty added. As the two turned to stare at him he shrugged. "No reason he can't be happy too."

"That works," Morty agreed.

"We could have a huge place with no neighbors for miles, like a castle," clone Summer said.

"That sounds really cool," clone Morty said as they followed Morty to the console.

"One world with separate but happy parents and a castle, coming right up," Morty said, typing it all in and narrowing it down to a trio of worlds.

"I like the snow one," clone Morty said point to the middle screen.

"Our parents are rich, we can vacation in Hawaii if we want sun," clone Summer agreed, swiping a couple of Rickballs. At Morty's look she said, "I'm still looking forward to using them and you've got plenty more."

"Fair enough," Morty said as he chose the middle castle and sighed at the sight of yet two more naked corpses.

"We should get body bags or something," clone Summer said as they went to retrieve the corpses.

"Never use electronics in the hot tub," clone Morty said as he unplugged the boombox that had fallen into the hot tub.

"Dude, that is a lot of cocaine," clone Summer said shaking her head.

"Looks like we were rich douchebags," Morty said, lacing his arms under Summer corpse's breasts and dragging her out.

"Glad we don't have a drug problem," clone Summer said, "and we probably aren't half as jaded." She looked around the indoor swimming area and smiled, this was better than the resorts they'd been to.

"Done," Morty said as he returned with his clone.

"Hey, do you know where the Meeseeks box is?" clone Summer asked.

"Yeah it's…" Morty and his clone both chorused before trailing off and smacking themselves in the forehead.

"I need one for a small job and you can totally use them to deal with the bodies as you've just realized," clone Summer said with a smirk.

"I'll get the box," Morty said.

"I can't believe we missed that," clone Morty said.

"I'm not just a great rack and a pair of dynamite legs," clone Summer said smugly gesturing to herself to draw her Morty's attention. She smiled as he blushed and turned away. It looked like she might not even need to use the balls, though she was still planning on it.


A heavily rusted and decayed animatronic buried in the trash and spare parts in the basement twitched as children's laughter could be heard echoing through the vents from the pizzeria above.

Typing by: fyrewolf5