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I: Fiendish Plan

"Evil never rests...a principal that all heroes know. Everytime a hero, or heroes bests his or her nemesis in conflict, within what seems to generally not be long at all, they're already up and kicking again, bent on their goal once more. However, in the life of a hero, or heroes, this often comes to be the expectation they must deal with on a typical basis, their normal agenda, their story. In other words, just another day of familiarity for them. And as evil never rests, good cannot either. And today, a tyrant who refuses to give up his goal would continue to be an example that this policy continues to stand true."

The evil Bowser, king of the Koopas was in the depths of his castle, sitting on his throne in a large, decorative room. This room of which was lined with pillars on either side leading up to it, with Koopatrol guards standing on either side of the throne throughout the walkway, wielding spears in their hands. And the path leading up to the throne being lined with a red carpet, plotting and scheming to come up with an evil plan that he believed would allow him to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom once and for all.

"Hmm, let's see, I could kidnap Peach again; Then again, maybe not, that's never worked out," Bowser thought to himself. "Or maybe, I could steal one of those powerful star-based artifacts, such as the star rod or a grand star. Ehh, been there, done that, easier said than done anyway," Bowser continued to think. "Wait a minute...I have an idea!" Bowser figured out. "What if...I was to attack the Mushroom Kingdom with airships like I did a while back that one time, but this time, with a spin on it? Rather than assigning each of my kids with a kingdom, invading the kings' castles, stealing their wands, and transforming them into different creatures, I would instead have our entire armada attack the different lands at once! It's brilliant!" Bowser continued with his thoughts. "Now let's bring them over," Bowser thought. "Bowser Jr.! Kamek! Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, Ludwig! Get over here!" Bowser then roared. All of them quickly rush into Bowser's throne room upon his call. "It's time for us all to go somewhere," Bowser said.

"Wee! We're going on vacation right?!" Bowser Jr. exclaimed excitedly.

"No, we're not, now I'd like all of you to start preparing an armada, we're attacking the Mushroom Kingdom!" Bowser responded.

"Ah man...That's cool too!" Bowser Jr said.

"But umm, your wickedness, haven't you tried that multiple times before-" Kamek started before Bowser interrupted.

"I know what I'm doing this time, rather than send one airship to each land, we're going to attack each land one by one with our entire armada at once!

"But what if it ends up not working out for one reason or another?" Kamek questions, still not set on their plan.

Bowser responded, "It's simple what we'll do, I'll tell you as we're preparing."

II: In A Faraway House

Meanwhile, rather far away from Bowser's Castle, in the lush, green, plainlands known as "Mushroom Plains". There is one peculiar, two-story house located in the city, lives Mosaic, along with the rest of the Mosaic group. Inside on the two-story, was Mosaic's room, inside this room, with a window to right, was Mosaic's bed, with a dark green frame, bed sheets, pillows, and a blue mushroom pattern blanket. On the side of the bed was a brown, double drawer desk, the top of which stood a clock in the shape of a starman, bright yellow with the time displaying in place of where the eyes would normally be located, with the time displaying as 8:29 AM. The room itself was average size, it wasn't that big, however, it wasn't that small either, it was around 7 feet in height, 10 feet in width, and 10 feet in length, the walls of the room were painted blue, with a couple of pictures here and there.

And finally, there was Mosaic himself, whom at the moment was sleeping in their bed. Mosaic in appearance looked oddly similar to a certain popular figure of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario. Like Mario, Mosaic generally wore overalls, an undershirt, shoes, a hat, and a pair of gloves and even had the same eye color as them, sapphire blue; but unlike Mario's clothes, his hat and undershirt he wore was green, his overalls were a shade of gold, his shoes were red, and finally, his gloves had a rather odd shade, blue, unlike the usual white. At the moment, however, he wasn't wearing his regular outfit, he had his hat off on a wall hook, and instead was wearing pajamas that were long sleeved, and covered his whole body. The fabric was shaded green and had a blue star pattern across the whole thing, with a zipper running down the shirt portion. Suddenly, Mosaic's alarm clock went off, Mosaic is woken up by the noise, and lets out a yawn, then looks at his alarm clock, the time being displayed now as 8:30, and shuts it off to stop the sound.

"That was today?" Mosaic said to himself, then getting out his bed and heads to the closet on his right near the bed and opens it to change into his clothes for the day, it never took long for him to get dressed as he wore the same outfit each day and had an entire closet full of them. As changed clothes within the closet, he yelled "Hoops! Get ready! Our picnic meeting is today!"

Hoops was a member of the Mosaic group, he bore the appearance of an insect, except that he was rather large, around the size of a house pillow, hhad a rounded body shape and five spots on his back lighter than the rest of his body, five legs on either side, each ending with a white, circular glove. His face was black with two large, oval-shaped eyes with white scleras, each with two small, shiny blue pupils. A Hoopster. Though they normally were red, Hoops' body was a dark shade green, as well this, Hoopsters were generally smaller, around the size of a basketball.

Hoops, annoyed by being awakened so suddenly said, "Wha...really?". "Well, is there any chance of us going to a movie afterward?" Hoops then asked.

"As weird as those things would go together, I feel we may be able to," Mosaic responded.

"In that case, I'm bringing 'these' As he said it, he pressed his legs against the wall and climbed it as though Hoopsters were already capable of doing so, he was a special case, as he seemed to be able to climb up about any surface. Hoops was climbing the wall to reach a black glasses case. When he reached it, he opened it, revealing there to be not glasses, but a pair glasses with one blue lens and one red lens, a pair of 3D glasses.

"Ah, I should wake up Berry and Rosy and tell them to get ready," Mosaic said, leaving their own room and walking down the hallway to the door to Berry and Rosy's room. He then knocked on their door and said "Berry, Rosy! Could you guys wake up? We need to get ready for the picnic and be at the park by 9:00 AM."

Rosy was a Porcopo, a small mammalian creature that's appearance somewhat resembled that of a porcupine or hedgehog. Porcopos were usually purple or black, however, in Rosy's case, her fur was a dark shade of pink. And her eyes a dark shade of brown.

Berry, on the other hand, was a Yoshi, which was anthropomorphic dinosaurs that commonly had saddles on their backs and wore a pair of shoes. As well as this, Yoshi's commonly came in many different colors. Berry, however, was still a baby, therefore, he was much smaller and didn't have a saddle yet. In terms of appearance he had purple skin, his belly was light blue, he commonly wore a pair of red shoes, and his eyes were the same shade as Rosy's, brown. Rosy jumped awake upon hearing the knocking.

"Oh yeah, the picnic was today, guess I just didn't have my alarm set," Rosy said, then shaking Berry to wake them up, as the two of them shared a bed.

"Yoshi?" Berry said as they were woken up, due to their incapability of speaking any language other than their native one, being Yoshi.

"Great, your awake, now we need to be ready in the next ten minutes if we want to make it to the park on time" explained Rosy.

Berry responded in his language, then got out of bed to get ready.

Rosy went to the brown dresser on the other side of the room and climbed onto the desk part with a large mirror and opens a drawer. In this drawer were several beauty related instruments, such as lipstick, eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, fur treatment gel, a brush, etc. she pulled out the brush, a bottle of fur treatment gel, and eyeshadow. However, after looking at the eyeshadow, put it away again immediately and said to herself "hmm, maybe someday," and instead began brushing her fur.

While she did this, Berry put on his pair of shoes. Berry then remembered he had no hair or fur nor does he wear any other kind of clothing, so he was already prepared. Rosy finished brushing and started applying the fur gel and spread it all over herself. Berry, waiting for her to finish, looked her direction. Rosy told him not to worry and that she'll take just a sec. Which indeed she took, she then headed back over to the table near there be where she put the only accessory she wore in her fur; a red bow, which she picked up and put on.

"Alright, I'm finished getting ready, is there anything you needed to do Berry?" Rosy asked.

Berry gave a response, which Rosy, understanding him, responded.

"If you're hungry, well, you would be knowing you and it's the morning; I believe we're having breakfast at our picnic, which gives us even more reason why we should hurry."

Berry asked Rosy in his language if they'll have Yoshi Berries.

Rosy responded, "I'm not sure, we're aren't the ones bringing the food," to which Berry acknowledges her. "Now I want to see if-" Rosy started when suddenly she heard loud pounding on the door.

This pounding was Hoops, who yelled through the door, "Rosy! You better not be holding us up."

"Of course not, we were just finishing up in fact," Rosy responded defensively.

"Alright then...guess I'll just wait with Mosaic downstairs," then heading downstairs, Rosy and Berry hearing his footsteps fade out as he headed down them.

"So, are you sure you're ready to go?" Rosy checked with Berry.

Berry responded he is in his language, then asking Rosy if she had nothing else to do to prepare makeup-wise.

"I'll check in the mirror one more time," Rosy sais, heading to the mirror. Rosy took a look at herself, vainly saying "I think that I look good, naturally."

Unamused, Berry groans under their breath but says he'd agree and says now he wants to go in his language, which Rosy agreed.

Meanwhile downstairs, Mosaic and Hoops were both sitting on the black couch in the living room, watching a game show on TV known as 'Liability' Hoops heard footsteps and looked at the stairs, where he heard them coming from, surprised to see Rosy and Berry there.

"Berry and I are ready to leave, are you guys as well?" Rosy informed Hoops and Mosaic.

Mosaic looks away from the TV at Rosy and responded, "Ah, you're already ready to go?"

Rosy responds, "Yeah... I just said that."

Hoops, picking up the remote to turn off the TV said, "How surprising, because I totally expected you to be finished already," with sarcasm in his voice.

Rosy rolled her eyes, however ignoring him said "We need to get going to the park now because we need to be there in…" stopping mid-sentence to look at the blue, mushroom-shaped clock in the room. "thirteen minutes!" Rosy exclaimed, she then rushed over to the door and jumped up to the doorknob in an attempt to open it, but fell off it, however rolling into a ball before she hit the ground to make a recovery, rolling away from the door a bit. "I forgot that I don't have opposable thumbs," Rosy said, embarrassed.

Hoops then quickly ran to the door and reached for the doorknob to open the door himself, telling Rosy "Exactly," before running out of the door down the concrete path in front of their house to make his way to Mushroom Plains.

Ignoring Hoops' attitude, Mosaic stated, "We should follow Hoops and catch up with him."

Though a bit annoyed, Rosy agreed and started heading out the door, with Mosaic and Berry following and Mosaic closing and locking the door behind them.

III: On The Path

Mosaic, Rosy, and Berry followed Hoops down the path he went to the park they were heading, by name known as Vibrant Park. The scenery around the path was an interesting sight. The Mosaic Group lived in a suburban residential area, with sidewalks going down multiple different paths with many houses, coming in several different shapes, some had the shape of giant mushrooms, these were generally called 'Mushroom Houses' while some had a more casual look, by Mosaic's standards anyway. This wasn't all there was scenery wise, in the sky, on the ground, and all around, there were floating bricks and yellow boxes with ? marks imprinted on them which had many different things in them quite often. And finally, going underground, there were pipes that came in many different colors, green, red, white, purple, you name it. These pipes were commonly referred to as 'Warp Pipes'.

Mosaic, Rosy, and Berry caught up with Hoops, and Mosaic asked Hoops to slow down so they can catch up.

Hoops responded, "It's not my fault I'm faster than-"

Mosaic interrupted him mid-sentence after checking his watch and realized they have ten minutes to get there and are five blocks away. Then saying "Actually Hoops it's fine…"

which Hoops responded, asking why.

Running while doing so, Mosaic responded, "let's just say whoever makes it to the park last has to stay behind to help with cleanup because we have 10 minutes to get there!" Then running ahead of the group.

Hoops in response to this said, "Oh that's how we're doing this? Well, that isn't going to be me!" and then ran after Mosaic.

Rosy and Berry, realizing it's probable neither of them would beat Mosaic nor Hoops in a footrace, look at each other and realize that whichever of them make it last will be the one helping with cleanup. Both not wanting to do so, both started racing with one another as well.

The Mosaic group arrived at Vibrant park, and passed the entrance, which had a large sign in colorful letters reading the name "Vibrant Park" across the top of the entrance on the stone hedge around the entrances of the park, which they finally made it to in the order of Hoops, Mosaic, Rosy and Berry.

"Well, sorry Berry, but looks like your helping with cleanup," Rosy told Berry.

Berry whined because of this, however, calmed down pretty quick.

"Alright, we're here with five minutes to spare! Now let's go find where they are," Mosaic stated. And with that the Mosaic Group then begins to walk deeper into the park, many people were there that day, Toads, Yoshi's, as well as the occasional Koopa Troopa.

As they walked, Hoops asked, "So who is it that we were meeting with again? I kind of forgot."

"Oh yeah, I remember," Mosaic responded, "it's...actually I forgot too." Mosaic then admitted. Mosaic then asked Rosy, "Do you remember?"

"I do," Rosy responded. And then stated, "We're meeting with Team S.M.B.X correct?".

Mosaic and Hoops both in unison respond to Rosy, "Oh Yeah!"

Hoops then told Mosaic, "Jinx! You owe me a Maple leaf,".

"Darn it," Mosaic responded.

Hoops, however, added that it's good and that he was just messing around.

"Eh, it's okay, anyway back on topic," Mosaic said as he changed the subject. "If I remember correctly, Team S.M.B.X consists of that plumber in red and blue overalls, Mario, his brother Luigi, their girlfriend, Princess Peach, and his friend Toad, correct?" Mosaic asked.

"Uh, Mosaic, there was someone else too?" Hoops reminded Mosaic.

Mosaic immediately realized he did, and said "Oh yeah, and that other friend of his, Link is his name,"

Which Hoops said, "mhmm," to him ensuring his statement.

"Ah, and we're meeting with them here, and we just need to find them," Mosaic said, then starting to look around along with Hoops, Rosy, and Berry but with no luck. "I can't see them anywhere around here," said Mosaic.

"Me neither, it's hard to see past all these people here," Rosy then added.

"Huh, I wonder if they sent us a letter saying they rescheduled or something, I don't remember checking the mailbox this morning," Mosaic continued.

As Mosaic talked, Hoops was still looking around, when finally, something in the distance caught his eye. It was Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Link, Team S.M.B.X, all sitting on a large red-white diamond patterned blanket with a large brown, unopened picnic basket. "It's possible they did that," Rosy said to Mosaic. Just as she was about finished with her sentence, Hoops dashed off in the direction of Team S.M.B.X, shouting to the others while doing so that he found them. Mosaic looks in the direction Hoops is running, then seeing what he is running towards.

"Ah, so they didn't reschedule after all," Mosaic stated. "Well, let's go over to them then," Mosaic then said, going Hoops' direction along with Rosy and Berry.

IV: Picnic Time

At the picnic blanket, Mario made conversation with the others, starting with, "Where-a is the Mosaic Group? We asked them to meet us here at 9:00 A-a M but I don't-a see them anywhere," in his Italian accent.

"They must just be running a few minutes behind, they'll probably be here any minute now," Peach responded to Mario.

"I hope Peach is-a right, otherwise im-ma get worried about them," said Luigi.

"Luigi, you're being a bit quick to assume, they could have just misread the time on the invitation, I feel you're being a bit quick to jump to conclusions," Link told Luigi.

"I guess you're-a right, but it still makes me worried," Luigi replied.

As Luigi said this, Toad was looking behind him and saw someone running their direction, this someone, of course, being Hoops, which he was able to immediately tell by their green color and pair of 3D glasses. Toad then attempts to get the other's attention and tell them, but Luigi and Link were too busy talking while Mario and Peach were too busy listening in on their conversation to hear.

"But anyway, I feel your cowardliness is something you-" "GUYS!" Toad interrupted Link.

But before he could say what he was trying to inform them, Hoops came leaping over Luigi and right in the middle of the picnic blanket, his 3D glasses falling off as he fell, shocking Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Link.

"Umm, we can talk later," Link told Luigi.

"Oh umm...hey there Hoops, are the rest of the Mosaic Group coming?" Peach said, ignoring his surprise entrance.

"Hi Peach, and oh, yeah, they should be coming now," Hoops responded.

Team S.M.B.X each looked in the direction Hoops came from and indeed saw Mosaic, Rosy, and Berry coming their way.

"Hello guys, here we are, on time," Mosaic said.

"Or-a are you?" Mario responded, laughing a bit after saying it.

"Umm, what?" Mosaic replied.

Toad then checked his pocket watch, seeing that it read exactly 9:00 AM sharp on it, then telling Mosaic not to worry and that he's good.

"Ah, alright," Mosaic replied.

Berry then starts going on about something in Yoshi.

Hoops translated for the others, being able to understand Berry's words like Rosy could.

"He asked what you guys brought to the picnic as he's hungry and wants to eat," Hoops translated.

"Hey, don't-a worry, we, or more specifically, mainly Peach brought a good number of things," said Luigi in response to Berry.

"Now Link, could you-a open the-a picnic basket and put it in the middle?" Luigi asked him.

"Sure," Link responded, then picking the picnic basket up and moving it to the center so that everyone could reach it.

"Alright you guys, this is what I brought," Peach started, to Berry's excitement. "I brought pancakes topped with powdered sugar with maple syrup for drizzling, around seventeen to be exact. Nine blueberry muffins, 2 banana bunches, and a honeydew melon" Peach began to list.

Berry was about to ask something in his language, but Rosy interrupted him knowing what he was about to say and asked Peach, "Did you bring any Yoshi Berries?"

"Oh, I did in fact, I brought red, green and pink ones." Peach replied.

Berry expressed disappointment in his language, which Rosy translated to be because she didn't get any blue ones it seemed, Berry's favorite.

"Oh, i'm sorry about that Berry," Peach told Berry.

"Hey Berry, it's kind of hard to come by blue ones anyway so it makes sense and would be expected that she forgot them," Mosaic said to Berry.

Peach then continued to list more things, saying, "As well as those things, I also brought some apple juice, orange juice, butter, yogurt, peachy peach juice, and multivitamins."

"That sounds good, let's eat!" Rosy said, Berry also wanting to as well as he stated in his language.

After everyone made their choices in food and had eaten for a while, as they continued eating, they began to chat.

"So Mosaic, how do you-a feel about this new world you've been-a living in and having a new way of-a life?" Mario asked Mosaic.

"It actually hasn't been too bad, if much at all, in fact, I definitely find it more interesting than my homeworld," Mosaic responded to him.

"You mean...Earth, as you call it right?" Peach asked.

"Yeah, that place," Mosaic replied to Peach.

"Wait, your from another world?" Hoops said to Mosaic, seemingly surprised.

"Of course, I even told you one time I am," Mosaic responded.

Pausing a bit before replying, Hoops said "I actually do recall you saying that, guess I just forgot about it."

Jumping into the conversation, Rosy said, "Speaking of being from different worlds, isn't Link from a different world too?"

"Yeah, I am. From a place called Hyrule, but I ended up here one day because I was in Hyrule Field at some point and saw some strange vortex, and curious of where it would go, jumped into it, and it lead me here," Link informed.

"Where you eventually found us, correct?" Toad asked Link.

"Well, it was more that you guys found me, but I guess you could say that too," Link replied. Then continuing. Link started to talk with the others about how he eventually became the 5th member of their group they formed around six years ago, Team S.M.B.X.

amidst Link's talking however, Mosaic was looking up at the sky, his attention seemingly on something else.

The thing that he saw was several giant aircrafts looming over the sky above them. airships to be exact. Despite their distance, Mosaic notices close details on them, one of which being the weapons on them, which there were loads of cannonball blasters and flame tanks and such on them.

V: Disruption

One of the airships then fired something right where Team S.M.B.X and The Mosaic Group were sitting. This object was black and metallic, had a short rope at the top protruding from a metallic ring, or a fuse, and a pair of yellow shoes. A bob-omb. Mosaic, having seen this tried to get everyone's attention, but none of them heard him. Even when the mass of one of the airships blocked the sun out, still, nobody seemed to notice. As the bomb continued to fall, Mosaic once again yelled, "Guys..." this time a bit louder, trying to get their attention.

As everyone still continued to chatter, eventually Toad noticed what's off and said, "Wait, why is it so dark?"

Immediately after Toad said this, the bob-omb lands right in the middle of the picnic blanket, with the fuse on the bob-omb being very short, about to blow.

Mosaic then shouted, "Guys! Look out!" Everyone having has noticed the bomb at this point, quickly jumped away from it.

Everyone except for Berry that is, whom was about to take his first taste of a Yoshi berry the whole picnic, but was then grabbed by Hoops before he could to save him from the blast.

Berry then complained in his language about not even being able to taste any Yoshi berries.

Hoops, understanding him asked, "Is it really that important right now considering someone just tried to bomb us?"

"I think I just-a found our-a culprit," Mario said, pointing towards the airships in the sky.

The airships then began to fire more projectiles such as bob-bombs and cannonballs all over the park, to everyone's terror. This sent many passersby running away frantically in many directions. The group then all took notice of something coming down from the airships; rope ladders. These ladders went far enough to reach the ground, and then notice many Goombas, Koopa Troopa, Hammer Bros, Fire Bros, Boomerang Bros, etc. coming down the rope ladders from the ships, whom then began to run after and attack the fleeing citizens.

"Maybe we should make like a banana like everyone else and split," Luigi said, then preparing to run, when Mario grabbed him by the overall strap and stopped him.

"Luigi, true heroes never-a flee and stand their-a ground, therefore, we are not-a going to-a backdown and-a fight!" Mario declared. Mario then asked the others, "Now, do you guys think we should kick some troopa butt?"

"YEAH!" Peach, Toad, Link, Mosaic, Hoops and Rosy yelled. Rosy, noticing Berry's silence, nudged him to join them.

Despite the fact that Berry didn't want to fight, being of more of the pacifist kind, he put on a face, then saying "Yeah, let's do it!" in his language.

Mario then begins, "Alright then, on the-a count of 5, 5...4..-" suddenly, a hammer goes flying his way, which with quick reaction time, he dodges, and looks to his right, seeing that a hammer bro hurled it at him. On the other side of the group approached a boomerang bro, with several goombas and Koopa troopas, notably wearing shades and spiked bracelets, some with wings and some without at their aid, surrounding the nine on the other side of them. "Or, they'll bring the-a fight to-a us," Mario said, then continuing saying "Then in that case...Let's-a go!" then forming a flame in his hand, a fireball to be exact and then hurling it at the hammer bro.

The group then all prepared to fight with their respective form of combat, Luigi pulled out his hammer nervously, but rushed towards their enemies with it. Peach pulled out her frying pan that she commonly keep on hand to use it as a weapon. Toad prepared to use what seems to be martial arts, Link reached into a holder on his right thigh and pulled out a sword, then pulling out a blue shield with decorative markings on it, a hylian shield. Mosaic focused energy in his hand, which formed a light blue aura which then forms into a ball, and hurls it at a Koopa troopa, which freezes them solid. Hoops got a running start to prepare for a jump, and made a large leap, clearing the gang of enemies surrounding them, then rushing towards a nearby ? block. Rosy curled her body into a ball and began spinning rapidly, and rolled straight into the direction of a goomba with it. As the battle outbroke, many things happened at once.

Mario was surrounded by Koopa troops on both sides, putting his wits of dealing with them to the test as he fought them off.

Hoops made his way to the ? block and bashed it. Releasing from it a flower, this flower had red petals, creating an oval shape, and a green stem with two petals on either side. This was a fire flower. Hoops was about to jump atop the block to grab it, however, a goomba comes rushing quickly his way and jumps in the air and down on him, turning himself upside down while doing so, attempting to headbonk him. Hoops dodges the attack and then counters by throwing himself into the goomba, tackling them and sending them flying into a noteblock on the ground, knocking them out. Hoops then jumps atop the block, grabbing the fire flower. Hoops' body underwent a change when he did this, his normally dark green body had now become a shade of fiery red. This was an effect of acquiring certain power-ups, however, as he was used to it didn't acknowledge it and instead created a dark green flame ball in his hand.

"Guess this'll have to do, but it'll work," Hoops said to himself. He then noticed a boomerang bro coming his way and hurl a boomerang at him, which he easily avoids thanks to his agility, then countering with a fireball, which misses, Hoops decides to take a different approach, running towards the boomerang bro.

Meanwhile, Peach and Link were working together to handle the incoming threats, with Peach handling the grounded foes while Link dealt with the aerial ones. Peach bashes the incoming koopas and goombas with her pan, and at one point a koopa gets dangerously close. She then jumps up and stomps on the koopa with them being scared into their shell by the impact, in which Peach takes advantage of, picking up the Koopa Troopa and kicking the shell in other incoming foes' directions.

Link, on the other hand, dealt with their aerial foes, firing beams from his sword at the incoming para-koopas as well as goombas flying their way, knocking them out of the sky with his sword beams.

As Peach hit a koopa with her pan, she asked Link, "Just how many of them are there?"

"I'm unsure, but we have no choice but to keep fighting them off," Link responded as he blocked a fireball shot at him.

Meanwhile, Rosy was being pursued by a group of nine goombas, however, after making some distance with them, she turned around, spun into a ball and bowls herself in their direction. The goombas stop cold from fear and all are knocked away various directions as if they were a bunch of bowling pins. Rosy then after rolling back out again, got Berry's attention and told him she had an idea. She then whispered the idea to Berry, which he agreed with. They got into their positions, Berry stood behind Rosy, and the latter as she rolled into a ball yelled "Now!" to Berry. Berry then started kicking Rosy into the foes like a soccer ball, which proved to be rather effective.

Not too far away, Luigi was surrounded on all sides by a hammer bro, a boomerang bro, and two fire bros. "Mario! Help!" Luigi then yelled. Mario, having at this point dealt with the koopa troopa rushed to Luigi's aid. Making a jump over the bros surrounding his brother and near his position. "Great Mario! You're-a here! Now, what do you say we try using our 'Cyclone Technique' as you call it?" Luigi then said to Mario.

"Great idea Luigi!" Mario replied. The Mario bros got into coordination to perform their cyclone technique, Luigi jumped on top of Mario and pulled out his Ultra Hammer, and the two of them started spinning around like...well a cyclone into their enemies, ramming into each of them in quick succession, knocking away the enemies in varying directions. Afterward, Mario and Luigi stopped spinning and the latter got off Mario and put his hammer away.

"Alright, I think we've-a fended them off for-a now," Mario said, then looking in the direction of Peach, Toad, Link and the Mosaic Group to see how they were all doing, seeing they dealt with the enemies attacking them as well. They all then headed into the Mario Bros' direction.

VI: What's the Plan?

"Great-a job guys, we managed to fend them-a off, and I have a rather strong-a hunch who's behind this attack," said Mario.

"Ah, you mean...that guy right?" Mosaic asked Mario.

"Mhmm, Bowser," Mario replied.

"Umm, guys, the airships, their heading in that direction," Hoops informed everyone, pointing at a bunch of colorful hilltops. "Their heading toward those colorful hills, or, Colorful Hills," Hoops continued, and then added, "Whoever named those hills is a genius," in a sarcastic tone.

"I suggest what we do is chase after the airships and infiltrate them, I feel if we're fast enough, we could catch them at Fluffy Heights potentially as it's really high up," Link said, giving his input.

"That sounds like a good idea," Peach said.

"Agreed," Toad added.

"But Link um-" Luigi was about to say before Mario interrupted and then gave his opinion, which he said.

"I think Link's idea could work out-a well if we coordinate right and do something like grab-a hold of the airship's anchors."

"Hmm, Mario may have an idea," Mosaic stated, then asking, "Didn't you and Luigi do that when Bowser attacked the mushroom kingdom with airships several years ago?"

"Indeed we-a did, so it should be able to-a work this time," Mario replied.

Mosaic then started, "Well in that case-"

"Mosaic, shouldn't we chase after the airships before they get too far?" Rosy interrupted.

Mosaic, starting to reply said, "Umm, well…"

Before Hoops then interrupted, telling Rosy, "Mosaic was talking, don't be so disruptive."

"Hoops, no need to be so...burnt up," Berry laughed a bit after noticing Rosy's pun.

"It's fine as I was finished anyway," Mosaic stated.

"All-a right, so that's the-a plan? Chase down Bowser's air fleet, and put a stop to his-a latest scheme?" Mario checked up with everyone.

Everyone, bar Luigi, nodded before he quickly nodded himself.

"Then in that case, once again let's a go!" Mario declared. In the order of Mario, Hoops, Toad, Link, Peach, Mosaic, Rosy, Berry and Luigi, all the nine of them started rushing down the path, heading to the Colorful Hills. Determined to put a stop to Bowser's plans once more…

VII: Chase Down

As the group continued to traverse the path, Mosaic looked on the side of the road and noticed a peculiar object. This object had a narrow, but long cylinder shape in a dark gray shade pointing towards the sky, with a blue portion grounded with a ? print on it. This was a cannon.

"Hmm, that could be an idea," Mosaic stated. This got the attention of the others and caused them to stop running.

"The cannon?" Link asked Mosaic.

"Exactly, if you look at that cannon, and consider the fact that we can swivel it, along with the size of the cannon, which reaches a bit over six feet in length, we could aim it towards the Colorful Hills and save ourselves some time," Mosaic explained, in response to Link.

"In that case what are we waiting for?" Hoops said, then rushing over to the cannon and getting inside of it, swiveling the cannon, then firing himself out of it. "Woo!" he yelled as he went flying in the direction of colorful hills.

"Let's see where he lands." Peach said.

As Hoops flew through the air, he looked down to see where he'd land, seeing he was. about to land in a lake near Colorful Hills. Seeing this, Hoops yelled, "Cannonball!... Literally!" Then making a splash as they submerged.

"Well, only one thing to do…" Link said.

"What is that?" Luigi questioned. "Well, follow his lead of course," Link replied.

Then proceeding to get into the cannon himself and then launching in the direction Hoops did, yelling, "Yeah!" As he did so.

"I agree," Toad said, getting into the cannon himself and launched in the direction of Link and Hoops, following their lead.

This is followed by the others in the order of Berry, Mario, Mosaic, and Peach. Luigi looks inside the cannon and hesitantly gets in realizing there isn't a point in resisting as he's tried to back out of things twice, only failing both times. Just before the cannon launched, Luigi covered their eyes and after they began to fly through the sky they yelled, not in excitement, but terror. At this point everyone had landed in the lake and as Hoops had.

Mario looked up, seeing Luigi is flying toward the lake about the fall in, then saying, "And here comes-a Luigi," due to this. Luigi goes flying into the lake, landing right on top of Hoops.

After resurfacing, Hoops then proceeded to say, "Of all the places, of all the times, why did it have to be here?" in which Peach, Link, and Mosaic just shrug.

"Guys, we have no time to waste, we got to chase after the air fleet!" Toad said, swimming to shore while he did so.

"Right," Peach, Mario, Link, Rosy as well Berry in his language said in unison.

"Hey, could you get off of me?" Hoops asked Luigi.

Straight away, Luigi got off of him, telling him "Okay," then swimming to shore along with the others.

By the time Luigi and Hoops caught up to the others, they see that their at a bunch of hills separating them from Fluffy Heights.

"These hills are too tall for us to jump over, as well as that, I don't see a way around the hills either," Mosaic stated.

"You'd be right about that Mosaic, I don't see a way around either," Link added.

"With how I see there are several solutions to this," Mosaic stated. "We could find a way over it, or-" Mosaic said before being interrupted by Hoops.

"Or, I could burn these hills down," Hoops sarcastically remarked.

"Hoops! There's no need for that," Mosaic said firmly. "And our other option I was getting to is…"

Only for Hoops to interrupt again and ask, "Is it climbing to the other side?

"That's...actually correct," Mosaic replied.

"But where would we find a way to do one of the things you suggested?" Peach asked.

"By doing something like finding a question block containing a flying power up of some kind such as a cape feather, propeller mushroom or such," Mosaic replied. "And then whoever used the power-up would use it to go to the other side to find them a springboard to throw back over," Mosaic then continued.

"But how do we know which block of the many out there we'd know where to find one?" Toad asked.

Mario then came in and started added to the conversation as well, saying that if they just bash several blocks, they could find one eventually.

Amidst the discussion, Luigi tries to sneak away from things once again. Once the cowardly plumber made enough distance, he ran yelling "See ya guys! You got-a this!" However, due to not looking where he was going, he ran into a ? block, and out it came conveniently enough...a Cape Feather, which floated down and touched Luigi.

With a poof, Luigi spouted a long yellow cape tied around his neck with it hanging behind him. Luigi groaned due to the impact of the block, not realizing what he just picked up.

Mario walked over to Luigi and looked down at him, and then asked, "Brother, do you-a realize what you just-a picked up?" Then exclaiming, "You picked up a Cape a Feather!"

"I did?" Luigi said as he got up, questioning Mario's statement. He then looks behind him and sees the cape "Oh..i guess I a did." Luigi then said.

"Now, can a you fly over and find us a springboard and throw it to us once you a find it?" Mario then asked Luigi, "But do I a have to?" Luigi asked.

Mario, along with the others, just nodded their heads.

A bit of time later, everyone's gotten out of the way so Luigi could get a running start to get over the hill. Luigi, of course, was hesitant to fly off.

"Hey, Luigi! Come on! The sooner you start, the sooner you'll finish!" Rosy shouted to Luigi, trying to give him encouragement.

Luigi, going up the incline of the hill, turned around and went back down so he could get a running start, then said, "Oh well, here-a goes,"

Luigi ran and up the incline and took off, however, ran smack into the hill.

"Agh, that's gotta hurt..." Link said.

"Luigi? Are you okay?" Peach asked.

"Yes…" Luigi said, somewhat in pain, and got back up. Luigi then ran back down the incline again, saying he'd-a make it this time. Luigi took another run up the incline, and as he was about to take off yelled, "here we-a gooooooo!" this time making it over the hills.

"Yeah! Go Luigi!" Mosaic yelled.

A bit later on, Luigi had a bit of trouble controlling his cape, but managed to do so correctly eventually. After such, he began to drift through the air with his cape around Fluffy Heights to look for a springboard.

A bit of time later, Luigi stopped gliding and landed atop a wooden platform, unable to find anything, Luigi then sat on a wooden block and said, "Ah man, why can't I-a find a springboard anywhere?" and then kicked a nearby note block with frustration, releasing the contents of it. This thing, funny enough, being a springboard. Luigi saw the springboard and just is speechless about what just happened. However, despite that, he decided to just pick it up and fly back to where he came so that he could bring to the others.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group continued to await Luigi's return.

"Any minute now," Mosaic stated, looking at his watch. Just as he said that Luigi had returned.

"Hey-a, Guys! I have a-a springboard! I'm going to-a throw it down to-a you!" Luigi stated.

After noticing Luigi, everyone gave a cheer with a "Hurray!". Luigi then threw the springboard down to them, and they all jump on it to the other side one by one, each landing on a single wooden platform on the other side.

"We lost a little time due to needing a way across," Mosaic stated. "However, if we hurry, we may be able to catch Bowser's fleet before they get out of range," Mosaic continued.

"Right," the others responded in unison.

Team S.M.B.X and the Mosaic Group started traversing through Fluffy Heights, jumping platform to platform, collecting coins, bashing blocks, bouncing on note blocks, etc. After a bit of time, the group ran by a house. The house was shaped oddly like a mushroom, the top was blue and spotted, the bottom was tan and had a wooden door entering into it, and the door had windows on either side.

Hoops, seeing the house, backed up, signaling for the others to stop so he could tell them something.

Once everyone stopped, Hoops started, "I think we should stop at this mushroom house and stock up on supplies," Hoops stated.

"You-a sure Hoops? If we're quick enough, we could catch the-a air fleet, and I feel stopping-a here will just slow us-a down even-a further," Mario argued.

"Let me ask a question then Mario," Hoops replied. "Are you really suggesting we should rush in with what is at best a mediocre arsenal?" Hoops continued. "All we have power up wise is my firepower and Luigi's cape, while the rest of you guys are powerup less," Hoops continued. "While we don't necessarily NEED power-ups, they help us out quite a bit and give us an edge in battle..." Hoops finished.

"Hmm, you've got a-a point Hoops. I agree we should-a stop at this-a house," Mario stated, with everyone then heading inside of the mushroom house.

VIII: It's All Chance

The group got inside the house, and noticed that the lights are off.

"The lights are out, we should find the light switch," Link suggested.

Rosy after looking around a bit finds a light switch on a wall but sees that a key is needed for it. Toad meanwhile notices a detail in the room, a large red curtain on the wall and wonders what it's for. And on the far left interior of the house, a desk with a noticeable entrance behind it entering into another room. He was unable to make out the room however due to the lights being out. Toad then proceeded to walk over to the desk.

"Hey! You! The toad living in here! Could you help us out?!" he proceeded to yell.

Toad then noticed a silver object sitting on the desk, a desk bell to be exact. After seeing this, he proceeds to then ring it over and over again. Peach takes notice of Toad's actions and rushes over to the desk and stops him from hitting it.

"Toad, stop hitting the bell, once is enough," Peach sternly told Toad. "It's also rude since the toad might be asleep so we shouldn't wake him up just in case," Peach continued to tell Toad.

"Eh, don't bother," a voice said, yawning while doing so.

Peach and Toad, acknowledging the voice, look in the direction of it, seeing that it's the toad living in the house, also noticing their wearing green clothes.

"Oh, I apologize for waking you up, I tried to get Toad to quiet down, but he was being too loud," Peach explained to the Toad.

Realizing who he's talking to, the toad, shocked, asked, "Princess Peach? Your highness, what brings you here?"

The toad then looked behind her seeing the others. "Ah, I see you brought several others with you," The toad then said.

"Yeah, and about your question…" Peach said before suddenly Mosaic came to the desk to explain.

"So basically, we were traversing through the Fluffy heights, and we needed to make a stop here because we realized our arsenal wouldn't cut it against...umm, the threat we're trying to get rid of them, so I was wondering if you'd umm...allow us to..."

Rosy, noticing Mosaic, went over to the Toad and simplified Mosaic's words. "We need supplies as we're pursuing Bowser's air fleet," Rosy explained.

"Yeah...pretty much that," Mosaic stated.

As she told him their situation, the toad had been walking over to the light switch holding a shiny, red key, which seemed to be for the lights, which it was, as he just inserted it into the slot and twisted it, turning on the lights.

"Him again huh?" The toad said. "So, you wanted me to lend you some power-ups for that?" The Toad then stated.

"Yeah, we just said that," Hoops replied.

"I'll lend you some..." The toad said. "As soon as you play my mini-game," the toad then added shortly after.

"What!?" the group all said in unison in response to this.

Hoops then decided to give the Toad a piece of his mind. "Why the heck do we have to play a minigame when the entire kingdom as we know it could be in danger?!" Hoops said, chewing out the toad.

"I have to make money somehow, now, each of you needs to pay admission to participate," the toad then explained.

"This guy gets more and more ridiculous by the minute…" Hoops whispered to Mosaic.

"Alright-a then, how much is admission?" Mario asked the toad.

"Only five coins apiece," the Toad answered.

"I-a understand," Mario responded.

"Oh, umm...minus Peach, as she rules over the kingdom, her paying admission isn't appropriate," The toad then added.

"Alrighty then, we should-a add up what the total cost is," Mario said. "Let's-a see, there's nine of us, minus-a Peach, making eight, and each of us need to-a pay five coins to participate. There-afore, the total is.." Mario calculated.

"Forty coins," Mosaic said.

"Alright-a then, it's time to pay the-a mushroom," Mario responded. Mario then empties four blue coins and twenty gold coins into the toad's hand. "We're a ready," he then said.

"Alright then, turn your attention to the large red curtain," The toad informed, then pressing a button located on the way, which moves the curtains aside. "Behind the curtain i grid of cards, each of them with a question mark imprinted on them. "The rules are simple," the toad began to explain. "The other sides of each card on the board have one of three things imprinted, one being a power-up, and the other two...Bowser and Bowser Jr. icon pictures," The toad continued to explain.

"Interesting..." Mario commented.

"Each of the nine of you will take turns flipping over cards, if you match two of the same power-up, you guys will receive a physical version of the real thing," the Toad keep explaining. "However...if you guys match a Bowser or Bowser Jr. your game will end. The game continues until you either do that or find every power up on the board." The toad continued informing.

"So you're essentially saying we could walk out of here empty handed?" Link asked.

"Well yeah, if you don't match anything," the Toad stating, answering Link's question.

Not commenting on his answering, Link then asked, "What determines the order we go in?"

"Oh yeah, that, it's randomized," The toad answered.

"Interesting," Link responded.

"Now, could each of you write your name on a paper?" The toad asked. "I need you to so that so I can randomize it. I should have done this before the game started, but I can do it now," the Toad then explained.

The group each one by one signed their names.

Afterward, the toad said, "There we go," then going over to a computer and typing something into it. A digital screen within the house flashed on and displayed a digital list. The list on the screen read out as followed:

1) Toad

2) Rosy

3) Hoops

4) Peach

5) Link

6) Berry

7) Mario

8) Luigi

9) Mosaic

"This means that Toad is going first," The Toad stated.

Toad walked up to the stand in the front of the card grid around a meter away in the center of it, where he found a dart gun, which he presumed wass for aiming at the cards. Toad aimed for the fourth card in the first row, behind this was a bomb suit icon.

"Sweet!" Toad said, getting off the stand to let Rosy take a turn next.

Rosy shot the third card in the third row, uncovering a blue shell icon. Next up was Hoops, who shot the sixth card on the third row, revealing another bomb suit icon, earning the group their first power up.

"Bingo!" Hoops said upon doing so.

Peach shot next, hitting the card in the bottom left, revealing an ice flower icon. Link goes next, and shot the fourth card in the fourth row, getting a rather unfortunate result...a bowser icon.

Everyone, including Link, gave an "Ahhh!" due to this.

"Oof, that's your first bowser icon, you should be careful from here on out due to that," the toad said.

Next up was Berry, who shot the fifth card in the bottom right. Behind it was a boomerang suit icon. Mario went next, he aimed for the fifth card in the second row and found a blue shell icon earning the group their second power up.

"I'm the winner!" Mario said after doing so.

Luigi went next, extremely nervous while trying to make their decision, afraid of hitting a bowser icon. He however eventually decided on the first card in the third row, closing his eyes as he shot. Behind this card...was a fire flower icon. Luigi opened his eyes back up and looked at what he hit, and was relieved to see he didn't hit a bowser nor bowser jr. icon. Finally, Mosaic took a turn to shoot, he aimed for the fifth card on the fourth row, behind it, finding a feather icon.

At this point, the cycle reset, Toad took his turn again, shooting the second card in the first row, revealing a fire flower icon, giving the group their third power up. Next up, was Rosy's second turn. She choose carefully, wanting to be sure to make a wise decision and not hit a bowser icon. Eventually, she decided on the shooting the third card in the second row, with an unfortunate result...another bowser icon.

"NOOOO!" the group all yelled, then groaning in disappointment.

"Ah man, sorry, but that ends your game right there," The Toad informed them. The board of cards revealed all the uncovered cards, showing multiple different things, such as mushrooms, fire flowers, feathers, bowser jr icons, etc. "You guys made three matches, those being a bomb suit, blue shell, and a fire flower, so I'll get you guys those three power-ups in the backroom," The toad said, then heading to the back room to go get them.

Hoops walked over to Rosy, then said, "Nice job messing things up," in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey! I didn't have a way of knowing that would be a bowser icon, so that's not worth getting mad over something I couldn't control," Rosy responded defensively.

Hoops didn't give much of a response to their justification and just walked away.

The toad returned into the main room "I have your guys' items, here you go," Toad noticed however that he had four items instead of three, this four item being a star-shaped object glowing many different colors. A rainbow star.

"Umm...we didn't earn that rainbow star," Toad stated.

"I'm aware of that, however, I understand you guys are on an important mission, that's why I threw in the extra help," The toad responded.

"Thank you for-a that," Mario said.

"No problem," the toad replied.

"Now, does someone have a bag we can use for our items?" Mario questioned.

"Hoops should have a bag that could work," Mosaic stated, "You do, correct Hoops?" Mosaic then asked.

"Indeed I do," Hoops responded, proceeding to then pull out an item sack and holding it out to the toad so he could put them in, which he did. "There we go," Hoops said.

IX: After It!

Link then heard something in the distance, "I...hear something outside," Link then informed the group.

"Now that you mention it, I hear it too," Rosy added.

"Me too, it almost sounds-a like...propellers!" Luigi stated, shouting the last part.

"We should head outside to see what it is," Mosaic told everyone, whom then proceeded to start going out the door.

As they left, Peach told the toad "One last time, thanks for your help,"

"You're welcome," The toad responded, then telling the princess, "Stay safe!"

Peach then started heading outside, seeing that everyone was looking at something. "Umm, what are you guys-" Peach started to say, however instead looked up and sees it herself.

It was a large, brown airship, with weapons to boot and everything, and it seemed to be flying in the direction of the rest of Bowser's fleet.

"It looks like one of Bowser's airships!" Toad stated.

"But what is it doing so far from the other ships?" Link proceeded to question.

Mosaic responded, "It seems it fell behind."

"Guys, I have an idea...again," Hoops said. "Why don't we hitch a ride on the airship by grabbing onto the dangling chain as it's heading to Bowser's fleet, therefore by grabbing on we'll be able to catch Bowser's air fleet?" Hoops then said giving out his idea.

"That's a great idea!" Mario exclaimed. "but how will we get-a up-a there?" Mario then questioned.

Mosaic looked around, and he saw something, this something was a note block. However, this one was different, it was yellow in shade as opposed to it's normal white.

"We should use the yellow note block!" Mosaic then told the group.

Everyone else, seeing what Mosaic was looking at, agreed with him and started to run towards the block, except Luigi that is, whom hesitanted to.

Then beginning to make an excuse said "I-a can't because I just remembered that-"

Only to be interrupted by Mosaic who said, "It's no time for your excuses, we need to jump on the note block quickly to catch the airship in time before it flies out of range, now, are you in?"

Luigi, hesitantly said that he was and heads with the rest of the group.

Mosaic then said, "Alright then in that case…" Afterward everyone quickly one at a time in the order of Toad, Hoops, Berry, Mario, Link, Peach, Rosy, Mosaic and Luigi bounce on the note block and are shot up very high. Mosaic, finishing his earlier sentence then yelled, "...Here. we. GO!"

To Be Continued...